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 Dawn of the Immortals, Night Two
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: May 22 2018, 02:24 PM

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[The cameras start rolling within the Qudos Bank arena in Sydney for the biggest and final IYHWF show of the season. The camera pans across various fanmade signs before resting on the announce table.]

BM: We’re here, it’s Night Two of Dawn of the Immortals which means it’s the final show of the season.

TR: And what a journey it has been. Last week Stella Winters became the Rapid Fire Champion and Seth Iser retained the Proving Grounds Championship. It’s looking good for The Bad Omens with them securing half of the championships.

BM: Don’t count out Team Fury and Shawn Fox just yet, Tats. They’ve been dealing with The Bad Omens for months now.

TR: So? This is The Omens night to take it all

BM: Sure Tats, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. Kicking things off for us tonight however it’s Brien Storm versus Captain Fabulous.

TR: Neither of these men have really made a big impact on the company but it should be interesting to see just what they’ll do to walk away victorious tonight. Following that, Hyphy Machinery wanted to take on The Vision in Craig Andersons last match and The Vision happily accepted the challenge.

BM: In a night full of so many rivalries, it will be nice to see a friendly match to break up the tension. Speaking of tension, the next match will be The Hellhound, Dante Locke and The Kraken, Marcus Blackbeard taking on Team Fury; hoping to capture the Tag Team Championships for The Bad Omens.

TR: I can’t wait to see these fans cry here tonight. Speaking of crying, the next match is sure to be a blood bath as Minka Carter has repeatedly pushed Angelica Layne to her breaking point, now Angelica fully intends to break Minka Carter here tonight and what better match to do that in, than a Street Fight!

BM: Finally, something we can agree on. But back to disagreeing as I know my pick to win the main event is of course, Shawn Fox…

TR: It’s gonna be Banshee though…

BM: No way. Shawn Fox has overcome all five of The Bad Omens at once, Banshee will be a walk in the park for him.

TR: Nope.

BM: Yup. But I’m not going to sit here and argue like children with you, it’s time to get on with the show!

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Gordon Fury walking down one of the hallways, still dressed in casual attire, currently talking on the phone.

GF: ...Its fine, stop stressing out. Look you’ll get here in plenty of time, just take care of your kid and get here as soon as you can. Yes for the millionth fucking time, its all good. See you soon Kel.

[He hangs up the phone as Stevie Trelain walks into shot from the other direction, microphone in hand.]

ST: Hi Gordon, I was just wondering if I could get a quick interview with the Tag Champs before your big defence tonight.

GF: You could be waiting awhile for Kel, her kid has shit all over the house or something, but i’d be happy to.

ST: Oh, well… that’s unfortunate. Anyway, that sounds good. So Gordon, it’s been quite a journey for you and Kelly since first teaming near the start of the season, and you’ve made it to the top becoming the In Your House Tag Team Champions. More importantly, you have proven that you have the ability to stay there. How important is it to you to win at Dawn Of The Immortals?

GF: It’s everything, Stevie. Every wrestling company, every sport for that matter has one event that is bigger than all of the others. The one everyone wants to be apart of. I was here for the very first Dawn of The Immortals in Chris’s backyard, and to see what it has become makes me so fucking proud to be apart of its legacy. It is no secret how much these tag titles mean to Kelly and I, and fighting to keep them is something we work toward every single day. Tonight we defend them on the final night of the final show of season 2. It’s everything, Stevie.

ST: Speaking of your championship defence, how do you feel about Marcus and Dante being #1 contenders after their attack on the two of you a few weeks ago?

GF: They won the contender’s match Stevie. Do I think they attacked us to try and raise their standings in the tag division because they couldn’t do it on their own? Yes. Do I think that every other team deserved the shot more? Yes. But it is what it is. It doesn’t change a thing in the long run. Kelly and I are on the top of this tag division for a reason, and I don’t care what any of those chucklefucks say, Team Fury can’t be stopped. Not by the Bad Omens, not by anyone. The Bad Omens gold streak ends tonight.

ST: Thank you for your time Gordon.

GF: No problem Stevie.

[With that Gordon leaves the shot as the camera cuts away.]

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Singles Match
Captain Fabulous vs Brien Storm


[The match begins with the two men locking up, the bigger Captain Fabulous overpowering Storm toward the corner. The ref steps in to separate the two men, and Storm reaches over him to slap Captain Fabulous across the mouth. The Captain pushes forward, and the referee steps in to keep them apart, while Brien just smirks at the already irritated Captain. They lock up again, and Brien twists Captain Fabulous’s arm, wrenching a wristlock, grinding his elbow into the joint of Fabulous’s that takes him down to a knee. Brien strikes Fabulous across the chest with several kicks, each one echoing through the arena and getting an “oooo” from the crowd--but after the fourth one, Fabulous huffs and catches Brien’s foot under his free arm, standing up to his feet. Storm tweaks the wristlock again, and while Fabulous winces, he doesn’t lose his grip on Brien’s leg--and ends up breaking Brien’s grip on his wrist with a kiss!]

TR: ….Did he just kiss him?

BM: Whatever works!

[Fabulous pulls Storm in closer, and throwing him overhead with a t-bone suplex. Storm gets back to his feet, just in time to get caught with a European Uppercut. And another. And another. Fabulous gets on a roll, socking Storm with uppercut after uppercut before spinning around for a discus lariat--which Storm ducks underneath, spins around, and throws Fabulous with a snapped off Dragon Suplex. He keeps a bridge for a pin...]




BM: Brien is throwing out all the stops tonight.

[Fabulous pops his shoulder and breaks the fall, but Storm stays on him, swimming around to catch him in a front facelock. Initially, he keeps a guillotine choke, but eats a couple slaps to the midsection to create a little space; Storm snaps off a quick suplex, though, that keeps him in control. He switches his hips and snaps off a second suplex, then a third before floating over back into a pinfall.]




TR: Brien is starting to get pretty frustrated here tonight.

[Storm wastes no time, pulling Fabulous to his feet and whipping him toward the corner, charging in after--and eating a boot from Fabulous for the effort. He tries again, but gets the same treatment. Third time, Fabulous moves to the side and Storm hits chest first into the turnbuckle. Fabulous spins him around, connecting with chops and punches as Storm tries to cover up, then moves to stomps that eventually buckle the Sheffield man to the ground. Fabulous spends a couple seconds riling the crowd up, then runs the ropes and connects with a massive Hip Attack that bounces Storm’s head off the bottom buckle. He drags Storm away from the ropes and hooks the far leg...]




BM: Almost, but Brien just got that shoulder up

[Storm juuuuuust gets a shoulder up, and Fabulous looks a little frustrated that that wasn’t enough. He drags Storm up to his feet, and the two start trading chops and uppercuts back and forth, the bigger Fabulous initially having the power advantage, but Storm nullifies it with a quick rake of the eyes. He snaps off two more uppercuts to stun Fabulous, telling him, in no uncertain words, that he “isn’t at my level,” before scooping him up for the Unforecasted Storm (Michinoku Driver). Fabulous shifts his weight and drops behind Storm, though, hooking up a Pumphandle hold, giving a little hip thrust forward before lifting Storm up for a Pumphandle Slam. Fabulous moves into the cover and hooks the far leg...]




TH: Here is your winner...Captain Fabulous!!

[Captain Fabulous gets back to his feet having his arm raised in victory. He takes a courtesy bow before blowing kisses to the fans and exiting the ring.]

BM: Brien put up a great fight tonight but it just wasn’t enough to take down Captain Fabulous.

TR: Captain Fabulous has the pride of saying he won a match on In Your Houses biggest show of the season and you can’t take that away from the guy.

BM: What will this mean for Brien in season three though? I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

user posted image

[Backstage, we find Hyphy Machinery already chilling in their ride for the night. This being Dawn of the Immortals, they’ve gone all-out, taking an old convertible Grand Prix and giving it a golden paint job, then covering it with all the jewels and design flourishes of a classic world heavyweight championship belt. As they notice the camera, they give us a nod.]

JM: How y’all feelin’, Sydney?

[As we’ve come to expect over the past half-year, the crowd burst into cheers and chants of “HYPHY! HYPHY!”, which the duo let subside before Dontell starts talking.]

DP: A’ight, look, the truth is, we ain’t got much we need to say tonight.

JM: Nope.

DP: These facts, they speak for themselves.

JM: Yup.

DP: Owen Gonsalves?

JM: Elite.

DP: Craig Anderson?

JM: Elite.

DP: The Vision?

JM: We see y’all.

DP: Flippy shit?

JM: Y’all got it.

DP: Match of the night?

JM: We ‘bout to have it.

DP: Match of both nights?

JM: That too.

DP: Match of the season?

JM: Could be. But here’s the thing...same page?

DP: We on that.

JM: Whole playbook?

DP: We read that.

JM: Audibles?

DP: We call that.

JM: Openings?

DP: We see that. So Craig, Owen, y’all better keep ya minds sharper than they ever been, y’all better play the game perfect from start to finish, ‘cause when we step in that ring...

JM: When we set that tone…

DP:’s our field.

JM:’s our home.

DP: And if this really the only time we throw down with either of y’all in this house?

JM: ANY house?

DP: Y’all better be ready to trash the whole fuckin’ place to stop us, ‘cause that’s exactly what y’all gon’ have to do to make a W the last thing y’all see out here as a team.

JM: But or lose, when that 3-count gets done, it’s all gon’ be left out in that ring, in front of these fans…

DP: ...EXACTLY where it’s supposed to be.

JM: Let’s steal the fuckin’ show!

[Jason turns the key to start the ignition and lets it rev, pumping up the fans before they start the drive out to the ring…]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Gordon Fury leaving his locker room, now dressed in his ring gear. He looks around before mumbling to himself.]

GF: I said take your time but this is getting ridiculous…

[He takes a step down the hallway before stopping, his eyes narrowing and his body tensing.]

GF: What the fuck are you looking at bitch boy?

[Suddenly Marcus Blackbeard bursts into frame, him and Gordon immediately trading vicious shots. Gordon is holding his own against the bigger man before Dante rushes in from the other side, cracking Gordon right in the back with a steel chair. Gordon recoils from the pain allowing Marcus to grab Gordon by the throat with both hands, before lifting him up and throwing him against the wall with a sickening thud. Marcus picks up Gordon and moves him over to one of the steel production crates, forcing the back of his neck over the edge of the crate. Dante winds up with the steel chair and blasts Gordon in the face, his neck whiplashing over the crate. The crowd boos as Marcus and Dante admire their handiwork. Blood runs down Gordon’s face as he lays unmoving on the ground. Medical staff move into the shot as Dante and Marcus leave.

BM: What an absolutely disgusting display on the part of Marcus and Dante!

TR: They obviously heard Gordon running his mouth earlier in the night, he brought it on himself!

BM: Its obviously more than that, Tats. Gordon is obviously in no shape to compete tonight, and Kelly Fury has not even arrived yet. What does this mean for the Tag Team Championships?

TR: If Kelly knows what’s good for her she’ll just stay home and let those belts go quietly.

[The cameras cut away as Chris Cryptic arrives.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
The Vision vs Hyphy Machinery


[Jason tells Dontell he’ll start the match and the two oblige. Craig tells Owen he wants to start the match of with it being his last IYH match ever and his friend nods and gives him the start. The two circle each other tentatively before Craig goes for the first shot, a speedy shoot for Jason’s legs. Jason sidesteps it, kicking him away. he immediately goes on the attack, driving hard elbows into Craig before sending him to the ropes. Craig leaps to the top rope and springboards backwards with a flying forearm. Jason catches him with a shotgun dropkick. Moana pins him but Craig kicks out after the two count. Jason goes right back on the attack, grabbing Craig by the hair and pulling him to his feet. Craig pulls himself free, diving towards the corner and tagging in Owen.]

BM: Quite the tag by Craig Anderson!

TR: I’m not surprised he weaseled his way away from Jason to get Owen in the match, typical Craig Anderson move!

BM: What? He’s just being a good tag partner!

TR: A good tag partner wouldn’t desert Owen and leave In Your House! He’s the worst!

[Owen hops over the rope, ready to get started. Jason and Owen lock up. Owen looks to try and wrestle Jason to the corner, but Jason manages to hold his own. Owen hooks Jason by the neck, looking for a stiff suplex. But Jason tangles his leg between Owen’s, blocking the lift, and counters with a snap suplex of his own. he immediately rolls over for a cover but Owen kicks out out right before two. Jason gets to his feet and picks Owen up but Gonsalves shoves him off with several elbow shots to the gut. Owen then hits the ropes and he comes back to Mamoa, going for a clothesline but at the last moment, Jason ducks it, and Owen stumbles to the corner of Jason and Dontell. Dontell, who is standing on the apron, uses this to his advantage as he drives his forearm straight into Owen’s temple, rocking him.]

TR: Great awareness by Owen!!

BM: Well, I wouldn’t say that.

TR: No shit!

[Owen takes a few steps back as he tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Jason charges up behind him, taking him down with a hard Russian leg sweep. Rather than go for another pin, he slaps Dontell’s hand. Dontell gets into the ring and he and Jason hit a double suplex on Owen. The referee orders Mamoa to leave the ring and he obliges before Dontell soon grabs Owen’s legs and puts him in a sharpshooter. Owen is in obvious pain as he struggles to reach the ropes. He finally pulls himself to the ropes and grabs a hold of them and Dontell has to break up the hold before the referee makes the five count.]

TR: Damn it! I wish Owen would’ve just given up so I don’t have to see another second of Craig Anderson in an In Your House ring! Make it end!

BM: Well in that case, I hope this match lasts forever.

TR: I hate you.

[Dontell grabs Owen and stays on the offensive, picking him up and dropping whipping him towards the ropes. Porter then charges in and he spears Owen into the corner. Dontell moves back and lines up Owen for a second spear before he charges in but this time, Owen dodges out of the way and Porter goes shoulder first into the post. The two are down and out and the referee starts to count to ten. When it reaches seven, Owen dives forward and tags in Craig before Porter can stop him.]

BM: Hot tag to Craig Anderson!

TR: Please kill me.

[Craig leaps to the top rope and dives off, taking Dontell down with a missile dropkick. Jason has had enough of this and decides to get in the ring but Owen gets in as well and now the ring then fills with all four competitors and there is a huge back and forth battle ensues. Jason starts to fight with Craig as Dontell is still battling it out with Owen. Jason goes to clotheine Craig but Craig ducks and it levels Dontell with a pele kick, taking him out. Craig then helps Owen fight off Dontell before they throw him out of the ring. Craig and Owen put their focus on Dontell, still the legal man and they set him up for "Risk It For A Biscuit" (Rolling fireman's carry slam by Owen, followed by the 'Viennese Whirl'/Corkscrew Shooting Star Press by Craig from the top and finished off with a 'Senton of Mass Destruction'/Corkscrew 630 Senton from Owen). Craig pins Dontell as the referee finally recovers while Owen gets in a defensive stance incase Jason comes back into the ring.]






TH: Here are your winners by pinfall… The Vision!

TR: My day is ruined.

BM: I’m sure it’ll get better!

TR Don’t talk to me!

[Craig gets back to his feet while Owen rushes over to raise his arm in victory. The two team mates share a hug while a “THANK YOU CRAIG” chant breaks out. Craig takes a few moments to climb onto each of the four turnbuckles raising his arms in the air to soak in the response of the crowd while Owen respectfully lets Craig have his final moments, applauding his partner.]

BM: Craig will definitely be missed

TR: Not by me!

user posted image

[The scene cuts to backstage to show Kelly Fury, dressed in her attire practically running down the hall. Chris Cryptic is standing close to the ring entrance and holds out his hands for Kelly to stop and talk to him.]

KF: Whoa, can’t talk boss man...I gotta get out there for my match…

[Kelly is practically out of breath as she speaks but she can tell that something is wrong given the look on Cryptics face.]

CC: Kelly...Gordon was attacked earlier tonight.

[Her expression immediately turns to a look of concern.]

KF: Oh my god, is he ok?

CC: The medical team is checking on him as we speak, I have been told its not serious.

KF: Well that’s good, but what about our match? I was told it’s supposed to be now.

CC: While there is no serious damage, I can’t allow Gordon to compete tonight. I tried my best to find you a last minute replacement partner, but unfortunately I could not.

[Kelly looks completely flabbergasted.]

KF: Well, can’t we postpone the match or something?

CC: I’m afraid not. After all of the advertising and building of this event, there is no way I can cancel the match. Unfortunately there are only two options: either you defend the Tag Team Championships alone in a handicap match, or if you refuse to compete, which I would not begrudge you in the slightest, you will unfortunately be forced to forfeit the belts to the Bad Omens..

[Kellys face practically turns white at the news, but then, she becomes angry.]

KF: It was THEM wasn’t it? Those stupid Bad Omens, and of course YOU’D let them get away with this! Gordon is supposed to be your best friend, you were the best man at his wedding for fuck sake!

CC: Kelly calm-

KF: DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, ONLY GORDON CAN GET ME TO CALM DOWN YOU JERK-A-DOODLE. I’ll go out there on my own, there ain’t NO GODDAMN WAY I’m forfeiting these championships.

[Kelly starts to walk towards the entrance but looks over her shoulder at Cryptic.]

KF: I hope it was worth it, Chris. I finally see what Emery has been talking about this entire time.

[Kelly scoffs as she walks away, Chris not even reacting to the comment as he leaves the shot. The camera cuts to ringside.]

user posted image

Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Team Fury © vs The Bad Omens (Hellhound & Kraken)

[Kelly Fury stands in the ring looking towards Marcus and Dante, clearly upset by what they did to Gordon earlier tonight. She looks towards the ramp, hoping to see Gordon come running out as their entrance music dies down, but he’s a no show. Kelly looks back to The Bad Omens, who are laughing at her, taunting her and her hands ball into fists as she charges at Dante and hits him with a closed fisted punch to his jaw which knocks him back against the ropes. Marcus steps forward to come to his defense but the referee orders him out of the ring and calls for the bell and for this match to begin with Kelly and Dante.]

TR: What a cheap shot from Kelly!

BM: Cheap shot from Kelly? You can’t be serious.

TR: You bet your arse I’m serious!


[Dante springs from the ropes hoping to catch Kelly with a punch of his own, but Kelly does the Matrix bend to evade the shot before kicking her right leg up, catching Dantes chin. He stumbles back but comes at Kelly again, who is standing straight now. He fakes like he’s going to throw another fist at Kelly and when she sidesteps he catches her with a Superkick instead. Kelly falls to the mat clutching at her jaw and before she has a chance to get back to her feet, Dante starts to stomp down on her back. Kelly desperately reaches her hand out towards what would have been her corner, then she remembers Gordon isn’t here to help her. Her head drops in an almost defeated way before she’s forcibly pulled to her feet by her hair. Dante stands her up straight before finally hitting her in the face with that punch he missed out on earlier. Kelly falls to the mat but pushes herself onto her knees and starts to crawl to the ropes]

BM: Kelly could be in trouble here….

TR: It’s at this time I would like to remind everyone who is going to be shocked and appalled that Cryptic gave her a choice to not compete here tonight.

BM: Oh come on, that’s not fair.

[As Kelly uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, Dante charges towards her and hits her with a diving high knee which almost knocks her through the ropes. He flips Kelly onto her back, yelling in her face that she should just stay down before hooking her leg for the pin.]




[Kelly kicks out at the last second, which just feeds into Dantes hot temper who once again, pulls her up by her hair, this time whipping her into his own corner, her back slamming into the raised knee of Marcus. Kelly falls to her knees, clutching her back, but leaving her face wide open for the Vestibule of Hell (running knee strike to head). Dante grins at Marcus before tagging him in, obviously they want to make an example of the tag team champs, or in this case, half of the champs. Marcus reaches down, grabbing Kelly's hair while dragging her limp body across the ring. The crowd is going insane with boos and jeers.]

BM: Listen to this crowd tonight. This is just disgusting.

TR: Again, she had the chance to walk away, she made this choice.

BM: She didn’t make the choice to be man-handled like this.

[Marcus takes handfuls of Kelly’s hair before pulling her up to her feet and lifting her up onto his shoulders in a Powerbomb position, but something in Kelly makes her snap into action and she starts to throw punches to Marcus’ head until she’s able to safely drop off of his shoulders. Kelly runs to the ropes and charges back at Marcus and attempts to throw her weight at him with a crossbody, but Marcus catches her. Kelly attempts to break free but Marcus hits her with a backbreaker, but he doesn’t drop her, instead he stands still holding Kelly in that position, before hitting her with another backbreaker. He stands again obviously looking for a third, but Kelly throws defiant elbows to the side of the head, causing Marcus to falter. He spin Kelly out looking for a slam but Kelly counters it into a DDT! The fans cheer as if trying to will her on as Dante enters the ring charging at Kelly to prevent any kind of comeback and runs right into “Sweet Dreams” (Superkick) nailing him right in the face and taking him down. The crowd cheers even louder as Kelly struggles to get back to her feet, Marcus and Dante stirring.]

BM: Kelly gave everything she had left to counter and turn the tide, but the numbers game may have already sealed her fate! This is an awful way for things to end.

TR: Speak for yourself, Bry. We are about to have new tag champions, it’s an exciting time!

[Kelly looks at her corner desperately, as if willing Gordon to magically appear. As if on queue the fans explode as Gordon Fury comes out from behind the curtains, holding his neck, and does his best to run down the ramp. The gash on his face is wrapped up but blood still stains it.]

BM: Oh my god I can’t believe this! Gordon Fury is coming down the ramp!

TR: He shouldn’t even be able to move, how the hell is he here?!

[Gordon climbs up onto the apron like a man possessed and desperately extends his hand to his tag partner. Marcus and Dante are now back to their feet, just in time to see Kelly dive for her corner, tagging in Gordon. The fans explode again as Gordon springboards into the ring, taking down both men with a double clothesline. Gordon looks at both men confused before looking at Kelly who is now lying on the apron, trying to get some energy back.]

GF: Who’s legal?

[Kelly points at Marcus, and so Gordon jumps into the air and nails Dante in the chest with a standing double footstomp causing him to grab his chest and roll out of the ring. Marcus is now up to his knee before Gordon nails him in the head with a buzzsaw kick. He then nails Marcus with the double tap, but the big man still stays on his knee. Gordon points his finger gun at Marcus’s head before sprinting back to the ropes then running back. It looks like he is going for “Destination Fucked” (Boma Ye) but Marcus comes to life and crushes Gordon with an almighty chokeslam. Marcus shakes out the cobwebs before going for the pin.



[Gordon defiantly throws the shoulder off the canvas as the refs hand comes down for three.]

TR: Oh come on! Gordon is barely alive at this point, how did he kick out?

BM: Gordon does not know the meaning of giving up.

[Marcus lifts Gordon up but Gordon counters by grasping Marcus’s head and dropping down into a jaw breaker. Gordon tries to capitalise by lifting Marcus onto his shoulder for the “GRC” (Fireman’s Carry Michinoku Driver II) but Marcus is too heavy, Gordon’s legs giving out from under him. Marcus uses this opportunity to counter and slam him down with the “Blackhammer” (Modified lifting reverse STO.) He goes for the pin again.]



[The ref’s fingertips are barely off the canvas for three when Gordon rolls his shoulders up, keeping the champs in the game. The crowd cheers as Marcus can’t believe it. Kelly is back to her feet on the apron and barely has enough time to reach her hand out before Dante, who has moved around to her side of the ring, yanks her feet out from under her sending her jaw first into the apron, collapsing to the floor. Dante slides back into the ring as Marcus drags Gordon up to his knees. Marcus yells at him to stay down, and in response Gordon raises his arm to give him the middle finger. Marcus nods to Dante who runs back to the ropes before driving his knee right into the covered wound with Vestibule of Hell (Running knee strike to head.) The blood immediately starts soaking through Gordon’s bandage as Dante grabs the end and unravels it, allowing blood to run down Gordon’s face. Marcus lifts Gordon up and irish whips him into the ropes, popping him up into the air when he came back, before Dante cracks him in the head on the way down with a bicycle knee strike, the blood staining his knee as Gordon’s body goes limp.

TR: They call that The Depths of Hell! This is over, new champs incoming!

BM: This is disgusting, taking off his bandage wasn’t needed!

TR: Gordon clearly didn’t get the first message, he made them need to send a second one. He has no one to blame but himself.

[Dante stands guard as Marcus makes the cover.]





TH: Here are your winners, and the NEW In Your House Tag Team Champions… The Kraken and the Hellhound, The Bad Omens!

TR: YES! That’s 3 for 3, Bry. The Bad Omens have now added the tag team championship to their list of gold!

BM: While I believe the way they did it was underhanded and disgusting, the results speak for themselves. Now there is only one championship not held by the Bad Omens.

TR: And Banshee is going to change that before this night is through. Dawn of the Immortals belongs to the Bad Omens, Bry. Time to come around to that fact.

[The fans boo and boo and boo as Marcus and Dante get their hands raised, Gordon still not moving. They take the tag titles from the ref before leaving the ring, having claimed what they came for. Kelly has dragged herself to her feet on the outside, taking a look around and realising what just happened. Her look of disappointed changes to shock as she sees Gordon’s bleeding, unmoving form in the ring. She calls to the ref to get medical aid, and medics begin to come down the ramp as the cameras cut away.]
Chris Cryptic
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[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is standing backstage ready for her street match against Minka Carter in just a few moments. Angelica seems focused and as always, pissed off. Stevie Trelain approaches her with a friendly smile on her face.]

ST: Angelica, good luck against Minka tonight.

[Angelica gives her an appreciated nod.]

ST: How are you feeling going into it?

AL: I’m pissed off Stevie, but believe it when I say tonight is the night it’s all going to be put to rest. She wants a demon? Well, she’ll get to see a woman possessed by rage and violence tonight, which is close enough. But when she loses, I don’t want to hear any kicking and screaming from her, no excuse; and most of all, I want her to know she brought this on herself.

[Angelica walks off as the scene cuts.]

user posted image

[The feed is interrupted by static before the moving image of a burning candle in a dark space emerges. A face appears behind the candle, one that everyone in IYH has come to recognise as Banshee. Her painted face with mostly black, red and white streaks is all the viewers can see as everything else is swallowed up in shadow. ]

B: Shawn Foxxx….

[She drags the consonant sound like the hiss of a snake as she flashes a toothy grin, no doubt brought by the sheer confidence she is feeling tonight ahead of her match.]

B: It’s time for your last rites… For tonight is the night your reign as IYH champion ends. You have sat there on your throne for far too long, doing absolutely no justice to the name “champion”. Maybe once upon a time, you were worthy to carry that title. But now? You, like all the others in the locker rooms, have fallen on the wayside, grown lazy in your ambitions and no longer deserve what you achieved.

[She moves closer to the burning flame.]

B: Which was why no one but Banshee stepped up to challenge you. No name is more worthy than mine.

[The grin grows wider like a Cheshire cat’s.]

B: How long have you and Bad Omens been at war? How many times have you said you will eradicate us? You keep saying I have been wrong every single time but you yourself are ignorant. You don’t listen. You don’t open your eyes, Shawn. Just like every single one of them in the locker rooms, you are blind. For months, we have warned you about the Powers that are rising… Powers that are Bad Omens. Powers that neither you nor the rest of the roster can even comprehend. But they are Powers you need to respect. This is our path and you’re in the way. It’s only a matter of time before we trample over you. If only you had listened… But you’re too arrogant!

[She snarls as her breathing escalates, nearly putting out the candle flame itself. She slowly calms down again.]

B: By the end of tonight, Bad Omens will have beaten the best that IYH has to offer. With all your smartass comebacks, even you can’t deny that. The Blue Dragon has become the Rapid Fire championship, The Ikiryo has remained the Proving Grounds champion and earlier tonight, The Kraken and The Hellhound have secured the Tag Team championship… You cannot stop a moving train, Shawn. You cannot stop a raging hurricane. And you cannot stop Fate.

[She pauses to let that linger in the air.]

B: Our last battle was a mere formality. We are meant to fight here on the final night of the season. The championship belt you carry is MY destiny. As I’ve said before, Bad Omens will take over everything and that day has come. And unfortunately, my dear sweet Shawn, you will be our biggest prize.

[With a grin, Banshee blows out the candle and the scene plunges into complete darkness.]

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Street Fight
Angelica Layne vs Minka Carter


[The bell rings and the two women immediately start brawling in the ring. Layne has an upper hand in the striking department rocking the enraged Minka backwards in the ring. The rights and lefts get her on her back foot and this is truly representing a street fight. Minka starts throwing wilder rights and lefts and some of them do connect on the jaw and that initial surprise gets her on the back step before she just fires with a big left cross and Minka is floored by the powerful blow and she has to roll out of the ring to try to recalibrate and Layne just won’t let her have that opportunity pursuing immediately and the fight continues out on the floor with Layne throwing brutal punches and Minka headbutts Angie to get a little bit of distance.]

BM: Oh God! These might be some of the hardest punches I’ve ever seen in company history!

TR: Minka feels like Layne cost her an opportunity.

BM: And Minka has cost Layne several!

[Layne goes back onto the attack and the fists are continuing to fly on the outside and the fans are loving this brawl. The flurry of punches are finally cut off with Minka shoving Layne for a little more distance and then as soon as Layne charges back in like a pitbull Minka drop toe holds Layne into the steel steps! You hear her skull hit with a huge thud as she bounces off and then you can immediately see where she hit that she is lacerated in the head. Minka has a devilish smirk etched on her face as shut mutters about the blood of a demon before she reaches under the ring and pulls out a screwdriver. Not the drink...the tool. And the first thing she does is start using it to grind into the open wound! There are people getting absolutely sick by this gory exchange as she shouts ‘DEMON BLOOD! DEMON BLOOD!’ in a frenzy.]

BM: I think I might be sick…

TR: I hope she doesn’t handles tools like that all the time…

BM: Okay...I KNOW I’m going to be sick.

[Minka soon looks under the ring for more toys as Layne is doing her best to make sure none of the blood runs into her eyes. She found a cookie sheet, a trash can, a fire extinguisher and the classic steel chair which all get tossed into the ring. Soon she turns her attention to a bloodied Angelica but Angie seems motivated by the blood and throws some wild strikes to the ribs to get Minka on her back foot before she manages to clothesline her down to the floor. Now it’s this time that Layne has the horrible intentions etched on her mind as she sees the mats and starts ripping them off to expose the hard floor. There is a gasp from the audience.]

TR: Those mats give just a little protection.

BM: Layne doesn’t seem to give a damn for Minka’s protection to say the very least!

[Layne soon takes a couple of steps back as Minka starts to get up and the moment she does that there’s a charge and she hits that Slingblade making her go splat on the hard floor! Angie has a hard landing herself but her anger and adrenaline are going on in full force as she shrieks in Minka’s ear ‘HOW’S THAT FOR DEMONIC BITCH!?’ before thrashing away at her downed, hurting body with more piston like right hands as the blood continues to just flow from her skull.]

BM: What a horrendous thud!

TR: She’s trying to kill her.

BM: We might have both of them on I.R. to start Season 3 at this rate and I don’t know if Layne fully wants that.

TR: With how these two hate each other I don’t think that’s even a thought.

[Layne wipes some of the blood from her face before chucking Minka into the ring finally before more piston rights to her skull are in order before she does get a devious idea...seeing that steel chair in the ring she positions it in a certain manner and it looks like she’s thinking Curb Stomp. Minka is a little staggered as Angie goes to the corner, getting the audience to cheer more before she charges but the moment she does Minka had grabbed the chair and threw it at Layne and it connects and sends her flying back to the corner...and then a corner back elbow follows and then another and another.]

BM: There’s no wrestling here.

TR: Just an all out fight.

BM: Nothing more than the instincts to harm the other...that’s obvious in both of them. But I don’t know how much more either woman can take.

[Minka soon sees an opportunity with that same steel chair from earlier as she sets it up a few steps away from Layne before she retreats back to her corner before she then runs at full speed and then leaps off that chair to turn it into a vicious looking corner clothesline and then she follows this up with a bulldog out of the corner bouncing Layne’s skull off the chair! She makes a cover but it only nets her two and she responds by punching at Angelica’s open wound.]

TR: That wound is getting really gross to look at…

BM: She will not continue for much longer at this rate…

[Minka’s aggression goes up another level just by using her fingernails to dig into the wound even further in another graphic move of brutality but Layne is aware enough to find a cookie sheet and bash her in the skull with it to get her to relent. This is enough to get Carter a little woozy but both are up on their feet and Layne starts throwing those bombs again, what brought her to the dance before a European uppercut is blocked and Minka goes upstairs with an enziguri shot and down goes Layne again. Minka decides to instead of going for the cover just scrub Layne’s bloody face across the canvas a little bit to spread her blood in a gory message.]

BM: ...I don’t know if it’s her or Serena who is the craziest person on the roster…

TR: Can we declare that a draw?

[Minka sees the trash can now and has another devious idea...she soon delivers another kick to that wound over Angelica’s head before stuffing her head first into that trash can. There are LOUD ‘Minka sucks’ chants but she shrieks out that they are all demons too. After angrily jaw jacking at the audience she goes for a flipping seated senton to try to crush Angie once and for all but she gets nothing but trash can as she gets out of the predicament and she’s grunting in pain. While bloodied, Layne fires up with one big double stomp while she’s on that trash can but after that brief rush both are down after that expenditure.]

TR: This has been non stopped pain.

BM: That’s a good way to tweak or break someone’s ribs!

[A grunt as Layne pounds her fists on the mat and starts to pull herself up as she is an absolutely bloody mess while Minka is coughing in pain clutching at her ribs. The two rivals soon get to their feet and Minka goes with a wild swing but Layne catches the punch and just drills her in the nose with a hard right that floors her. A wilder second swing from a rising Minka gets caught and then a roundhouse kick follows and that would knock her down if she weren’t held up by the ropes. That staggers her back toward Angie and she drops Minka with a STO! A cover follows but she gets just a two count but Layne is content to continue to punish her even if she is getting a little woozier from the blood loss, wiping it out of her eyes again.]

BM: Advantage Layne.

TR: The blood loss…

BM: She’s not going to maintain it for long. She might love to punish people she hates but she has to press her advantage now.

TR: Look at you being a cheerleader…

[Layne senses another chance to torture her foe as she just drags Minka up and puts her in a torture rack. The fans are screaming for Minka to quit but Minka is just flailing around like a madwoman before for the second time she just digs her fingernails into the wound she created early on in the match and the pressure is enough for Layne to release the hold. Minka lunges forward in blood lust and does a float over DDT ontop of the busted up trash can to spike Layne further. Another cover follows but Angie powers out at two and Carter scares the crap out of the ref with a shriek before accusing the ref of being a demon.]

BM: I’d do the same thing…

[Minka ends up setting up Layne for another brutal shot...her shining wizard but Angie isn’t giving her the head...instead she’s crawling toward the opposite corner. Minka loses patience and lets out a primal shriek before charging ahead anyway before Layne ends up grabbing hold of the chair and lets out a mighty swing and cracks Minka between the eyes with a vicious steel chair shot! The fans roar in approval at this display of brutality and soon enough Layne sees that Minka is now opened up and takes this opportunity to show some of her own sadistic side by daring Minka to get to her feet.]


TR: My ears hurt from the echo of that.

BM: Some places tend to ban chair shots to the head. But not in a match with no rules like this at all.

[Layne sees the dent on the chair as well and there is a devilish smirk as she demands that she gets her ass up in much more vulgar terms than that. Minka manages to get to her feet and then a second chair shot follows and again Minka is down. At this point Layne discards the chair and goes for a quick cover but Minka barely kicks out at two. The exhaustion from her own blood loss is setting in as she just doesn’t have the pep to get up right away but she sees another opening as Minka struggles to her feet flopping around a little to try to scramble up as fast as she can. A discus clothesline connects but that wasn’t the best plan of attack as Layne is getting more and more dizzy but she goes for the cover anyway but a two count is all she gets.]

BM: Layne’s in trouble.

TR: She has an advantage but…

BM: The blood loss is getting to her.

[Layne soon senses that the end is near for Minka rather than her and she drags her up setting up for her primary finish the spinning unprettier that she deems ‘Demise’ and as soon as she starts to hook her up for it...she is getting really woozy and Minka ends up pushing her off and as soon as she rebounds back Minka nearly takes her head off with a shining wizard! There is a quick cover but Layne manages to kick out just barely and soon there is a much more hideous and devious idea going on in Minka’s brain. She ends up kicking Layne in the open wound before she goes under the ring and pulls out a strand of barbed wire.]

BM: What in the hell is she going to do with that?

TR: Mutilate a demon.

[Minka soon decides to wrap it around her right foot in a vicious display as Layne is disoriented and dizzy from the blows to the head and the blood loss. Soon as she gets to her feet Minka ends up springing off the ropes before hitting her dreaded Snake Strike(Springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick) and it’s obvious it connected AGAIN on that open wound of Layne! The psychotic Minka makes the cover.]





TH: The winner of this match...MINKA CARTER!

[The fans boo the decision but Minka stands up, feeling very sore from the war she endured but a satanic grin is etched on her face considering what she accomplished and Layne is holding her head. Minka soon falls back down from her own fatigue for a moment before rolling out of the ring screaming ‘I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I BEAT THE DEMON! DEMON! DEMON!’ in a fit of adrenaline and rage while Layne finally is able to sit up and she’s hurting big time feeling disoriented.]

BM: Minka Carter with a hellacious victory avenging her earlier loss to Angelica Layne as well as in her mind avenging being screwed out of the Proving Grounds Title.

TR: Minka’s a scary scary woman…

BM: No kidding Tats. No kidding.

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[The cameras cut to the back where Shawn Fox is boosted up on top of one of the rolling crates, with him is his long time friend Jet Blanchard as they talk amongst themselves. Jet hands him a bottle of water and nods at something Shawn says, the pair high five before Jet takes off and Shawn looks at the In Your House championship belt that’s laid across his lap before he looks up at the camera. He’s already dressed and ready for his match later tonight against Banshee, and while his body looks in great shape considering the jumping he took to even get into the ring against her he winces a tiny amount as he yanks the black Go Fox Yourself t-shirt off over his head and sets it to the side. With his shirt off of course there’s a bit of whistling and cheering going on from the fans at ringside that are patched in to watch and he grins just a little, winks at the camera before he turns his head and looks at the kinetic tape that’s on his skin, the vibrant strips of it printed proudly with the Australian flag. He taps that flag thoughtfully before he begins to speak.]

SF: Everything is a process.

[He looks around, a slight grin on his face.]

SF: Did you know, it takes about four years to apply to become an Australian citizen?

[A shake of his head before he looks back at the camera, his eyes glittering and intense.]

SF: Banshee thinks I’m not focused, you know. That I’m distracted, that I don’t see her for what she is. I mean, she’s wrong. If there was a chance to see who was deeper under the skin of the other I’ve already won that by forcing your hand, making you reveal yourself as being in charge of the Bad Omens instead of just the crazy mascot soul sucker nearly everyone thought you were. See Ban, your pride wouldn’t let you just take it when I kept insulting you. You revealed yourself but much like Stella’s own little surprise, you can’t unshoot that gun, you can’t put the blindfold back on, it’s over. It’s done.

[He looks up, still clearly in thought as his voice seems almost a little distant.]

SF: For someone that acts like she’s the smartest thing going, can you explain why you’re so… common? I mean I can swing a cat in this industry and hit five just like you. Hell my cousin Kitty works with one of those dopplegangers and she’s only slightly less weird than you are. But it’s all masks at the end of the day and yours is slipping kid. What’s that old saw? The cracks are starting to show. The rains are falling and the levee, well, that levee’s not going to hold as long as you need it to.

[Shawn looks down at his title again, his strong fingers brushing over the plate that reads SHAWN FOX.]

SF: And you know, you’d think that someone that’s supposedly as smart as you are would avoid making the same mistakes others have against me, but I guess not. I mean I won’t throw that cliche around that a wounded animal, cornered, trapped, is the most dangerous of all… because I may be banged up, scuffed, and stamped on by your toys, kid… but we both know I can be dangerous no matter the circumstances when I’m pushed.

[He chuckles, the sound rich and dark with that smooth baritone voice of his.]

SF: And I’m feeling pretty fucking pushed.

[Shawn hops down off the crate, turning the belt in his hands to show it to the camera.]

SF: Ever since I outsmarted Diamond Jack Sabbath, since I did him the way he did so many others and took away the glue that was holding his psyche together I’ve had to hear it from you fucks. Even though I welcomed his rematch with a grin and beat his ass clean in that ring, proving I had it all along whenever I wanted it, I’ve had to hear the names. We all know it’s bullshit, but no… Shawn’s lucky. This, that, and the other, no matter what the odds that have been deliberately stacked on me, I’ve come through. I’ve never backed down, never turned tail, and I’ve never run. I am the face of In Your House, I’m that guy that goes to all those things the fans turn out for and listen to them, listen to what they want, listen to what they don’t.

[He shakes his head, and then slings the belt over his left shoulder.]

SF: Banshee, even if you manage to defeat me tonight, you know it’s not the way you really wanted it. Like Stella, you lost track of the bigger picture and you lost the opportunity that was laid out before you to do this shit the right way. I may not be one hundred percent, but I am going to push you like I was a thousand percent and I am going to fuck you up. There’s no getting around it. You will not exit this match feeling like a champion even if you manage to take this belt from me. Mostly? That’s because you aren’t a champion and never will be, no matter how much hardware you and your group carry around.

[He gives a stern, unwavering look at the camera.]

SF: Gold doesn’t make a champion, Banshee, no matter what you think and we all know you think that the belt is what does it. You’re wrong. The champion holding the belt defines it, lifts it up, elevates it, makes it something to strive for. You? Can’t do that no matter how many belts you beg, borrow or steal because you aren’t a champion. You just… aren’t. But you’re also totally unable to comprehend this, so here we are. I’m going to fuck you up, Banshee, because I can and Lark already forgave me. You? Shit. You can’t even touch my soul, I don’t own that, she does. You can do your worst, understand this, kid. But I won’t stop, and you’re going to see. You should have listened to Iser.

[He turns then and walks away from the camera, which zooms in on the Go Fox Yourself logo on his discarded shirt before cutting away.]

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In Your House Championship
Singles Championship
Shawn Fox © vs The Banshee


[The Sydney crowd is at a fever pitch right now as the defending champ, sporting Kinesio tape in the colours of the Aussie flag on his shoulder, stares daggers at his grinning challenger. They slowly start to circle the ring, taking their time with it as they approach each other. Banshee mischievously dips in and out with feigned kicks, trying to bait Shawn. When Banshee fakes another kick, Shawn kicks her leg away this time and grabs her from behind with a waistlock. Banshee breaks out of it and turns around to deliver a stiff body kick. Shawn fires back with his own and they continue to trade more kicks before he switches up with forearm shots to Banshee’s head. With Banshee doubled over, Shawn throws her down with a snapmare and a hard kick to the spine. Banshee arches her back in pain before Shawn kneels down to grab her in a front chancery. The fans cheer as the hold keeps Banshee down for a bit until she rises to her feet and reverses with a hammerlock. Boos rain down on Banshee as she laughs in Shawn’s ear while forcing him to spin on one foot in agony. But it’s still in the early game for Shawn regains control with a back elbow that leaves Banshee on her knees clutching her nose. Shawn immediately swoops down on Banshee with a side headlock, earning him cheers from the crowd. Shawn uses his height advantage to keep Banshee down with the hold despite her efforts.]

BM: Shawn’s doing his best to wear down Banshee from the start here. It’s a smart play, given that Banshee already hurt his shoulder on purpose last week to secure herself this title shot.

TR: She’s always been the do-whatever-it-takes kind of wrestler. Some may call it reckless but at the rate she and Bad Omens are going, I call it all-out dangerous!

BM: You’re not wrong, Tats. I just hope that tonight doesn’t end too badly for either one of them.

[Looking for an easy way out, Banshee reaches up for Shawn’s taped shoulder and squeezes it. The upset fans protest and the referee shoots Banshee a warning while Shawn howls in agony, forced to loosen his grasp. Banshee steals the opportunity to get to her feet and shove Shawn into the ropes behind. As Banshee throws Shawn to the opposite side, the fighting champ ducks her clothesline attempt and comes back with a roaring running enzuigiri. The crowd jumps to their feet in excitement as Shawn continues to impress with a running senton, despite his hurting shoulder. Shawn goes for the cover but Banshee kicks out at two.]

BM: And THAT is why Shawn’s the IYH champion—he goes right into the offensive, wasting no time to stay in control of the match. That running enzuigiri has Banshee seeing stars for a bit there!

TR: Yeah these two have totally different strategies here. Tonight, Banshee seems to be playing the field for a bit here before the pounce. But whether now or later, Banshee WILL get her chance to capitalise on Shawn’s weaknesses! And it’s gonna get ugly!

[Both competitors get to their feet. With Banshee leaning in the corner, Shawn marches over to her and prepares to irish whip her to the other side. But Banshee hangs on as she pulls him back. Caught by surprise, Shawn nearly stumbles before quickly regaining his balance to retaliate with a kick to the midsection. Banshee doubles over, clutching her stomach, when Shawn successfully tosses her to the other side this time. Banshee runs up the turnbuckles and backflips just as Shawn stops himself from colliding into the empty corner. When Shawn turns around, Banshee hits a front dropkick that leaves him falling back into the corner. Banshee swarms over Shawn with multiple forearm shots to the head and the fans come alive with passionate jeers. But Banshee doesn’t stop there as she drops knees into Shawn’s shoulder, forcing him to scream out in pain. The referee struggles to separate them until Banshee eventually backs off, snarling. Shawn slowly pulls himself up on his knees and Banshee returns with a high speed spinning knee strike to the side of his head. Down goes Shawn again and Banshee smiles a reptilian grin, clearly taking pleasure in his misery.]

TR: And there’s that mean streak from Banshee! I told you, Bry! Shit’s gonna explode!

BM: Man, that spinning knee strike just crushed Shawn straight down! You know, with moves like that, why does Banshee need to take cheap shots like hurting an already injured shoulder??

TR: It’s called being opportunistic, Bry. And that’s exactly what Banshee is!

[Banshee takes her sweet time to get to her feet while Shawn struggles to push himself up. Banshee slaps Shawn’s face to taunt him before driving a hard knee into Shawn’s midsection, causing him to double over. Not at all fazed by the booing crowd, Banshee irish whips Shawn to the other side. Banshee confidently bends over in anticipation, only to get kicked hard by Shawn. Banshee clutches her chest in pain when Shawn suddenly sets her up for his double underhook DDT finisher, Go Fox Yourself.]

BM: Oh here we go! Go Fox Yourself!!

TR: Well, that escalated quickly!!

[The crowd leaps to their feet when the surprised Banshee somehow quickly reverses it and stuns him with a headbutt. This buys Banshee a few seconds to regroup before striking him with fast multiple roundhouse kicks to the body. As Shawn doubles over, Banshee completes the sequence with a spinning back heel kick to his face, crushing him to the mat. Banshee goes for the cover but only gets a two.]

BM: Whoa, that spinning back heel kick right to the jaw! But if Shawn had hit that Go Fox Yourself earlier, you know this match would be over!

TR: Well, good thing he hadn’t ‘cause this is a fucking war, Bry! Shawn has been fighting Bad Omens for so long and on a night like this, there’s plenty more to show in that ring!

[Banshee gets to her feet and pulls Shawn up against the ropes. Banshee pummels Shawn with repeated elbow smashes to the head and shoulder, clearly trying to worsen the injury. With the referee’s warnings, Banshee eventually backs off before hopping up onto the nearest turnbuckles and pulls in Shawn with her hanging figure-four neck lock signature, Omen. The crowd is in an uproar as Shawn struggles in complete misery while the referee frantically begins the count. Banshee finally lets go on the fourth count. The angry fans in the front row yell at Banshee who merely shrieks back at them. Meanwhile, the referee checks on Shawn inside the ring.]

BM: Banshee just keeps pushing it with her dirty tactics! Sucks to say this but I don’t know how long Shawn has with her working on that injured shoulder like that!

TR: Shawn’s on borrowed time, for sure! And he knows it. Right now, it’s all about working smart for him or else, say bye bye to the IYH title!

BM: At the rate Shawn’s going right now, he REALLY doesn’t wanna say goodbye yet!

[Gripping his taped shoulder, Shawn slowly pulls himself up by the ropes for balance. The referee checks on Shawn while Banshee slides back inside the ring, goes to a corner and starts pulling off the top turnbuckle pad. The fans jeer but neither the referee nor Shawn takes notice. After tossing the pad out of the ring, Banshee turns her attention to Shawn who now takes a step forward. Banshee knocks Shawn back into the ropes with a driving knee into the midsection. Shawn doubles over but hangs onto the rope desperately to stay on his feet. Banshee then grabs Shawn to smash his face into the exposed turnbuckle but he blocks her and fights back, only to get struck with a second knee strike to the body for his troubles. Banshee laughs to herself as she takes position on the other side before charging at him at top speed. Unfortunately for her, Shawn counters with a back toss, sending her flying over his shoulder and out of the ring. The crowd gasps as Banshee crashes hard on the outside floor. The referee rushes out to check on her.]

BM: Huge back toss counter by Shawn!! That gives him time to catch his breath while Banshee recovers from that fall!

TR: Did you see the way Banshee’s head hit the floor? Holy fuck!!!

[With Banshee barely moving, Shawn takes this time to recover. The fans rally behind the champ with cheers. Shawn slowly rises to his feet and grimaces as he clutches his hurt shoulder. By this time, Banshee is also pulling herself up. Without any hesitation at all, Shawn takes flight despite the risks with a picture-perfect somersault senton to the outside right onto Banshee. The entire arena explodes in shock and awe. Banshee lies knocked-out flat on her back while Shawn writhes on the foot of the ramp, gripping his shoulder in terrible agony.]





BM: What a diving somersault senton by Shawn! Listen to the crowd, they’re loving it!!!

TR: Of course, they are! They love all this flying flippy shit! But holy hell, that precision though!! Landed right on top of Banshee!!!

BM: I agree! But look, Tats, Shawn’s in as much pain as Banshee is right now.

TR: Dammit Shawn, that was a dumb move! Fucking flying flippy shit!

[The count begins and neither competitor shows any signs of life. The fans urge Shawn to get back inside the ring and as if buoyed by their support, he somehow manages to sit up. Wracked with pain, Shawn struggles to his feet before dragging Banshee with him to the ring. Shawn goes for the cover but Banshee gets her shoulder up just before three, much to his and the fans’ disappointment. Shawn checks with the referee, clearly in disbelief, while Banshee rolls away to get some distance.]

BM: How the hell did Banshee recover from that?!

TR: How did ANY of them recover from that?! Banshee probably did that on PURE INSTINCT and Shawn can barely fucking move right now!

[Looking to ambush Shawn, Banshee charges at him with a running dropkick. The referee dives out of the way as Shawn crashes on the mat. While Shawn pulls himself up in the corner, Banshee comes up behind him, looking for a low blow. Jeers turn to cheers quickly as Banshee’s plan backfires; Shawn takes out to show he was wearing a steel protective cup! Shawn smirks as he tosses it away while Banshee clutches her arm in pain. Shawn then takes down Banshee with a jumping roundhouse kick. Banshee falls sideways on the mat from impact while Shawn collapses on his knees, clearly feeling the effects of the match.]

BM: Haha yes!! Banshee looked for a repeated performance of getting away with a low blow like last time but Shawn is a smart man who’s not letting that happen again!!

TR: OK, that was really smart!

[Banshee slowly rises to her feet, looking dazed. But as Banshee shakes it off, she gets infuriated by Shawn’s ploy and charges at him. This time, Shawn counters with a drop toe hold that lands Banshee face first into the exposed turnbuckle from earlier. The fans gasp, some even cheer in amusement, as Banshee crumples on the mat, blood seeping from the sides of her mouth. The referee steps in here to check on Banshee while Shawn catches his breath.]

BM: And that’s karma for ya! Banshee exposed that turnbuckle earlier and now she got her face smashed in with that drop toe hold!

TR: Oh if Shawn does it, it’s all good huh?? Banshee’s mouth is bleeding and you’re celebrating!!

BM: Sit down, Tats. I’m just saying. She tried to play dirty and now she’s paying for it!

[With the okay from the referee, Banshee crawls towards the corner and props herself up against it. With a burst of newfound energy, Shawn charges at Banshee with a forearm smash. Banshee collapses on the mat before crawling away. Shawn marches over to Banshee when she suddenly grabs his hand to pull him in for her arm-trap crossface finisher, Hand of Fate. Shawn writhes in her grasp, struggling to escape the submission hold, but Banshee has her fingers locked tight together, blood continues to drip from her lips. It adds a dramatic and creepier effect to her already painted face.]

BM: Oh good God! That is NOT a sight to see!

TR: Banshee’s got the Hand of Fate locked in though! Game over, Shawn!!

BM: Hate to say it but it’s not looking very good for the champ right now!

[The fans look on helplessly at how Banshee has Shawn’s injured shoulder trapped and how he is nowhere near the ropes to save himself. Yet the fans stay completely behind him as they chant his name with rhythmic clapping, much to Banshee’s annoyance. Banshee cranks up the pressure and the crowd gets even louder.]





BM: The crowd is 100% behind Shawn tonight, there’s no doubt about that! But he’s in terrible pain! I don’t know how long Shawn can survive this before he needs to tap or he’ll pass right out!

TR: The bottom rope is so close yet so far! I don’t think he can make it!!

[Banshee screams at the cheering fans to shut up, blood splattering everywhere, but it only makes the fans more determined to keep cheering for Shawn. And the fighting champ doesn’t disappoint. Moved by the fans’ support and his own sheer passion, Shawn impressively displays his resilience by rising to his feet and now carrying Banshee in a fireman’s carry before countering with his double knee gutbuster finisher, Fox What You Heard, sending the arena in a frenzy. It’s not the cleanest of executions but it gets the job done as both competitors are down on the mat.]

BM: What in the fucking world?!!! Shawn just countered Hand of Fate with Fox What You Heard!!!

TR: Holy shit, he did!!!! How the fuck did he manage to do that?!! His shoulder’s gotta be screaming red right now!!!

BM: Shawn’s got the heart of a champion, that’s what!!! This has GOT to be it!!!

[Shawn barely rolls over to drape his arm across Banshee for the cover.]





[There’s a collective gasp from the crowd as Banshee somehow gets her foot on the rope. But Shawn doesn’t know and thinks he’s won. Struggling to sit on his knees, Shawn raises his good arm in victory before clutching his injured shoulder. The referee checks on Shawn and explains to him that he hasn’t won yet. Poor Shawn is confused and exhausted and hurt. Meanwhile, Banshee is slowly getting to her feet. Neither is in great shape by this point as they stare at each other from across the ring, Shawn gripping his taped shoulder and Banshee clutching her stomach, still with her bleeding mouth.]

BM: At this point, how much left does each competitor have?

TR: I don’t know, Bry. But the race to the finish line is on!

[But the match must continue until a winner is declared and both want to be it. Keeping that in mind, Shawn and Banshee warily approach the centre. Banshee throws the first punch, followed by Shawn with a wild shot to the face. Banshee staggers back when Shawn goes for another strike. This time, Banshee catches Shawn’s arm and doubles him over with a kick to the midsection. Banshee grabs Shawn’s other hand and without letting his hands go, she kicks him again and climbs up on his thigh and good shoulder before dropping down for a hurricanrana. But on the landing, Shawn uses the momentum against Banshee to further roll her up in a pin. This unfortunately knocks the referee down and so no count is made. Banshee quickly rolls out of it nonetheless before taking him down with a desperate knee strike.]

TR: Oh no, the ref’s down! Poor guy!

BM: Such vicious knees by Banshee here tonight, by the way! And that one is no exception!

TR: Did you see the way she climb up on Shawn just now for the hurricanrana??

BM: That sure was interesting. Not sure why though. But it definitely wears down Shawn.

TR: Simple. Banshee is showing off. She’s in the limelight right now on the grandest IYH stage. She wants everyone to see what she’s capable of!

[Wiping the blood trailing from her mouth, Banshee gingerly gets to her feet and grabs Shawn’s hand to drag him closer to the corner. Suddenly, a hush falls over the arena as everyone wonders what Banshee has in mind now, especially with her inhumane way of dragging him across the ring like that. And the fact that the referee is still down. Once in position, Banshee drops Shawn’s hand and starts to climb up the turnbuckle. On the top perch, Banshee slowly rises to full height with an unreadable expression before taking flight with a diving headbutt. Much to the fans’ relief, Shawn rolls over in the nick of time, causing Banshee to miss by just an inch. The impact leaves Banshee writhing in agony on the mat as she clutches her mouth, more blood seeping through her fingers.]

BM: Oh my God, that impact! Banshee missed that diving headbutt by ONE inch!!

TR: Shawn just bought himself some good time!! Banshee’s losing more blood now!!

[While Banshee recovers, Shawn slowly returns to vertical base and proceeds to lay the Garvin stomp on her. Just taking his time with each stomp and for the first time in the match, Banshee doesn’t seem able to fight back anymore and Shawn is in complete control. The delighted fans fill the arena with their support for the champ, urging him to end the challenger once and for all. Shawn pulls up Banshee to set her up for Go Fox Yourself but she fights back before he can secure the hold and shoves him into the corner behind. Shawn arches his back in pain while staggering out of there. Banshee clumsily hops up onto the turnbuckles, looking for high risk, but as a desperate attempt, Shawn counters with his super stiff Pele kick signature, Fox Your Face. The crowd comes alive with cheers as Banshee slumps over seated on the top perch. With his entire body wracked with pain, Shawn struggles to pull himself up again.]

BM: Fox Your Face!!! Shawn pulled that out from outta nowhere!!!

TR: How does Shawn keep doing this?!! How is he still breathing and moving through the fucking pain?!!

BM: Because, Tats, it’s the fans!! Listen to them!!

[With the Sydney crowd behind him, Shawn looks at them, then Banshee, the turnbuckles and finally back at Banshee. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as Shawn grabs Banshee by the face and hair and the camera barely catches him say something like, “Time for you to fuck off, Banshee!” before he prepares to climb up to the top rope.]

BM: Oh boy, did you hear that?? I think we all know what that means!

TR: Go Fox Yourself!!!

[The fans grow excited as they can sense what’s coming; Shawn’s looking for the end with Go Fox Yourself from the top rope. Meanwhile, Banshee is still looking dazed from the kick earlier and can barely steady herself. Shawn is careful to pull Banshee to her feet as they both stand precariously on the ropes. Banshee starts to show little signs of life but makes no attempt to fight back.]

BM: Shawn rarely does this from the top rope and in the state that he’s in right now, I don’t think it’s a good idea!

TR: I agree, Bry! Fucking hell, this guy is insane! Yes, yes, I know he’s in there with Banshee!

[As Shawn sets up for Go Fox Yourself, Banshee reaches her hands up to cover his face. Shawn tries to shake them off before wobbling on the ropes. The fans gasp but Shawn manages to keep steady until Banshee’s hand slips down on his injured shoulder and squeezes it like the ultimate vice grip. The crowd protest in horror as Shawn howls in pain, immediately releasing Banshee. By this time, the referee has gotten back to his feet. Then with a quick look over her shoulder, Banshee grabs Shawn to capitalise with a devastating moonsault side slam off the top ropes and onto the announcers table behind. The announcers and other ringside crew members barely flee from the scene as the impact crushes the table, leaving the two competitors lying unmoving in total wreckage. And the arena goes absolutely WILD!]




[The referee rushes over to check on both wrestlers. With the help of some crew members, the referee removes monitors, cables and some of the broken table pieces from the still bodies. As Shawn rolls over, the camera catches sight of cuts all over his arms and back. Banshee isn’t spared either, now with a gash in her leg.]



[Seeing no movement from either competitors, the referee has no choice but to start counting. The fans are now urging Shawn to get back up and end the match, yelling for the champ to retain. Some of them even get verbally aggressive with Banshee for causing this mess.]









[Somehow, despite all the odds, Shawn starts stirring awake. Followed closely by Banshee who struggles to even roll over and keep her eyes open.]



[Both wrestlers groggily push themselves up, using whatever and whomever in their way to get to the ring. The feed even goes shaky as Shawn holds onto the cameraman for support. Meanwhile, Banshee limps her way towards the ring, just dragging that hurt, bleeding leg.]


[With all they’ve got left, they quickly slide into the ring, just barely, and the referee officially allows the match to resume. But neither competitors are in a hurry to do that just yet.]



[Banshee is up on her knees, using the ropes for balance, while Shawn is still on his back near the corner from where he entered earlier. Banshee staggers over to Shawn. With a few weak punches, Banshee pulls Shawn to his feet when he ducks and hoists her up on his shoulders, looking for a second Fox What You Heard of the night. But the pain in his injured shoulder is too much at this point and Shawn nearly collapses straight down on the mat, allowing Banshee to land safely and a little awkwardly on her feet. Banshee lets herself fall against the ropes, thanks to her injured leg, while Shawn takes this time to recover as well.]

BM: You’ve really got to admire Shawn’s will and determination right now. He’s gotta be in a whole lotta pain yet he’s still trying to execute Fox What You Heard!

TR: And failed anyway! The guy’s got nothing left!

BM: Just like Banshee!

[Seeing Shawn still kind of out of it, Banshee slingshots herself with the ropes to lunge at Shawn and again, he somehow counters with yet another attempt of fireman’s carry, looking for Fox What You Heard. This time, it’s a steadier lift but Banshee fights back with vicious elbow shots to the side of Shawn’s head. As Banshee drops down, she immediately clubs Shawn on the back with forearm shots, doubling him over. Side-eyeing the exposed turnbuckle from earlier, Banshee then tosses Shawn shoulder-first right into it. The disappointed fans cringe away as Shawn stays leaning into the corner, no longer able to move, while gripping his shoulder. Banshee collapses on her knees in the middle of the ring from exhaustion but still not without laughing softly at Shawn’s misery.]

BM: Argh, shoulder-first right into the exposed turnbuckle! Shawn can barely move that arm now!

TR: The end is drawing near, Bry! And Banshee can smell it!

BM: Banshee isn’t looking too good either.

TR: Pretty sure they’re both running on pure adrenaline right now.

[Shawn removes himself from the corner, gingerly holding his shoulder, while Banshee takes position at the top rope. When Banshee leaps off the turnbuckles, Shawn sidesteps to counter with his fujiwara armbar signature, Fox Me, Fox You, reigniting the crowd once more. Shawn screams as he cranks up the pressure on the hold despite the pain and everything that has its will set against him tonight. Crossing that finish line is all he’s thinking about right now while Banshee shrieks in agony, frantically reaching for the nearest ropes.]







[It looks like Banshee’s about to tap but she finally manages to roll over instead, pinning Shawn on his shoulders. The referee counts to two before Shawn kicks out. Without missing a beat, Banshee catches Shawn with a surprise small package pin.]



[Shawn reverses the pin in time, trying his best to keep Banshee down on the mat.]



[Banshee rolls it back before the two separate. As they get to their feet, Shawn looks to give everything he’s got now as he lunges at Banshee who catches his hand... and sinks her teeth into it! Shawn jerks back in disgust and anger as the referee warns Banshee with a count.]

BM: Banshee’s biting Shawn’s hand!

TR: Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

[But Banshee continues to bite Shawn’s hand for two more counts before she lets go, only to connect with her Hand of Fate finisher! Banshee goes all out in targeting the very injured shoulder of Shawn’s right now, leaving him to scream in agony while struggling to break free. The Sydney fans are now up in arms as Banshee aggressively pulls Shawn’s neck back, adding tremendous pressure on the hold.]

BM: The Hand of Fate is locked in!!

TR: It’s only a matter of seconds now!!

BM: Shawn’s crawling towards the ropes!! I think he could somehow make it!!

TR: There’s no fucking way!!! Shawn’s shoulder is SCREAMING right now!!! He needs to tap or Banshee might just break him apart and God knows she WILL!!!

BM: Shawn’s STILL giving EVERYTHING he’s got left in that tank!! He’s gotta dig deeper!! He HAS to!!

[Banshee shrieks, forcing Shawn to give up. The fans are on their feet in great anticipation, some looking on with mouths agape. And alas, with nowhere to go, Shawn reluctantly taps out. For a split second, the crowd goes silent as the final bell rings.]


TH: Here’s your winner… AND NEW IYH Champion, Banshee!

[While “Daughter of Darkness” by Peter Gundry fills the arena, the referee rushes to pull Banshee off Shawn as she refuses to let go, leaving him to pass out. And the upset fans are just not having it.]

BM: Oh my God… She did it… Banshee is the new IYH champion...

TR: This is surreal! Holy shit, Bry, you know what that means, right???

BM: Yup… All of the titles are now in the possession of Bad Omens…

TR: I know I said I knew this day would come and that I was kinda excited for it but right now, all I feel is the cold fear on the back of my neck!!

[Banshee drops Shawn as he lies limp on the canvas, knocked out and bloodied from tonight’s battle. Banshee herself is looking the worse for wear and struggles to sit on her knees before collapsing on the mat herself, lying next to the fallen former champ. The crowd’s jeers get louder as the rest of Bad Omens, each carrying their respective title belts, walk out onstage. One by one, they march down the ramp raising their titles up high. Stella and Dante, the more vocal of the four, even approach the fans in the front row to taunt them while Marcus smirks as he passes by the upset crowd and Seth merely shrugs off the booing with an arrogant look.]

BM: And here they come… Bad Omens… The reigning champions in In Your House...

TR: I can’t believe my eyes. It’s finally happening! That day is finally here!! It’s the Apocalypse!!

[The referee returns inside the ring to present Banshee with the IYH championship belt but she snatches it from his grasp with a hiss, forcing him to back away quickly. Dante and Stella help Banshee to her feet as she can barely stand on her own. But once she’s up, Banshee assures them she’s fine and they slowly let her go, though Dante is more reluctant. Banshee nods at each of her teammates before looking down on Shawn who’s still lying on the bloodied canvas and stands towering over him, raising the IYH championship belt high above her head for as long as she can. The fans watch sullenly as the rest of Bad Omens follow suit in a single row with Banshee in the middle; Stella with the Rapid Fire championship, Dante and Marcus with the Tag Team championship and Seth with the Proving Grounds championship.]

BM: And there you have it… Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re seeing right now is not make-believe. It’s real. It’s happening. The Rapid Fire champion, The Blue Dragon; the IYH Tag Team champions, The Hellhound and The Kraken; the Proving Grounds champion, the Ikiryo; and now the IYH champion… Banshee. At the end of Dawn of the Immortals, these are your current champions of In Your House… Bad Omens.

[All the while, Banshee’s music continues to play and the feed cuts to the video on the titantron.]







[And just like that, the entire arena bursts into an uproar.]




[At the great revelation of Banshee’s true identity, every single member of Bad Omens right now stands grinning proudly. Banshee, or rather Blyss Lockhart now, has the biggest smile on her face, despite the agonising effects of the match, as she hugs the IYH championship belt to her chest. She looks out to the upset fans.]

B: Did you miss me?

[Completely unfazed by the hostile crowd, Blyss drops down beside a speechless Shawn who has now sat up and seen the video as well.]

B: Did you miss me, Shawn? I’m baaaaack!!!

[Exhausted and in pain, Shawn just grits his teeth as he shakes his head. Without waiting for any further response, Blyss and the rest of Bad Omens exit the ring and as they walk up the ramp, they raise their title belts in the air once more.]

BM: I....I can't believe this.....Blyss Lockhart was Banshee all along


BM: Holy shit you guys....unfortunately, that's all the time we have for tonight and for this season. What does this mean for season 3? You'll have to tune in to our return to find out. GOODNIGHT!

[The scene fades to the In Your House logo before fading to black.]
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