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 Ground 'n Pound
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 09:49 AM

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[The show cuts to the hyped up fans within the Perth Arena excited about tonights event, Ground ‘n Pound. The scene pans across the fans with various signs supporting their favorite wrestlers or showing distaste in the ones they hate the most before finally resting on the commentary table.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ground ‘n Pound!

TR: Listen to this crowd Bry, they can’t wait to see The Bad Omens walk away with gold tonight…

BM: Not really sure that’s why they are cheering, but sure Tats.

TR: I mean, they also want to see Jessica Anderson destroy Brien Storm in the opening match too.

BM: That is a more accurate statement giving how Brien distracted Jessica in her number one contenders match. Jessica should be fighting Katie Hanley in a rematch for the Rapid Fire Championship tonight instead of Serena Maxwell.

TR: Speaking of rematches, who is your money on to die in that 2 on 2 parking lot brawl match? My money is on Hyphy to die. Amanda Hayes has run people over in the past, nothing is stopping her from doing it tonight.

BM: You know it was one half of our tag team champions she did that too, Kelly Fury?

TR: But her fat ass broke her fall?

BM: ...shut up Tats. It seems no matter how far ahead Team Fury get they are always going to have The Bad Omens trying to knock them down.

TR: And knock them door they shall as Banshee and Dante will become the NEW Tag Team Champions.

BM: They aren’t the only Omens with a shot at gold tonight, Marcus and Iser will compete against each other in a fatal fourway alongside Michael Diablo and Minka Carter.

TR: Compete against each other, or work together as good teammates do, that’s what the real question is. And lastly, Stella Winters ALSO has a shot at the gold as she’s going to destroy Shawn Fox tonight and become our glorious new IYH Champion…

BM: With the help of the other Bad Omens as it’s a 5 on 1 handicapped match, a stipula….

TR: AHEM, I think you mean a Stelipulation!

BM: What the fuck ever, regardless she chose the match because that was her reward for her team winning at Unearthed, even though she was eliminated from it mid-match.

TR: Right after eliminating Shawn though, facts are important!

BM: Sure Tats. Whatever way you want to look at these so called facts it doesn’t change the fact that tonight is going to be one hell of a show and everything could change here tonight! Lets get on with the show.

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[The feed cuts to backstage interviewer Kevin Rose who’s peeking around the corner before turning back to the camera with an excited look on his face like he just scored some gold. He puts his index finger to his lips then motions for the camera to get closer.]

KR: Come here, quick! I found them! I think they’re all inside. Listen, listen!

[The camera moves around Kevin who’s cautiously pressed up against the wall to show a locker room door left open halfway. Through the gap, a few members of Bad Omens can be seen. The camera tilts to each side to reveal the rest of the group there as well. The Blue Dragon (Stella Winters) looks to be in deep discussion with The Ikiryo (Seth Iser) and The Kraken (Marcus Blackbeard) while The Hellhound (Dante Locke) and Banshee huddle together in the background with their perpetual menacing faces.]

SW: Tonight is important for all of us here. We’ve got our title matches; this is our time. Banshee, Dante, there’s nothing else to be said. The Tag Team championship will be coming home to Bad Omens. I know you two will make sure of that.

[The camera shifts to Banshee and Dante as they nod their heads in agreement, grinning.]

SW: Seth, Marcus, you two are fighting for the same thing. And I mean more than just the Proving Grounds championship. Remember, together, we have one goal in IYH. Do NOT lose sight of that. Got it?

[Iser doesn’t have the normal intensity that you’d expect from him. He seems contemplative. Not fully attentive for a moment though he does give a slight nod. Even his legendary poker face can’t contain he’s either not fully on board or something else is brewing in that head of his.]

SI: Mmm…

[After that nod Iser is starting to put that bulky knee brace on his left knee that’s long been problematic for him though again his face isn’t fully right. Still thinking about...something. Banshee notices that look and nudges Dante. Iser glances at Dante the moment Dante starts eyeballing him. Dante nods towards Iser and finally speaks up.]

DL: Something on your mind that you’d like to share with the rest of us, Seth?

[Iser glances at Dante for a minute before he breaks eye contact for a second looking directly at Kevin and the camera.]

SI: Let me answer your question with another question: Do you want them to know?

[Iser soon points in that direction where the camera and Kevin Rose are. Soon enough after Iser has finished putting that brace on he does stand and walks over to the door before opening it all the way and glancing at the intruders. He finally then glances back at the rest of the group.]

SI: You want this all documented or do you want me to throw them on their asses?

KR: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! I just want—

[Scared, Kevin trips over his own foot as he backs away from the door.]

KR: Listen, I just want a quick interview with all of you. Is that okay? It’s a big night for Bad Omens, right?

[Iser peers at Kevin briefly as he’s on the ground with a contorted frown on his face.]

SI: Why did you stick a camera in front of the door snooping instead of knocking and asking like a normal human being? I see everything you know…

[There still isn’t the air of usual intimidation that Iser projects with his question though he is still the second heaviest person in the room weight wise.]

MB: Let him in…

[Marcus’s intimidating voice just fills the room and Iser just glances back at Marcus for a minute blinking in a little bit of shock before he lowers his shoulders and does let out a sigh before gesturing for Kevin and the camera man to enter with a hand under his chin in more contemplative thought before he returns to his seat after inviting them. Kevin reluctantly enters the room, keeping close to the cameraman. The camera pans around to show Banshee just glaring at them from where she is while Stella grins maliciously towards them. Dante glares at them as well, all while doing a deep growl sound, meanwhile Marcus is just looking at them with a cold stare. Kevin makes sure to stay by the door, the only escape out of the room in case things go wrong. He clears his throat and scratches his head as he tries desperately to remember the questions he’s supposed to ask for the interview.]

KR: I, uh… Um… Okay. So, uh, tonight, the five of you… are in three different but very big matches. For the tag titles, the Proving Ground title and the IYH title. That’s— that’s a lot of um, titles. Which as you’re aware, I’m sure, will change the landscape of competition here in IYH in a really huge way. So, uh, can I just get your thoughts on… that?

[Kevin’s stumbling over words is so uncharacteristic of him but seeing as how every single one of Bad Omens is just silently watching him right now scares the shit out of him. Stella moves towards him, laughing at his nervousness as she wraps her arm loosely around his shoulder. He raises a microphone shakily towards them, not exactly sure who wants to speak first. He soon gets his answer as Iser gestures over with his index finger to both him and the camera man to come closer. Stella helps this along by firmly shoving Kevin's back so he has no choice but to move towards The Ikiryo. And truthfully with how he’s looking he’s the only one of the five in the group not projecting intimidation.]

SI: It’s war, Kevin. From our’s war. Not just in what we’re willing to do...but what our opponents are willing to do. And because anything goes in war...regards to the IYH title match...the most important match with the eyes of Australia and the entire world really on it...Shawn Fox knows more than anyone how important that is. And he’s not an idiot because he did something...very cunning. Something that nobody else here knows. And it’s something I’ve thought about since he did it.

[Iser glances around knowing that the Omens are all looking at him; Banshee silently clenches her jaw as her gaze burns into his eyes, Stella rolls her eyes while crossing her arms but remains standing behind Kevin, probably so he can’t try to escape. Marcus has the same look as before, while Dante’s fists start to clench as his gaze narrows in on Kevin. And Seth just pauses ever so slightly in his words...the ones that aren’t carrying a weight of intimidation to them but ones that are just carrying out the message of a man telling the truth. Even if he doesn’t particularly want to.]

SI: Shawn Fox did some digging...found my number and contacted me. And he offered me a deal. The deal of a future IYH title match between the two of us considering our rivalry to settle the score in exchange for...sabotaging that final match. And if this were the Seth Iser of five years ago...I would’ve taken that deal and not said a word and left everyone wondering what happened because the lure and legacy of the title...and what that’d mean to me would be too much. And he’s smart enough to know that even asking no matter what I’d decide...well there’s always the wondering of what if. He also told think of my own legacy. But...but…

[Iser pauses for a minute raising his index finger after he said the word ‘but’ a second time and his face relaxes slightly.]

SI: I turned him down because of that word. Legacy.

[Iser lets that last word hang for some impact as he again glances around at the Omens as he’s revealing this information.]

SI: You see here Kevin...legacy is quite important to everyone here. While it’s true that it’s going to ache my pride from the egotistical sense that I’m not the one who would personally take the belt from’s equally a better feeling of pride knowing that my legacy is part of a group that helped host the next great IYH champion over there in Stella Winters. And it’s great for the legacy of everyone else here to have that happen...because when the legacy of this group does our own individually.

[Iser then pauses again for a minute...still no hint of the intimidation etched in his voice...but his face relaxes just that little bit more. Banshee watches on, the alarmed look from before is now turned to one of curiosity.]

SI: It is going to be part of the Legacy for all of us when Banshee and The Hellhound over there take the tag team championships. And all of us by association...have our legacies grow in that accomplishment too. And it’s great for this group’s legacy...our individual legacies...and certainly my own legacy to be the first ever three time Proving Grounds Champion...and doing the same thing Mr. Fox and that god damned Angelica Layne did with the title to earn a championship chance that way. And I owe it to all four of these phenomenal wrestlers to support them with every bit of knowledge that I’ve gained in my sixteen years in the industry...and with the legacy I have forged in those years. It also means that I’m getting ahead of Diablo once more and scoring a victory over a talented woman who seems to think we’re all demons. But if they get hurt really bad because of what Marcus and I have to do to bring the gold home...then so be it. Part of my legacy is also living up to my word. I said we as a whole were taking all the gold. And with that...we will take all of these championships...The Blue Dragon will be the next IYH champion...and the entire world who doesn’t like it will have to learn to respect it...and our legacies.

[The last sentence is where Iser finally shows more of the intimidation that you’re more accustomed to seeing as there’s an almost dark, satanic glare etched on his face with those last words. Kevin visibly shudders, throwing a fearful glance at the camera. Stella gives a laugh that could almost lighten the mood if we didn’t already know how manipulative, cunning and bitchy she could actually be, as she walks to the side of Kevin and once again wraps her arm around his shoulder.]

SW: Lighten up, Kev. This is a pre celebration of what’s to come. Don’t you want to see all of The Bad Omens with gold around their waists?

[Kevin begins to almost stutter, struggling for the right words to say. Naturally Stella starts to mock him.]

SW: Wha...wha...what, Kevin? Are you saying you don’t want us to rescue IYH from the crippling hold that Shawn Fox and Team Fury currently have over it? The fans don’t come to see the heroes, that day in age in wrestling is long since gone. They come to see the heroes fall and the anti-heroes rise up. That’s what we are really. We aren’t the bad guys, our definition of bad just differs is all.

KR: ….”Bad” is literally in your name…

[Stella steps in front of Kevin, glaring at him and looking like she’s about ready to punch him in the face.]


[Dante steps up, placing a hand on Stella’s shoulder. Stella gives a soft sigh and turns away as Dante keeps his gaze locked onto Kevin.]

DL: Like Stella said… Our version of ‘bad’ is different. It’s bad for the social norms, it’s bad from what everyone wants but guess what? Our bad is what you all need. In Your House has been run by the inmates ever since it opened and it needs order, it needs the Bad Omens. In Your House has been begging for a group like us the entire time and guess what? Here we are and we aren’t going away. The likes of Angelica Layne, Shawn Fox and Team Fury murking up the place as their own playground are done. They are all clearly the past and us? The Bad Omens? We’re not just the future but we’re the present and that’s why you all fear us. You all fear change.

[Marcus steps up now and he stands in front of Kevin, towering over the small interviewer and basically making him cower.]

MB: You fear absolute power and that’s what we are. You’re all scared of us and why is that? Because we’re big and scary? Or is it because we’re different? Is it because we’re a group of misfits and monsters who want to bring the world you all know and love crashing down?

[Marcus places his hands on Kevin’s shirt and clinches it before pulling him towards him. Seeing the growing fear on Kevin’s face brings a smile to Banshee’s face.]

MB: Embrace the change, boy. Embrace your new world because we’re not going away and tonight? We’re not going to lose… Not one of us. We’re in this for our legacies.

[Marcus keeps one hand clenched on Kevin’s shirt as he uses the other to point at Seth.]

MB: You think it matters to me that Seth is in the same match as me tonight? You think I see him as a enemy? No, he’s my unfair advantage, just like I’m his. One of us is leaving that match with the Proving Grounds Championship, just like Stella is leaving the main event with the In Your House Championship, just like Dante and Banshee are leaving with the Tag Team Championships. We aren’t going away, so stop being a little piss baby and man the fuck up… You signed up to be a professional interviewer, so act like it.

[Marcus shoves Kevin away, almost knocking him down. Kevin stammers as he tries to collect himself.]

KR: R-right! That was v-very enlightening, thank you!

[Scared half to death, Kevin gulps as he plucks up the courage just to look at the four faces staring back him before concluding the interview.]

KR: Th-thanks again for the impr-promptu ch-chat! G-good lu—

[Just realizing how silly wishing Bad Omens good luck is on so many levels, Kevin holds his tongue and just ducks away. But in all his panic, he has completely forgotten the fifth member of the group who has yet to speak even a single word.]

KR: I-I’m gonna go now. S-sorry for interrupti—

[Kevin turns to leave when Banshee, who’s been standing directly behind him, suddenly shrieks in his face.]



[Kevin scrambles out of the room to run for his life, shoving the camera out of the way. When the camera rights itself, all of Bad Omens stand right before it with menacing looks and wicked smiles—before the scene abruptly cuts to black.]

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[The camera cuts to the parking lot where we see Southern Hostility for the first time since the altercation on the final Ruckus leading into Ground 'N Pound. Colton and Amanda are sitting on the open tailgate of Amanda's new truck. Clayton is walking around behind them in the bed of the truck. As the feed is shown to the IYH fans sitting in the arena, an immediate chorus of boos can be heard. Hayes looks up at the camera with as serious a facial expression as we've seen.]

AH: We are just moments away from finally righting the wrong that was Unearthed. We have been the better team since the word go and tonight, we will once again prove that. The Oakland bitches will no doubt hang their hat on the travesty which was the Unearthed outcome but they know, just like everyone else knows, that it was a fluke.

[Amanda shakes her head in disgust as she thinks about the finish to that match.]

AH: Tonight, these punks are stepping into our world. We come from the South. Meeting up somewhere to fight is a way of life where we come from. We've spent many a Friday or Saturday night going to corn fields or open pastures, lining up a bunch of trucks in a circle and holding fights for money, pride, or just fun. This is what we do. You bitches don't know shit about that life. Tell em' Colton.

[Colton looks up for the first time and takes his time, before speaking.]

CT: I grew up watching my father thrive as a pit fighter and participated in such fights myself as I grew up. Having a parking lot brawl is exactly the type of setting that we thrive in. When you mix the pit fighting skills with the various types of mma training I have spent years perfecting, this is a match that works perfectly with my strengths.

[Clayton stops walking and points at Colton.]

Clay: Colton has been around fights like this since he could talk. There is nothing that will take place tonight that he hasn't already seen. I may not have been the best parent when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to showing my son how to fight and win, I was very successful.

[Clayton turns and looks at Amanda.]

Clay: And I can't tell you how many times I heard about this one getting into fights growing up. She has always been someone who would stand up for herself and fight at the drop of a hat her whole life. As good as she has proven to be inside the ring, she is just as formidable outside of it.

[Amanda shakes her head in agreement before focusing on the point at hand.]

AH: There is no doubt that we are ready to go and ready to take those Oakland bitches out. Now, the assholes that live here in Perth, probably ain't gonna like it. That's fine. They don't have to like it. What they will have to do is live with it.

[The crowd boos Amanda's comment and brace themselves for what's next.]

AH: You idiots should be used to disappointment. Just take this piece of shit arena, for example. You were promised a state of the art venue in a timely manor with a awesome design and promised it would be built for a certain price. In reality, what you got was a trash design that you don't even like. On top of that, it was done way over budget and years later then expected. The whole project was a massive failure and yet, you have convinced yourself that everything is fine.

[The boos start to get louder as Hayes continues to blast the fans in attendance.]

AH: I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that. Perth and the people who live here created a shitty city built on lies and secrets. Hell, in 2017 Perth was ranked forth on the top ten most dangerous cities on earth. There is a methamphetamine epidemic here. You have the worst “crystal meth” problem in all of Australia and one of the worst per capita in the world. You asshats pretend like everything is ok. Meanwhile, your hospitals are filled with addicts who commit more crimes to support their habit.

[Amanda smirks as the boos from the crowd are so loud that they can clearly be heard in the parking lot area now.]

AH: Clearly, you don't like to hear the truth. But I say tough shit, because I am all about speaking the truth. I have no problem exposing Perth's dark secret. You try to sweep it under the rug and keep the truth from the tourist hotspots but that won't change the fact that you have a huge problem. Perth is compared to places like war torn Raqqa in Syria or Kiev in Ukraine. Places like Mogadishu in Somalia or cities run by drug cartels like San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Things are so bad here that the rural areas are dubbed “Ice Towns”. You people, this city, and the Country as a whole, are pathetic.

[This rant is met by more boos and a loud chant of “asshole”. Amanda smiles at their obvious disdain.]

AH: The fact that you are all mad is not a shock. In fact, it's expected. We know that you can't handle the truth and do your best to ignore what is right in front of you. That is probably one of the main reasons you idiots cheer for the Oakland Bitches. Ain't that right, Colton?

[Colton shakes his head in agreement and continues to poke at the angry crowd.]

CT: You damn right it is, cousin. They don't cheer the Oakland bitches because they respect their skills or think they are talented. They do it because they recognize that they have the same problems. Just like Perth, Oakland is a garbage city which has been taken over by drug users and criminals. Just like Perth, Oakland does its best to sweep shit under the rug and lie about what is really going on. Just like Perth, Oakland goes out of its way to try to appeal to tourist and protect the criminals who are destroying the city. Just like Perth, Oakland had a drug epidemic with crackheads running around the city like they were zombies in a real life walking dead shit show.

[More boos and jeers can be heard as the fans try to get a “Hyphy” chant going.]

CT: See, you are proving my point. Hell, just in the last few weeks we saw Oakland's treasonous Mayor break the law and warn illegals who had committed other crimes since being there to run, because the feds were coming to clean the streets up. Hundreds of criminals heeded the warning and ran. Since then, three of them have been re-arrested for committing more crimes. One committed armed robbery. Another who has been deported three times before got busted on a DUI. A third who has been deported twice before was arrested for domestic abuse. Oakland protects scum like this because they have no interest in protecting the people who should be there and the City as a whole. That is no different then the assholes who run Perth.

[Colton stands up and starts wrapping his hands with tape. Clayton throws a roll of tape to Amanda and hops down from the bed of the truck. He walks directly up to the camera and stares into it as the IYH fans continue to voice their displeasure.]

Clay: Tonight, a couple of boys who claim to have street cred will be exposed for the whole world to see. They try and tell anybody who will listen that they are tough and can handle their business in and out of the ring, but just like the majority of shit that falls out of their mouth, it is meaningless. Get ready to hear the excuses flow when they get their ass whopped. Tonight, Southern Hostility will show the entire tag division why they are the biggest threat in the whole company.

[Clayton walks off screen. Amanda stands up, having now taped her hands. She looks over to the camera.]

AH: The time for talking is over. We have said this is a war and it is time to go to war. We're gonna prove that this is a war that the Oakland Bitches could never win.

[With that, she motions to Colton and both walk deeper into the parking lot to wait for their opponents. The camera cuts back to ringside.]

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Singles Match
Brien Storm vs Jessica Anderson


[The match begins with Jessica aggressively moving forward, while Brien just looks at her with a smirk, telling her in no uncertain terms that she “isn’t on [his] level,” and that he already beat her once, so “why waste the effort again?” Jessica, obviously, didn’t take this well...and responded with a dropkick that caught storm directly on the chin, dropping him to the mat. Early days, he popped right back up, but looked a little annoyed by Anderson’s aggression, rubbing at his jaw as he moved out of the corner. Jessica tried to keep Brien on his back foot, backing him up for a second with peppered strikes, forearms and elbows backing Storm up against the ropes, but when the referee demanded she back up and allow him to move off the ropes, Storm took advantage of her willingness to listen, and socked her in the mouth with a straight right hand. More out of surprise than true knockout power, Anderson fell to the mat, but Storm didn’t care one way or the other why, and covered her.]




BM: Settle down Tats.

[Jessica kicked out just before the two count, and tried to roll away from Storm, but the bigger man didn’t have any intention of letting her get any momentum going. As she tried to move, he just repositioned himself and dropped an elbow into the small of her back, getting a yelp upon impact. As if to make a point, as much as anything, Storm ground his elbow into the middle of Anderson’s back, getting a chuckle out of her “feeble try,” in his words. It wasn’t for anything more than the message, though, and he dragged Anderson to her feet by her hair, getting admonished by the official but largely brushing it off.]

[Storm clubbed Anderson with a few brutal forearms to the back (of the neck, in some cases), before wrapping his stunned opponent up for a German Suplex...but when he threw her overhead, Jessica adjusted her momentum and landed on her feet! Storm turned around, right into a series of arm drags of every shape, style, and form. By the time Jessica was finished, Brien looked like he didn’t entirely know where he was--something Anderson was perfectly happy to take advantage of, spingboarding off the middle rope into a moonsault press!]




[Storm’s shoulder popped up at the last second, which seemed--for a moment--to frustrate Anderson. She huffed a little bit and tried to pull Storm up, but he seemed to just go dead-weight on her. She tried to lift him up again, but fans in the front row would’ve been forgiven for thinking he might’ve, somehow, been knocked out. But when she went to do it a third time, he snapped “awake”, and jammed the points of his fingers into her throat, stumbling Anderson backwards. Storm started unloading strikes upon strikes upon strikes on his opponent--european uppercuts to forearms to elbows and back, dazing, confusing, and disorienting the Worcester woman. Sufficiently out of sorts, Jessica stumbled off the ropes, right into Storm’s grasp, where he lifted her up by her legs and slammed her down with the Sheffield Slam (Alabama Slam)! He wasn’t happy with that, though, and kept the grip on her legs, turning her over into a high angle Boston Crab!]

BM: This isn’t looking good for Jessica right now.

TR: Don’t you jinx her Bry, she’ll fight it!

[Jessica immediately scrambles for any leverage she can get, but every movement, Storm adjusts and keeps the hold. She scratches and claws for the ropes, but they’re nowhere close, and it looks like she may have to tap, with her hand hovering mere inches over the mat. Storm just seems to find the efforts entertaining, chuckling and telling her “it’ll be over if you give up.” Anderson has no intention of it, though, and tries to move toward the ropes...before, ultimately, managing to swim her body around to relieve the pressure, and kick Storm in the mouth to get him off of her. She can’t do much more than that, though, writhing on the mat from the pain in her back before being, once again, ripped to her feet by Storm, who takes her over with one suplex...before switching his hips and throwing her with a second...then doing it again, lifting her up for a third, this time holding her in a stall.]

TR: Tonight really made up my mind about Brien...I fucking hate this guy.

[The stall, however, may have been a bit much...and Anderson manages to spin her body, twisting into a Backstabber that not only stuns Storm, but the crowd as well, who suddenly explode in support of the woman. She scrambles for a cover...]





[Storm pops his shoulder up, but doesn’t do much more than that, gasping for air from the surprise Backstabber. Anderson, herself, doesn’t much too much at first, groaning as she pulls herself to her feet with the ropes, then pulls Storm up. She hits a series of kicks, mostly to the legs, one back kick that drives what air Storm was able to get back out, then a dropkick that sends him back to his seat on the mat, against the ropes. With some momentum, Anderson growls a little and charges forward, slamming into Storm with her Ass Kisser (Hip Attack)! Seemingly not satisfied, Anderson does it again, running the ropes and hitting Storm with another Ass Kisser, before pulling him to his feet, grabbing a side headlock and looking out into the crowd for support. The Perth crowd cheer her on as she swings her leg out, driving Storm down with Bonne Nuit (Headlock Driver), and rolls him over for a pin.]



BM: She has it….


[Storm’s foot is just--JUST--on the ropes, but it is on the ropes, and the official has to wave off the pinfall, to Anderson’s dismay. She shakes her head, mouthing something along the lines of “what do I have to do?” to the camera, but even as she says it, she seems to have formed a plan--she drags Storm away from the ropes before climbing up to the top, carefully positioning herself before launching off with Show Stealer (Corkscrew 620 Senton)...that lands, badly, across the knees of Storm]


BM: Both of these competitors are giving their all tonight, but that’s absolutely a bump Jessica will be feeling for a few days to come.

[Storm staggers to his feet as Anderson clutches her back, but seeing her still writhing on the ground gets a grin. He pulls her up to her feet, slapping her across the face a few times, as if she needed to be 100% aware of just how much this was going to hurt--then hoisted her up on his shoulders, telling Jessica and the audience it was “the end of her run.” He tossed her over in a Fireman’s Carry, dropping to a knee which was clearly the target...but Anderson, again, managed to wriggle free and lands on her feet! She lands a hard kick to the side of Storm’s head, then pulls him up to his feet again, giving him a (VERY) quick kiss, before dropping him with Stunned Silence (Swinging Snap DDT)! Despite the earlier failure, she goes to the top, very precariously standing upright...and goes for Show Stealer again, this time connecting right across the center of Storm’s chest!]




TH: Here is your winner….JESSICA ANDERSON!


BM: Jessica fought her arse off here tonight folks and defeated Brien, but you have to give Brien props on his performance also. Jessica just had the motivation to fight that little bit harder.

TR: That’s what you get when you try to fuck with the beautiful Jessica Anderson!

[Jessica slowly gets to her feet and has her arm raised by the referee as her music plays up again. She looks over at Brien who is starting to stir before she raises both her arms once again in the air to a pop from the crowd.]

user posted image

[Out in the parking lot, we see a long black limousine pull up to the scene. As it slows down and comes to a stop, the butterfly doors open, allowing Dontell Porter and Jason Moana of Hyphy Machinery to step out. It’s clear from the second we see them that they came to go to war; they’ve got dark blue camo tracksuits on, black lines painted under their eyes, and determined looks on their faces.]

[They notice the camera right in front of them, and Dontell gives it a nod.]

JM: How the fuck y’all feelin’, Perth?

[The crowd inside the building cheers in response. Dontell and Jason keep walking and talking into the camera as they go.]

DP: A’ tonight, we got one goal: turn a sideshow to a main event.

JM: How’s that?

DP: We goin’ in for round 2 with some stupid-ass hicks.

JM: Okay!

DP: We gon’ go to war in this parking lot.

JM: Okay!

DP: We gon’ blow the roof off without even steppin’ in the building.

JM: Okay!

[The two make a slight turn, and the camera pans to the left to reveal a circle of cars, all different makes and models. The nearest, and lowest to the ground, happens to be a Toyota from the early 2000’s, and Jason climbs up onto the trunk of it, then walks over to the roof while Dontell stays focused on the camera.]

DP: All these Chattanooga cousinfuckers had to do was let it go.

[Jason turns around to face the camera again while Dontell backs up and seats himself on the trunk.

JM: Man up.

DP: Swallow that pride.

JM: And accept that at Unearthed…

DP: ...we picked up that win, 1-2-3, clean as can be.

JM: But just like they uncle-daddy-great-grandpas couldn’t accept that the South lost the Civil War…

DP: And that they started that war in the first place.

JM: ...they can’t face that they lost.

DP: Or that they made this personal.

[Dontell slides off the trunk and starts walking along one side of the car into the center of the makeshift ring. As the camera heads for the center along the other side, Jason keeps talking, turning to make sure he’s facing us.]

JM: Let’s not forget, these backwoods bitches got so salty, they wrecked one of our rides for shits and giggles. They started callin’ us crooks ‘cause they can’t imagine people of color actually bein’ successful entrepreneurs on top of bein’ one of the most synchronized tag teams in this division.

[Dontell’s path takes him back into the frame, and he starts talking into the camera once again.]

DP: But you ask these hoes, WE the bad guys ‘cause I stepped on some ugly-ass cloth!

[Jason walks down and jumps off the hood of the car.]

JM: Nah...they’s the only three people that actually believe that. Even the South don’t ride for ‘em.

DP: So in case them cousinfuckers still ain’t understand, we gon’ break this down one more time...tonight?

JM: Y’all fightin’ on our turf.

DP: Tonight?

JM: Y’all get beaten black and blue.

DP: Tonight?

JM: Y’all record against us gon’ be 0-2.

DP: And after that?

JM: Y’all get the fuck off our backs, and we keep risin’ up these ranks ‘till Dawn of the Immortals, where we take our spot at the top of this division...

DP: EXACTLY where we’s supposed to be.

[The duo each hold up a “W” hand sign with one hand and keep it there as the shot fades out.]

user posted image

[Panicked, frantic muttering and murmuring echoes through the backstage area. As we approach a corner at the bottom of a long, claustrophobic corridor, we are presented with a male member of staff. He is being pressed up against a wall by a single hand at the end of Serena Maxwell's fully-extended arm. He is wearing a spiked leather jacket clearly meant for someone with a much bigger frame than he. But before he can do anything, in comes Stevie Trelain.]

ST: Er...Serena--


[She swings around to face Stevie, but takes a deep breath shortly after, all meek and quiet all of a sudden.]

SM: Sorry. How rude of me. How may I help you?

ST: ...I was gonna ask about your match tonight but--

SM: But what?

ST: I mean...

[She points to the man. Serena is absolutely clueless until she looks. Her hand is still on the chest of this backstage hand.]

SM: Hmm? Oh don't be silly, you know who this is, Stevie.

ST: I'm afraid I don't.

SM: Sure you do.

ST: Serena, I really don't.

SM: Fine. Well, if you must know...this is the last great IYHWF Champion, Diamond Jack Sabbath!

[Serena pulls the scrawny, terrified man forward, wrapping her bicep around his head.]

SM: You remember Stevie, don't you Jack?

??: I'm not Jack, my name's Rodney.

SM: Shut up Jack.

ST: Serena, I don't understand.

SM: I know. I get that a lot. I wouldn't expect you to. Your puny mortal brain does not have the perspicacity to comprehend the sentience of the universe and it's minuet details. Two hours ago, I was thinking about the Lord of Diamonds, wondering where he was. I was pondering why I haven't seen him, and at that point, this man came to me! It was clear to me that the Universe had sent me a replacement. Isn't that right?

[Gary says nothing until Serena scrunches her hand up, grabbing his shirt.]

??: I mean...we found you on the floor crying, I just brought you a cup of coffee, I didn't want this!

SM: The universe sent you. It's a sign.

??: I

SM: Yes. The universe sent you as a replacement because it knows that tonight, TONIGHT, the prophecy comes true! I will defeat Katie Hanley and become the NEW Rapid Fire Champion! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesss...

[Stevie and Rodney look to one another. Serena takes her hand away from his chest as she turns, looking to the stars that are not at all in the sky or her view with a beaming glee in her voice.]

SM: Katie Hanley is only the beginning. One I have claimed the Rapid Fire Championship, I will ascend to a greater plain of existence. You and I,'ll be just like it was. Wrestling is OURS. We'll start a new War Enforcement. A new version of--

[She hears something faintly hit the ground. Then she hears footsteps. Fast footsteps, going off into the distance. Serena turns around...Rodney and Stevie are gone. All that remains is the black leather jacket, on the floor.

Serena feels a sick pain in the pit of her stomach. She turns around. Aaaalllll around that corridor. There is no one, and she is alone. Squatting down onto floor slowly, she picks up the leather jacket, cradling it as if it were a baby. She closes her eyes as she holds it close, as lovingly as a woman can possibly look holding a leather jacket in her arms.]

SM: Don't worry. I know what I have to do. I'll beat Katie Hanley, I'll become Rapid Fire Champion and then I know...I just KNOW you'll come back for me.

[We fade to our next bit of the show.]

user posted image

2 on 2 Parking Lot Brawl
Southern Hostility vs Hyphy Machinery

[The teams of Southern Hostility and Hyphy Machinery are standing by in the parking lot where cars are set up and various weapons for them to use throughout the match. The referee turns to signal for the bell before realizing no one brought it to the parking lot. The bell ringer looks around sheepish for a moment before he opens one of the cars driver side doors and reaches inside, honking the horn to signal the match.]


[As soon as the bell is rung, or in this case, car is honked, Amanda charges towards Dontell while Colton charges to Jason. Colton and Jason exchange punches while Dontell seems to get the upper hand on Amanda and tries to slam her head into the hood of one of the cars. Amanda however firmly slaps both of her hands onto the hood to prevent this before throwing her elbow back at Dontell and slamming his head into the hood of the car instead. Amanda takes advantage of this by setting him up for a DDT but making sure his head again connects with the hood of the car. Meanwhile Colton seemed like he was in trouble but Amanda quickly came to his aid as the worked together as a team to hit Jason with a double team move. Colton hit a backbreaker onto Jason while Amanda climbed one of the cars just to have leverage on a leg drop to Jason. As she stands she’s heard telling Colton that they need to end the match quick but painfully to really teach them a lesson.]

BM: Southern Hostility are in control of this match and it’s not looking good for Hyphy Machinery.

TR: If only a monster truck would come and take them all out.

[Amanda attempts a pin on Jason but Dontell breaks it up immediately. Colton begins to fight him off before Amanda joins in with the attack, scooping up a steel chair. She orders Colton to “hold him steady” before taking a swing, but Dontell breaks free just in the nick of time and dives out of way leaving Coltons face to eat the steel chair shot instead. Dontell is back to his feet quickly as Jason joins him, both members of Hyphy Machinery bring the fight back to Southern Hostility with Jason capitalizing on the off-guard Amanda while Dontell pulls up the dazed Colton. Jason hits Amanda with a Shinjuku Drop (Emerald Flowsion) onto the hood of a nearby car while Dontell hits Colton with a Green 3:16 (Stunner) before hooking his leg for a pin.]




[Dontell sits up in disbelief before getting back to his feet. Meanwhile Jason has found a tire iron and attempts to hit Amanda on the ribs with it but she rolls off of the car in the nick of time. The hood of the car is left dented by the sheer force Jason had with his tire iron swing.]

BM: He could have killed Amanda with that shot!

TR: Matches like this aren’t meant to feel warm and fuzzy, Bry!

[Jason takes another swing at Amanda’s head, but she ducks in the nick of time, before soccer punting him right in the dick and balls, causing him to drop the pipe and fall to his knees Amanda then spikes him headfirst into the concrete with a DDT, blood slowly seeping from his head after he collides with the ground. Dontell slams colton’s face into a car bonnet before the cry of his partner causes him to halt momentarily. He turns back to Colton in time to get a headbutt to the nose, before he whips him into the car’s side mirror, the impact breaking it off. Amanda calls out to Colton as he shakes the cobwebs, lifting Dontell up onto his shoulders. Amanda moves over to a semi trailer, an evil smile on her face as she climbs up onto the roof, looking down at Dontell. She leaps off for hostile takeover but Dontell falls backward and rips Colton into a reverse hurricanrana, sending Amanda crashing head first into and through a car window.]

BM: What an impact! Amanda threw everything she had into that move, and it cost her in a big way!

TR: I’ve heard of breaking through the glass ceiling, but this is ridiculous!

BM: You’ve gotta stop.

[Amanda pulls herself from the window and falls to the ground, her face shredded by broken glass as Colton lies dazed nearby. Dontell slowly gets to his feet as Jason moves over to him, blood now covering his face. They notice Amanda slowly crawling away to the back of the car, and they smirk at her before turning their attention to the closer Colton. They roll him onto the hood of the car, before both men climb up as well. Jason stands on the roof as Dontell picks up Colton. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her way to the boot of the car, popping it open and grabbing something from it. She crawls around the car back to the front as Dontell and Jason set Colton up for the San Andreas (Magic Killer) through the car roof. Just as they are about to execute, Amanda stands, and rage screams like a woman possessed, blood streaming down her face as she swings the steel pipe she collected from the boot right into Dontell’s shins, causing him to drop Colton and crash into the windshield, bouncing off of it and rolling down onto the floor. Jason goes to move on Amanda, when she shouts to Colton before throwing the pipe to him. Jason sees the pipe, but half a second too late as Colton grabs it with one hand and swings it into Jason’s ribs, causing him to collapse onto his knees.]

TR: What a swerve! They thought Amanda was retreating but she was merely getting the weapon she planted before the match started!

BM: That steel pipe has completely turned this match around, but do Southern Hostility have enough left to capitalise?

[Colton then picks up Jaason in an oklahoma slam position, and eyes a car with a sunroof about half a ring away. A determined look crosses his face as he takes a running leap from the roof, slamming Jason through the sunroof of the car with a devastating “Battle of the Bull” Running Powerslam!]

BM: Battle of the Bull right through the sunroof! What an impact!

TR: That sentence describes this whole match, Bry!

[Colton is unable to capitalise as he has collapsed to the floor after the slam, but Amanda slowly, on wobbly legs, makes her way over to the wreckage, dragging Jason’s body off the roof and onto the floor, collapsing on top of him in an almost accidental cover, before Colton drags himself on top of him to double down.]





TH: Here are your winners… Southern Hostility!

BM: What a match! These two teams beat the absolute hell out of each other, they left nothing behind!

TR: As we knew would be the case. They hate each other Bry, and we saw every once of it in that parking lot.

BM: No doubt about that, and at the end of it all Southern Hostility have managed to hold on just long enough to put Hyphy Machinery away.

TR: Something tells me that even after this, things aren’t over between these two teams, at least not completely.

BM: I can’t help but agree. Time will tell, I suppose. One thing is for sure though: Although Southern Hostility may have walked away with the victory tonight, I doubt either team feel like winners right now.

[Medical staff move in to check on the four members as the cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[We cut backstage, to the Rapid Fire Champion, her belt over her shoulder and her usual silver gear with black trim swapped, for black with silver. She rolls her neck out, letting out a long sigh as she grips her title, staring into the camera.]

KH: Well. Here we are--Ground and Pound, in Perth...

[Katie pauses and smiles a little bit as the crowd cheers the Cheap Pop™, but it’s only a momentary pause.]

KH: ...and I get my first, real test of if I deserve to hold this title--against someone that’s been a pain in my neck for the better part of two months now. Someone that drove a good girl, a hard worker, a wrestler that any company would’ve been happy and proud to have on their roster...that drove a friend out of wrestling, all together...because she’s insecure.

KH: Serena Maxwell...

KH: I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve been waiting for this match. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve been waiting for a chance to drive my boot through your jaw--one on one, no partners, no distractions, no nonsense...just you and me, one-on-one, in the middle of that ring.

KH: I’m supposed to be disappointed...because I said, and I’ll say again, that you deserve this opportunity the least of anyone that’s been brought up as a challenger--that Jessica Anderson’s the one who should have the shot...

[Katie momentarily glances to her side, flashing a little smile--in the midst of talking about Serena, though, it seems rather odd, until she speaks up.]

KH: Congratulations on the win, by the way, mate. Hopefully they listen to me, after this.

[The Kiwi’s smile disappears as quickly as it came, though, as she turns back to face the camera directly.]

KH: I’m supposed to be disappointed that it’s you across the ring from me, Serena...but truth be told, I’m not. Truth be told, I’m not disappointed...I’m not upset...and most importantly, for you? I’m not scared--of you, or of anything else.

KH: I can’t help but wonder...what’s that like, hey? What’s it like, knowing that, after everything you’ve tried...everything you’ve done? It didn’t work--I’m not afraid of you, Serena. I’m not afraid of what you can do. I’m not afraid of who you are.

KH: I’m not afraid...of anything about you.

[A coy little smile spreads on the Kiwi’s face as she hefts her title up onto her shoulder again, taking a second to show it off.]

KH: Six weeks ago, in Adelaide, I pinned, two, three. And all you’ve been able to focus on getting back at me. You’re obsessed, Serena...and that’s all you are. Obsessed--obsessed with getting back at me for some perceived slight, obsessed with proving you deserve what I won...You’re not unique, Serena--there's a million of you on Twitter, trying desperately to be noticed.

KH: You’re not special; you’re just crazy.

KH: And tonight? Consider me your personal therapist--and I’ll kick the bloody crazy out of your head.

[Katie takes a deep breath, that coy smile shifting into something of a scowl before we fade to black.]

user posted image

[The cameras go to the outside of the Perth Arena to find Shawn Fox out near the fence between the public parking area and the private arena entrances, he’s signing a few things through the fence for the fans that had gotten his attention, even taking a few selfies with some of them before he notices the cameras on them and he makes a few little jokes before he steps away, heading towards the back of the building, his gear bag slung over his shoulder. His stance is confident as are his steps, though he pauses outside the door and turns towards the camera, a thoughtful look on his handsome face.]

SF: You know, this has been a long time coming.

[He shifts the bag over his shoulder, waving at a few more fans before he turns an almost placid gaze to the camera.]

SF: If you listen to Stella, she’s doing her usual shtick, twisting what’s said to fit her own narrative to the point that she is starting to sound completely delusional. I mean did you see her little “screenshot” on Twitter with this Joseph Joseph bloke? Dude told her exactly what she wanted him to, I swear…

[He cracked a grin, and laughed.]

SF: It’s like she was sitting in his lap and telling him what to Tweet. Some people’s kids, you know?

[A shake of his head as he looked out over the parking lot, his voice low, and urgent.]

SF: Her “friends” all back her up, because they don’t see the real Stella. The real Stella? She got lucky, and got herself a shot on the champion, and she’s not as stupid as she acts. She listens to what people have said about being in a match with me. I’m sure she’s watched those matches over and over. And deep down, she got scared. She wants to demand people take her seriously because she feels apparently that none of the other wrestlekids do and she doesn’t have a wrestlemom or dad to kick their dad’s ass for her. Notice that though… for her. She knew, deep down, her ass can’t cash the check her mouth has been writing for months because you know… she had that element of surprise before. When she fooled everyone but Craig into thinking she couldn’t wrestle… that was a one and done. Now everyone’s seen it, and she’s shown her whole hand.

[He shrugs lightly.]

SF: Stella you threw away the biggest thing you had going for you. You had a shot, a real shot, of shutting people up. Of having something tangible and real to shove in all their faces, forever. You could have chosen anything, you know. Any stip. Even the ones I joked about on Twitter… and you could have gotten in there and fought me, tried to outwrestle me. You could have done it by yourself and had everything you ever needed to show people that you could do this all on your own. They would have had no choice then, but to finally give you the due that you have always wanted. The respect. They’d have had to eat all those words that they’ve whispered about you behind your back or said right to your face. You could have had all that… I mean if you’d had a hope in fucking hell of actually beating me.

[His grin grows downright mean after that.]

SF: You knew you didn’t, so you threw away what you had, and chose this. You can’t beat me on your own, so you brought all your little friends with you. Stella, that was just a bad thing and you know it. You choosing this stip. You getting on Twitter and thinking that anything you had to say had convinced me that I was going to lose even before this match happens. I mean come the fuck on, Stella. It wasn’t bad enough that you had to humiliate Angelica Layne beforehand? Now you’ve sealed your fate whether you come out of this champion or not… and I might fucking have to really hurt one of your crew here Stella… or all of them… to keep MY title. The one that I won and defended, and bled for. So… fuck you, fuck the Bad Omens, they had their chance to walk away.

[He smiled then, almost like an angel.]

SF: Lark’s already forgiven me, you see… and well, the song says it best.

[He knocks on the door, the security opening it wide as he walks through, whistling the opening guitar chords for Hair of the Dog as he steps into the building.]

user posted image

Rapid Fire Championship
Singles Match
Katie Hanley © vs Serena Maxwell


[The referee calls both women forward reminding them both that they have only a ten minute time limit in which to compete for the Rapid Fire Championship, Katie pauses to flash a wide bright smile and wave to the fans who cheer loudly in response. Serena snarls at the referee and leans in and asks him if he thinks she's special, causing his speech to stutter and his eyes to widen. She points at the referee and says something obviously derogatory by the look on the referee's face and Katie's eyes narrow quick as she shakes her head at Serena's unprofessional behavior. Serena's eyes widen as her pointing hand is suddenly grabbed at the wrist as the bell rings and twisted viciously into an Armbar, Katie's booted foot slams into her side to add more torque and pressure to the hold and then Serena screams in anger as Katie yanks her forward and slams her elbow into her face! They're right at the ropes and the referee warns Katie, telling her to let Serena out of the hold which she does. Maxwell rotates her arm to get some feeling into it and goes for a kick to the midsection on the Rapid Fire Champion. It connects and bends Katie over but when she goes for a Springboard DDT, Katie's elbow connects with her chin! Serena goes down to one knee with her right arm down on the mat to try and brace herself and then Hanley hits here with a gorgeous Enzuigiri!

Maxwell reels and goes down flat on the mat after the Enzuigiri, Katie rolls through and comes to her feet to whip around and press the attack but Serena has kipped up and charges towards Katie who ducks the Lariat attempt and shoves Maxwell towards the ropes, gets her in a Roll Up but Serena breaks free at two. Serena is furious at this and slams Repeated Forearm Smashes on the downed champion. She picks her up and slings her into the corner and follows up fast with a Corner Cannonball Senton, then ANOTHER! She drags Katie out into the ring and pins her, but Katie isn't out of this fight and kicks out at two much to the delight of the fans!]

BM: Katie Hanley is so determined, she’s got so much heart, the fans are fully behind her and who can blame them. Tats, what do you think?

TR: I’m thinking that people need to remember how special…

[He winces hard and starts over.]

TR: Serena Maxwell, she’s so dangerous in that ring, because she’s so unpredictable. She wants that title, she has something to prove, so who knows what she’s willing to do to get it!

[Katie checks the time and takes a huge breath, coming off the ropes with a massive Running Yakuza Kick that smashes Serena to the canvas! Maxwell groans on the mat, Katie leans down to pick her up and reacting by instinct Serena cracks Katie across the face with a backhand slap! Katie stares at her in amazement for a bare second and then she attacks! Katie puts on a Martial Arts display with punches and kicks to the legs before Serena shoves her away sharply and reels out from the ropes but this just gets her into range for the already in motion Katie who hits her with a stunning Switchblade Kick that takes both women down to the mat hard. Katie makes it to her feet first and then runs at the ropes to rebound off towards the still rising Serena, who out of nowhere jumps up with a sort of high Crossbody Block that once more has both women down to the mat. The clock is ticking as Serena makes it to her feet first and while she wobbles a second and she's screaming at Katie to tell her that she's special! Hanley rolls from her back to her side with a grimace that makes it look like she was in pain and Serena turns to point at the fans and mock them for their support of Katie. From the mat Katie though kips up and then flips up to deliver an amazing second Switchblade Kick that ends up with Maxwell's face smashed into the mat! Katie drops to cover and NO! Serena throws her shoulder up at just barely before two!

Katie takes a deep breath and stays calm, but freaks a little as Serena flips around and tries to catch her with a Triangle Choke! She can't quite get it locked in, as Katie gets loose and rolls away and up to her feet. Serena stands and shakes out the cobwebs of those Switchblade Kicks, and manages to hit a Spin Kick on Katie that drops the champion as the clock is starting to run out! The fans are freaking as Serena pins Katie but No! No! Katie kicks out at two and Serena is beside herself!]

BM: Katie’s losing her cool, this could cost her the title...

TR: Serena is so ready to take advantage!

BM: Oh what a shot! Katie is down! Serena is up for The Rising Tide, what a Moonsault… OH!

TR: Katie got her knees up! Katie got her knees up!

[The fans are on their feet as Katie floats over and grabs Serena who is rolling around on the mat holding her ribs and she stacks her up on her neck and holds her with all her might as the referee slides in for the count!!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall at 09:32 and still your IYHWF Rapid Fire Champion… KATIE HANLEY!

BM: She did it! Katie retained!

TR: Man please don’t come over here, Serena.

[Get Up by Dorothy plays as Katie is handed her belt, she holds it up over her head after the referee raises her hand in victory, she keeps a weather eye out for any antics from Serena of course, but the shocked Maxwell just keeps staring at her and then she turns to the referee, demanding that he tell her she’s special before she drops out of the ring in Katie’s wake and asks the same fans if she’s special, screaming at them and demanding it!]
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[As the show returns from a quick break the screen turns black before an image appears on the screen.]

user posted image

[The crowds sit for a moment trying to figure out reasoning of this particular image before the words fade almost as quickly as they appeared.]

user posted image

[The scene opens up backstage where Kelly and Gordon are in their locker room. Kelly has her head popped out of the locker room before she enters the room fully turning to Gordon with an excited look on her face.]

KF: Listen to that crowd out there, they are soooo hyped! I like to think a lot of it is to see us give that “Banshee” a reason to scream, ya know?

GF: Something like that.

[Gordon is wrapping his hands, completely focused.]

GF: I know super excited is your default setting, but don’t let the fans lull you into a false sense of security. We are in the position that I am always uncomfortable being in: The favourite. You saw the poll on twitter, you’ve heard the rumblings around backstage. The money is on us to retain. For that reason we have to be on our game more than we ever have before. The Bad Omens as a unit have made it a point to fight smarter, not harder, and the fact that the pressure going into this match is on us and not them is something they are going to use to their advantage. We have everything to lose tonight, and they sure as shit know it. If we drop our guard for even a second, we’re done. That cannot happen.

[Gordon clenches his hand into a fist as Kelly comes over and puts a hand on his shoulder.]

KF:Ok Mr Intense, I hear ya, but that’s not going to happen. You saw their thingy earlier tonight, they are super egotistical and more focused on the Main Event than anything else. Not saying it’s safe to underestimate them, it’s never safe to do that. But it’s time for them to face the Fury….

[Kelly lightly nudges Gordons shoulder, expecting him to say mate, but his stare is so intense he probably didn’t even hear what she said. So, doing the one thing she knows always works to get his attention, so does a poor Australian impression.]

KF: Oi mate, did ya hear me? Fair dinkum, we didn’t come here to fuck spiders ya know. Stone the flam….

[Gordon’s hand immediately flies up and covers her mouth, her eyes darting from side to side.]

GF: Point made. Bad Omens have their hand in almost everything tonight, and while the fates of the Proving Grounds Championship and In Your House Championship are up in the air, one thing is for certain.

[He pats the title belt laying next to him on the bench.]

GF:Our Tag Team Championships are going nowhere.

[Gordon finishes wrapping his hand and stands up, grabbing the belt and hanging it over his shoulder. A small smile crosses his face as he turns his head back to kelly.]

GF: Mate.

[With that Gordon walks out of shot, and Kelly walks out after him with a big smile on her face, Championship belt around her waist before the cameras cut away.] .

user posted image

Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Team Fury © vs The Bad Omens (Banshee & Hellhound)


[The bell rings as Gordon and Dante start the match. Both men look like they are measuring each other for a tie up, but both men fake out at the same time and just start punching each other in the face. Dante fires Gordon off into the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, but Dante ducks it. Gordon jumps up into a hurricanrana but Dante flips over to land on his feet, getting a running start. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a running buzzsaw kick, but Gordon backflips under it, bounces off the ropes again before coming back and taking Dante’s head off with a clothesline to the delight of the crowd. Gordon keeps up the offence with a series of strikes, ending with a spinning backfist into a dragon suplex bridge, but only gets a two count. Banshee looks a little concerned but doesn’t flinch from her position on the apron. He lets Dante go, leaving him on his knees. He smirks at him as the fans cheer, and Gordon sprints back into the ropes to build up speed but as he does Banshee is on him and screams right in his ear, throwing him off. The momentary distraction is all Dante needed as he comes to life, taking Gordon down with a slingblade.

BM: Gordon had a head of steam in the early going, but the always unpredictable Banshee allows Dante to turn the tide!

TR: All of the Bad Omens are unpredictable, Bry. That’s why we are going to have new Tag Team Champions tonight, mark my words.

[Dante tags in Banshee before Gordon gets back up and Dante hits him with a clothesline, followed by another. He gets back up again as Dante hits him with a back suplex, waiting as Banshee hits a springboard leg drop on Gordon. She goes for the pin as Dante leaves the ring but only gets a two count. Banshee viciously rains punches down on Gordon’s face as the ref starts to count, and she backs off at 4. She rushes back in to attempt to keep punching, but Gordon drives a boot into her face. He dives for his corner but Banshee reaches out and grabs his legs, stopping him just short of his corner. She quickly takes advantage of the position and spikes him with a wheelbarrow DDT. She goes for the cover, smirking at Kelly as Gordon once again kicks out at 2. Banshee looks a little annoyed but otherwise focused as she picks Gordon up again. Her and Dante proceed to trade frequent tags as they systematically beat down and double team Gordon. The fans are in an absolute frenzy as Kelly is going nuts on the apron. Banshee is once again legal as she hits several roundhouse kicks to the midsection on Gordon. She loads up for a spinning back heel kick to the face but Gordon rolls under it before leaping into the air and spiking Banshee headfirst with an implant reverse hurricanrana! The fans go nuts as Gordon crawls towards his corner. Banshee gets back up just as Gordon dives and tags in Kelly, the crowd going ballistic.]

BM: He got the tag! Kelly is in!

TR: Kelly’s been on the apron the whole match, maybe she got sleepy?

BM: I very much doubt that Tats, she’s got a fire in her eyes and is ready to go!

[Almost in response to Brian, Kelly springboards in with a missile dropkick to the face, before mounting Banshee and getting rid of all her pent up aggression as she unleashes her fists of fury. She breaks it up at the refs count of four, moving back from her. Banshee gets back up as Kelly goes for Sweet Dreams (Superkick), but Banshee ducks, cutting off Kelly’s momentum with a leaping knee strike to the face. She irish whips Kelly into her corner and follows after her, tagging in Dante. Banshee gets back out onto the apron and holds Kelly still as Dante charges across the ring before running back in with a massive forearm to the chin. He smiles at Banshee as he tags her back in, and she attempts to repeat the process as he holds Kelly still from the apron. She charges back into Kelly but she gets both boots up, drilling Banshee right in the face. She then drives her head backwards, headbutting Dante right in the nose, before spinning into a enzuigiri to the jaw, knocking him off the apron. Kelly shakes the cobwebs before running to the ropes on the other side, Gordon taking the blind tag as she does. She charges back at Banshee as she rises. Banshee attempts a clothesline but Kelly rolls underneath it, and as Banshee turns Kelly blasts her in the face with and almost desperate Sweet Dreams (superkick), which while it doesn’t connect fully, it stuns Banshee, dropping her to a knee. The fans go nuts as Gordon is already in the ring, running to the far ropes and coming back in like a bullet, a loud crack heard as his knee collides with Banshee’s face, hitting her with Destination Fucked! (Boma Ye.)]

TR: No! This can’t be the end!

BM: If you are too biased to do it, than I will Tats: DESTINATION FUUUUUUUUUUUCKED!

[Gordon goes for the cover hooking both legs, and Kelly suicide dives out of the ring on top of Dante to prevent interference.]





TH: Here are your winners, and STILL In Your House Tag Team Champions… Team Fury!

[Kelly slides back into the ring as Team Furys music plays once again. She walks up to Gordon and throws her arms around him in a victory hug as Gordon just lightly pats her on the back as a job well done. The referee hands them the tag team championships before raising their arms in the air.]

BM: Look at the smile on Kellys face, she’s always so happy to be out here competing for these fans. Hate them all you want to Tats, Team Fury work their arse off here and deserve to be the tag team champions.


[Gordon and Kelly vacate the ring just as Banshee was starting to stir. Dante has slid into the ring to check on her and once she realises what just happened, she sits up letting out a scream before hitting the mat hard with her fists.]

TR: Welp, I’d hate to be Shawn Fox right now as I’m sure that aggression isn’t going to go away come the main event.

BM: As if the odds weren’t stacked against him enough already, he now has to face the bad temper of these Bad Omens.

user posted image

[The camera cuts to a dark lockerroom, a single light shining dimly down onto a seated Michael Diablo, already in his ring gear.]

MD: A kraken, a ghost, a demon hunter, and the devil. All are reaching for the key to the throne room. All seek to unlock the door. They key has slipped through my fingers for the last time, and nothing will stop me from once again taking my place on the throne. We’ve ventured to where many don’t dare to tread. After all, here there be monsters.

[He stands up and walks out of the shot as the camera cuts away.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Fatal Fourway Match
Michael Diablo vs The Kraken vs The Ikiryo vs Minka Carter

[The four are in respective corners though it isn’t as if The Kraken and The Ikiryo are that far from one another. Diablo is absolutely stoic in his own corner while Minka looks at some of these stars with rage in her eyes. Soon enough before the bell can ring the rumblings of ‘Down’ start to play and Angelica Layne soon starts to saunter down toward the ring with a grand entrance to the enjoyment of the fans. The two people in the ring the least pleased to see this are Seth Iser, who delivers a middle finger gesture and some vulgar words toward her direction and Minka Carter who looks absolutely deranged. Marcus doesn’t show too much of a reaction to this while Diablo for the faintest of seconds looks absolutely amused by how angry half of the participants have gotten just by her presence before his game face just returns. She starts slowly muttering the words ‘Lying demon.’ and that gets louder as Angelica saunters her way to the commentary table.]

BM: Erm...hello Miss Layne. To what do we owe the pleasure of this for?

AL: Oh come on, don’t look so surprised to see me. I was the last Proving Grounds Champion, it makes sense that I’m here to see who my predecessor is going to be. Besides, look at how happy everyone is to see me, Minka is practically fangirling right now.

[Minka still has her eyes toward Layne for a minute but her back is turned from the veteran Seth who ambushes her from behind with an axe handle smash and he starts putting the boots to her.]

TR: Never turn your back on a veteran of the sport.

BM: Between him and Stella I’m not sure which one of those two has more shortcuts or cheap tactics on how to win the match. They’re both walking suppositories on how to bend and break the rules.


[The match finally formally begins. Diablo is sizing up the big man Marcus. Diablo starts throwing wild strikes on the heaviest man in the match to get him wobbling while Iser is now starting to get pushed back by Minka, whose ducking his strikes with anticipation and a cunning, before throwing low kicks to his braced left knee to get him wobbly. She even shrieks out ‘DEITY DEMON’ before delivering another kick to the back of Iser’s leg and at this point Iser decides to roll out of the ring to take a powder. Fans cheered this not for Minka particularly but for the fact that Iser just got whacked. While that’s going on Marcus finally catches hold of one of Diablo’s strikes and flings him into the corner and he just starts lowering his shoulder into his stomach. Minka ends up seeing a chance to take one shot at two people at the same time and runs and stacks them up with a spinning wheel kick that avalanches Marcus into Diablo. Marcus turns to her after a grunt from the blow agitated while Michael crumbles onto the canvas and rolls onto the apron.]

AL: It’s ok, he’s taken harder hits than that. The Devil will brush it off quickly.

BM: Minka’s the ultimate wildcard here in terms of what to expect. She’s going after everybody and with three people to punish...she might have the time of her life.

[Minka glances over at Angelica’s position briefly before looking back and seeing a charging Kraken heading her way. He ends up grabbing hold of her and trying to fling her up into the air but Carter grabs hold of Kraken’s arm and it looks like she’s trying to use the momentum to put that divorce court armbreaker of her’s Problem is Marcus has hold of her back with his other arm and he just crushes her with that chokeslam backbreaker of his! It’s with this that Michael is back in quickly throwing body blows at Marcus in an effort to make him burn his gas tank faster. Marcus ends up pushing Diablo back with his strength advantage but the Devil keeps coming after the larger man with strikes to the stomach. Minka ends up coming back to the fray quickly and leaps up and springs off with a clothesline also directed at the larger man but he STILL won’t go down. Fans are getting hopeful that he might finally fall. A hard right gets him wobbling even more from Diablo and the two seem like they’re unintentionally working together until Iser finally intervenes from the outside pulling Minka from the ring and tossing her into the barricade.]

TR: The Omens always seem to know where each other are at no matter which two are in the ring.

BM: It doesn’t surprise me to see the Bad Omens representatives working together here.

AL: Cause they are shit on their own.

[Diablo is still stubbornly throwing rights to continue to get this big man to wobble and as soon as Iser enters in Diablo spin punches Iser and that sends him staggering to the corner but it’s this moment that allows Marcus to finally right himself enough and as soon as Diablo turns back toward the monster he’s chucked up into the air and driven into the canvas with a spinebuster. It is Iser who makes a quick cover but Diablo kicks out at two and there is no break up attempt at all from Marcus.]

BM: Iser’s damn near obsessed with surpassing Shawn Fox’s mark in total reigns and matching what Fox and Layne here have done with the Proving Grounds title. And he has monstrous insurance in this match to help him achieve this goal as if he needed it since he’s won it twice on his own!

AL: He’s a glory hunter, but he also has a HUGE ego that is forever going to be his downfall.

[Diablo is crawling to his feet just to have Iser just grind his knee brace across the face of Marcus in a move that generates significant boos. Before the Omen duo can do too much...Minka crawls back into the ring and leaps onto Iser’s shoulders before spinning and taking him down with a rana before he can react! It’s at this point that Marcus detects this and starts pursuing Minka with a charge but she dropkicks him in the shins and he bonks off the corner. She soon ends up throwing wild corner back elbows to try to get him reeling further. It’s at this point that after a while he finally just boots her hard in the face but the cumulative blows are finally showing some signs of wearing the larger man out. He still takes this chance to pick up Minka for a death valley driver but it’s Diablo who just rocks him with a hard punch to the jaw that makes him drop his target. Another right has him rocking again and the fans are on the edge of their seats before a spinning backfist FINALLY knocks down the monster!]

AL: HAHA that’s my devil, FUCK THEM UP MIKE!

[Michael trys a quick cover by Marcus flings him off after one. Not phased, perhaps maybe overly stubborn, he soon assumes a mounted position and throws rapid fire right hands down on The Kraken while he has somewhat of an advantage. The cumulation of those punches might be having an effect as he isn’t as spry trying to clamp a powerful counter but it’s Iser who pearl harbors Diablo with a clothesline from behind before reverse waist locking him and dumping him overhead with a german suplex. Sometimes he adds theatrics with a pose but he’s just going straight for a cover on The Devil but gets a two count and you can see a twitch in his eye.]

BM: Iser literally feels naked without the championship. You can make a case under normal circumstances he might be the most sane...but he’s as volatile and hot headed as the other three!

TR: He’s talked about his legacy in the past and what it means.

AL: Too fucking bad. Behind every terrorist, is someone waiting to shoot them down.

[It’s at this point that Minka is starting to show signs of getting back toward the fray but Iser goes over toward her and measures a right to slow down her progress. And then a knee strike to the gut. But Minka keeps getting up and soon frustrates Iser yet again and she goes high knee to get him staggered back toward Diablo who fires at Iser’s jaw with a punch and as soon as Iser staggers back toward Minka’s direction...he’s given a leaping enziguri kick to the back of his head! He takes a half of a sidestep before flopping face first onto the canvas and rolling out of the ring.]

BM: Once again Minka just seems to have an answer for Iser.

[Minka ends up glancing back toward the commentary position with a glint of rage in her eyes and it’s this momentary distraction that allows Diablo to get behind her and german suplex her to the ground. The Kraken soon lets out a roar as he rises though and this gets Diablo’s attention because as soon as he gets up, Diablo goes high with a clothesline and both tumble out of the ring but Kraken ends up landing on his feet and as soon as The Devil gets up to see that he’s grabbed in a bearhug position and flung spine first into the ring post!]

AL: Ow, fuck!

TR: That could take Michael out of this match completely.

AL: Shut the fuck up Tats, we’ve seen him go through rougher spots than this. He’ll walk it off.

[Diablo is recoiled in considerable pain at this point. Marcus takes a breath but as soon as he turns around a shrieking Minka has come in literally out of nowhere with a dive over the top while shouting ‘MUSCLE DEMON’...but he ends up catching her. He starts to run toward the post with a charge but Minka ends ups squirming out and she ends up giving Marcus even more of a push as he was already going in that direction and he smacks head first off the ring post...and while he doesn’t even go see the crimson start to sprinkle down his face like a dam leak finally bursting.]

BM: Oh God. Marcus is a bloody mess. And that’s getting into his eyes. No matter how big or scary or monstrous you are this will affect you the rest of the way.

AL: Not many have made that dopey fuck bleed, I’ll give the freak her props on that one.

[You can see Marcus trying to claw to clean his eyes out immediately but the blood is just squirting out of his open wound. Diablo is scrambling up and out of necessity Minka and Diablo work together briefly hammering away at the muscular monster. Soon enough Diablo drops Marcus with the Santos Impaler(Impaler DDT) on the outside! But after the impact...even if it’s slower...the bloody Marcus is still trying to crawl up and as soon as he gets to his knees Minka comes in with the Shining Wizard to the open wound on Marcus and finally down goes the monster!]

AL: See Minka, sometimes you have to work with “demons” and “Devils” to get the results you want.\

BM: Seems like you spoke too soon on that one.

[Minka and Michael immediately strike toward one another right away. The ref is trying to negotiate them to return to the ring but there’s no countout in a fatal fourway. It’s at this point that Iser finally starts to lumber to the picture when Minka tries to launch into a spinning wheel kick. The Devil ducks and she’s caught by Iser who then just drops her with his dreaded Icebreaker(Irish Curse) on the outside...and finally Diablo and Iser are locking eyes and the two start to tear into each other with fists on the outside with their rivalry at one apiece.]

BM: Considering the history between these two and their matches we might see even more bloodshed here.

[Diablo is winning the brawl as he starts to rock Iser with those rights and he’s reeling before Iser goes thumb to the eye. He soon measures up a punch to the jaw and that gets Diablo staggered quite a bit. A second right hand from Iser that’s more precise and measured again gets him more wobbly before he soon glances behind him and sees the steel steps. He then goes to irish whip Diablo but Michael reverses the whip and Iser crashes knee first into the steps and flips over from impact!]


BM: Seth Iser’s knee may be shattered!

AL: Good.

[Iser is clutching at his left knee in pain...but it’s at this point that the monster has risen again as the bloody Marcus Blackbeard has come in and Diablo sees it. Marcus goes to intercept him with punches to that wound that’s opened up but Marcus ends up headbutting Michael and he doesn’t expect that one coming. Marcus soon military presses Michael over his head and throws him between the top and middle ropes back into the ring and you hear him splat on the canvas.]

TR: Woah. Diablo is a grown man and he did that...with a gaping wound over his head.

BM: The strength Marcus has is inhuman sometimes.

AL: Probably steroids.

[It’s at this point that The Kraken starts to stalk his way into the ring and Michael is instinctively trying to pull himself up as fast as possible and the fans are trying to will The Devil on. Iser’s trying to get back up himself but as soon as he starts to Minka explodes back into the picture chop blocking his bad left wheel and down he goes back to the outside crawling near the bell keeper’s table. While this is going on...Diablo fires up with rights again on the big monster before he’s swatted aside and then he’s pulled in for the Blackhammer! Blackbeard glances to see Iser can’t really make a cover or be in any position to do anything so he shrugs and has to cover the man himself. That moment of hesitation is what allows Michael Diablo to kick out at two.]

TR: As long as the belt is in the Bad Omen camp…

AL: If that was true, he wouldn’t have hesitated.

[Minka ends up entering back into the ring and Marcus doesn’t see her incoming at all and she starts whirling around before spiking him using his own weight against him with that Float-over DDT and you see the giant red mark of Marcus’s blood where he lands! She then scores with a Flipping Seated Senton on the exhausted, bloody monster and goes for a cover...but Diablo ends up pulling her off of him at two. It’s at this point that Minka’s instability starts to explode before she lashes out at him with strikes but Michael ducks one wild strike...hits a spinning backfist to rock her and then into a clinch before delivering two big knee strikes and he goes for a quick cover but Minka shows her heart and kicks out!]

BM: Minka’s crazy but my God is she tough.

TR: Hopefully in her mind I’m not a devil but an angel…

BM: For God’s sake…

AL: Again, shut the fuck up, Tats. How the hell do you put up with him every show?

BM: Habit.

[It’s at this point that Diablo could be setting up for his finisher on Minka...with the monster stirring but not really able to get up right this minute. But it’s at this point that Diablo sees Iser slouched on the apron and Iser locks eyes with can see Seth hiding something with his body and the part of the ring and with his free hand...he delivers a middle finger salute in Michael’s direction and this triggers his temper as he starts to stomp out toward him and as soon as he does...with the ref looking at the blood coming out of the monster’s head...Iser clonks Diablo in the face with the ring bell!]

BM: That son of a...he crawled over there and snatched the ring bell!

TR: Well the match isn’t over but Diablo’s bell got rung. Hahaha….OW!

AL: Another shot at him like that and believe me, you’re gonna be knocked the fuck out for the rest of the show.

[Iser discards of the ring bell sliding back in the direction of where it came from...and he uses his reach to grab Diablo’s left leg as The Kraken has gotten to his feet. Iser soon calls for Marcus for a minute as he’s dragging Diablo to the corner. Iser then rams Michael’s leg into the ring post once...twice...and then a third time with a sneer etched on his face and he’s still shaking that bad left knee of his own. Soon he purpetraits bone chilling pain on Diablo with the ring post figure four! Diablo’s yelling in obvious pain and Iser has a truly demonic look etched on his face as he’s saying if he doesn’t give he’ll just snap his f’n legs. Michael lets out a yell but there is no quit in his eyes...but this gets even worse as the monster soon drops a leg across the throat and Michael is fading fast. A couple more stomps later from the monster with Iser just continuing to apply the hold...and it seems as if Diablo might be out and the pressure of the hold on his own end causes Iser to finally let go of the hold...but Diablo falls outside of the ring nearly unconscious.]

BM: Jesus christ...what WON’T Seth do to win a match? The ring bell? A fireball at one point...mist? Now this!?

TR: Every quasi-legal to illegal hold in a situation like this is a workable hold because there has to be a winner for the title! Seth and Marcus just took advantage of that in an absolutely brutal way.

[Iser is crawling on the floor grunting because his knee is killing him. At this point Minka is back on her feet...shrieking at the monster to come at her. Marcus soon charges toward her and it’s at this point that Minka takes a few back steps and pulls down the bottom rope and the monster had another hideous spill to the outside on the opposite end. Minka sees a chance to take advantage because as soon as the bloody big man starts to stagger to his feet on the outside with a Snake Strike and the monster is back down again! The fans are in awe of this performance as she slides in the ring looking for someone to get involved. It’s at this point that she again locks eyes with Angelica Layne on commentary.]


[Angelica stands up, throwing off the headset having had enough of Minkas glaring eyes. Minka is spitting angry and shrieking the words ‘demon in disguise’ before a primal shriek is let out...she starts to march in that general direction but before she can exit the ring Iser had swiftly entered seeing a chance...and he rolls her up with feet on the ropes!]





TR: Here is your winner...and the NEW Proving Grounds Champion...Seth Iser!

BM: Oh...damn it!

TR: Where the HELL did Iser come from?

[Minka is froze there for a second before she glares at Angelica with hatred etched on her face...blaming her for what happened. Angelica just shrugs yelling how she should have kept her eyes on the match before moving from the commentary table to check on Mike. Diablo is not moving much at all...and it’s at this point that the bloody, exhausted monster Marcus starts to rise as ‘Gehenna’ is what’s blaring for music. Iser uses what strength he has left to roll out of the ring and while he doesn’t even have much strength to get to his feet you can hear him shout ‘WHERE’S MY TITLE!? which point the ref is outside the ring and gives it to Iser who is still laying on the floor. The bloody Marcus soon helps Iser to his feet and literally helps him stay balanced despite the gaping wound on his own head while the title is over Iser’s shoulder.]

TR: You have to be impressed with what Iser’s been able to do since he came here.

BM: The only three time Proving Grounds Champion. But my God what WON’T he do to win a match?

TR: He took advantage of that one.

BM: Minka probably would’ve won had she not...let her own hatred of demons get the best of her. Once again Seth Iser escapes a match by the skin of his teeth...but what do he and Marcus have left for the main event!?

[Marcus and Iser soon hobble toward the back with their respective wounds...knowing that they have one more match to compete in tonight.]

user posted image

[We see Stevie Terlain unable to put on an upbeat face after the result of the previous match. Even though she is professional as’s hard to be fully professional with that lot and what they’ve done to her.]

ST: The desperation tactics of Seth Iser and the Bad Omens as a whole seem to have worked as for the third time this season he has captured the gold. But at what price considering the main event is going to start shortly? It might be the greatest equalizer the current champion could ask for.

??: Haven’t you been paying attention to my client since he got here!?

[The shrill voice of Vincent Moretti, who hasn’t been seen on IYH programming in quite some time, literally wheels in as he has his casted foot up as he spins around on his wheelchair with an agitated glare etched on his face. The wheel chair design on the back has the Bad Omen logo on it.]

VM: Missy...are you blind?

ST: My name is Stevie…

VM: Stevie...right...wait...are you a t---no I shouldn’t say that out loud…

[Moretti shakes his head and winces at his own horrible implications before Stevie can react to it.]

VM: But haven’t you seen what he just did? He stand ALONE as the only three time Proving Grounds champion. THREE TIMES he’s done it! Nobody else in this company can claim that. Helen Keller can see and hear certainly doesn’t take someone named the Ikiryo to see it...but apparently only fourteen percent of the people saw it. Fourteen! HA! HAHAHA!

[Moretti lets out that shrill high pitched laugh of his spinning around on his wheelchair like a lunatic while Stevie winces again at the voice while trying to avoid being run over by this lunatic.]

VM: Are you people blithering idiots? Have you not seen what Seth Iser has done for sixteen plus years in the industry? He’s won titles and injured wrestlers all over the damn world to forge his reputation as one of the game’s greatest wrestlers and perhaps the game’s greatest mind. That’s why he was bestowed the name The Ikiryo because he can see anything and everything develop.

[Vincent’s face soon turns serious for a minute.]

VM: But listen Stevie. And Fox I want you to listen too. You’ve had a great run as champion. You’ve been a cunning warrior. You’ve fought probably like no other human being as ever fought in that position ever since you have gained it. But’s over for you. You came close to tempting my client with that offer...but you failed. This was the first true mistake you’ve made since you won the title. With every fiber of my client’s being he’s going to use all that knowledge...with every bit of monstrous intensity that Marcus has. With the athletic marvels of the Hellhound and the pain that Banshee will commit...on top of the aerial artistry that Stella will have...The IYH coming home to the Bad Omens.

[Moretti looks at Stevie for a second with a scowl.]

VM: I’m sorry sweetheart, your boy ain’t saving this company from the Omens. But to make sure you can’t root for him and be wrong like all these people were just wrong about my client…

[Moretti revs up the wheelchair at Stevie’s direction and whatever composure she has is gone as she starts to scatter. Vincent lets out a laugh hearing her high heels clank and one of them even break as she flees from him and he chases her off revving his high powered wheel chair.]

VM: FOR THE BAD OMENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[With that Moretti leaves chasing after her.]

user posted image

In Your House Championship
5 on 1 Handicapped Match
Shawn Fox © vs The Bad Omens


[Shawn stands tall on his side of the ring while the referee makes sure that Bad Omens have only one member inside the ring and not all of them. Surprisingly, they oblige without a word as Stella prepares to start things off. Shawn beckons Stella to meet him in the centre and she takes her sweet time with trash talk, just trying to throw him off his game more. Yet Shawn seems unfazed as he insists for Stella to quit talking and just wrestle. While the rest of her team look restless as they wait in the outside corner, Stella makes a big showing of approaching Shawn in the centre before challenging him to a tie-up. Shawn welcomes it and is quick to get the upper hand with a hammerlock. Stella struggles in his grasp before reversing it. The battle goes back and forth once more until Shawn grabs Stella in a side headlock. Stella struggles, reaching her hand out for the rope. Banshee and Dante try to reach her as well but Shawn shakes his head as he pulls Stella back away from them. Stella soon enough fights back with elbows to the ribs that loosens the hold, allowing her to throw Shawn to the other side. On the rebound, Stella knocks down Shawn with a dropsault. It sends Shawn rolling on the mat before he gets to his feet, just in time to counter the charging Stella with a drop toe hold. Shawn immediately looks to set up for his fujiwara armbar signature, Fox Me, Fox You. Stella frantically fights to block it as best as she can while trying to push herself up. That’s when Seth and Marcus steps through the ropes as if to stop Shawn. The referee quickly blocks them, saying they need to get back outside. But it’s all a distraction as their faster and a little more recharged comrades Dante and Banshee have snuck their way into the ring from the other side behind the referee’s back. Banshee stomps hard on Shawn’s arm, forcing him to let go of Stella who rolls away in agony, before tossing him to Dante for a chair shot to the face. The crowd is absolutely livid as they witness Shawn crushing on the mat.]

BM: Dante just smashed Shawn’s face with the steel chair! Ugh this is exactly what I was afraid of! There’s just no way this match would be a fair fight. Shawn is overwhelmingly outnumbered by Stella and the rest of Bad Omens.

TR: Fair? Bad Omens won the main event at Unearthed which gave Stella the right to choose ANY stipulation she wants. And this handicap match is a completely legal stipulation.

BM: Right… Why not put Shawn through a 20-man battle royal while we’re at it, huh?

TR: Hey if they had 20 members, pretty sure that’d be the stipulation. Yeesh, can you imagine that?

[Banshee looks like she’s about to pounce on Shawn, clearly not satisfied yet. But Dante pulls her away quickly before the referee turns around at the rising sound of the commotion.]

BM: Banshee’s still raging from the tag title match earlier tonight.

TR: Can you blame her?! It was a damn close fight to the finish!

[After tossing the chair under the ring, Dante and Banshee join Seth and Marcus in their corner. By this time, Stella has recovered as she nurses her arm. Seeing Shawn still down on the mat, Stella marches over to him for a couple of spiteful foot stomps before the referee intervenes to give him some space. Stella laughs mockingly as she backs off, only to snap Shawn up in a dragon clutch when he tries to pull himself up. Shawn struggles for an escape but Stella maintains the pressure, screaming for him to tap out. The rest of Bad Omens look on with wicked glee, Dante and Seth even taunting the tortured champ, as Stella cranks it up a notch, sending Shawn further in agony. With the crowd rallying behind him, Shawn manages to muster up the strength to fight back as he forces himself to stay on his knees and begins punching Stella on the head with his free hand. The fans cheer “Yes!” with every punch as Shawn somehow rises to full height, now with Stella on his shoulder. Stella wriggles in his grasp before sliding down his back. Stella hops up for her reverse rana but Shawn, always a step ahead, falls back to counter with his Pele kick signature, Fox Your Face. The crowd goes wild as Shawn makes it to his feet instead of going for the pin, looking slightly dazed. It’s at this point that Stella rolls close to her team’s corner and with a hiss, Banshee pulls her in just as Dante takes her place in the match. Shawn barely gets to recover when Dante takes him down with a crooked arm lariat, leaving the champ gasping for air on the mat.]

BM: Dante with a good ounce of power behind that crooked arm lariat!

TR: How this kid is still able to pull that off in his second match is beyond me! But hey, not complaining!

[Dante takes his time to dole out punishment with a knee drop. Shawn writhes on the mat in agony before Dante tosses him into the corner and keeps him trapped with a series of kicks and punches. Dante tags in Seth who delivers more devastating knife-edged chops that has Shawn reeling in pain. Seth then finishes it off with a thunderous right hand and Shawn drops on the canvas like a sack of potatoes. Seth breathes in deeply, as if to control the rage inside, but instead of continuing his pursuit for personal vendetta, he drags Shawn back into the corner to tag in Marcus. When Shawn shows signs of life, Seth beats it out of him with another punch, allowing Marcus to easily take him down with an over-the-shoulder back-to-belly piledriver in the middle of the ring.]

BM: The two big powers of Bad Omens just completely wiped out Shawn there! Seth with the big right hand and Marcus with the powerful piledriver.

TR: Bad Omens are unstoppable!!

[Marcus goes for the first cover of the match, or more like just not able to get right up due to fatigue. When Shawn kicks out at two, Marcus merely shoves him away as he rolls over. While Shawn struggles to regain his bearings, Marcus tags in Stella who wastes no time to take it to the air with a springboard splash. Shawn barely moves after impact, allowing Stella a pin attempt. But Stella only gets a two, much to her frustration. Stella argues with the ref before torturing Shawn with his face on the bottom rope, grazing his skin against it. The ref intervenes to warn Stella and she circles away from Shawn to argue with the ref again, making him turn his back. Stealing this opportunity are the rest of the Bad Omen vultures as they take turns stomping the shit out of the champ. The arena is filled with passionate jeers from the Perth crowd.]

BM: And here’s another group assault by Bad Omens, taking every advantage to bend the rules in their favour!

TR: This is pure punishment, Bry! Stella made this match to punish Shawn for being a smart arse about wanting to beat all of them! Well look who’s laughing now, Shawn?!

[They eventually let Shawn go as he crumbles lifelessly on the mat. Stella marches over to attempt another pin. Shawn places his foot on the bottom rope at one and Seth kicks it off, inviting upset jeers from the fans. But Shawn manages to get his shoulder up just before three, which earns him relieved cheers. Seth snarls from the corner while Stella picks up Shawn from the canvas and leans him against the ropes. Stella delivers a hard kick to the midsection that leaves Shawn doubled over, practically sitting on the middle rope for support. Stella gets some distance before charging at Shawn, only to get thrown out of the ring in a huge back toss. Stella screams as she goes flying before crashing on the outside floor. The fans get excited at the sudden turn of events, clapping and cheering in encouragement for the defending champ.]

BM: And there goes Stella flying out of the ring! This could be Shawn’s opening!

TR: Whoa not yet! Look out!

[That’s when all the gates of hell break open; Dante comes charging at Shawn who drops to pull the ropes down and sends him to the outside, Banshee flies off the top rope but Shawn dives out of the way and she crashes on no man’s land, Seth aims for a discus clothesline which Shawn ducks and counters with an effective kick to the back of his bad left knee and Marcus, the final Bad Omen, is the only one to successfully catch him with a chokehold. The crowd’s excitement dies down just as quickly with fearful gasps as Marcus lifts up Shawn, his face contorted with pain. But that doesn’t stop Shawn as he proceeds to struggle and kick his way out for escape. Usually such attempts would be feeble against the might of The Kraken but fatigue is a real bitch and Shawn is smart enough to mess with Marcus’ head wound, causing the monster to bellow in agony. Luck remains on Shawn’s side as he manages to land safely on his feet, allowing him to connect with his fujiwara armbar signature, Fox Me, Fox You. The crowd is going ballistic at the sight of Marcus down on the mat as Shawn looks to end this here and now, struggling to lock in the arm properly.]

BM: Shawn with the Fox Me, Fox You!!! Just a little bit more and he’ll get it locked in!!

TR: Come on, Marcus!!! Get out of there!!!

[While Marcus howls in agony, Banshee is back on her feet and rushes to her partner’s aid. As Banshee breaks up the hold, she immediately lashes out with furious punches to Shawn’s head, not letting him even a second to breathe. The referee intervenes to separate them and for a moment, they do until Shawn gets to his feet and Banshee wastes no time to charge at him again. Shawn counters with an arm drag. As they both return to vertical base, it’s Shawn who charges at Banshee, looking for a jumping roundhouse kick. It connects and Banshee falls to the side. Yet Banshee whips her head back towards Shawn with an evil snarl as she sits upl. Dante comes running back inside to ambush Shawn. They then trade shots, Dante getting the upper hand with his MMA skills. But Dante slows down to catch his breath before aiming for a roundhouse kick. Shawn catches Dante’s leg and counter with an effective dragon screw leg whip. With Dante down, Shawn looks for his double underhook DDT finisher, Go Fox Yourself, when Banshee springboards off the ropes with a crossbody. Shawn falls back and Banshee wastes no time to bite his face, letting her rage inside get the better of her. The referee once again separates them. Banshee charges at Shawn who ducks and runs the ropes too. On the next rebound, Banshee drops on the mat to duck it, leaving Shawn to collide with the unsuspecting referee. Shawn looks upset as he tries to wake the referee but he’s knocked out cold from the hit.]

BM: Oh no, Shawn just knocked down the ref! This is NOT GOOD!

TR: Oh fuck… He dead now. HE DEAD!!!!

[Shawn shakes the referee again before slowly turning back to find himself surrounded by Banshee, Seth and Dante. The crowd looks on, horrified, as Stella re-emerges with a steel chair and a devilish grin. And just like that, a violent 5-on-1 assault begins, with Marcus joining in towards the end after recovering. Seth drops Shawn with a release German suplex and Marcus follows up with the chokeslam backbreaker that he was looking for earlier. With Shawn finally down on his knees, looking completely out of it, Dante and Banshee charge at him at the same time from different sides with double knee strikes and Stella goes for the step-up enzuigiri. Shawn hits the mat but still stirs as he struggles to push himself up. Marcus is on the outside to retrieve the IYH championship from the bell keeper, whom he scared into giving up. Stella screams for Shawn to stay down before motioning for the title belt. Marcus passes it to Seth who takes a second a little too long to gaze on it before Banshee taps his shoulder gently. Seth nods and passes it to Stella. Shawn reaches out and uses Seth to pull himself up. Seth slaps him a few times, rubbing salt in the wound, much to the frustration of the crowd. When Shawn gets on his knees, Seth pulls back, nearly making Shawn lose his balance. Grinning, Stella hits Shawn with the title over and over until it finally leaves him bleeding on the canvas. The fans look on upset as their hopes too are dashed. All five members of IYH’s most villainous group stand tall over Shawn’s lifeless body with Stella raising the IYH championship up high, a clear message sent to everyone watching especially the roster in the back.]

BM: This makes me sick. With the IYH title on the line, Shawn deserves a bigger fighting chance than this.

TR: This is Bad Omens, Bry. They’re getting exactly what they want and this is all within the rules.

BM: Yes, if it’s not for the ref knocked out.

[Stella picks up Shawn to mock him, her cries of insults not fully captured by the cameras. Seth and Dante carry Shawn to his feet while Stella climbs up the turnbuckles, looking for her dragonrana finisher, Dragon’s Breath. By now, the whole arena is drowning in jeers but it doesn’t faze Bad Omens at all as they prepare for the end. The end of Shawn Fox’s reign as IYH champion. Stella howls with glee as she rises to full height on the top perch, clearly enjoying every second of this. The rest of her teammates below look up at her with wicked smiles and silent nods. And Shawn’s head lolls forward, blood dripping on the canvas.]

BM: Look at the twisted smile on Stella’s face. This is just horrible. If she hits this, it’s game over for Shawn. There’s just no way he’s gonna recover from this.

TR: And we’ll get to crown the NEW IYH CHAMP STELLA WINTERS!!! WOOOOO!!!

[But as Seth and Dante pull Shawn’s head up, the fighting champ suddenly comes back to life to fight out of their grasp. Seth tries to subdue Shawn but Shawn cleverly aims for Seth’s sore spots, forcing him to back off. Dante throws a punch but Shawn blocks it and in his desperation, scratches the wound from last week where one of the SBYA sisters caused. Dante cried out in pain as he throws wild punches, only catching Shawn in the face once. Shrieking, Banshee grabs the IYH title belt to swing it at Shawn who shoves Dante in her way. But they manage to stop themselves, only to buy Shawn time to toss Dante aside. Banshee swings the championship again at Shawn but he counters with a kick that smashes it back in her face. Shawn grabs the championship and fends off Stella and Marcus with ease. Shawn lets out a battle cry despite clearly feeling the effects of the match, thanks to the new rush of adrenaline. Spotting the chair lying on the side, Shawn places the belt down and picks up the steel weapon. With the growing fire inside him, Shawn smacks the chair on the ground and sees Stella getting back to her feet while her teammates are laid out flat around the ring. Shawn charges at Stella with the chair but she ducks and bounces off the other side, only to get smashed with the chair anyway after. The impact leaves Stella rolling far across the ring and Shawn falling back against the ropes, exhausted. It’s at this point, the referee is beginning to show signs of life. The crowd is on their feet now in excitement, urging Shawn to finish the match.]




TR: WHAAAAT!!!!!?????

[Shawn struggles to keep himself steady while Stella is on the other side of the ring, slowly pushing herself up. They lock eyes and Stella yells at Shawn with yet another insult before charging at him. Shawn ducks and they both hit the ropes on opposite sides. They collide in the centre, and this time Stella quickly flips herself in the air to catch Shawn with her impressive dragonrana finisher, Dragon’s Breath. The crowd is shocked with absolute disappointment. Shawn rolls away from impact, dazed. Stella takes her time to catch her breath.]



[Suddenly, “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch blasts through the speakers, interrupting the match. Angelica Layne appears on stage with her golden briefcase in hand and the biggest, most wicked smirk ever. And the fans just LOSE. THEIR. SHIT!]




[Shawn lies on his side in anguish as Stella sits on the mat, exhausted and watching Angelica make her way down to the ring and enter. Angelica sees the IYH championship on the mat and the smirk becomes a full-on grin, making the fans go even more nuts. There’s an excited rumble in the arena, even the front row ticket holders are smacking the barricade repeatedly in uncontrollable anticipation. Angelica looks around at the fallen members of Bad Omens before turning her attention to Stella. Laughing, Angelica proceeds to stalk her, looking like she’s gonna smack her with the briefcase. The crowd is on their feet as Stella pleads with Angelica not to do it. At this point, the referee is getting to his feet and sees Angelica staring down on Stella. Stella backs away desperately. Meanwhile, Shawn is pulling himself up by the ropes, still looking dazed.]







[The referee is about to tell off Angelica when she charges at Stella. Unable to duck out of the way, Stella throws up her hands to protect herself.]



[But as soon as many of the fans start cheering, Angelica stops just before Stella. With a grin, Angelica turns her attention away to Shawn leaning on the ropes. The crowd is torn as Angelica raises the briefcase and swings it down on Shawn. But again, just before contact, Angelica stops and instead taps Shawn’s cheek really gently with the briefcase, so soft in fact, that even Shawn is looking at her extremely confused. Despite the lack of violence behind the move, the referee has no choice but to call for a disqualification.]


TH: As a result of a disqualification, your winner is… AND STILL the IYH champion, Shawn Fox!



[“Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion starts playing and while there are relieved cheers, the fans are mostly left in shock and confused at what just happened. None more so than Shawn and Stella who just stare wordlessly at Angelica who prepares to leave the ring while the rest of Bad Omens look on with hatred in their eyes.]

BM: What was that?!

TR: Angelica just trolled the fuck out of all of them, that’s what!!

BM: What was an unfair IYH championship match turned out to be the most bizarre one as Angelica just disqualified all of Bad Omens at once!

TR: I can’t believe it! Is she crazy?!! She just made herself a target with that dumb move!! RIP Angelica! We’re not gonna see her after this, like forever this time!!

BM: Angelica made a statement here tonight. A big one. And she sure as hell is not afraid of the most notorious group in IYH, Bad Omens. Look at her! She’s laughing!

TR: Biiiiiig mistake is what it is. I’m telling ya, this is the worst thing Angelica could’ve done.

BM: You think Angelica hasn’t weighed out the consequences? You think she’s scared of the Bad Omens? How high are you Bry? In fact, don’t answer that. We’re out of time and I’m sure we’ll get answers from Angelica Layne when she wants to give them. Thanks for joining us on this explosive night everyone, GOODNIGHT!
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