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 Wrath of the Gods
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Dec 12 2017, 06:21 PM

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[The camera starts rolling within the Brisbane Entertainment Center to the sold out crowd who are more than amped for the Wrath of the Gods show. The camera pans across various signs showing support or mild hatred towards their favorite and least favorite competitors before eventually resting on the announce table.]

BM: We made it you guys, it’s season two Wrath of the Gods and we have a STACKED show for you here tonight.

TR: Up first the ever-so-bitchy Krissy Spencer will take on the ever-so-moody Katie Daniels in a match that will be ever-so-droll.

BM: We aren’t even two minutes in and already I have to tell you to stop it. Following that, Sean Hazard is looking to get some revenge on The Banshee for what she did to his tag partner and best friend, Max Thunder. Who we here is recuperating just fine.

TR: In our first Championship match of the night, the beautiful Jessica Anderson will take on The Hellhound, Dante Locke. Being a fan of The Bad Omens I’d say I’m torn for who I’d like to see when this match, but then I remember Jessica has a nice set of ti….

BM: AND UP NEXT in our first tag match of the evening, The Vision go head to head with The Kraken and The Blue Dragon…

TR: One of which also has nice….OW!

BM: Moving swiftly along to a match where Tats can’t be a creepy fuck about one of the competitors, Proving Grounds champion Seth Iser puts the belt on the line against Michael Diablo.

TR: We have been told to make note of the fact that because he lost due to a disqualification two weeks ago, if he wins tonight he has only had TWO successful defenses and will be expected to put the belt on the line once more at Ruckus 57!

BM: In our match before the Main Event, we’ll see Tag Team Champions defend against hopefuls Team Fury…

TR: Who should just quit while they are ahead instead of failing at every supershow they possibly can. BUT THAT MAIN EVEN THOUGH! Finally Diamond Jack Sabbath will be able to correct the UNFAIR way Shawn Fox STOLE the In Your House championship from his grasp.

BM: You only think it’s unfair because it was Shawn Fox that did it. Everyone else thought it was magical. But yes, the In Your House championship will be on the line but before all that, we have a clip from earlier tonight….

user posted image

[Krissy Spencer and her manager Veronica Chandler are seen entering the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with their bags in tow. As usual Veronica looks extremely smug and confident, Krissy on the other hand is harder to tell as she is wearing sunglasses and seems to be expressionless as she follows behind Veronica. Once they are inside the building they are approached by Stevie Trelain.]

ST: “Krissy could I get a few words with you?”

[Krissy and Veronica stop and Veronica kind of sneers at Stevie]

VC: “Can I help you with something?”

ST: “Actually i was hoping to hear from Krissy about her match tonight against Katie Daniels. We have not seen Krissy since the triple threat match and have not heard from her for longer than that.”

[Veronica shakes her head and motions for Krissy to continue to the locker room. She then turns back toward Stevie.]

VC: “Krissy won’t be answering any questions. As her advocate though I will be willing to tell you anything you need to know. So do you actually have questions or are you just going to stand there looking stupid and wasting my valuable time?”

[Stevie shakes her head and after taking a deep breath she asks her questions]

ST: “Very well. Last time we spoke you lamented that Katie screwed Krissy over in that triple threat match. Tonight Krissy faces off with Katie one on one so what can we expect in that match?”

VC: “First off don't use that tone with me. Now secondly you are correct in what you said and i am glad you agree that Katie screwed over my client in that match”

[Stevie is taken aback]

ST: “I never said i agree….”

[Veronica tells her to shush]

VC: “Quiet down I am speaking. As i was saying you are correct in Katie being a snake and screwing Krissy over. That is what happened and no matter how Katie tries to justify her action or how she tries to change the narrative on twitter the fact remains Krissy was about to win that match easily i might add and Katie swooped in and screwed her over. Now tonight Katie has to pay the piper and pay she will. My client looks forward to this match and looks forward to destroying Miss Daniels in that ring and showing her that she does not belong there with my client.”

ST: “So you are saying this will be a cakewalk for Krissy.”

VC: “I am not saying Katie is not talented or that she does not belong in IYHWF because i doubt IYHWF would hire talentless hacks. What I am saying is while she might belong here and she might be talented she is NOT as talented as my client nor does she belong in the ring with my client.

Krissy should be in title matches not opening the card. Katie might be satisfied being a curtain jerker but my client is far to talented and valuable to be in that role. Now i understand that some people are kiss asses and thus they are higher on the card but my client will not be one of those. Tonight we will go out there win our match and then take our leave but if you will excuse me Stevie I have important things to do and talking to you is definitely not one of them.”

[Veronica pushes past Stevie who stands there shaking her head and mouthing the word “bitch” as the scene fades to black]

user posted image

Singles Match
Katie Daniels vs Krissy Spencer


[Katie opens the match strongly with a Missile Dropkick, bowling Krissy right over onto the mat as Daniels rolls back up to her feet and surveys where Spencer is. Krissy pops up almost right away, only to get pounced on with a Running Elbow Strike from the game Katie. It takes more than a few moments of being battered by the speedy Katie before Krissy truly gets into the fight but when she does so she does it in a big way, wiping the moving Katie out with a Capture Suplex and floating over for the pin attempt, but Katie rolls her shoulder up at just two. The pair kip up near simultaneously and then run for the opposing ropes, coming back and plowing each other with stereo Missile Dropkicks! The fans gasp loudly at the collision, some of them wincing at how hard the pair impacted with the mat afterwards. Katie recovers a tiny bit faster than Krissy, rolling over she throws her arm across Spencer’s chest and gets a two of her own, though shows no discouragement in the kickout especially due to the circumstances of the pin.]

BM: Nice opening sequence from these two, these two seem very prepared to face each other here tonight at Wrath of the Gods.

TR: Very nice branding placement there Brian, is that how you “earned” Voice of the House?

BM: Are you actually bitter about that Tats?

TR: I’m not bitter, Morris. I’m just stating that I question it. OH WHAT A SHOT BY KRISSY!

[Krissy indeed is fully recovered and takes the fight to Katie, her Handful Of Fun proving to be almost as fine a Boob-plex as the one perfected by Joey Miles himself. BANG!! Katie hits the mat hard and bounces, which serves her well as it puts her out of Krissy’s immediate reach! The ‘plex seems to have also fired up Daniels as she goes on the attack at warp speed, coming in hot with her Hokuto No Ken, the rapid fire punches sending Krissy reeling into the ropes where Katie catches her with You Wa Shock, the Springboard Roundhouse Kick taking Spencer right to the mat! She moves her just a bit and then with that speed going for her Katie goes up top and comes off with a 450 Splash! Katie rolls around a little after the impact and then scrambles to cover, hooking Krissy’s near leg but the count is waved off at two, the referee telling Katie that Krissy has her foot on the ropes!]

BM: You’ve got to feel for Katie Daniels, she thought she had this put away, Tats.

TR: Well you know the old saying B. Horseshoes, hand grenades and paternity suits!

BM: That’s really not how it goes.

[Krissy recovers well and takes the fight to Katie, a Step Up Corner Enzuigiri sets up for a lovely Bridging German Suplex but Katie kicks out! The fans are behind her and clapping as Katie works to take control of the match again, a Jumping Knee Strike followed closely with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker nets her another long two but Krissy throws her shoulder up and breaks the count! Katie rakes her hands over her hair as she is clearly trying to figure out what it’s going to take to put Krissy down and end the match. A deep breath and she stands, pulling the woozy Krissy to her feet where she sways. As Katie moves to engage however, Krissy’s eyes light up almost evilly as she wings her arm back far as it will go and hits her square in the chest with her Heart Punch, Hand Of The Wicked!!]

BM: Oh here we go, Katie looks like she can’t catch her breath!

TR: Or a break really… AND THERE IT IS!

[Krissy sweeps the leg and rolls Katie up tight, using her weight to hold her shoulders to the mat as the referee drops to count, Katie doing her best to break free.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… KRISSY SPENCER!

BM: Katie put up a heck of a fight but in the end, Krissy is victorious.

TR: And she’s pretty freaking smug about it too.

[“24 K Magic” by Bruno Mars plays as Krissy laughs in the most annoying fashion possible, one hand on her hip and the other pointing at Katie as she sits up and then she cat-calls her and shakes her butt before letting the referee finally raise her hand in victory! She mocks Katie a little more before she exits the ring, pointing and laughing at the fans as well before heading to the back, leaving a seething Katie in the ring.]

user posted image

[The cameras follow a rapidly walking Stevie Trelain as she chases after a tall figure ahead of her down the hallway, her voice pitched to carry and catch attention as her heels clack on the tile and she moves as fast as her nice professional outfit will allow her.]

ST: Shawn! Excuse me Shawn, just a moment!

[He pauses, turning to see Stevie coming up at a good clip and turns his head slightly as his long time friend Jet Blanchard comes up with Penny alongside him. Shawn and Jet are still in their street clothes, jeans and hoodies, Shawn’s gear bag is resting on his shoulder, and his right hand grips the handle of his cushioned title bag tightly. Penny is wearing a JetPack hoodie over her gear, and is clearly already hyped for the match coming up later in the night. Her feet move restlessly as the trio await Stevie, and they give her encouraging smiles as she straightens herself just a bit before starting.]

ST: Thank you, Shawn. Jet, Penny, I’m glad you’re all here, saves me from more running about!

[The three chuckle a little and Penny pipes up, clearly she’s wound up and overly excited as she bounces around near Jet.]

PK: I’m THRILLED, Stevie! Just over the moon. There are certain people, certain very wrong people that believe that there’s no place in modern wrestling for tag teams, and we see it all the time. People who believe everything is ego and nothing is done for the sheer joy of it, for the fans or even for real and proper competition. Well we say that tag team wrestling is at an all time high, and if people don’t see that then I don’t even know what they’re watching because here, In Your House Wrestling Federation? Tag teams are a backbone! Tag teams thrive here! And I know it sounds kind of braggy or whatever, but I’d put up any of our teams against somewhere else’s teams because no matter how we do it, we get it done.

JB: Sure enough Penny. In fact, gonna add on a bit to that, since we all saw that recent debate. I’ve seen a bunch of tag team tournaments this year alone, more than I have since I first laced on the boots. We’ve had people ask us why we’d want to do this, questioning the money in going it as a team, you name it y’all will hear people tryin’ to start something. But we’re doing this because we wanna, and man, tonight is gonna rock the house! I know Penny’s boppin’ along here but I can’t deny I’m looking forward to this too. Kelly and Gordon, they’ve got a reputation and it’s a good one. They get it done in the ring, they fight through, they don’t throw away the fans on the way. They’re good people and man, they’ve worked hard to get to tonight. Kelly harder than Gordon cause she had to all convince him to even do it!

[Penny and Shawn chuckle a little at Jet’s enthusiasm but he ignores it and goes on.]

JB: But look, no matter what, we know that we’re going to have the best kinda match. Two teams, four people that just wanna wrestle. That just want to be the best, and then reach for better. Can’t put a price on that, and we’re honored to be getting in that ring tonight to defend our championships. No matter what happens, that’s the truth.

ST: Thank you Jet, Penny.

[Stevie nods since they’ve pretty much covered what she would have asked them and she turns to Shawn.]

ST: Shawn, I know you’ve already addressed the controversial statements that Diamond Jack Sabbath…

[Shawn coughs behind his hand and it suspiciously sounds like ‘cockwomble’ and Jet turns around and just howls laughing but Stevie blinks and continues.]

ST: ...made about you, and how he believes his title reign never ended. He seems to believe this match is a mere formality, and he’ll have no trouble being back on top as the face of the company.

[Shawn shakes his head a little, and then unzips the padded bag that he’s got his title in, reaches in and pulls it out, showing it to the camera that’s filming for Stevie.]

SF: This title, doesn’t belong to Diamond Jack Sabbath. See, Jack? It’s even got my name right on it, just there.

[He turns it again, and the plate sparkles in the light. Shawn’s face goes to a set expression, even though there’s still a hint of the humor in his eyes.]

SF: You never saw me coming Jack because you refused to believe that what you did to so many others could ever happen to you. You hated the fact that yes, yes it did. You hated the fact that I said it, right out in the open, that I was going to get you, and you ignored me. I mean, I’m just saying that a man that claims he’s smarter than the rest should have realized when I say something, I mean it. When I resolve to do it, when I say I’m going to do it, you can bet the house that I’m putting all I am into whatever it is. Tonight, you’re going to get out there with me in the Main Event, and you’ve had a lot of those in your career Jack, no lie. But this one? This is me, and this is you. It’s ours. What happens out there, what we do to each other, belongs to us and those fans who paid good money to see a spectacle, Jack. No matter what you say? I’m giving them that. They deserve it, just like you deserved me smacking you right in the face with the Golden Ticket Case.

[Shawn rests the belt on his right shoulder and stares at the camera.]

SF: You can bet your ass, Diamond Jack, that Shawn Fox stands here resolved and that I am ready for the particular brand of hell you’re known for. I intend to walk into this match as champion, and walk out as champion, and leave you to figure out how you get back to me before Michael Diablo does, or Anger does, or any of the other half dozen or so on this roster that could give me one hell of a fight. Tonight, Jack? I’m going to go out there, and do the best of someone better, and considering how good I’ve become over my time here? That’s pretty fucking good.

[Shawn grins that mega-watt smile and then turns and shakes Stevie’s hand much to her surprise.]

SF: Thanks, Stevie. I feel you’ve been here all along, right with us on our journeys and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

[The trio take off then leaving a blinking and smiling Stevie behind them before the cameras cut elsewhere.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Banshee vs Sean Hazard


[Banshee doesn’t move, just staring challengingly ahead at Sean from across the ring. But it doesn’t faze Sean who’s been raring to go for weeks now as he kicks things off with a spinning kick. Banshee sidesteps it and attempts to grab Sean with a waistlock from behind. Sean breaks out of the hold with back elbows before grabbing Banshee’s arm and jumping up onto the nearest top rope. In a flash, Sean takes down Banshee with a wristlock springboard moonsault DDT. Banshee holds her face in anguish before pulling herself up on her knees. Sean comes running and Banshee swings her arm in an attempt to trip him but he backflips in evasion. As Banshee pops back up to her feet, Sean looks for a roundhouse kick, which she dodges again with a quick jump up. Sean drops to the mat with a sweeping kick and this time, it’s Banshee who does a backflip to avoid it. With Banshee sitting down, Sean rises to his feet and hits another roundhouse kick. Banshee leans back, just narrowly missing the attack, before quickly stealing the chance to grab Sean for a schoolgirl pin. Sean kicks out before two and they both scramble to their feet. As they clash in the centre, Banshee irish whips Sean to the corner. Sean slingshots himself up off the ropes, catching Banshee with a headscissor takedown. Banshee tumbles across the ring before slowly crawling towards the corner while begging for Sean to “have mercy”. Having none of it, Sean lays a few hard foot stomps on Banshee until the referee steps in to separate them. Sean backs off to regain his composure. As Banshee recovers in the corner, Sean signals for his running front flip senton signature, Cannonball, prompting cheers from the fans. But Banshee moves out of the way in the nick of time, causing Sean to crash hard into the turnbuckles. Banshee slides out of the ring and laughs at Sean’s misery while the referee checks on him.]

BM: Did you see the way Sean landed on his neck from the Cannonball?

TR: That was hard to watch! It’s gotta slow him down now.

[The match continues to pick up pace as they trade kicks until they both grab each other’s leg, trying to counter. They keep hopping for a bit to stay balanced before Banshee falls back first, followed by Sean. They roll over into opposite corners and Sean pushes himself up on his knees. Grinning, Banshee suddenly starts crocodile-crawling towards Sean, making him go “what the fuck?” The fans jeer at the mind game as Banshee returns to vertical base with a mischievous smile and the wrestlers clash again in the centre in a clinch. Sean is prepared to wrench Banshee’s arm, though a little hesitantly, before irish whipping her to the other side. As Banshee rebounds, Sean bends over, only to get his face hit the canvas when she jumps him with a mushroom stomp and connects with a hard reverse neck snap, prompting jeers from the crowd. Sean writhes on the mat in agony, gripping the back of his neck. Banshee goes for the cover but only gets a two-count as Sean manages to place his foot on the bottom rope.]

BM: Great ring awareness by Sean! Or that would have been the end for him!

TR: He’s looking very much near the end if you ask me! That was a nasty reverse neck snap, it’s gotta cost him some!

BM: No doubt Banshee has this match under her control, no matter what Sean does. He seems a little off his game tonight too.

TR: A little? I think the mind games are affecting him a lot more than he admits! What was he thinking asking for a match with The Banshee? It’s like wanting to fight with a demon! ‘Cause that’s what she is, a demon!! That’s why she and Bad Omens want the Devil of In Your House to join them so badly!

BM: I thought it’s just their desperate attempt to get Stella out of that match with Michael last week?

TR: Don’t you dare speak ill of my Stella!!!

[Banshee flicks her eyes up at the referee, staring daggers. Turning back to Sean, Banshee holds him down, looking like she’s about to do her creepy soul ritual but instead she suddenly starts hammering down elbows before biting his forehead. Sean proceeds to kick and scream while the referee frantically tries to help get Banshee off of him with a warning. The referee gets to the fourth count when Banshee finally lets go, scampering away to give some distance. The referee checks on Sean who’s now clutching his forehead in agony. Banshee looks on with a wicked grin as she wipes the blood off her arm and starts laughing.]

BM: Oh god, why did Banshee bite Sean’s forehead??? Sean’s bleeding!

TR: I’m guessing, one, she’s trying to do whatever it takes to keep Sean down and two, oh because she’s just, you know, crazy???

[While Sean takes his time to recover, Banshee climbs up the turnbuckles and looks up to the high ceiling with arms spread out, as if baring her throat for some sort of sacrifice. The fans drown out the arena with their passionate jeers but Banshee doesn’t care, instead she seems to be getting high on it as she closes her eyes and raises her hands to the sky.]

TR: Yup, she’s definitely a fucking psycho.

BM: Look at her, just enjoying this! This is sickening!

TR: She’s hell-bent on destroying what’s left of State of Anarchy! Look at Sean, he’s in high-level danger right now! Like OMG code red! It’s only a matter of time now!

[Still holding his forehead, Sean struggles to rise to his feet as the referee allows the match to continue. Banshee squats down on the top turnbuckle, watching Sean with a Cheshire grin. Sean lunges at Banshee with a forearm smash and that’s when the two start trading furious shots, with her even attempting another forehead bite. But this time, Sean clubs her with a couple forearm smashes before connecting with a backflip kick that has her swaying in a momentary daze. The crowd is on their feet in support as Sean shakes off the effects of the match and slowly climbs up to the top rope where Banshee sits with her head slumped forward. With the fans completely behind him, Sean takes down Banshee with an impressive top rope fisherman driver. Both wrestlers lie motionless on the canvas after impact while the crowd goes ballistic.]


BM: Oh my god, what a fisherman driver from the top rope!!

TR: How the fuck did he manage to pull that off??? His spine gotta be screaming and begging for mercy right now!!

“SOA! SOA! SOA!!!”

[As if buoyed by the enormous support in the entire building, Sean manages to roll over to place his arm over Banshee for the pin.]

BM: The cover!!!!




TR: WHAT??!!!!

BM: Banshee is still alive!!!

[Banshee’s arm shoots up at the last second, saving herself more time in the match. Sean lies on his back with his hands on his face in disbelief while the fans jeer in disappointment before more SoA chants break out. Sean struggles to push himself up as Banshee begins to stir awake. When they both get to their feet, Sean goes for the first spinning kick but Banshee ducks it and connects with a huge jumping high knee before clumsily falling on her behind. Sean too staggers back a bit in his own tired haze as he continues to bleed from his forehead, allowing Banshee time to return to vertical base and irish whip him to the corner. Upon reaching, Sean pushes himself on the ropes. Banshee catches Sean’s legs and throws them up as hard as she can, only to get kicked right in the face with a double mule kick. The fans cheer as Banshee falls over backwards, rolling to the centre of the ring. Sensing an opportunity, Sean lets out a primal yell as he signals to the excited crowd before climbing up to the top rope.]

BM: We know what this means! SoA Nation knows what this means!!!

TR: Nah no way Sean’s got anything left in his tank anymore, right?!!

[SoA chants fill the arena once again as Sean wipes the blood from his eyes to line up for his 630 senton finisher, The Ultimatum, while Banshee continues to show no sign of life. Sean takes off into the air, clearly giving all that’s left of him. It connects and Sean lands with the cover, no longer able to move.]

BM: The Ultimatum!! It’s gotta be over!!

TR: But nobody can kill The Banshee!!!





TH: And here’s your winner… Sean Hazard!

[As “Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against starts to play, the arena explodes with joy for the one half of their beloved tag team, State of Anarchy. The referee checks on both wrestlers. Sean tries to get up but can’t as he collapses back on the mat. Yet, Sean raises his hand for the SoA Nation who cheer their hearts out for him while lying on his back then drops his arm on the bottom rope, clearly spent.]

BM: Sean did it!!! Sean just beat The Banshee!!! This is for Max Thunder!!! This is for The SoA Nation!!! This is for In Your House!!!

TR: Holy shit, that bastard pulled it off!!! What a fucking battle!!!

BM: That’s right, Tats!! And with that, Bad Omens just suffered their first loss of the night! How do you think the others will fare?

TR: Let’s find out next when Jessica Anderson defends her Rapid Fire championship against The Hellhound!

[The referee checks on Banshee who remains motionless inside the ring. The camera cuts to Sean hobbling his way up the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way before the scene fades out.]

user posted image

[The feed cuts to a big commotion backstage as crew members and staff are running away from something or someone. Chairs and boxes are pushed aside and papers tossed about like a damn hurricane just passed through. As the camera focuses, The Banshee can be seen barreling through while snarling at everyone. Stevie Trelain enters the frame as she reaches out a microphone towards Banshee.]

ST: Hi Banshee? Can I get a quick word?

[With immediate regret, her sheepish smile fades when The Banshee suddenly whips her head around and charges straight at her. Stevie backs away, raising her hands in fear.]

ST: I’m sorry! I don’t mean to—

B: AH!!!!!

[Banshee screams right in Stevie’s face which makes the poor interviewer cower.]

ST: Okay no intervi—


[Banshee interrupts again with a more piercing scream. Stevie runs away, followed by the cameraman. But Banshee pulls the camera back and screams yet again before the feed cuts off abruptly.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match
The Vision vs The Bad Omens


[The match looks as if Stella is ready to go into combat with Owen and Owen is gesturing for her to bring it on. The fans are roaring with anticipation but as she teases stepping in she just gives a middle finger salute and tags The Kraken in and Owen just smirks as if he expected that result and Stella just gestures for the audience to KYS. It’s at this point that Owen launches low kicks at the big guy’s left knee fast and swift but his shoved across the ring right away. Stella is mouthing insults toward Owen in the ring after the shove and Owen just shakes his head; Craig tagging in behind him and he’s again going after that left knee looking to tie it up into a knot. He’s come in with a gameplan. Kraken and Stella both haven’t detected the quick tag. Marcus is going down about ready to club Owen but when he opens himself up as Owen is trying to take down that knee Craig has sprung off the ropes to go with a springboard version of his craig’s list while Owen struck Marcus’s knee down to put the big man down to the ground! Just to follow the advantage up Craig just quickly moonsault splashes the big man and goes for a quick cover but as soon as it hits one...he’s thrown off and Stella cackles from the corner.]

BM: He took a tandem assault and he just flung a grown man off of him like it was nothing.

TR: Sometimes I wonder if Craig is a grown man even if he’s the only one who figured out Stella was a real wrestler!

[Marcus is immediately on his feet with a hint of anger on his eyes as there’s this moment of shock from both Owen and Craig and Owen quickly tags in and the two launch loud sounding kicks to the knee cap until Craig has to go back to the corner. And Owen again continues that advantage until he decides to go for a running kick and Marcus just steps into Owen’s run to catch him and flings him over his head with a belly to belly and he crashes in a heap on the mat. At this point The Dragon gleefully wants tagged in and Marcus tags her in and she strolls in with Owen recoiling on the canvas from the throw. She ends up digging her boot into Owen’s middle finger and stomping down on it. Owen shakes his hand on the canvas as Stella lets out another taunt and a middle finger salute from the crowd as she lets out another stomp. It’s at this point though that Owen uses his other hand to grab Stella by her right hand. She’s got that one moment of fear on her face as Owen then pulls her down with an arm wringer and then he starts using finger manipulation on her middle finger wrenching it in a way it’s not supposed to go and after you hear it pop and the fans roar in approval even her great pain tolerance is feeling that one! It isn’t his Krukenburg nor is it a submission but it is almost just as effective!]


BM: You are hopeless. But the fans are loving this.


[Stella is shaking her hand ever so slightly and that moment of pain is now turning into anger now that she’s actually feeling this rare sensation of pain. A smattering of the audience is clapping in approval and a couple of the biggest assholes of the crowd are trying to get a ‘You deserve it’ chant going but it’s not quite getting there. Stella ends up angry and charges at Owen in a fury and Owen ends up ducking and low bridging the ropes and Stella goes out. Marcus senses trouble and gets in and ends up charging Owen as well and you hear Craig let out a yell and it’s in time as Owen low bridges that as well and both are on the outside. Soon they let out a roar and they both enter the ring and then...well…]

TR: FLIPPY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

BM: I think my ears are bleeding…

[Owen and Craig have both used this to down Marcus but Stella had crawled under the ring for the time being and you can hear the count going on since she is legal as is Owen. They take a moment to look for her but Marcus is quickly on his feet and by the time they turn around...Marcus has popped up and clotheslined both of their heads almost off their shoulders though after the fact he winces slightly after taking that dive from earlier. It’s at this moment that Stella has reappeared and she had found some athletic tape and taped up her middle finger for some support is motioning to throw Owen into the ring and Marcus obliges by military pressing him over his head and throwing him over the top rope and into the ring.]

BM: The Kraken is a monster come to life man. The extreme measures it takes to get him off his feet. What does it take to KEEP him off his feet?

[We see Stella point at Craig and Craig gets heated at this point and Stella uses this chance to choke Owen with the tape while Marcus puts some boots to him and by the time the ref looks their direction Stella has hid the tape and Marcus just picks Owen’s head up like he’s palming a basketball and goes for his Chokeslam Backbreaker combination and plants him. Stella is then tagged back in at this point to do more pointed torture toward Owen and she’s screaming about her finger though as soon as she does that Owen headbutts her and tags Craig in!]


[Stella is spaghetti legged as Craig just explodes from the corner with a running dropkick that takes her off her feet and then Marcus sprints in looking to run interference and Craig ducks a clothesline and just runs up the ropes and corkscrews off to score a takedown on the big guy too! Craig is throwing every flip move he can! He sees Stella starting to come to and measures it and then kicks her head off almost with that Kicks Out for Harambee! He gets to two...but Marcus leg drops Craig in the back of the head!]

BM: The Kraken saves the match up.

[A wounded Owen comes in and starts exchanging chops and strikes to try to overwhelm Marcus really fast and it gets him reeling enough to the ropes and Owen springs off the ropes and goes for the Sky Uppercut. The problem is when he’s flying in...he’s caught with a vicious Sydney Smash that knocks Owen out! Craig is loopy as Stella is now getting to her feet and Marcus puts another stomp on Craig for good measure. Soon Stella has a plan as Marcus does a rarity and starts to climb to the middle rope and he’s standing there. At this point...Stella ends up climbing that same turnbuckle just to balance on Marcus’s shoulders and it takes great strength by The Kraken to pull this one off and as Craig is starting to climb up...Stella leaps HIGH into the air higher than normal with a Marcus elevated Dragon’s Breath! She obviously has the cover after this insane move!]




TH: The winners of the match: The Kraken & The Blue Dragon!


BM: The Blue Dragon and The Kraken...I can’t believe i’m saying this but she truly was a dragon there descending from the heavens.

TR: She came from the heavens an--

BM: Don’t even finish that thought.

TR: Don’t ruin my fun Bry.

[Marcus doesn’t show much emotion to the victory but Stella? She literally gives the downed Owen on the canvas a middle finger salute from her broken middle finger as she stomps off with the victory and shakes her hand. Again. Even her pain tolerance is going to feel that one.]

TR: On a serious note Bry, these two could be future number one contenders for the tag titles.

BM: I hate to agree with you but on this might have a point.

user posted image

[The rafters of the building with chains around seem to be a common place where members of the Omen have been plotting and hanging around. There’s trepidation from the camera man knowing what has happened in the past as his teeth is chattering hoping someone like Banshee isn’t around. Stevie Terlain is also there ready for an interview to see who she gets. The only person around right now though is The Ikiryo...Seth Iser with his arms crossed. Stevie is obviously dressed in a professional looking dress and Iser in contrast...his face is painted in black with white around it this time.]

SI: You’re lucky it’s only me, boy.

[Iser just sneers at the camera man before he looks at Stevie and his face lightens up ever so slightly.]

ST: You have a moment?

SI: Sure.

ST: Well Seth...tonight you have yourself a match against Michael Diablo...The Devil himself and the only two time IYH champion. It’s unlike anyone you’ve ever faced.

SI: I think we’re all aware of that…and I felt it coming ever since he spoke the words that Fox had the right idea about getting another crack at the IYH championship. Sensed it...felt it. Just knew it in my bones you were coming.

[Iser’s face is stoic and calm as he mauls this over knowing his task at hand. But there’s no sense of nervousness at all as he taps the Proving Grounds championship knowing that’s the prize at stake.]

SI: Could’ve taken our friendship, and truthfully he could still but he made his choice in how he wants to go about his goals for now. And he wants to be a three time champion. It means I’m in his way. And I want to win the IYH title for the first time. Him challenging me puts him in my way. Normally it’s this simple with a title defense. But there’s this part of me that’s happy that he’s the one in my way.

[Iser has a semblance of a smirk creeping across his face.]

SI: I’ve watched from afar and heard all the stories. Saw what he did in the main event to The Blue Dragon. And he is as driven as anyone to maintain success. It’s why he’s been around since the beginning and been as successful as he’s been. And while I think any of us with some sense can agree that his pride got the best of him a little in declining our offer of friendship when he stepped on our toes...there’s this part of me that’s glad he turned it down.

ST: And why’s that?

SI: Simple. I’m going to face arguably the most accomplished wrestler in this company’s history and I’m going to kick his ass.

[Iser’s statement is direct and filled with menace.]

SI:Michael...part of why I joined this company was to get a chance just to see how good you truly are because I’ve heard that name floating around when I was taking time off from the industry and seeing the trail of bodies you’ve left in your wake. But just as Stevie said you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever’re well aware that I’m unlike any other opponent you’ve ever dealt with here.

[Iser’s face is actually starting to look a little bit crazed in that paint as he’s starting to show more emotion. He’s almost frothing in the mouth at this challenge as Stevie is a little bit afraid for her life with Iser increasingly losing his mind.]

SI: For over fifteen damn years I’ve staked a reputation around the world! Fifteen long bloody years with things that I’ve seen. I’ve seen grown men die in the ring! I’ve survived the underground death matches of Japan! I’ve survived having guns and knives pulled on me in Puerto Rico. And I’ve earned my reputation in North America as one of the most feared wrestlers in the damn world because of what I’ve been willing to do in order to achieve victory and what I know in how to prevent someone else in achieving their goals.

[Iser brushes his hair aside and there’s a sinister glare there.]

SI: All of that experience from both in the ring and in focused on doing whatever it takes to retain this championship around my waist and kicking your ass to show where I still stand in this industry. You want to try to go down the same path Shawn Fox went down...same path I’m trying to get down. It’s going to take a special effort from a special man to take this from me and ultimately stop Bad Omens from doing what we achieve to do. And me personally...I want to go down the same path and give Shawn Fox a taste of that same medicine and see how he feels about it.

[And Iser just glares at the camera spitting at mentioning Shawn’s name.]

SI: On behalf of The Bad Omens...consider this a coup d’etat’re being overthrown for your status. You’ll be left laying in the middle of that ring as I successfully defend this championship one more time to prove my point. This isn’t just a Bad Omen...this is your fate.

[Iser then glares at the cameraman taking a couple of steps toward him to intimidate him further before walking off knowing his goal.]
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Rapid Fire Championship Match
Singles Match
Jessica Anderson © vs The Hellhound


[The referee runs down the rules and waves for the bell, and Jessica boldly goes on the attack with a crisp dropkick, and keeps up the speed as of course with the Rapid Fire Rules the clock is ticking! Dante is a little turned around as she hits him with a Bulldog off the ropes, but the impact with the mat seems to shake something loose in him and he pops his hips and rolls over to strike upwards with a fine Pele kick that takes Jessica under the jaw and has her staggering back as she holds her face. He rolls to his feet and stalks her, a Crooked Arm Lariat bowls her off her feet and he’s quick to cover after stacking her up on her shoulders and neck, using his weight to hold her but she manages to break out after expending a large amount of energy to do so! The fans pop hard with vibrant cheers as she gets to her feet, definitely behind the popular Anderson but Locke doesn’t let this get in his head, he snarls at her and closes in immediately, striking her with a wicked Calf Kick before he grabs her around the waist for a huge German Suplex. He pops his hips and hits a second, and then a third to the delight of the fans despite how much they adore Jessica, but he only gets a two after a pin attempt as she kicks out!]

BM: Jessica is trying to smartly control the pace of this match, end it quickly in her favor but you know Dante isn’t going to take this lying down.

TR: Of course not, she’d pin him.

BM: What?

TR: You… shut up. Jessica is a sweet person, but they don’t call him The Hellhound for nothing.

[Dante definitely proves that during the next part of the match, he keeps control by sending Jessica off to the ropes with a hard Irish Whip, and on the rebound he catches her with a Running Knee Strike to her head, sending her crashing to the mat! The Vestibule of Hell seems to have done the trick and Dante pulls the wobbly Anderson to her feet and sets her up for his Underhook Front Facelock Drop, Straight to Hell! But as he moved to drop she blocks him with her feet! Dante blinks, tries again and she blocks him again! He glances up at the screen showing the time they have left and grits his teeth, abandoning the move and ragdolling Jessica before he lays her out with a Superkick! He goes up top quickly to come off with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, getting gorgeous rotation on it but at the last second Jessica gets her knees up as the fans gasp loudly, and Dante groans and slides to the mat, holding his ribs and kicking his feet on the mat.]

TR: That was a hell of a bad landing, but I think it jarred her legs as much as it did his ribs and that’s not good for her if this goes on much longer… not that it can! The clock is winding down!

[Jessica digs deep, getting herself together but Dante recovers faster than she’d hoped he would, and comes up on his feet seconds after she does! He circles quickly and fires off another Superkick! This time though Jessica dodges him and slides under his upraised leg, coming out behind him and she rolls him up with a fast flash roll up pin!]

BM: Superkick… HE MISSED!

TR: Oh man come on Dante!!

[Jessica grits her teeth and then screams out, using the last of her strength to hold Dante in place, just long enough for the referee to count to three!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall and STILL your In Your House Wrestling Federation Rapid Fire CHAMPION… JESSICA ANDERSON!

BM: Jessica retains! Jessica retains!

TR: Oh man Dante looks HOT!!

["I Wish" by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. plays as Jessica gets her hand raised and her title handed to her but she quickly leaves the ring, leaving Dante in there, supremely pissed at what just happened!]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Stevie Trelain, standing by microphone in hand.]

ST: Introducing my guest at this time, Michael Diablo!

[Mike looks good to go, already dressed in his ring attire, small bandage across his forehead.]

ST: First question Mr. Diablo, after your match last week with Estella Winters where you got busted open, do you feel you’re at 100%? Do you feel like you are ready?

MD: Yes.

[An awkward moment of silence settles as Stevie waits for elaboration. None comes.

ST: Ok, well we heard from your opponent Seth Iser earlier tonight regarding your Proving Grounds Championship match later on, any reaction to what he said?

[Mike takes the microphone.]

MD: The man’s not dumb. He knows the war he is in for tonight, and he has confidence that what he has gone through in life has given him the tools to succeed. For me it is very simple: I want what is rightfully mine in the In Your House Championship, and in the path I have chosen to take Seth Iser is in my way. It is now on me to remove him from my way. I am a patient man, Stevie. I don’t care how long it takes, I will take what’s mine, and even if Iser manages to hold that championship at the night’s end, he has simply managed to slow me down. No person on this Earth has what it takes to stop Michael Diablo, and tonight I prove it.

[He hands the microphone back to Stevie before walking out of the shot. The camera cuts away.]

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship Match
Singles Match
Seth Iser © vs Michael Diablo


[The two men take a second to stare each other down before rushing to meet in the middle of the ring, immediately throwing rights and lefts at each other to the roar of the crowd, Michael gets the better of the exchange before trying to irish whip Seth across the ring, but Seth counters and whips Michael into the ropes, sending him back. Seth goes for a clothesline but Michael ducks underneath and runs to bounce off the far ropes, coming back into a leg lariat from Seth. Seth keeps the pressure with multiple foot stomps before yanking Michael to his feet and throwing him into the corner behind. Seth throws an overhand punch that Michael ducks from as they switch places, allowing the challenger to wrench Seth’s arm hard with a challenging stare into his eyes. Seth defiantly reverses the move. They do this a couple more times until Michael cuts off the contest with a jab to the chin. Seth rocks back from impact upon release before coming back around with a right hook, sending Michael staggering back but still somehow standing. Seth growls as he runs Michael down with a stiff clothesline. Seth goes for the pin but only gets a two-count.]

BM: Close call by Seth...

TR: Or was it yet another slow count from the referee?

[Seth slowly rises to his feet when suddenly, Michael pulls him back down in a quick roll-up. The fans are on their feet but Seth kicks out before two. Seth rolls away before pushing himself up on all fours with a shocked look on his face.]

BM: Listen to this crowd, Michael almost had him and look at the shock on Seths face!

TR: ALMOST isn’t good enough, Bry.

[Michael pulls himself up by the ropes and Seth goes right to work on Michael to keep there with repeated punches, leaving him barely hanging. As Michael takes a second to recover, Seth steals the opportunity to press hard into his patched-up forehead with his thumbs, clearly looking to reopen the wound from the curb stomp last week courtesy of Stella Winters. Michael tries to fight back as the referee shoots Seth a warning before starting the count. Seth grudgingly stops, only to toss Michael to the other side. Michael tries to stop himself as he hooks his arms around the rope but somehow gets himself tangled up. Without waiting for Michael to free himself, Seth marches over to Michael for a vicious knife edge chop across the chest. Jeers break out around the arena as Michael’s head slumps forward, still trapped in the ropes. The referee tosses Seth’s second warning of the night before attempting to help Michael. Meanwhile, Seth ignores and makes his way to a corner where he starts taking off the turnbuckle cover and tosses it out of the ring. The fans grow louder in their disapproval. Michael returns battering Seth’s back and head over and over with hard forearm shots, forcing the champ to seek refuge away from the corner. But Michael is relentless in his onslaught as he switches to knees to the chest while keeping Seth doubled over. Michael proceeds to toss Seth into the ropes but the champ reverses it, sending him there instead. Seth hooks Michael’s arm for a counter, only to get hit in the midsection with a punch that knocks the wind out of him. Seth follows it up with a vertical suplex before attempting a pin. But Michael rolls his shoulder off the mat at two.]

BM: Neither of these men are going to give up easily here tonight.

TR: How many times is Cryptic going to let that fool Diablo come out here and embarrass himself as he tries desperately to get back to the top spot? This isn’t the era of The Devil, this is the era of the Bad Omens, just wait.

[Seth shakes his head as he pulls himself up and grabs Michael by the hair before trapping him in an abdominal stretch. Michael frantically reaches out for an escape while the crowd returns to life with cheers and jeers. Seth cranks up the pressure on the hold, determined to keep Michael down on the canvas. But as Michael looks like he’s fading, he eventually manages to get to his feet. As soon as Michael forces the hold to loosen, Seth batters his back with a stiff forearm shot that has him falling on his face. Seth swoops down on Michael’s back and continues to deliver punches on his head repeatedly, allowing him no chance at all to fight back. Some of the fans try to chant Michael’s name in support while Seth backs off with an evil smirk. Seth continues to rile up the crowd with some trash talk as he picks up Michael in a side headlock and arrogantly drags him around the ring. Michael fights back with a hammerlock before pummeling Seth with furious punches. Seth retaliates with his own in the heated exchange. Seth gets the upperhand and attempts to irish whip Michael to the ropes but the challenger reverses it before charging at him for a huge lariat. As Seth slowly pushes himself up on all fours, Michael drops a couple elbows on his head before stepping over him. But before Michael can do anything else, Seth slips out of position and flips Michael on his back, looking for a chin lock. It takes a while but eventually Michael gets to his feet and counters with a back body drop. Seth arches his back in pain as he finds his away to the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Michael struggles to his feet while shaking off the cobwebs. As Seth leans in the corner, Michael charges at him but at the last second, he dives out of the way, leaving him to crash face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Michael collapses on the mat, clutching his forehead in pure agony. The camera zooms in to reveal blood seeping heavily from the medical patch. Seeing this, Seth scrambles for the cover but only gets a two-count as Michael shoves him hard.]

BM: Michael has been busted open, this isn’t good!

TR: That’s his momento from his match last week with Stella and a well deserved one at that.

[Showing his temper, Seth continues to punish Michael with a face wash with his boot. The fans jeer as the referee warns Seth to back off. Seth barks back, annoyed, before yanking Michael to his feet for a release german suplex. Michael rolls far across the ring from impact, leaving a blood trail on the canvas. Seth looks on with a smirk, like an artist appreciating his masterpiece, before swooping down on Michael for his mandible claw finisher, Injection of Poison. Michael writhes on the mat, flailing his arms around. Seth screams as he applies more pressure on the hold while Michael struggles desperately to reach out for the nearest ropes. Luckily for him, in all the thrashing about, Michael gets his foot on the bottom rope and the referee steps in to break it up. Seth releases only on the fourth count before giving some distance, wiping off Michael’s blood that streamed from his forehead down to his hand. Clutching his mouth, Michael takes his time to recover. With an evil smirk, Seth picks up Michael and starts to talk shit at him before tossing him to the ropes but Michael reverses it and Seth rebounds. Michael gives Seth a boost in the same direction, tossing him right over the ropes. Seth frantically grabs nothing but air as he crashes to the floor outside, prompting loud reactions from the crowd. Seth clutches his left knee in anguish while Michael takes his time to recover before carefully rolling out of the ring. As Seth struggles to his feet, Michael avenges with multiple forearm shots to the head that leave the champ swaying in a daze. Seth collapses on his knees and starts crawling towards the steel steps. Michael goes after Seth who fights back with elbows before attempting to slam him face first into the step, kind of similar to what happened last week. But Michael stops Seth and retaliates with an effective headbutt. As Seth drops on the step clutching his head, Michael climbs over him and onto the steps. The fans start to get rowdy with excitement as Michael pulls Seth up in a front facelock with blood still streaming down his face before connecting with his impaler DDT signature, Santos Impaler.]


TR: Not so fast Bry, that took just as much out of Mike as it did Seth.

[Clutching his head, Seth rolls off to the ground from impact while Michael lies motionless on the steel steps. The referee continues the count, louder this time. Eventually Michael gets Seth back inside the ring and goes for the cover. But somehow Seth kicks out just before three, shocking the IYH fans. Both men take their time to recover. Michael is first to roll on all fours as he crawls onto Seth to hammer down punches on his face, the hits slower each time. Michael relents as he nearly falls over before steadying himself to push up on one knee. Seth rolls away to regain his bearings. Michael marches over to Seth to pull him up with both hands when the champ fights back with a kick to the midsection. Michael doubles over, allowing Seth to counter with a wild punch. But Michael ducks it as Seth bounces off the ropes. Blinded by the blood still streaming from the wound, Michael walks right into a huge boot to the face by Seth.]

BM: Big Boot by Seth...


[Michael crumples on the mat while Seth falls back on the ropes to steady himself. More blood spills from Michael’s open wound and the referee rushes over to check on him. The match is cleared to continue as Seth crushes Michael with his side slam backbreaker signature, Icebreaker. Michael’s body twitches on the mat upon impact, ceasing to move. Seth takes his time to savour the moment before he picks up Michael, looking to finally put him away with his DDT finisher, Deprivation DDT. But it looks like Seth has wasted that time as Michael someway somehow finds one last burst of strength to stop Seth from lifting him up and counters with his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver. The arena explodes with excitement as it connects, leaving Seth completely out on the mat. Unfortunately, Michael lies next to him, also unable to move and make the cover. The referee begins to count while the crowd looks on in nervousness.]


BM: Neither of these men are moving….


TR: It’s like Mike versus Kreiger in a last man standing match all over again, GET UP SETH!




[The fans are getting restless as neither competitors are making any attempt to move. The referee takes a moment to check on both of them before continuing the count.]




[Finally, some signs of life begin to show inside the ring. Michael is first to reach for the ropes while Seth rolls over on his belly, struggling to push himself up.]



[Michael blindly reaches up for the top rope to lift himself up, his bloodied hands struggling to get a proper grip. Seth is on his knees, trying desperately to keep moving.]


[Seth returns to his feet, looking completely out of it with loose fists up and staggering back and forth a step like a drunk looking for a fight. Michael pulls himself up at this point but then his hands slip off the rope that was supporting his entire body weight, leaving him to collapse back on the mat. The crowd gasps.]



TH: Here’s your winner via countout… AND STILL the In Your House Proving Grounds champion, Seth Iser!

[“Gehenna” by Slipknot blasts through the arena, prompting a loud upset reaction from the fans.]


BM: Listen to the disappointment in those fans here tonight.

TR: Listen to the heartache in your own voice HAHAHA I LOVE IT, THANK YOU SETH!

[The medical team rush down to check on the still bleeding Mike as Seth stumbles around with the championship raised high. He drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring to make his way backstage as Mike is checked on.]

user posted image

[The scene cuts to backstage where two unfamiliar men are standing by dressed in suits that look nice, but are probably cheap. The slightly taller one clears his throat as he looks directly into the camera.]

CN: Ladies and ladies, I don’t care about the dudes.

TN: No one likes a sausage fest.

CN: What you see before you is the newest and hottest...and I mean that in every sense of the word...tag team to ever grace an In Your House ring. My name is Chad Nash

TN: And I am Tyson Nash.

CN: And together, we were going to be the Lone Rangers….but decided an even BETTER tag team name for ourselves would be, The Super Nash Bros!

[They turn to each other with a proud smile while nodding slightly.]

TN: Hell yeah dude. Add coming up with Tag Team names to the neverending list of shit we are good at.

CN: Our one goal in mind is to become those tag team champions, obviously, duh.

TN: Like duh, obviously. And our other one goal is to simply bring some radness to wrestling, to challenge us to take this lame sport and all of the lame wrestlers and all of the lame fans and somehow turn it around. We know we are irresistible to the ladies, so something in our lives with some sort of challenge is… refreshing.

CN: Refreshing af, bro.

TN: Refreshing af.

[The brothers high five before walking away, leave the scene to fade.]

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Tag Team Championship Match
Tag Team Match
Jetpack © vs Team Fury

[Kelly and Jet decide to start things off for their teams, Kelly extends her hand for a handshake with her usual perky smile on her face which Wyatt graciously accepts.]


BM: Oh shut up, it’s always great to see sportsmanship like this in the ring instead of constant hostility!


[Kelly and Jet lock up in the middle of the ring trying to outstrength the other, Jet manages to get around Kelly, catching her with a headlock before hitting her with a bulldog. Kelly is back to her feet a little slower than Jet and throws a punch in his direction, but he fires back with a forearm before whipping her into the ropes. He stops in the center of the ring, hoping to flip Kelly over his back but Kelly stops just in front of him and drives her knee up into his face. This time Kelly whips him against the ropes and catches him with a crossbody, hooking his leg but Jet powers out after the count of one. Kelly is back to her feet pulling Jet up with her, but Jet attempts to fight back throwing forearms at the side of Kellys head before running back against the ropes and springing forward with a Leaping Clothesline.]

BM: Jetpack aren’t going to give up those belts without a fight tonight Tats!

TR: Meh, no one cares, let’s just get these over with and get to the actual entertaining matches already.

BM: You’re crazy, all four of these competitors have amazing athleticism.

[Jet continues to have control over the match as he takes Kelly down with his quick thinking and either blocking or reversing whatever she tries to throw at him, but as Kelly slowly gets back to her feet after a seated jawbreaker from Jet, she catches him off guard with a superkick. Both of them fall to the mat, Kelly favoring her jaw as she crawls towards the ropes. Jet stirs as he rolls over onto his stomach to crawl for the ropes closest to him. Kelly is the first back to her feet but also the furthest away from her partner and before she can stop him, Jet launches himself forward making the tag to Penelope. Penelope comes racing into the ring and cuts Kelly off before she can make the tag to Gordon and the two start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. She attempts to keep Kelly as far away from Gordon as possible, but Kelly is still able to hold her own inside of the ring proving she wants this win just as much as the tag champs do. Penelope whips Kelly into the corner and attempts to follow up with a Monkey Flip but Kelly surprisingly lands on her feet, however stumbles forward as she does. Penelope charges up behind Kelly, wrapping her arms around her waist, but Kelly throws back her elbows until Penelope releases the hold allowing Kelly the freedom to quickly get her with a swinging neck breaker. Kelly doesn’t even attempt a pin, she knows she’s worse for wear right now so she makes a dash towards her corner to tag in Gordon much to the relief of the crowd.]

BM: Tag has been made.

TR: Shame, I was starting to enjoy her trying to literally fight for her life.

[Gordon rushes inside the ring as Penelope is back to her feet. Gordon hopes to keep the tag champ down as he hits her with a running calf kick which makes her buckle to one knee, he runs right back again and looks like he’s going for Destination Fucked already but Penelope dives out of the way not wanting to fall victim to the move. Gordon refuses to give in however and while she may have dove out of the way, he still catches her with a Muay Thai kick to the back of her head. Gordon pulls Penelope back to her feet and whips her to the ropes but Penelope catches him with a lariat on the rebound. They both get back to their feet and Gordon quickly catches her before setting her on the top rope but before he can leap up himself with his reverse implant hurricanrana, Penelope jumps off of the apron and down to the concrete below. Gordon freezes on the ropes for a split second, but that split second was just the opening Penelope needed to slide into the ring and make a charge towards her corner.]

BM: Gordon rarely misses the opportunity to hit that maneuver.

TR: Well he missed it today so HA HA!

[Penelope manages to capitalise on Gordon’s mistake and dives for her corner, tagging in Jet. Jet runs in from the corner and decks Gordon with a clothesline, Gordon popping back up and getting hit with a second, then a third, before dropping Gordon with a seated Jawbreaker. As Gordon gets up Jet goes for Sweeter Than a Peach (crucifix armbar with neckscissors) but Gordon senses danger and throws himself backwards, driving Jet into the turnbuckle and forcing him to give up the attempt. He slumps to sit in the turnbuckles as Gordon backs up, before running in a hesitation dropkick. At the last second Jet grabs the second rope and leaps up onto it like a cat, sending Gordon onto the mat getting nothing but air. He has a second to look up before Jet jumps from the second rope and double foot stomps Gordon in the chest.]

BR: What a counter! Gordon thought the winds of change were blowing, but an impressive counter by Jet stopped him in his tracks.

TR: He was all hot air Bry, as usual.

[Jet goes for the pin, which Gordon kicks out of at two by throwing him arm into the air, and as he does, Kelly reaches through and takes a sneaky unintended tag. He drags Gordon into the the middle of the ring before he springboards over the ropes onto the apron. Kelly senses trouble and goes to get into the ring, but Penelope has her scouted as she dashes across the ring and boots her off the apron. She heads up to the top rope as the fans start to get louder, sensing the end. Jet goes to springboard as Gordon gets up, but Gordon suddenly comes to life, charging at Jet and catching him on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position before he can leap off the ropes. Penelope stays on the top rope, unsure what to do with the tables turned, and it distracts her for the second that Kelly needed to climb back on the apron, pushing her off the top rope and out of the ring, sending her ribs first into the barricade. The crowd goes nuts as Kelly climbs to the top rope now, Gordon planting Jet with the G.R.C (Firemans Carry Michinoku Driver II.) Gordon then moves away as Kelly leaps from the top rope nailing him right in the heart with the Kelbow Drop (top rope elbow drop.) The fans go ballistic as Kelly hooks both legs.]





TH: Here are your winners, and the NEW In Your House Tag Team Champions… Team Fury!

[“Aftermath” by Sonic Syndicate plays through the arena as Gordon rushes over to give Kelly the biggest hug. The ref comes over with the tag titles and raises their hands.]

BM: New champs! It was a hard fought match, and you can take nothing away from Jetpack with the effort they put in tonight, but Team Fury finally comes out on top!

TR: I know I constantly shit talk these two teams, but tonight they even get /my/ round of applause. They put on a tag team classic tonight, and Team Fury earned those titles. I mean they are only going to hold them until they choke on their first defence but everyone gets one, right?

[Gordon and Kelly leave the ring with titles in hand, the fans still cheering as they head up the ramp. The cameras cut away.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where the new tag team Champions, Team Fury are walking backstage with the belts in hand. Tears run down Kellys face as she has never looked prouder during her career at In Your House. Stevie Trelain comes running up to them.]

ST: Guys congratulations on the win out there tonight.

[Kelly tries to speak, but nothing comes out, completely speechless over their win. Gordon steps forward, raising the belt next to his face.]

GF: We told everyone, Stevie. We said failure was not an option, we said we were leaving tonight with the Tag Championships in hand and that is exactly what we did.

ST: You guys have had your ups and downs, but the fans have backed you one hundred percent, do you have anything to say to those who have supported the Team Fury journey?

GF: Team Fury doesn’t die. Our people knew that from day one, and have stuck with us despite setbacks, despite getting knocked down. Those who aren’t with us can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned, but as for our people? We don’t have to tell em what their support means to us, we already know.

[Kelly sniffs back her happy tears before grinning into the camera.]

KF: Yeah….mate!

[She turns to Gordon, who smirks at her before the new tag team champions share another hug as the scene fades back to ringside.]

user posted image

IYH Championship Match
Singles Match
Shawn Fox © vs Diamond Jack Sabbath

[As the two men step toe to toe with each other, Shawn can’t resist raising his title belt in Jack’s face with a smirk. Jack snarls and is about to lunge forward but Shawn is quick to back off laughing just as the referee steps in to separate them. Jack looks like he’s about to lose it as he circles back to his corner and starts yelling at the pumped up crowd. Shawn hands over his title to the referee for safekeeping. That’s when Jack comes charging at Shawn with a thunderous forearm smash, sending him straight down on the mat. The arena breaks out in jeers as the referee calls for the bell. Looking down on Shawn, Jack flashes his signature reptilian smile.]


[Jack pulls up Shawn aggressively by the neck and slams his face right into the turnbuckle repeatedly while yelling. The fans are screaming in outrage as well but Jack doesn’t care as he picks up Shawn in a fireman’s carry. Shawn starts fighting back and slips out of the hold. Jack turns around, only to get struck in the head with a forearm shot. Jack staggers back into the ropes behind and Shawn irish whips him to the other side. Jack stops himself there and rolls out under the bottom rope to regain his bearings. Shawn wastes no time to chase after Jack as they run around half the ring before Jack slides back inside. Shawn follows suit and ducks Jack’s clothesline attempt. Shawn spins around, only to get hit in the midsection by Jack’s back kick. Jack goes for a roundhouse kick but this time, Shawn catches his leg and counters with a dragon screw legwhip. Jack rolls over on his back, clutching his leg. Shawn hits the ropes and lands on Jack with a running senton, causing him to pop back up in anguish. The crowd cheers as Shawn goes for a cover but Jack gets his shoulder up at two.]

BM: What a running senton by the champ!

TR: I’ve been so excited for this match, you have no idea!! It’s already got an explosive start, I can’t imagine what’s coming! Both men are gonna take the fight to the fucking ground!

[Jack slowly rises on his knees and Shawn proceeds to grab him when he comes alive with punches. Returning to his feet, Jack continues to pummel Shawn with furious shots that drops the champ to one knee. Jack switches it up with a vicious kick to the chest that has Shawn doubled over in agony. As Shawn falls on the mat, Jack drops multiple elbows on him before going for the lateral press but only gets a one-count. Jack yanks Shawn to his feet for an underhook suplex and pins him again, this time a two-count. Frustrated, Jack throws Shawn into the corner and stomps on him repeatedly before taking position in the opposite corner. Jack charges at Shawn who dives out of the way and he crashes hard into the turnbuckles. Catching his breath, Shawn crawls a little further away before pulling himself up. As Jack struggles to shake off the effects of the match, Shawn steadies himself before running into him with a stiff forearm. Jack hangs onto the rope with one hand, looking dazed. Raising a fist in the air, Shawn turns to the hyper crowd before hitting the opposite ropes. Jack suddenly springs into action and crushes Shawn with a huge boot to the face, sending him rolling under the bottom rope. The fans cheer out of support for Shawn which seems to royally piss off Jack as he yells at them to shut up. With the fans cheering louder now out of spite, Jack runs the ropes and to the surprise of everyone, he uncharacteristically hits a suicide senton, of all things. Why? Who the fuck knows what goes through his brain! But of course Jack doesn’t get enough distance as he lands with a hard splat on his back right at Shawn’s feet, making the crowd go “ooh!” While Jack lies motionless on the floor contemplating life and bad decisions, Shawn looks around in confusion as he regains his bearings.]

BM: Fuuuuuckk!!! Awful call by Jack to try that suicide senton!!

TR: Shit, that was PAINFUL to watch! It’s gotta cut his life bar in half!

[Realising what has happened, Shawn drags Jack back into the ring and goes for the cover. But somehow Jack rolls his shoulder off the mat just before three.]

BM: Pure instinct right there to get out of that pin!

TR: I agree, Bry. He’s gotta dig real deep to stay in the fight!

[Shawn pulls Jack to his feet, looking for his double underhook DDT finisher, Go Fox Yourself. But Jack stops Shawn as he steps out of position for a german suplex counter. The landing affects both of them as Jack immediately rolls away, clutching his back, obviously due to the botched move earlier. They each take their time to recover and Shawn crawls over to Jack who has risen to his knees. They trade punches as they get to their feet. Jack retaliates hard with a stiff kick to the midsection. Shawn staggers into the ropes behind as Jack gears up for his roundhouse kick finisher, The Crown Kick. But Shawn manages to duck just in time before taking him down with a snapmare. Jack rolls out onto the ring apron from impact before pulling himself up. Shawn then strikes Jack down with a jumping roundhouse kick. Jack drops to the outside floor, landing on unsteady feet. Shawn looks for a high risk but Jack is already staggering away, using the crowd barricade as support. Shawn slides out of the ring and goes after Jack. They start trading stiff shots that leave both swaying on their feet until Jack somehow gets the upperhand and looks to toss Shawn back into the ring but the champ blocks with a back elbow to the face. Jack stumbles into the barricade behind him, clutching his nose. Shawn runs Jack over with a hard clothesline, sending him toppling over the barricade. The fans back away but still surround Jack within safe distance. Jack struggles on all fours and blindly reaches out to grab some of the fans by the shirts to pull himself up. As soon as Jack gets to his feet, Shawn comes charging at him and leaps off the barricade for a huge somersault senton on Jack. The surrounding fans quickly disperse in all directions as both men lie in a heap, barely moving.]

BM: Shawn showing what he’s willing to do to keep his In Your House championship!!

TR: Or giving Jack a lesson on how to execute a proper high risk move with that somersault senton!

[Shawn slowly rolls away while Jack tries to get up before collapsing back on the floor. Shawn struggles to his feet and pulls up Jack, dragging him towards the ring. But Jack refuses to yield as he comes back out of the ring and starts lashing out body jabs that has Shawn backing away. The referee restarts the count as they continue to trade punches through the crowd section, the fans scurrying to clear the area. They cheer every time Shawn rocks Jack back on his heels and jeer when Jack strikes back. The heated exchange finally leaves Jack staggering to the wall at the very back. Shawn gears up for a mad dash towards Jack but he ducks out of the way at the last second, causing the champ to smack right into the concrete wall. The crowd cringes as Shawn clutches his chest and face before collapsing to the floor. Jack picks up Shawn to almost carelessly toss him into another fan section, sending him flying head first into the abandoned chairs. While Shawn takes his time to recover, Jack stumbles over to him and pull him up on the chair. Jack proceeds to punish Shawn with multiple forearm shots to the head, prompting the fans to jeer. As Jack finally lets go, Shawn is left barely able to support himself. Jack grabs Shawn to throw him back inside the ring. Shawn rolls to the centre before struggling on all fours, holding his head. Jack waits in the corner for Shawn to rise to his feet. As Shawn does, Jack aims for a jumping rolling sole kick. It connects, and Jack hooks Shawn’s leg for the cover.]

BM: Jack just dropped Shawn like a damn stone with that jumping rolling sole kick!!

TR: Shawn looks OUT!





[Jack looks up at the referee in disbelief and proceeds to argue with him. Shawn struggles to crawl away to get some distance when Jack rushes to stop him with a stomp to the back upon notice. Jack pulls up Shawn to his feet before irish whipping him to the corner but the champ reverses the throw, sending him there instead. Shawn charges at Jack who uses his momentum to throw him up and over his shoulder. Shawn lands safely on the ring apron and as he jumps down on the outside floor, he grabs Jack’s arm to yank it. Jack yells out in pain, clutching his shoulder. The referee shoots Shawn a warning as he slides back inside the ring. Shawn nods quickly with an apology before staggering over to Jack, only to get struck by a forearm shot by a very angry Jack. Keeping his hurt arm to his side, Jack continues to repeatedly lash out with his other arm. Shawn staggers back in a daze, unable to fight back at first, before attempting to punch back. But Jack blocks and counters with a belly to belly suplex. Upon landing, Jack rolls Shawn over to connect with his ankle lock finisher. The crowd is on their feet in nervous anticipation as Shawn screams out, frantically reaching for the ropes. Fighting through his own agony, Jack drags Shawn away to the centre of the ring. Shawn looks about ready to relent, making the fans cheer his name even louder. Feeling the intensity of the moment, Jack screams too as he torques Shawn’s ankle more. Shawn makes another feeble attempt to reach for the nearest rope when he suddenly finds the opening to roll out of it with a single leg takedown and look for his Fujiwara armbar signature, Fox Me, Fox You. But Jack senses it coming as he scrambles away.]

BM: Shawn nearly catching Jack with the Fox Me, Fox You!

TR: ‘Cause Jack’s a true ledge! He’s got eyes on the back of his head!!!

[Back on their feet, they lean on opposite sets of ropes and look at each other momentarily before charging at each other. Jack goes for a clothesline but Shawn ducks and rebounds for a lariat takedown. Holding the back of his head, Jack struggles to his feet before they both engage in a heated fist fight. Jack eventually strikes Shawn with his european uppercut signature that sends him spinning on his heels. As Jack gears up for another attack, Shawn instinctively hits him with his super stiff Pele kick signature, Fox Your Face. Both crash on the canvas upon impact, leaving the fans to wonder who still has any left in the tank at this point. The referee starts to count and on the fifth, Shawn sits up, looking weary but still able. Meanwhile, Jack continues to stare up at the high ceiling. Shawn slowly returns to his feet and pull up Jack, setting him up for Go Fox Yourself. But it only gives Jack enough time to recover as he reverses it again for the second time of the night and swings his leg up wildly, looking for The Crown Kick.]

TR: This is it!! The Crown Kick!!

BM: Nope, think again!!!

[The crowd gasps as Shawn also dodges it, just barely. An outraged Jack turns back around, only to get kicked in the midsection. Shawn then quickly and finally connects with Go Fox Yourself before going for the pin. The excited crowd counts along with the referee.]

BM: Nope, Shawn just said, Go Fox Yourself, Jack!!!

TR: Wait a minute!!





TH: And here’s your winner… AND STILL the In Your House champion, Shawn Fox!!!

[“Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion starts to play before it’s drowned out by cheers around the arena. The referee checks on both wrestlers who are still down. Soon enough, Shawn struggles to pull himself up by the ropes, receiving louder cheers from the fans. The referee hands Shawn back the IYH championship belt and raises his hand in victory. Shawn leans heavily in the corner, barely able to hold up the title belt to celebrate with the excited crowd.]

BM: Say what you want about him at Rise To The Throne but this is Shawn Fox with an impressive victory here tonight, still the In Your House champion!

TR: It was an unbelievably close fight right till the fucking end! I can’t ask for more!

BM: Wrath of the Gods certainly didn’t disappoint tonight and we even have new tag team champions!

TR: I think some rivalries may have been put to rest….NAHHH who am I kidding Bry, if anything, some bitter rivalries will probably be even more bitter coming into Unearthed!

BM: Only time will tell Tats. We’ll be taking a short break for the holidays but join us again on New Years Eve for our first show back and help us bring in the new year with a Ruckus!

TR: Bah humbug!

BM: Thanks for joining us folks, have a happy and safe holiday and goodnight!

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