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 Dawn Of The Immortals Night 2
 Posted: May 20 2017, 09:52 PM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from inside of the Qudos Bank Arena, signifying the opening of the second night of Dawn Of The Immortals. The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Qudos Bank Arena for Night 2 of the biggest supershow of the season, Dawn Of The Immortals! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson.

Tats Richardson: Here we finally are, Bry! The final night of the season!

BM: Last week, we had an amazing show, with fantastic showing by everyone. We also crowned a new Proving Grounds champion, Shawn Fox! And tonight, we’ve got more hot wrestling action, with more title matches and heated rivalries.

TR: Angelica Layne’s been carrying the top gold since last December and after an impressive defence at Ground ‘n Pound, she hasn’t slowed down at all. But this time, she won’t just be facing a single challenger, but two. That calls for a different play there.

BM: Indeed. But Angelica has never been one to shy away from a fight, no matter how big or difficult it is. That’s what being the In Your House Champion is all about. And Owen Gonsalves wants that opportunity.

TR: So does Diamond Jack Sabbath, whom we all know have risen fast to the main event scene. With the kind of talent the man has, it was all a matter of time, and that time is here tonight!

BM: So many exciting stuff, including the In Your House Tag Team Championship on the line. Jetpack lost the titles at the last supershow, but now they’ve earned back their title shot opportunity! Murphy’s Law is no doubt the biggest tag team right now, so it will definitely be a treat to see how they fare in their defence.

TR: If you ask me, there’s no question they’ll succeed! And you know who else I hope will too? Blyss Lockhart! As crazy as it sounds -- errr, no pun intended -- I hope she beats Gordon just so she doesn’t retire. It would be such a waste for the wrestling world.

BM: Arguably so. I mean, it’s her own choice to put her career on the line, Tats. And whatever happens, I do hope she finds some peace of mind.

TR: This business is ugly, Bry. Friendships don’t always last.

BM: We’ll have to wait and see. Plus, we’ve got a battle of the second-generationers with opposing styles and attitudes -- Cheesecake versus Nick Redfield. Who comes up victorious? Let’s get this show started to find out!

TR: But first, we’ve got word backstage.

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[The camera fades into the backstage arena. Based on the time stamp into corner, we can tell the video was recorded earlier in the afternoon. Seated on top of a large production crate is Misha LeCavalier. Her pre-war attire? A black sports bra, black distressed form-fitting jeans, Red Supra Hammer low top sneakers. On her laps rests her IYH Tag Team Championship belt. Her head is tilted downward; her eyes are fixated solely on the belt.

As the camera zooms out a bit, we see that .PAAK is seated on the floor next to the crate. She’s dressed in black, white, and red poncho, black leggings, and black Toms. Her title belt is around her waist. Her eyes are closed, as if she’s in deep meditation.

The camera zooms back in on a shoot of Misha. She gently raises her right hand and runs her index finger across the faceplate of her belt.]

ML: ...And then?

[Her finger trace along the words “In Your House.”]

ML: Would you all like to know a secret? Hmm?

[There’s a rhetorical pause.]

ML: Memories of Rise to the Throne often run through my mind. You all recall that event, don’t you? Ha, that is an event that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life.

[She pauses for a quick second.]

ML: That night was the first time .PAAK and I challenged for the IYH Tag Team Championships. The champions at the time? Nessa Wall and Shawn Fox.

[A mild look of disgust washes over her face.]

ML: Every time I think about that night, a wave of emotions swallows me up. Before the match, .PAAK and I were thoroughly excited. As the match progressed, I enjoyed feelings of euphoria...

[Misha shook her head.]

ML: But at it’s conclusion, those euphoric sentiments were replaced embarrassment, failure, and rage.

[She let out a small grunt.]

ML: Upon flying home, I had a good long talk with a friend of mine. At the time, she was not a wrestler; however, she’d spent many years following and covered the sport for her various places of employment.

[Misha closes her eyes for a moment.]

ML: We talked for hours and hours. But near the end of that talk, she asked me hypothetical question that rocked me—so .PAAK and I win the titles, and then?

[She lets out a small laugh.]

ML: Being the wrestling ass wrestler that I am, I told her that .PAAK and I would retain until we couldn’t any longer. But, she repeated the question—and then?

[Misha opens her eyes.]

ML: I didn’t have an answer for that question back then. And truthfully, I don’t have an answer for it now…

[She lets out a grunt.]

ML: So let’s say .PAAK and I retain, and then what? Or, let’s say Jetpack wins, then what?

[She shakes her head once more.]

ML: Shits all relative at the end of the day, yeah? Look at the two scenarios I just listed. In both cases, the response to and then would be to rebuild and prepare for the next set of battles that will come…

[There’s a quick pause.]

ML: Neither me nor .PAAK know what’s going to happen after this match; we aren’t mind readers. The only thing we are in control of is what will happen during the course of this bout. How hard we hit, how little or how much pain we inflict upon our woeful challengers.

[At this point, Misha raises her head and looks at the camera.]

ML: Jetpack, you two pissed me off before Ground ‘n Pound. You questioned our resolve and determination. That night, we went out there and proved to you what type of wrestlers are. We proclaimed ourselves to be the best, and we showed you why…

[Misha holds up her right index finger.]

ML: What I find humorous is the fact that you two actually acknowledged our proclamations, you even gave of the obligatory congratulations tweet on Twitter. However, it was all smoke and mirrors, right? It was all for show, as evidenced by the fact you two you still had the fucking nerve to question our determinations, motivations, and resolve a few weeks ago on Ruckus.

[She can sense her voice level rising. Misha takes a deep breath.]

ML: Well, I refuse to be pissed off any longer because of the likes of you two. When me and .PAAK step into the ring tonight, we shall be calm and collected. And there will be one central goal—hurting you two. Maybe then you two will finally understand things…

[The camera pans over to .PAAK.]

.PAAK: And if you do not? Well, you shall truly be snuffed out, as I promised. And it shall not be the result of chairs, metal pipes or sneak attacks—it will be the result of our feet and knees to your skulls.

[The shot lingers on .PAAK before it fades.]

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["Dressed To Kill" by New Found Glory begins to play over the PA system and the crowds give Cheesecake a mixed reaction as she appears on the top of the ramp looking at cocky as ever. She slowly makes her way down the ramp with a hand on her hip while smirking at the crowds.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from Scottsdale, Arizona, weighing in at 44 kilos….Cheesecake!

[Cheesecake climbs the steps before slipping into the ring and running to one of the corners, raising her arms up proudly in the air to soak in the crowds reaction to her. She hops off the corner and paces the ring as her music dies down. “Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco now plays as the crowds erupt into cheers as Nick comes running out to the center of the ramp. He raises his arms high in the air, making the fans cheer louder before continuing down the ramp.]

TH: And her opponent from New York City, weighing in at 95 kilos, Nick Redfield!

[Nick slides into the ring beneath the bottom rope before getting back to his feet, the referee making sure to keep Cheesecake at bay until Nicks music dies down.]

Singles Match
Cheesecake vs Nick Redfield


[As soon as the bell rings, Cheesecake charges towards Nick catching him with a dropkick to his knee. Nick buckles down onto one knee leaving him open for Cheesecake to almost take his head off with a roundhouse kick. Cheesecake scrambles towards him hoping to end this match quickly with a pin fall but Nick kicks out before the two count. Cheesecake is back to her feet irritated at the referee already, but attempts to keep her cool as she begins to pull Nick back to his feet.]

BM: I thought she was going to flip out for a second.

TR: Give it time, she’s a woman so it’s still early days.

[Cheesecake attempted to whip Nick against the ropes, but he reversed it to whip her against it instead, as she comes back he attempts a clothesline, but Cheesecake ducks beneath. Both competitors quickly turn to one another and Cheesecake attempts to throw a punch, but Nick blocks it before kicking her hard in the stomach before hitting her with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Nick gets back to his feet and immediately runs to the corner, jumping up on the top rope. He sizes up Cheesecake before coming down hard on her chest with Flying Elbow Drop before hooking her leg..]




BM: YE…NO! I thought he had it.

TR: I’ll give him some credit, he’s weakening her down and that shot to the chest will probably have her struggling to breathe for the next few days.

[Nick sits up on the mat taking a moment to catch his breath as Cheesecake rolls on the mat clutching at her chest. Nick pushes himself to his feet and pulls Cheesecake up by her arm, he looks like he’s getting ready to set her up for one of his patented Piledrivers, but Cheesecake starts to wildly throw her arms and balled up fists to him, beating him back against the ropes. Cheesecake turns her random wild fists into sharp chops against his chest before hitting him with a headscissors takedown. Cheesecake sits on her knees for a few moments trying to catch her breath before suddenly springing to her feet and making a dash towards the corner. She gets to the top rope, checks to make sure Nick hasn’t moved and jumps off with a Corkscrew Senton.]





TH: Here is your winner….CHEESECAKE!!

[Cheesecake gets onto her knees raising her arms in the air, soaking in a quick moment of glory before rolling out of the ring to head towards the ramp.]

BM: She did it, Cheesecake beat Nick with “Star In The Night”!

TR: An imitated move from another wrestler. Just throwing that in there.

BM: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

TR: Said by identity thieves.

BM: Regardless, Cheesecake is our first winner for tonight. Our next match is one of two Championship matches.

TR: It’s safe to say anything can happen tonight, we already gained a new champion last week when Shawn Fox won the Proving Grounds Championship.

BM: Are you saying we could see more championships change hands tonight?

TR: Huge possibility. But I won’t admit that’s my feelings towards the main event, cause Angelica Layne is one scary bitch. So are the women of Murphy’s Law, actually….I retract all comments towards the championship matches tonight.

BM: Well I don’t and I have a feeling season one is going to end with a pop, bang, explosion and fireworks.

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[The cameras go backstage where interviewer Stevie Trelain is standing with Jet and Penelope of Jetpack, who will be challenging for the tag team titles later tonight against Murphy’s Law. Stevie gives them both a smile before she holds up her microphone, Jet looking straight on into the camera as Penny tries her best to give a perky smile.]

ST: I’m here live with In Your House tag team Jetpack, and I’m sure the fans want to know how you feel heading into your title match tonight.

[Jet’s lips quirk as Penny crosses her arms over her chest.]

JB: We feel… ready, Stevie.

PK: Everyone thought that after we lost the In Your House tag titles that was all she wrote for Jetpack. That we’d be done, finished, over.

[Stevie tries to wave this off but Penny continues.]

PK: They were wrong. Murphy’s Law, were wrong. They’re champions now, and that’s how things are. Until the bell rings. Then? Things can change.

ST: I’m sure...

JB: Three seconds, Stevie.

ST: I’m sorry, what?

PK: Jet said three seconds, Stevie. All it will take is three seconds, the referee’s hand hitting that mat three times. Bam. New champions, again. We’ve proven we can do it, and we’re going to prove we can do it again.

[Penny pats Jet’s arm and nods at the camera.]

PK: The fans have never abandoned us, you know. Not for a second. They know why we do this, and that we aren’t going to abandon them, either. It would have been easy you know? To just pack up and go to another company and get a fresh start. But we’ve never run from any challenge, not now and not ever.

JB: We came here to Australia not because we couldn’t hack it somewhere else, Stevie. We came here cause this place represented something good, something that we could help grow. That’s why we stayed, yanno? Why anyone would think we’d up and quit, that’s crazy. I mean, it might be easier on some folk if we did that, but that ain’t ever been us.

ST: You seem awfully confident going into a match that’s sure to showcase how brutal the champions are...

[Jet shook his head a little.]

JB: So? Seriously Stevie, so what? This is a thing, this wrestling thing - no matter how good somebody is? Underneath there’s a gritty fighter that ain’t willing to give up. They’d been better off rememberin’ that.

[Penny nods, and steps forward a little.]

PK: Murphy’s Law, you didn’t break us, you don’t have what it takes.

ST: Strong words...

[Jet interrupts before the pair leave to head to ringside.]

JB: What they do have, is somethin’ we want back.

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[When “Stand Up (For the Champions)” by Right Said Fred starts to play, cheers immediately break out around the arena. Jet Blanchard appears on stage and Penelope Anne joins him as she bounces up and down, waving to the fans in attendance.]

I was built to be the best
Number one and nothing less
Leave me to my destiny
I have waited patiently
I have vision' oh I believe
I know I can count on me

TH: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the In Your House Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers, at a combined weight of 163 kilos… They are the team of Penelope Anne and Jet Blanchard, Jetpack!

[The pair make their way down the ring, and Jet leaps up onto the apron, sits on the middle rope and holds up the top as Penelope climbs the steps and then ducks between to enter the ring.]

Oh I have vision' oh can't you see
I'm on the move make way for me

[Jetpack kindly take quick pictures with the fans in the front row before sliding into the ring. The music fades out before it’s replaced with "Rondo of Nightmare" by Babymetal. The cheers turn to boos as Murphy's Law stomp through that curtain.]

TH: And their opponents...the challengers, at a combined weight of 121 kilos… The team of Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK, and the In Your House Tag Team champions... Murphy’s Law!

[Misha and .PAAK enter to the chorus of jeers from the fans, with Raiden Himura in tow. Despite the negative reception, the trio look unfazed as they march down the ramp with full confidence. After entering the ring, the champions hand over their championship belts to the referee who raise them up to the crowd. Jetpack look up at tonight’s prize with a hint of smiles and bright hope in their eyes. The fans break out into cheers now, clearly rooting more for the challengers.]

BM: Jetpack has fought three other tag teams to get here tonight. So fast did they bounce back from losing the championship to the women holding them right now. And Jetpack is feeling it from the crowd here; they’re ready!

TR: Just ‘cause they are, that doesn’t mean Murphy’s Law’s gonna give way. Those two women have been working their arses off since The Fall last year. You think they’re gonna give up their titles so easily? Shit’s about to go down, Bry! I know it!

BM: Well, hold on to your seats then!

[Both teams get to their corners to decide who goes first. Jet and Misha stay in the ring while their partners go to their respective outside corners. The referee then signals for the opening bell.]

In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Murphy’s Law© vs Jetpack


[Misha and Jet start the match off via a test of strength, which is won by Jet. He pulls Misha in for a headlock, before dropping her with a seated jawbreaker. He then pulls Misha back up to her feet, before dropping her once more – this time through a DDT. Not giving Misha much chance to recover, he then connects with a shining wizard as soon as she sits up. He goes for the cover, but Misha quickly kicks out at one. Jet and Misha both pull themselves up to their feet, but Misha is the quickest to react. She charges at him, before taking him down with a high roundhouse.]

TR: How quickly the tides have turned!

BM: Just as it seemed like Jetpack were in firm control of this match, Misha completely turns it around.

[With a quick tag, Misha sets up Jet in a front facelock before .PAAK comes in with a vicious stomp on Jet’s quad. Misha then completes their double team move Universal Resistance with a snap DDT, drilling Jet’s face right into the canvas. Misha rolls away as .PAAK swoops down on Jet for the pin, but he kicks out in time just as Penny rushes in for a save attempt.]

BM: A double team by Murphy’s Law, and it was almost enough.

TR: Almost, but not quite. Jet isn’t going to go down too easily!

[.PAAK pulls up Jet to his feet and starts lashing out stiff chops across his chest. Penny rallies the crowd for a Jet chant which gradually inspires him to regain his strength to fight back with a kick to the midsection. .PAAK staggers back, surprised, before hitting a palm strike that has Jet relapsing in a momentary daze. The crowd jeers as .PAAK steals the advantage with more palm strikes, a lethal lightning combo. Jet staggers backwards into the ropes, completely reeling from the onslaught. With a deeply focused look, .PAAK takes a few steps back before charging in for a rolling sole butt. Jet instinctively drops to the mat in evasion, letting her crash into the ropes. While .PAAK disentangles herself, Jet counters with a neckbreaker. The arena explodes in excitement as both then struggle to get to their respective partners who are frantically reaching for the much needed tags.]

BM: Misha and Penny are screaming at their partners to make the tag!

TR: Who will make it first?!

[Cheers ring out when both tags are made, Misha rushing in towards Penny who waits before springboarding off the ropes. But Misha is anticipating just that as she dives out of the way. Penny lands awkwardly in the safety roll attempt and stumbles. That's all Misha needs to capitalize as she pounces on her opponent with a running kick to the back. Penny falls forward on her face before getting her arm wrenched back as Misha sets her up for a hammerlock arm stomp. But Penny is quick to free her arm and roll away to safety, also anticipating the attack. With Misha hot on her heels, Penny pushes herself back up, only to get caught in a clinch. Misha attempts a takedown but Penny fights back. Misha switches it up with a side headlock, stubbornly keeping Penny in her hold. The crowd starts a Penny chant, the energy growing wild in support for the challengers. Penny eventually gets to run Misha into the ropes before tossing her to the other side. Misha bounces off the set of ropes and charges at Penny at top speed. Penny ducks, leaving Misha to rebound again. This time, Penny hits the perpendicular ropes for a perfectly timed springboard crossbody. Upon the landing, Penny swiftly hooks Misha’s leg for the pin but the champ kicks out at two. As Penny rises to her feet, she reaches to tag in Jet but Misha pulls her back down with a quick rollup pin. A surprised Penny kicks out almost immediately, much to the relief of most around the arena.]

BM: That could have been bad for Jetpack, but fortunately Penny was aware enough to kick out.

TR: Indeed. This match is all about those titles, and much like Jet, Penny isn’t going to give up!

[Both women snap to vertical base before charging at each other. Misha runs down Penny with a clothesline, leaving her to roll back up slowly. Misha pulls up Penny to irish whip her to the corner. Penny counters with a short-arm kick to the midsection, stopping Misha short. Penny sends a thrusting front kick that had Misha staggering backwards, then takes her down with a running monkey flip. The fans cheer as Misha gets thrown over to the other side of the ring, where the ever watchful .PAAK is waiting to tag herself in. The crowd immediately roars in protest when the one they call The Leviathan rises to turn the tide of the fight.]

BM: The crowd aren’t happy with that!

TR: Not at all, but can you blame .PAAK?

[Seeing this, Penny also makes the tag. Once again, the arena explodes in cheers as Jet rushes in to meet .PAAK. But for some reason, .PAAK doesn't notice and is already charging at Penny. So Jet goes in with a fast chop block, dropping .PAAK to her knee. While .PAAK tends to her knee, Penny takes her down with an equally speedy bulldog. Clearly impressed, the fans give another roar of approval. Jet goes for the cover on .PAAK.]





[Penny’s jaw drops in shock from her corner, her expression mirrored on the faces of most in attendance. Jet looks in disbelief as well.]

BM: So close! Jet almost had it!

TR: This is why Murphy’s Law are the champs!

[Jet slowly pulls up .PAAK to her feet before looking for a suplex. .PAAK fights back feebly, forcing Jet to delay the execution. But it isn't much to completely stop Jet as he manages to counter .PAAK’s attempt. Once again, Jet goes for the cover but .PAAK gets her shoulder up before three.]


TR: What will it take to keep .PAAK down?!

[Jet, in disbelief, sits on his knees for a moment. Before .PAAK can reach her feet, Jet pulls her up himself. He then proceeds to Irish whip her into the corner, but when he runs towards her, .PAAK steps out of the way. Jet collides with the turnbuckle himself, creating a window of opportunity for .PAAK. She hits multiple forearm shots, until Jet drops down to a seated position. .PAAK is then able to connect with her running boot signature, which is preceded by a facewash. .PAAK pulls Jet into the middle of the ring for the cover.]





TR: But Misha takes her down with an arm wrench suplex!

[Penny rolls out of the ring after the impact, as Jet begins to get to his feet. However, with both members of Murphy’s Law in the ring, this proves to be a very bad position to be in. .PAAK connects with a superkick, whilst Misha simultaneously knees him in the back of his head, connecting with their Ruinous Requiem finisher. .PAAK makes the cover once more.]





TH: Here are your winners….AND STILL Tag Team Champions… MURPHY’S LAW!

[Penny slides into the ring just after the three count is made, just too late to make the save. Misha and .PAAK get to the feet and retrieve their Championships, before commencing with their celebrations. As Jet comes to, he and Penny express their disappointment at being unable to recapture the Tag Team titles.]

TR: That’s it! Murphy’s Law retain!

BM: But take nothing away from Jetpack. They came so close to regaining the titles on a few occasions, but it was .PAAK and Misha who leave as the victors and, more importantly, Champions!

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 Posted: May 20 2017, 09:55 PM

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[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play throughout the arena creating a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers, for the IYH Champion, Angelica Layne. But once she steps out from behind the curtains with the championship draped over her left shoulder, and her right arm in a sling, the crowd almost falls silent. Angelica has her usual smirk on her face however un-phased by the reaction of the crowd.]

TR: Ummm…

BM: Well, she did say on Twitter her shoulder was in bad condition thanks to Misha from Murphy’s Law, perhaps this is her way of proving it?

TR: No, she’s just trying to lure Owen and Jack into a false sense of security, she has to be.

[As Angelica reaches the bottom of the ramp she slowly climbs the ring steps before gingerly slipping into the ring. Angelica adjusts the championship back onto her shoulder before heading to the ring announcer to request a microphone. The few remaining rowdy fans quiet down, as does her music.]

AL: Well, well, well. Here we are. The final night of the season, it’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it? We’ve seen people come and go, we’ve seen temper tantrums, attacks backstage, attacks right here in the ring, blood, sweat, tears, maybe even a little bit of piss…I swear Matt Stone pissed himself during our last match…but I digress, his bladder issues are no longer a concern of anyone’s, cause he died or some shit, I think Nessa ate him. Speaking of the useless hypocritical twat who is no longer here cause she didn’t like being trash talked, after trash talking people to start it all off in the first place…little In Your House fact, she’s the reason why I lost my first match here. Isn’t that right, Shawn Fox. Back when you had lost your god damn mind and had standards lower than Braeden Corbett you and I fought in my first match here and she helped you to win. I guess I should be thanking her, it’s her fault you got locked inside of a cage with me during my very first In Your House Supershow appearance at, Mind Your Own Fuckhole….

[The crowds give a pop as Angelica nods with a chuckle while staring up at the entrance.]

AL: Once again, brilliant naming on that one, Gordon Fury. I have been in twenty four of the thirty five Ruckus shows. Seven Supershows including this one happening here, tonight…

[Another pop from the crowd as Angelica cackles.]

TR: This crowd will eat up anything.

BM: If you don’t shut up, Angelica will make you eat your teeth.

AL: And since it seems to mean something to people, seventeen of those matches were Main Event matches. Now, how many of them did I win? I have no fucking idea, I get dropped on my head an awful lot and I don’t keep count…

[Angelica glances at the belt on her shoulder and smirks.]

AL: But lets just say, it was enough to get me here tonight. I will however tell you guys this, I have only lost at one Supershow event and I think it’s safe to say we all know it was against Michael Diablo…

[The crowds go wild at the mere mention of the former champion’s name, much to Angelica’s delight.]

TR: Now there was a REAL champion.

AL: Oh yes, we all love The Devil In Our House, you’d all be pleased to know he’s in the back now, probably trying to find some secret stash of whiskey in my locker room. I did love the shock reactions when Mike and I were put up against each other and not just at Rise To The Throne, this goes all the way back to Ruckus Seven. People thought it would be the be all and end all of mine and his personal relationship. Yes cause a man who has been hung with barbed wire and a woman who went through a parking lot brawl only to have her spine almost broken by Rick fucking Kreiger after the match are REALLY going to get sensitive about having to face their boyfriend/girlfriend in a match.

[Angelica rolls her eyes.]

AL: Ahhh yes, the Best Of Five series with everyone’s favorite rapping Asian, Ken Nagasaki. Parking Lot Brawl, MMA Rules…which jokingly then led to a Stretcher Match cause frankly after the first 3 matches we just needed to lay the fuck down. Then of course my favorite type of match, a Cage Match that ended the series. Week after week, no fucking breaks. Ken and I put our bodies on the line FOR FIVE WEEKS IN A FUCKING ROW, but yes, please, Joey Miles tell us all one thousand more times how you made Kelsey Spencer tap out. Hey Jack Sabbath, remind us once more about that battle royal match you won that made you somehow think you were entitled to shit. Hey Owen….JUST DO SOMETHING, FUCKING ANYTHING TO SHOW ME YOU DESERVE TO WEAR THIS GOD DAMN BELT INSTEAD OF JUST BEING A SHADOW!

BM: Wooow, if she’s trying to piss Owen off to get him riled up tonight, that just may be the way to do it.

TR: She doesn’t care, the angrier the opponent the more fun it is for her.

[Angelicas nose curls up a little as she takes the championship from her shoulder and carefully lays it down on the mat. She then starts to remove the sling from her arm, slightly wincing at the pain but as Angelica has just pointed out, she’s been through a lot worse than a tender shoulder. Angelica flings the sling out to the crowd with her good arm before reaching down and picking up her championship and placing it on her shoulder again.]

AL: Thanks for that Misha, by the way. But a bum shoulder is nothing compared to an almost shattered spine and still having to compete so don’t be getting cocky just yet boys, Misha simply hurt an old injury and I’ve been through much MUCH worse over this past year. Three cage matches, Parking Lot Brawl, Stretcher Match, MMA rules, Ladder match, I Quit Match…YOU’RE ALL FUCKING WELCOME THAT BITCH IS GONE, BY THE WAY….ungrateful fucks.

TR: To be fair, I thanked her for that.

BM: I may have texted a thank you.

[The crowds laugh but do applaud Angelica as a show of thanks.]

AL: Then we come to tonight, triple threat….that’s it. Nothing fancy, no giants to really take down, just Mr Sit On The Fence and Mr Rage. Jack and Owen both came out here last week, spouted the same old bullshit with no real stakes to the championship. See Jack thinks we should all just nod and go along with him being champion, he’s so delusional, he already thinks he’s champion right now. Do not be surprised when he loses if we see him going around with one of those toy championships trying to claim it to be a real one. He doesn’t want you all to do what fans do and cheer for your favourite in this match…..Owen Gonsalves.

[The crowds explode at the mention of his name and some even break out into an Owen chant. Angelica lightly claps her hands together with a smirk and a nod.]

BM: I think its safe to say, Owen is the fan favorite in this match.

AL: Me? I don’t give a fuck who you cheer for tonight. Cheer for the action that ensues, not the competitors cause we’re all dicks really, even Owen, have you seen the way that mother fucker talks to me on Twitter? Disgraceful.

[The crowds laugh at her comments basically cause it’s coming from the biggest trash talker in the business.]

AL: Jack wants you all to think about the time he ended the career….of absolutely no one that has anything to do with this company. Think about Kreiger disappearing after I got my hands on him, Matt Stone, hell I just had to fucking LOOK at Nessa and she shit herself and went back to hiding behind blocks on Twitter. You see the difference in what is relevant here at In Your House and what isn’t, Jack?

TR: Ok, THAT I agree with.

BM: All wrestlers should be proud of ALL their achievements, even if it is ending the careers of others

[Angelica paces around the ring for a moment, nodding at the crowd before bringing her attention back to the entrance ramp.]

AL: See Jack, that’s your problem, you have your priorities completely out of whack. Instead of focusing on those at your other job maybe you should have focused on /this/ job and what /this/ champion has done throughout the year. To say I don’t see anyone as a threat is a lie. I banter around with Owen, but even he will tell you I have wanted this match with him for a long time, not because I think he’s going to be an easy win, far from it. He’s the challenge I wanted, you just squirmed your way into it also. Rick Kreiger, the monster of IYH used to intimidate the fuck out of me, but that’s mainly because I’m pretty sure he tried to murder me one night. Michael Diablo, I don’t butter him up cause we’re in a relationship, I hype him up cause he can actually back up what he says in the ring. Do you think I’ve been here and gone undefeated this entire time? Because I haven’t, I’ve lost quite a few matches….usually cause some cunt cheats, but there’s been a few clean losses too. Research Jack, it is your friend, always, the only one a guy like you would ever have. What Jack spews out of his cocksucker, isn’t confidence ladies and gentlefucks. It’s shit. No more, no less.

TR: I actually don’t know what is worse, not seeing Jack as a threat, or not seeing Angelica as one.

BM: What about Owen? He’s as much a threat as anyone in the back. It only takes three seconds to win a match Tats, three seconds.

[Angelica gives a quick shrug before moving along.]

AL: Then you have Owen, NO CHEERING LEMME FUCKING SPEAK….Owen came out here last week also, he told you all that I’m one of the best to step into an /Australian/ ring. Obviously another who does zero research on their opponents. If he did, he’d know I’m also the best inside of a cage and how I dominated a company for two years in Vegas losing only two matches. But that’s from a place long gone, no one cares about past accomplishments anymore just what they’ve done at their current home. Well, I’ve already been through my year long history but if Owen wants to know a little extra before stepping into the ring tonight, he only needs to ask those in the back that have been dumb enough to doubt me in the past. Owen claims he’s been working nine hard years for this very moment in the spotlight….but yet I failed to see him for most of this year here at IYH. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Where was he as I was being rushed to emergency rooms week after week but coming back the following show to do it all again? He came in hot, got lukewarm and kind of hid in the shadows before getting to this moment so err, bravo? I guess, whatever. You’re still a better opponent than Jack, I’ll give you that.

AL: So tonight, it all comes to a head. Angelica Layne versus Owen Gonsalves versus A-Diamond-Upside-Down-Is-A-Pussy Jack Sabbath, In Your House Championship on the line, just WHO will end this season as champion, hmm?

[Angelica walks right up to the camera, making sure it gets a good look at her face.]

AL: You all know the saying ‘Stay in your lane’, cause I guarantee after this match you’ll BOTH feel like you’ve been hit by a fucking tank!

[Angelica drops the mic as her music starts up again, the crowd starting an “Angie Smash” chant as she rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

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[Backstage, the crowd chants of “Angie Smash” can still be heard echoing through the halls. The camera turns to capture Stevie Trelain making her way past locker room doors with a microphone in hand.]

ST: Hey, Blyss! Can I get a moment of your time please?

[Stevie gives a friendly, yet cautious, smile before the camera swings around to reveal the wrestler in question, Blyss Lockhart, standing in front of one of the doors at the end of the hallway. Stevie’s pace quickens, and the camera seems to wobble as well. There’s no answer from Blyss, just a blur of dark blonde hair from the back and the black and purple of her wrestling attire.]

ST: Blyss? Sorry to bother you, but I just want a quick word. For the fans…? Um, or just to get your message out to the world?

[Stevie stops, not too near or far from the silent Blyss who continues to stare at the door. The interviewer shoots a worried glance at the camera.]

ST: You’ve got your match with Gordon Fury tonight...

[Blyss visibly flinches here. A twitch of an eye. Stevie presses on without breaking her stride.]

ST: ...But why put your career on the line? I think that’s the question on everyone’s mind right now. We all know that the history between you two dates back to IWF, but unlike his match with Owen at the last supershow, this isn’t a friendly contest between you two. You deliberately removed him from the In Your House championship qualifier match and then later claimed you did it because you deserved to be in that match, and not him. But Blyss, I have to say this, what you did was wro--

[With a sharp turn of the head, Blyss suddenly grabs Stevie’s hand that’s wrapped around the microphone she’s holding. Stevie recoils in horror but is unable to pull away. From the angle, the camera is unable to capture Blyss’ face due to her hair but it’s clear that she is now squeezing Stevie’s hand like a snake latching onto its prey, digging her fingernails into her skin.]

ST: Blyss!!

[As quickly as it happens, Blyss lets go of Stevie’s hand and dashes out of there. While nursing her hand, Stevie looks up at the camera with her mouth agape in shock.]

ST: What the heck was that?

[The camera tilts slightly to the side as the cameraman checks on Stevie. Their voices drop to a low.]

ST: No, no, I’m alright. Really. Yeah, it’s fine. Thanks. But that was just strange, right? Wait, this is Gordon’s locker room door. What was she doing just standing outside here? Wow, so weird...

[Before the feed cuts off, the camera captures someone poking their head around the corner where the hallway turns. Just a glimpse of blonde hair and then it vanishes.]

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[The feed returns to the ring as “Honest Eyes” by Black Tide blasts through the speakers. Breaking out into cheers, the atmosphere in the arena immediately lights up for Gordon Fury, bursting through the curtains. Gordon sprints down the ramp, slapping hands with the excited fans in the front row.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Mackay, Queensland, weighing in at 93 kilos… Gordon Fury!

[Gordon rushes into the ring before leaping up the corner. He pumps his fist in the air and the crowd roars back with approval. As the music dies down, he jumps back on the mat and waits. “Dead To Me” by All For Nothing takes over the sound system, immediately generating a tidal wave of jeers around the arena. The lights flash like crazy as per usual during Blyss’ entrance, but this time, they all suddenly stop, plunging the arena in total darkness.

As the emergency backup lights turn on, the crowd’s panic turns to loud protests when they spot Blyss hopping over the crowd barricade. Gordon turns around just in time as Blyss attacks first with forearm shots. But Gordon’s clearly prepared for this as he fights back with no problem, knocking her down to the mat. The referee quickly steps in to separate them, just long enough to signal for the bell. Blyss wipes her mouth with the back of her hand while laughing before pulling herself back up.]

Singles Match
(If Blyss Lockhart loses, she retires)
Gordon Fury vs Blyss Lockhart


BM: Wow off to a roaring start to no one’s surprise, Gordon blames Blyss for costing him a huge opportunity...

TR: ...Blyss says he deserved to have it happen for ruining her glorious plans!

BM: To be fair, her plans were a little half-baked.

TR: Like this pretzel I got from concessions, ew. But truthfully the stakes couldn’t be higher for Blyss in this match. If she loses to Gordon, she retires!

[The referee steps aside as Gordon moves with a quickness that Blyss isn't quite expecting, hitting her with a running calf kick much to the delight of the Sydney crowd, she counters by rolling with the move, grabbing his leg and then going down to one knee to spin him belly down. Gordon suddenly finds himself in the unenviable position to have Blyss already trying to lock him into a crossface! He quickly swings his legs and wraps the ropes, forcing a ropebreak, though the referee has to tell her twice and start a count for Blyss to actually release him. They get up and the referee warns them about the ropes, she scoffs and grabs him by the wrist but he plants his feet firm and grins at her. Lockhart's wide eyes are caught by the camera as Gordon swings his free arm and plows forward towards the ropes as if he means to dive through them, Blyss getting tangled in the ropes as the referee tries to free her, and Fury grins slightly in amusement before he sprints at Blyss just as the referee releases her, hitting her in the temple with a running knee trembler - while not his usual strength used for Destination Fucked, it still throws Blyss for a loop.]

BM: A submission early on in the match, you have to know Blyss didn't think it would work but I think she was sending a message to Fury that she can get him whenever she wants to with it.

TR: Blyss can be far more calculating in the ring than she's given credit for – and Gordon? When he's this pissed he’s more of a loose cannon than anything else.

BM: With how hard he just hit Blyss OH GOD.

TR: She hit that wheelbarrow spike DDT out of NOWHERE!!

[Blyss goes for a cover but only gets a two, then she rolls to her feet and fades back as Gordon slowly levers to his feet. Blyss measures up and charges at the groggy Gordon, but he sees Blyss coming, dropping fast as the oncoming Lockhart charges, and is met with a Pele kick for her trouble that has The Eternal One reeling back. Gordo kips up fast and rushes Blyss as she shakes her head trying to clear it, hitting her with a spinning heel kick followed by a fast swinging neckbreaker as Blyss drops to the mat and Gordon yells out FUCK YEAH and the fans yell it back to him as he comes to his feet over the downed Lockhart. Adrenaline flowing now, Fury leaps over Blyss and sprints for the far ropes, rebounding off to build up momentum and jumps up at near the center of the ring, going for a legdrop on the downed Blyss but at the last possible second she rolls to the side and he crashes and burns on the mat, hitting hard enough to bounce! He rolls around a little before he gets up and Blyss catches him with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! The fans appreciate this with a roar as Blyss rolls to her feet and Gordon rolls to the outside for a breather.]

BM: Gordon just needs to get his head in the game and he'll be fine.

TR: Well you know few are more resourceful in the ring than Blyss Lockhart, she's just that good and Gordon well, he’s Gordon Fury.

[Lockhart rolls to her feet faster than anticipated sees where Gordon is and runs at the ropes, jumping up and hitting him with a top rope frog splash crossbody plancha to the outside! They go crashing to the mat-covered concrete floor and both are still for a moment as the fans cheer louder!

Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

They roll apart and then to their feet, Gordon catches Lockhart with a snap DDT to the floor and then picks her up to try and roll her into the ring, but she grabs him by his gear and drops to the floor again and his face slams right into the ring apron! Blyss slides out from under him and grabs him by the hair and drags him to the ringsteps and slams his face into the steel steps!


Gordon reels back and Blyss grins, shoving him to get him up onto the apron and into the ring as he rolls under the bottom rope.]

BM: Gordon could be in a bad way here, his ears have to be ringing after all that!

TR: And Blyss is moving in for the kill!

[Blyss rolls in fast but Gordon is there to hit her with a stunning discus punch that has her spin completely around and she drops to the mat like a stone and he floats her over and hooks the far leg but only gets two as she kicks out! Gordon looks up fast and blinks, shakes his head but the referee shows him two fingers! He sighs but keeps his cool pretty much, but as he moves to catch Blyss up to try and put her away she catches him with a fast inside cradle! He kicks out at two, and as she rises up he catches her with a schoolboy roll up but she kicks free in the nick of time! The fans cheer as they both kip up, Blyss slightly faster than Gordon which gives her a bit of advantage and she hits him with a missile dropkick and then another running corkscrew back elbow! As he reels she grabs both wrists and digs in, swinging him around in a hard Irish whip at the near turnbuckles, he hits HARD and back first, sagging in the corner after the impact and seeming to need the ropes to even hold himself up what little he can!]

BM: I can’t believe it! Blyss may have him!

TR: Well she’s fighting for her career here! Give her some support!

[Smelling blood in the water, Blyss charges at Gordon in the corner, but he gets a boot up at the last second, stunning her. Gordon steps up to the second rope quickly, leaping off just as Blyss turns, nailing her in the side of the head with Destination Fucked!]

TR: Destination Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked! He got all of it! Blyss’s career is done!

BM: Gordon just needs to go for the cover and… what is he doing?

[Instead of going for the cover, Gordon just looks down at Blyss, a look of almost pity on his face. He leans down and grabs Blyss, pulling her back to her knees, crouching in front of her. He looks in her eyes, even though they are glazed and she is completely out of it, before he closes his eyes for a second and lets out a frustrated sigh. He opens his eyes again, pity replaced with determination, and the ring mics barely pick up a the sentence he mutters.]

GF: You gave me the gun…

[With that Gordon gets up and sprints back to the ropes, running back full speed and cracking Blyss in the jaw with a second Destination Fucked!]

BM: A second Destination Fucked! Gordon is leaving nothing to chance, what a knee strike!

TR: Is Blyss Dead? She’s crumpled on the floor and she’s not moving, what a fucking shot!

[Gordon rolls her onto her back and hooks the leg.]





TR: Here is your winner… Gordon Fury!

[Gordon’s theme plays through the arena as he gets his hand raises, the fans cheering as Blyss only just starts to stir.]

BM: What a match Tats! It could have gone either way, but at the end it was Gordon Fury who had that much more to give.

TR: The more important fact of the matter Bry, is that Blyss lost. Her career is over.

BM: She put up one hell of a fight, and doesn’t deserve to have her career ended, but it was a choice she made herself. As a man who loves this business, I can’t help but be a little sad to see this.

TR: For once Bry, we agree.

[Before anyone can truly take in the gravity of what has happened, Serena Maxwell and Raine come sprinting down the entrance ramp, massive boos from the fans signifying their arrival. They slide in the ring just as Gordon goes to turn around, getting completely blindsided by the pair as they beat him down.]

BM: Oh come on, this is disgusting! Gordon has just gone through one hell of a match and now these two are picking the bones!

TR: Diamond Jack told us all that things weren't over ever since Gordon beat him one on one. Looks to me like he has sent his repo squad to collect!

[Gordon tries to fight back with anything he can throw, but the coordinated assault is too much for him, shutting him down completely with a high/low clothesline combination. Serena and Raine give each other a nod before heading up separate turnbuckles to the top rope, the fans booing. Gordon lays motionless as Raine lines him up.]

BM: Gordon is a sitting duck! Who knows what this could do to his career!

[Suddenly the boos turn into massive cheers as Kelly Fury sprints to the ring with a fire in her eyes. She slides under the rope and runs straight up Raine, mounting the turnbuckle on the inside before jumping into a enzuigiri, the crack heard as Raine falls from the top rope, hitting the apron and falling to the floor. Serena sees her teammate fall, and notices Gordon stirring in the ring. She gives both Gordon and Kelly an angry snarl as she drops down, going to check on Raine before retreating up the ramp.

BM: What a timely save by Kelly Fury there! If she hadn't have intervened, who knows what would have happened!

TR: Gordon would have died, that is what would have happened. Look, there may be a happy ending for right now, but Kelly has well and truly stepped in the shit now. I hope it was worth it.

BM: Time will tell Tats, time will tell.

[Kelly checks on Gordon as the cameras cut away to commercial.]

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[The arena is now in anticipation as the night reaches the last match. This is it-the grand finale of Dawn of the Immortals! White lights flicker in time with the drums of "No More Heroes" by The Stranglers as Diamond Jack Sabbath walks out the curtain to some rather impassioned booing.]

BM: Well here we go ladies and gents- IYH Championship on the line and here we have...this man. If you can even call him that. I suppose 'child' would be more appropriate.

TR: He's got what he wanted! Main event of Dawn Of The Immortals for the IYH title, but can Sabbath follow the success of his team-mates last week and bring the championship into the ranks of War Enforcement?

BM: I don't wanna think about what IYH would look like with Sabbath at the top. He's tried to ruin companies before, he can't be allowed to do it here.

[By this point, Sabbath's already made his way down the ramp and into the ring, where he is now stood on the turnbuckle, removing his spiked leather jacket and throwing it to the outside. It's not long before "Blockbuster Night Part I" by Run The Jewels takes over the PA system and the booing turns to cheering as Owen Gonsalves emerges from the curtain to the cheers of the many here in Sydney.]

BM: And here comes another man who's earned his way to this spot. One half of the Vision, Owen Gonsalves gets his opportunity here tonight. He's been making waves in Japan recently and now he gets jump in there with two world-class athletes.

TR: All in a day's work for "Indestructable" Owen Gonsalves though! This is what he does. This is his chance and he's gonna take it!

[Owen reaches the ring and after a little bit of showmanship for the fans and a delightful sneer in the direction of Sabbath, “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch is the third and final song to occupy the airwaves. More cheering ensues as the champion herself, Angelica Layne, walks out with the IYH title around her waist.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen, the reigning and defending IYH Champion, who's been quite vocal about her desire to keep the title and even more vocal about her opponents themselves.

TR: Shocking- Angelica Layne shit-talked people who were up against her. Whatever next? Oh, don't tell me- water's wet, right?

BM: Layne took care of Matt Stone the last time we brought a Supershow to you. This time, she has two to contend with. Champ looks confident.

[As she reaches the ring, the bell sounds to signal the attention of all as Tommy Henderson stands by and Sabbath, Owen and Angie stand in their respective corners.]

TH: The following is set for one fall and is our main event of the evening...and it is for the In Your House Wrestling Federation Championship!

[Roar of approval from the Aussie crowd.]

TH: Introducing first- the challengers... from Manchester, England and weighing 108.8 kg; the Innovator of Anarchy, DIAMOND JACK SABBATH!

[Awful booing from the crowd.]

TH: Next- from Melbourne, Australia and weighing 93 kg...the "Indestructible" OWEN GONSALVES!

[Cheers for the Australian submission specialist.]

TH: From New York City, USA, and weighing 56 kg, she is the reigning and DEFENDING IYH Champion...ANGELICA LAYNE!

[Angelica raises her belt in the air for all to see, before the referee asks for it and does it himself.]

BM: That's what it's all about right there. Big match feel here, ladies and gentlemen. THIS is what it's all about. This is why we do what we do.

TR: Three proud warriors but only one can walk out champion. People, get hidden behind that sofa we're about to go to war!

In Your House Championship
Triple Threat Match
Angelica Layne© vs Owen Gonsalves vs Diamond Jack Sabbath


[The bell rings. Owen, Angelica and Jack all stand in their respective corners. Well, that is until Jack decides to come out of his to loudly proclaim to anyone with big-enough ears that he is going to win. And he's giving it some, too, pointing to himself and declaring what a huge star he is, all the stuff you'd expect, so naturally the fans are booing, and booing hard. Angelica and Owen look to one another. The champion rolls her eyes. Owen maintains his glare and then in unison, the two of them run towards Jack, both taking him down with a flurry of right and left hands as the Innovator of Anarchy's terrible screaming and shouting is interrupted by them both. The Qudo Bank Arena immediately erupts in cheers.]

TR: They can't do that!

BM: Of course they can! Sabbath taken down immediately by both competitors at the same time! This is what happens when you talk big game in the IYH, Jack!

[Jack scurries away into the corner, but this just gives Angie and Owen a bigger idea. As he stands up, he is trapped. Owen and Angie stand at right in front of him. As soon as he reaches his feet, he feels an almighty thwack on his chest, as it burns and he winces in pain at a chop so loud that dogs in other countries probably heard it. That was Owen's go- now it's Angie's, as she chops him just as hard on the other side of his chest just as hard if not harder. Owen has another shot at it, as Jack's chest is now becoming increasingly red-raw.]

TR: They're still working together! What is this? This isn't a handicap match!

BM: There is nothing in this business that can bring people together than a combined hatred of Diamond Jack Sabbath.

TR: Those chops are so loud they're gonna make me go deaf, Bry.

[After chop number seven or eight, Jack's had enough. He waits for Angie to go before he grabs her by the shoulder, still injured from Ruckus, and shoves her with all of his might down onto the ground. The biggest competitor in the match, Jack uses his power now to strike Owen with his forearm and grab him by the back of the head, throwing him over the top rope and to the outside. Angie comes running at Jack once again, but he sidesteps and clotheslines her over to top rope and to the outside too! Angie and Owen are now on two different sides of the outside. Jack is in the middle of the ring, as he holds his arms out, gloating and not using his inside voice to do so, while the ref begins to count.]

TR: Jack turns this around now, it seems. He's the only one in the ring!

BM: He is indeed. But for how long? It's gonna take more than that here.

[Angie crawls around the outside until both competitors are on Jack's left and right shoulders. In his perennial vision, Jack can see Owen begin to crawl onto the apron and Angie crawl onto the other, so he runs the rope that Angie is crawling up onto, leaning on it enough to knock Angie back onto the ground, as lifts both legs up and kicks, knocking Owen back down to the ground with a bicycle kick. Jack looks to the ref spins his fingers, a motion to 'restart it'. That's when everyone begins to boo. They get it.]

BM: Wait, a minute, I get it. I think it's insane, but I see what he's doing. There's no way he can honestly do this.

TR: Well the ref just restarted the count after Jack's prompt, I think he's gonna give it an honest try.

BM: A count-out victory though?

TR: Use the rules to your advantage! That's what Jack does- for all of his power and whatever ability to get the job done he has, he absolutely can't resist going for the most bullshit option he can find.

[Once again, Angie begins to crawl back up and Jack notices her head bob up over the the apron. Jack once again bounces off the opposite rope and this time he slides, kicking both his legs out. Angie is too savvy not to see this coming, so the champion slides out of the way as Jack ends up right beside her in a baseball slide gone wrong. Angie smacks him with really hard european uppercut. As she goes for a second one, Jack blocks it- being a european uppercut specialist himself- and hits her with his own. Shortly thereafter, he grabs her by the back of the head and throws her hard- and shoulder-first- into the guard rail. Angie writhes in pain as Jack rolls right back into the ring and makes the same 'rolling' motion to the referee. The ref shakes his head in disbelief, which Jack takes a great deal of offense to, and vocally so, as he begins to tell the referee what his place is in this world against Jack's and other such ridiculous, hypobolic statements you'd come to expect from him. What he hasn't noticed is the re-emergence of Owen Gonsalves. The fans have, though. As soon as Jack turns, he is hit very hard in the face with a massive knee, as Owen hits the soul-stealing 7 star strike. The War Enforcement leader drops to the mat, if only for a few moments that leave him rocked. Once he rises back to his feet, Owen is ready for him once again. Falling backwards on and using his hands to spring him into the air, Owen catches Jack's neck as he turns around and drives his head into the ground.]

BM: Handspring cutter from Owen there, and now he hooks the leg for the first cover in this match!

Indeed he does. And does he get it?




[Jack kicks out on the 'T' of three. Owen shakes his head as he confirms with the referee that it was only a two count. He pulls himself back up as Jack rolls away. By this point, Angelica has returned to the ring, where Indestructible Owen finds himself with a bicep around his neck and a hand on his head, squeezing, and not in a good way either. Angelica leans against the ropes for a moment, watching as Owen is almost being choked out. She waits for what she feels is an appropriate amount of time before bouncing off of the ropes for extra speed as she runs towards the two men, but Jack quickly releases Owen and shoves him forward. Angelica stops in her tracks before she runs right into Owen, lightly pushing him out of the way as she continues to approach Jack. He swings an arm out at her hoping to catch her jaw with a hard punch, but Angelica leans back, evading the shot before winding back her left fist and hitting Jack with a European Uppercut so powerful, it knocks him into the corner seeing stars. Owen grabs onto Angelica from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her slightly in the air but she immediately starts to kick her legs which throws off his elevation, but he keeps his arms around her. Angelica throws back her left elbow, catching the side of Owens head as he backs off. Owen spins back around to Angelica, but she’s already coming at him with her Discus Clothesline.]

BM: Love her or hate her, she’s a fighting champ

TR: Make no mistake about it though, Angelica is RIGHT handed so there is no way those shots with her left are even close to the power she’s capable of achieving.

BM: When has that ever stopped her before?

[As Angelica gets back to her feet and turns around, she’s kicked hard in the stomach by Jack who then connects with a Underhook Suplex. Instead of attempting a pin, he disrespectfully starts to slap Angelica in her face while screaming at her about how her shoulder isn’t the only thing that is going to be hurting. He then moves to her feet, getting ready to attempt an Ankle Lock but Angelica desperately kicks her legs out, refusing to let Jack get a grip of her foot without having his hands kicked off. Luckily for Angelica, Owen has gotten back to his feet grabbing hold of Jacks wrist and spinning him around to connect with "Darkest Lariat".]

BM: Owen with the save to the champ.

TR: Not surprising, if she tapped his chance at the belt goes bye bye. All three of these fighters want to finish the season with the accomplishment of being the In Your House Champion, there is not one person in the back that wouldn’t want that opportunity.

[Angelica uses the ropes to pull herself back to her feet while Owen has Jack flipped onto his stomach. Owen presses his right knee down on the spot between Jack’s shoulder blades, keeping him pinned to the mat while Owen stretches back Jack’s right arm, tugging and stretching at Jack’s fingers, bending them in ways it shouldn’t be possible to bend.]

TR: That’s disgusting, I shouldn’t have to witness something as revolting as this so close to eating.

BM: Guaranteed Jack won’t be throwing his punches as hard after this though.

TR: Look at Angelica, she’s just standing there watching this happen with a smirk on her face.

BM: Wouldn’t you be if you were her?

[Owen releases his knee from Jack’s back and starts to pull him to his feet, still bending at his fingers and despite how much he tries to struggle free, Owen wraps up him in a Double-Arm Octopus Stretch. The referee checks on Jack, waiting to hear those words “I GIVE UP” but just when it seems like he might indeed scream those words in agony, Angelica runs against the ropes and comes back with a vicious kick to Jack’s face. Owen had no choice but to release Jack as he practically buckled beneath him. Jack rolls to the ropes, clutching at his chin which took most of the damage. As Owen comes at Angelica she throws punches with him with her left fist. He attempts to block most of them, but it’s not enough to stop Angelica beating him into the corner where her punches turn into chops at his chest. She winds her arm back, like she’s going to throw another punch, but at Owen lifts both of his arms to block it, Angelica kicks him hard in the stomach instead before getting him with a DDT.]

TR: I guess the working together has ended.

BM: Well it is a triple threat, every man…or woman, for themselves.

[Angelica turns her attention to Jack who is on the outside of the ring now catching his breath. Angelica runs to him, sliding under the bottom rope to hit him with a sliding DDT.]

TR: DDT’s for everyone!

BM: I don’t think we’ve ever seen Angelica do that.

TR: With that right arm out of commission its no surprise she’s mixing it up in the ring to do whatever it takes to keep the belt.

[Angelica is back to her feet slowly, pulling Jack up with her and pushing him onto the apron, but not fully into the ring. Angelica rolls into the ring, glancing over at Owen and seeing him pull himself back to his feet, but at the same time Jack is also using the ropes to pull himself up. She looks back and forth between the two men and makes her decision, running back to Jack who frankly, deserves this more, grabbing onto the second rope and driving her left shoulder into his midsection. She then hooks her arm around his head, pulling Jack above the top rope but balancing him there for a moment before hitting her Dragonscrew Neck Whip, much to the fans delight. But Angelica seems to stagger as she gets back to her feet and completely forgot about Owen, who stalks up behind her and as she turns he kicks her in the stomach and quickly gets her with a Double Underhook Piledriver before hooking her leg for the pin.]





BM: Owen with that Double Underhook Piledriver, NEW CHAMPION, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!


[Jack looks up from the mat in disbelief, almost screaming out while Angelica lays motionless on the mat, probably not even realizing what has happened yet. Even Owen has a look of mild disbelief as he is handed the In Your House Championship by the referee and pulled to his feet with his arm raised in victory. The crowd is going nuts for Owen, giving him a standing ovation for the long journey he has taken to reach this moment.]

BM: This is your moment, kid! Congratulations!!

TR: I can’t believe he did it!!

BM: What a match that was! Everyone poured everything they had into that fight! That’s what the In Your House championship represent!! And tonight, Owen got it!!!

TR: What a way to end the season, huh, Bry? Man, I really thought Angelica was gonna retain there. Jack was ouuuuttt!!! But she forgot about Owen, and so did I!

BM: Yes, Owen seized the opportunity. It only takes one opening, Tats. Just one. And Owen took it!

TR: Ooh boy, I’ll bet once Jack wakes up, he’s gonna rage!

BM: Does he know any other way? Well, that’s all we have tonight. Thank you to all the fans for being a part of this. There goes another chapter in the IYH books for we have two new champions! Join us again when we return in two weeks back home at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I am “The Voice of the House” Brian Morris, here with Tats Richardson. Goodnight!

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