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 Dawn Of The Immortals Night 1
 Posted: May 12 2017, 12:23 PM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from inside of the Qudos Bank Arena, signifying the opening of the first night of Dawn Of The Immortals. The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Qudos Bank Arena for Night 1 of the biggest supershow of the season, Dawn Of The Immortals! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson.

Tats Richardson: I personally cannot wait for the main event -- a fatal four way ladder match where the winner will walk away with the In Your House Proving Grounds title! Will Kelsey retain her title? Or will we see a new champ tonight?

BM: It’s hard to say ‘cause it’s really anybody’s match. Kelsey, Shawn Fox, Joey Miles and Iris Black -- each person has proven him- or herself one way or another that they have what it takes to carry that gold.

TR: Kelsey may have impressed the world when she took on Iris’ challenge and snatched that title from Miss Bitchcraft, but you know what? Not that I’m discounting Shawn or Joey but Iris was an amazing Proving Grounds champ so I’m willing to bet Iris will be getting her sweet revenge tonight and take back what was once hers.

BM: Perhaps! But that’s not all the action scheduled for tonight; we’ve got State of Anarchy going head to head with War Enforcement. Serena and Raine weren’t too happy after getting eliminated in the Four-Way Tag Team Elimination Match at Ruckus 33, and took the liberty to punish the SoA boys for it, keeping Max from tagging in Sean which resulted in Jetpack pinning Max for the win.

TR: It’s a very competitive sport, Bry. Things can just get overheated at times.

BM: Riiiight…. Well, I’m glad SoA gets their shot at redemption tonight. Whether they like it or not, it was not right for War Enforcement to do that. And speaking of getting some justice, we’re finally gonna see the much anticipated showdown between Craig and Jessica Anderson and Sam Amos and Vivian Lee. Nothing but shenanigans since the battle royal at Ground ‘n Pound so you just know all bets are off with this one!

TR: Ooh I hope there’ll be a cat fight!! But just don’t hurt yourselves too much, ladies!

BM: They’re professional wrestlers, Tats. Have some respect! Anyways, there’s more coming up tonight so without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

TR: Take it away, Tommy!

[“Nothing to Gein” by Mudvayne begins to play throughout the arena as the crowds begin to boo before Nathan Baloff even makes it out from behind the curtains. He steps out, glaring at the crowd with the stare of a psychopath.]

Tommy Henderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from who the fuck knows, weighing in at 106Kg, he is “The Butcher”…Nathan Baloff!

TR: Who the fuck knows eh? Sounds lovely.

[Nathan Baloff storms down the ramp, paying no more attention to the crowds than he has to. He slides into the ring beneath the bottom rope and lets out an angry yell to let the crowds see how fired up for the match he really is. His music soon dies down and is replaced with "Black Dwarf" by Candlemass. The crowds pop as Nate Gloria appears from behind the curtains with confidence in his eyes. He stands on the ramp for a moment, raising his right arm high in the air which seems to get the fans more amped up.]

TH: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 91Kg….Nate “Propaganda” Gloria!

[Nate slaps a few fans hands as he approaches the end of the ramp, keeping his eyes on his opponent. He climbs the steps and cautiously gets into the ring, watching as the referee keeps Baloff at bay.]

Singles Match
Nathan Baloff vs Nate Gloria


[Both men pace around the ring while keeping their eyes locked, before lunging towards one another. Baloff hits Nate with a stiff uppercut which causes him to stumble back before Baloff catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex and attempts the pin, but Nate kicks out almost immediately.]


BM: He may have gotten lucky, it’s been known to happen before here at In Your House.

TR: But not during our biggest and final night of the season. The people paid decent money for them seats.

[Baloff has forcibly pulled Nate back to his feet and whips him against the ropes hoping to catch him again on the rebound, but Nate turns the tables with a clothesline before bouncing off the ropes and coming back with an elbow drop. Nate gets Baloff back to his feet and attempts to lock him in, but Baloff throws a few punches to Nates jaw to make him back off. The men begin to exchange blows and Baloff almost has Nate against the ropes, but Nate catches Baloffs fist before headbutting him. Nate hits Baloff with the Chicken wing suplex and hooks his leg for the pin.]




BM: A close call but Baloff still has fight left in him.

TR: I’d like to think so, Baloff is the one who picked this fight with Nate.

[With the force put into the move, Nate is in complete shock that Baloff kicked out. Sitting up from the mat he begins to drag Baloff back to his feet. Baloff throws a few weakened shots to Nates gut, enough to make him stumble back buckled over. Baloff lunges at Nate, catching him with a sharp punch to his jaw before hitting him with a Spinning Sambo Suplex backbreaker. Neither man seems to be moving, but Baloff landed with his arm draped over Nate, so the referee starts a count.]




[Nate gets his shoulder up at the very last second which causes the crowd to pop in excitement.]

BM: Baloff ALMOST had him.

TR: Nate has been in more brutal matches than this though mate.

[Baloff is the first to push himself onto his knees, while Nate is still somewhat out of it, rolling on his back like a turtle that’s been flipped onto his shell. Baloff takes a few heavy breaths before pushing himself up to his feet, he leans against the ropes for a moment before charging towards Nate who was now on his knees, Baloff goes for a kick but Nate catches his foot. As he stands, holding Baloff’s foot as he hops around, Baloff was getting ready to kick with his other leg but Nate quickly gets him in the Release leg-hook belly to back suplex before throwing his arm over Baloff’s limp body.]





TH: Here is your winner….NATE GLORIA!

BM: Nate did it with the “Propaganda Bomb”!

TR: I hate doing it, but I have to give credit where it’s due, this really could have been a win for either of them, Nate just got his adrenaline boost at the right time.

BM: Will this be the end of their rivalry? For season one absolutely, but who knows for season two, maybe Nathan Baloff will come back looking for revenge.

TR: He should start by looking for his damn mind.

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[The camera heads to the locker room of Joey Miles, as he's getting his last minute preparations for tonight's main event. A knock is heard on his door, but Joey doesn't respond to it, wanting no interactions until it's time to wrestle. Regardless, the door opens and Joey, rather annoyed, looks up to see who it is.]

JM: What do you fucking wa--Oh. H-hey. What are you doing here?

[The man Miles was speaking to steps into the shot, revealing himself as Joey's mentor and XWA Hall of Famer, Danny Diamond. The Englishman's presence clearly caught Joey by surprise.]

DD: Oh you know, mate, I was just in the continent and decided to drop by.

JM: Really?

[Danny chuckles lightly and shakes his head.]

DD: No, Joseph, I'm here to see you win.

[He pats Joey on the shoulder and offers a handshake, which Miles accepts quickly.]

JM: You came all this way to watch my match?

DD: Of course. I want to see just how well all of my training's really done for you. I know you've been on a bit of a streak here, recently.

JM: Yeah, I have. I'm surprised you know that, though, given how everyone's out there trying to make me look like a joke.

[Diamond sighs, as if he was ready for a comment like that.]

DD: You're still going on about that, are you?

JM: Look, I wouldn't expect you to get it. People know how good you are. When you show your talent, they see it. I don't have that luxury.

DD: Mate, if you think I haven't got people who question my ability, you haven't seen much. Plenty of people laugh at the idea of me being greatness. But, see, that's what I forgot to teach you.

[Danny steps closer to his student and wraps his arm around Miles' shoulders.]

DD: See, Joseph, I know how good I am. Just as such, I know how good you are, but that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how good I think you are, just like it doesn't matter how good they think you are. If they call you a joke, is that gonna make you lose, tonight? Is your talent gonna disappear because you were scoffed at? No.

[He pulls himself in closer to Joey's ear.]

DD: You are as good as you prove yourself to be, no matter what others would like to admit.

[Diamond grins and unwraps his arm from Joey's shoulders, before taking a step away from the Proving Grounds challenger.]

DD: If I let every critic tell me how good I am, I wouldn't have made it to where I did. You know you're one of the best and what they say doesn't change that. All you can do is keep winning, because, believe me mate, they aren't gonna acknowledge your greatness for a long time. Some probably never will. But they can deny it all they want. They're not the ones getting the paychecks for winning matches and, like you will tonight, championships. You don't need their respect, Joseph. You just gotta show them why they're wrong.

[Miles thinks over what Danny just said for a moment, before shaking his head.]

JM: That's why you came here? To tell me, what? That I don't need their approval?

DD: Pretty much, yeah.

JM: You know, I never thought I'd say this Danny, but maybe you aren't the man I thought you were.

[Danny is taken aback by this statement.]

DD: Excuse me?

JM: I thought you, of all people, would understand why this lack of respect pisses me off, but no. I'm hearing the same shit from you that I'm hearing from everyone else. Well, I'm sorry you don't care about being respected, but I do. I'm not just gonna be happy winning. I want what I've earned and that's more than a shot at a championship. And not you, not Kelly, not anyone else is gonna tell me I'm not gonna get it. I'm not gonna settle for disrespect and end up a washed up mess like you.

DD: Alright, now hold on just a minu--

JM: Shut the fuck up.

[The taken aback expression on Danny begins turning to one of anger, at the way the man he taught is speaking to him.]

JM: What happened after XWA closed down, huh? Did you just forget what it was like to be Danny Diamond? Because I remember. I remember you wouldn't stand for anyone showing you a lack of respect. If they did, you'd beat them into the ground. But what happened, Danny? Where'd your balls go?

[Diamond's hands slowly curl into fists.]

JM: You taught me a hell of a lot, but you're right. One thing you never taught me was to be a pussy. And I'm not gonna learn now. I'm gonna go out there, beat the fuck out of three people who I KNOW I'm better than, and win the Proving Grounds Championship. Then, if anyone tries to call me a joke, I'll do what you USED TO do and beat the respect into them. As for you, you can go home, Danny. That's where you belong now. Not here, surrounded by wrestling, but at your home, sitting in your chair and wallowing in the fact that you're not what you used to be. This place is for wrestlers. I'm sorry you forgot you were one of those. Now, I've gotta go. I have a championship to win. I hope you've remembered enough about this business to figure out where the door is.

[With that said, Joey brushes past Danny, intentionally bumping shoulders with him, leaving behind his mentor, who irately shakes his head, unsure of just what happened to the man he trained.]

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[The feed returns to the ring as “Mind of a Beast” by The Glitch Mob begins. Connie Craven enters to a chorus of jeers. Unlike before, this negative reception doesn't affect Connie. In fact there's already an annoyed look on her face, the kind that's reserved solely for opponent.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Christchurch, New Zealand weighing in at 46 kilos… Connie Craven!

BM: Connie looking all set for this match tonight!

TR: No doubt, Bry. She's got a score to settle with Krissy.

BM: The rivalry stems from the triple threat match that Krissy won, which didn't sit too well with Connie.

TR: I don't blame her, mate. It coulda been Connie. She did all the work on Momo, only to get tossed out of the ring like a tiny little angry chihuahua!

BM: Well, not all the work.

TR: Try telling that to Connie!

[Connie enters the ring, trying not to get riled up by the more obnoxious fans in the front row. The music soon fades out before “24 K Magic” by Bruno Mars takes over the sound system. Krissy Spencer walks through the curtains with her manager Veronica Chandler in tow. The camera cuts to Connie in the ring momentarily to catch a snooty look from her before it shows an unfazed Krissy walking down the ramp with a teasing smile to the fans.]

TH: And her opponent, from Miami, Florida, USA, weighing in at 56 kilos…. Krissy Spencer!

BM: Krissy doesn't seem... affected by Connie.

TR: That girl is cuc-koo! She and Blyss should team up or something. No wait-- Bad idea! Bad idea!

BM: Well Krissy better start taking Connie seriously ‘cause despite the height disadvantage, Connie is super tenacious.

TR: Let’s get this match underway to see how this one goes down!

[The referee checks on both competitors before signaling for the opening bell.]

Singles Match
Krissy Spencer vs Connie Craven


[Connie immediately charges at Krissy as they clash in the centre clinch. Krissy easily shoves Connie into the corner. Connie starts yelling in protest for the referee to separate Krissy from her. Confused, Krissy reluctantly backs off despite not doing anything wrong. In the momentary distraction, Connie stomps hard on Krissy’s foot before hitting the ropes for a running elbow smash. Krissy staggers back upon impact, nearly losing her balance, but she quickly regains her footing to catch Connie with a big boot to the chest. Connie falls back with a hard thud before rolling back up to her feet. Krissy pulls up Connie for a northern lights suplex, bridging it to a pin. Connie kicks out almost immediately, fuming in frustration.]

BM: There’s Krissy’s physical advantage at play here. It’s not sitting too well with Connie at all!

TR: She needs to chill out for a second and focus. She’s made it this far in her career facing opponents bigger than her so she’s not at a complete disadvantage.

[As they both return to vertical base, Connie shoves Krissy as hard as she can with her chin tilted up in defiance and anger. Krissy pushes back in retaliation, causing Connie to stumble backwards into the ropes. Connie manages to use them to slingshot herself back to Krissy for a vicious kick that has Krissy swaying on unsteady feet. Connie wastes no time to bounce off the ropes again for a low dropkick that lands Krissy on her knees. Before Krissy can pull herself up, Connie strikes her with a feisty series of slaps to the face and ends with a high knee up the chin. Krissy falls sideways, dazed. Connie quickly hooks Krissy’s leg for the pin but only gets a two-count.]

BM: Connie with a near fall! Great strategy to knock Krissy down to the ground first. That high knee has got to shock Krissy to the very bone!

TR: See? Connie’s got this! As long as she plays to her strengths, she’s got this one in the bag!

[Krissy rolls away towards the ropes when Connie jumps on her back to crush her throat into the middle rope, practically standing at full height. The crowd jeers as Krissy struggles to escape while the referee throws Connie warnings. Only on the fourth count does Connie let go, allowing Krissy to catch her breath again. Krissy rests on the rope, clutching her throat. Connie ignores the referee’s reprimands as she takes her position in the centre of the ring before charging at Krissy for a jumping knee drop on her back. The force hurts Krissy’s throat again, prompting her to cough like mad again.]

BM: Oh my god! Krissy’s throat just got crushed from the jumping knee drop by Connie!

TR: What did I tell ya? Once Connie’s locked in her sights, she’s downright dangerous!

[More jeers break out around the arena as Connie looks down on her opponent with a satisfied smirk. When Krissy collapses on the mat, Connie pulls her down to pin her. But Krissy again kicks out at two. Connie slaps the canvas in frustration before proceeding to demand a faster count from the ref.]

BM: You’ve gotta give it to Krissy at this point. She’s still in the match, fighting.

TR: But that’s not how you win matches, ain’t it? Krissy has been playing catch up for a while now.

[As Connie pulls up Krissy to her feet, Krissy fights back with punches. Connie seems to succumb to Krissy’s pressured attack when she ducks the final shot and steps behind Krissy. Krissy turns around, only to get struck with a stiff roundhouse kick to the side abdomen. Krissy pauses to double over in agony but Connie persists with another roundhouse kick to the other side before attempting a spinning heel kick. But Krissy blocks Connie’s leg in time and lunges forward for a clothesline when Connie drops to one knee in evasion before looking for a schoolgirl sweep. Krissy loses her balance but manages to keep rolling out of the pin attempt. Both snap to vertical base before they charge at each other. Connie slides under Krissy and hit her with a chop block. As Krissy pulls herself up, Connie charges at her for her headscissor DDT finisher, Oh So Craven. But Krissy manages to counter midway with Snake Eyes, tossing Connie face first into the nearest top turnbuckle. Krissy then follows it up with a release german suplex. Connie arches her back in anguish.]

BM: And that’s why they call her The Female Suplex Machine! Krissy just snatched back control with that powerful german suplex!

TR: She stole Connie’s thunder! Again!!!

[Krissy hops up onto the middle tier turnbuckle while Connie slowly rises to her feet. As Connie turns around in a daze, Krissy takes her down with a missile dropkick. The crowd cheers at the display as Connie rolls over in agony. Connie tries to push herself up but her back gives way, prompting her to cry out in pain.]

BM: Beautiful missile dropkick by Krissy! Connie doesn’t look too good right now.

TR: Oh no, I think the end is near!

[Krissy pulls up Connie to set her up for her heart punch finisher, Hand of the Wicked. As Krissy delivers the devastating shot to the heart, the crowd cringes at the sound echoing painfully through the arena. Connie falls flat on her back from impact. Krissy drops to hook Connie’s leg for the pin.]

BM: Hand of the Wicked!! Connie’s out!

TR: Get up, Connie!





TH: And here’s your winner… Krissy Spencer!

[“24K Magic” by Bruno Mars blasts through the arena before the crowd bursts into cheers. The referee raises Krissy’s hand in victory and Victoria takes the cue to enter the ring to celebrate with her.]

BM: Great showing by both competitors tonight! But in the end, Krissy’s walking out the winner.

TR: Man, I was looking forward to Connie getting her revenge tonight!

BM: Maybe next time. And now up next -- Sam Amos & Vivian Lee take on Craig & Jessica Anderson!

TR: Awesome! More shenanigans by Sam & Vivian? Yes please!

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[The show cuts to backstage where Kelly Fury is seen walking by with a small box in her hand, examining the nameplates on the doors as she walks by. She suddenly stops in her tracks as she almost runs right into Stevie Trelain, who was carrying a cup of coffee.]

KF: Whoooa, my bad Stevie, thank goodness nothing spilled on that fabulous dress of yours.

[Stevie graciously smiles at Kelly.]

ST: Thank you Kelly and it’s no problem. Crisis adverted. I have to say, I thought you were going to fly back to America when you found out you weren’t booked…?

[With a light sigh Kelly nods.]

KF: It was VERY tempting, don’t get me wrong. I would have loved nothing more than to be booked on the big event of the year, the final show of the season I mean, what an honour…

[Even though her words sound sweet, there is a slight bitchy tone behind her voice, obviously still upset about not being booked.]

KF: BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS STEVIE. I had to stay and totes support my boo boo snuggle muffin…

ST: Sean Hazard?

[Kelly starts to shake her head.]

KF: No, Jessica Anderson. Seems Vivvy and Sammy Boy have this stick up their butt about Jess and Craig, why? I don’t know. Maybe they think they are some kind of power couple, maybe they are jealous about Craigs biscuit stash? It’s all very confusing and unnecessary. But yes, I am of course also here to support my sweetie, Sean…

[Kellys smile does grow, but she still seems to be a little irritated.]

KF: You know that guy who came in, swept me off my feet, stole my heart and my match…

ST: Your match?

KF: Against War Enforcement. I not so secretly asked for a handicapped match against those two craycrays. I wont let it lie either, I WILL GET MY VENGEANCE STEVIE. If there is one thing I cannot stand, its outside interference in a match…

ST: You DO realize it was War Enforcement who cost State of Anarchy their shot at the tag titles right? War Enforcement was eliminated and then came back to screw State of Anarchy of the win, so Jetpack won the contenders match.

KF: OH EM GEE, WHO ARE YOU THE FACT CHECKING POLICE STEVIE? That was like, so long ago, do people even remember it? Besides you I mean. The War Enforcement screw job on me was only two weeks ago, its fresher in peoples memory.

ST: Sooo, you’re bitter that your boyfriend and his partner are getting the chance to get some closure against them?

KF: Wow, just make me sound like the biggest bitch in the world. NO. I’m here to show them I am still State of Anarchys biggest fangirl, look…I even made them cookies…

[Kelly opens the lid to show cookies in the shape of men, decorated to look like Sean and Max. Stevie looks in the box but soon raises her eyebrow.]

ST: Uhhh…Kelly….why do they only have one leg?

[With a frustrated sigh Kelly closes the lid over again.]

KF: Duh, it means break a leg in showbiz…

ST: Probably not the best thing to say to a wrestler before a match though.

KF: Pfft, don’t be so superstitious Stevie. They will love it because who doesn’t love comical cookies made by their number one fan.

[Kelly gives her a big, somewhat creepy smile which can only be compared to the likes of Kathy Bates in Misery.]

KF: Now I’m pretty sure I’ve been going in circles trying to find their locker room here….do you know where my fav boys are at?

[Stevie slowly nods unsure of how to respond to Kelly.]

ST: Down the hall…to the left, third door down.

[Kelly takes a step closer to Stevie, her eyes narrowing.]

KF: Awfully specific there, Stevie…you stalking mah boys?

[Kelly pauses before laughing.]

KF: Just kidding Stevie, you need to loosen up. Better run, chow.

[Kelly scurries down the hall as Stevie is left with a literal “wtf” expression on her face.]

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[The show returns to the ring just as "One Step Beyond" by Madness begins to play. At first, the crowd doesn’t know how to react until Craig Anderson bursts through the curtains with the kind of infectious, excitable energy only he has. The fans cheer even louder when his wife and tag team partner, Jessica, follows after him to grace the stage with her presence.]

TH: The following contest is a tag team match! Introducing first, from Worcester, England, at a combined weight of 130.9 kilos… Craig and Jessica Anderson!

[The arena is abuzz with excitement as the Andersons make their way to the ring. The music eventually fades out, quickly replaced by "Your Betrayal" by Bullet for my Valentine. The energy immediately explodes in passionate jeers. Sam Amos and Vivian Lee take their sweet time to walk out, sly smiles plastered on their faces.]

TH: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 145 kilos… Sam “Infamous” Amos and Vivian Lee!

[Jessica narrows her eyes at her opponents while Craig simply watches them with confidence in his demeanour. Sam and Vivian enter the ring and start taunting them, but the Andersons continue to keep their cool. After each team decides who goes first, the referee signals for the opening bell.]

Tag Team Match
Sam Amos & Vivian Lee vs Craig Anderson & Jessica Anderson


BM: And it looks like we’ve got Sam Amos and Craig Anderson in to start the match while Vivian and Jessica trade some dirty looks.

TR: Well that’s sort of hot though isn’t it? I mean… shut up. They’ve both got a pair of fine upstanding, they ARE a pair of fine upstanding wrestlers! Talent!

BM: You haven’t eaten enough today have you Tats.

[Craig barely waits for the bell before he charges at Sam with a running clothesline, foregoing the usual feeling out period to jump right into the fighting! Sam sidesteps and runs the ropes to the opposite side, leap frogs over Anderson who controls his rebound but stops on a dime and whirls around to drop him with a bulldog! With a grin he flips Amos over and hooks the near leg as the referee slides in to count with a surprised look on his face as he was clearly not ready for this! But he barely even gets a one before Sam kicks out with authority, and looks almost offended that Craig tried to catch him out so quickly, he shoves him off and almost into the referee before he kips up. Craig rolls smoothly to his feet, and dodges a quick dropkick by Sam. Sam lands well and spins around avoiding a spinning heel kick before he grabs Craig by the wrists and spins him once, twice, three times in a 360 Irish whip! Slightly disoriented Anderson comes back off the ropes into the arms of Amos, but manages to get his arms up to deliver a cutter that takes both men to the mat! A corner springboard moonsault gets Craig a round of cheering from the fans and he gets another pin attempt on Sam, this time for two.]

BM: Holy hell these two are after it tonight!

TR: There’s been a lot of bad blood between Craig Anderson, Sam Amos and Vivian Lee… Jessica being a kind of innocent bystander in the whole thing!

[A series of hot tags with both teams follow this opening display by the male halves of each team, quick back and forth keeping both teams fresh. Jessica and Vivian surprise the fans by a series of fast moves and counters, ending with Jessica hitting a standing shiranui on Vivian and getting a two count! Vivian rolls the shoulder up and shoves Anderson off her, before she kips up and shoots the ropes, coming back to grab Jessica by the hair as she stands for a running hair pull facebuster! Craig winces as the fans groan, but Lee only gets a two count herself. As they separate, Jessica scoots faster out of the way as Vivian drops a knee and misses, and Anderson dives to tag in her husband as Vivian rolls to tag in Sam! Craig catches Sam as he enters the ring, and they fight as the fans cheer, finally Anderson gets the upper hand after a one-armed swinging neckbreaker! Craig is in control and slings Sam into the ropes but he grabs the top strand to halt his rebound! Craig shakes his head and pursues, punching Sam then backing up for an Arse Over Tit, the handspring headscissor takedown leaving Amos vulnerable. Craig goes for a pin but gets only two, as Sam gets the shoulder up. Craig starts to argue with the referee a little but this leaves him open as Sam grabs him and slides him right into a fast submission hold as Jessica grabs the top rope and shakes it, trying to cheer her man on.]

BM: Craig’s fighting it, he’s fighting it but no! Sam’s got it locked in!

TR: He’s got it locked in DEEP Craig may have no choice but to tap!

[Craig yells out with the pain as Sam locks in his Famous Amos Shoulder Separator, and torques the Fujiwara armbar hard, he plants his feet but Craig drags them slowly but surely to the ropes. He grabs the bottom strand and Sam just cranks harder, the referee stepping in to warn him to release, but Sam grins wickedly and shakes his head and with no choice the referee starts the count. Sam finally releases and rolls his eyes before coming up to his feet and dusting off his hands while Vivian cheers. Craig falls to the canvas and Sam stomps viciously at him but is told by instantly by the referee to back it up as Anderson is in the ropes. Vivian calls out for Sam to tag her in, and with a grin he fades back to their corner and tags in his lady-love. Vivian pops over the top rope and then shoots the ropes but instead of going after the wobbly Craig she catches Jessica with an elbow causing her to drop and hit the apron in a heap, cradling her jaw, as Craig starts to stir on the opposite side of the ring.]

TR: Things are not looking good for the Andersons tonight at Dawn of the Immortals.

BM: Well I think they underestimated Sam and Vivian’s chemistry as a tag team...

TR: More likely, they just thought the two would cheat and scouted for that and forgot that they actually, you know, wrestle too.

BM: What are you even talking about, Vivian is famous for her wily and against the rules ways!

TR: I think you’re just jealous.

[Vivian catches Craig with an Oklahoma roll, getting a two count before he kicks out with a surprising amount of energy! He kicks free and rolls to his feet, and Lee sends him sailing with an Irish whip. He hits the ropes awkwardly and Jessica slaps his back to make the tag, the referee sees this but Vivian doesn’t, setting Craig up for her bridging straight jacket electric chair drop!]

BM: Jesus Christing Hell how strong is Vivian Lee??

TR: Apparently strong enough to use physics to get Craig Anderson down with Bad Medicine!

[Vivian quickly scrambles to cover Craig, hooking the leg deep, she waits for the three count that never comes! Vivian staggers as she gets to her feet, pissed that the referee refused to count her pin on Craig, as she doesn’t see his foot on the ropes - but Craig isn’t the legal Anderson in this match! Sam shouts to warn his lady but it’s too late, she turns right into Jessica’s Bonne Nuit, the headlock driver taking her down hard! Sam tries to break the pin but Craig even nearly out of it grabs his ankle on instinct and holds him back just long enough!]





TH: And here are your winners… CRAIG & JESSICA ANDERSON!

[I Wish by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. plays as Jessica checks on Craig, helping him up and he realizes they won as the referee raises their hands, and he celebrates with her.]

BM: Craig still a little loopy after Vivian gave him a huge dose of Bad Medicine, but the Andersons prevailed tonight!

TR: That was just terrible, you should really be embarrassed with yourself right now.

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 Posted: May 12 2017, 12:25 PM

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[An overbearing guitar riff begins to play- it can only be "No More Heroes" by the Stranglers, and like a load of Pavlov's Dogs, it prompts super-hardcore-booing as the leader of War Enforcement, Diamond Jack Sabbath, steps out the curtain. He's actually quite cheery as he holds his mic and saunters on down the ramp.]

BM: Oh no.

TR: The championship contender is in the house!

BM: Y'know it makes me sick that's even a thing. Jack's a dangerous man, but he's also an incredibly childish one, as well.

TR: And yet next week he faces off against Angelica Layne and Owen Gonsalves in a triple threat for the IYH Championship.

BM: Because he kept complaining!

TR: Aaaannd? He's British. It's what they do!

[Even when "No More Heroes" has silenced, the booking hasn't. Jack smirks as he soaks it all in and puts his arms out.]

DJS: Everyone should be taking this moment to get a long, hard look at your next IYH Champion!

[The booing is now so loud the deaf can hear it. Jack shrugs as he raises his mic.]

DJS: I feel like I need to get used to saying that. I've been saying it all day long. But being that I was here and I don't really get a chance to jump in there until next week, thought it'd be a great opportunity to come out here and get all of you guys used to it, too! Cos you're gonna have to get used to it. I mean...lets be real, here. It's gonna happen. We all know, lets stop pissing around and stop playing that game where we all pull for our favourites, because nice things like that don't happen in the real world. All it takes is for a magnificent bastard like me- as you'd have me down as being- to come along and ruin your dreams.

In a business full of people trying to be gimmicks, that's mine. I'm the guy who makes it all go away. I've been that ever since the day I laced up my boots. Only recently, I ended the dreams of Smith Jones, who spent so long...oh sooo long and so much effort trying to beat me and rile me up. But after three attempts over the last few years and a two out of three falls match, it was all too much for him. The adorable little cherub couldn't stomach it. Go ask select members of your roster, they were there to see me ruin his dreams in person. He's one of the best that the XWA had to offer, but I am THE Best that place has to offer and everyone knows it. The are struggling without me. I can't main event, so they have to trot a Pikey and a Freak.

[More booing as Jack winks directly to us. He know we're not to the ones watching.]

BM: Jack referencing Emery Layton and Adam Fenric there, the current tag team champions at XWA. Not exactly the most politically-correct description of them, to be honest.

TR: Oh, they've said worse, less-accurate stuff about each other I'm sure but never mind them- Jack's still talking!

DJS: No, instead, I'm here and I promise those guys never ever will be. While I'm here, I'm gonna ruin someone else's dreams instead. I'm gonna ruin all of yours. Oh, don't get me wrong- I don't like Angelica Layne and I don't like Owen Gonsalves. And the people who do...are stupid.

BM: Oh gimme a break...

Angelica doesn't care what you think! She doesn't care what anyone thinks, ever. And that's her biggest problem. You wanna say I have an ego, absolutely, go for it. But I'm honest. Angelica Layne does not think there is a single person in this world that's threatening to her in any way, and that's utterly sad. That's utterly delusional, which is bad coming from me. And Owen, despite his in-ring ability is no different. To honestly walk around, confidently telling everyone that he beat me when I was quite clearly the victim of an incompetent referee's cock-up, is insane. So you've got a delusional champion and an insane person, and you put them in the ring with me and you cheer them over me? Nonononono. You can boo me all you want, you can all call me an egotist and deny my abilities as much as you fancy.

[Jack faces us directly, his horrible, soulless eyes boring into our very minds.]

DJS: I will make it completely clear for you all right now. I am walking out of Dawn of the Immortals as IYH Champion. I will do it in spite of everyone who says I won't do it. Angelica Layne and Owen Gonsalves combined will have to realise that they can't beat me. They do not have what it takes. I never stop and I never tire. You are beneath me in every conceivable way. There is no version of this match that ends with either of you victor over me. I am the In Your House Champion. Get used to saying it, because time is up.

[Cue jeering and "No More Heroes" starting up again, as Sabbath holds his mic out and drops it head-first onto the mat with a loud thump and leaves the ring.]

BM: I can't believe it. He's gloating already and he's not even had the match yet.#

TR: That's confidence. And Sabbath has every reason to be confident, he's a veteran, he knows how this business works and he's won top titles before. This is his dance right here.

BM: All I know is if for some he does win, we wouldn't hear the end of it for a very long time. One can only hope Owen or Angelica can keep it away from him…

[The camera shows Jack exiting through the curtains before the feed cuts to a commercial break.]

user posted image

[The show returns to the arena, just as the lights go down. “Can You Feel My Heart” by Bring Me The Horizon takes over the sound system, with white lights flickering, and it looks like a rave as Serena Maxwell and Raine stomp through the curtains to boos. Only Serena acknowledges the disapproving crowd with a malicious grin while Raine stalks down the ramp with an unreadable expression on his face.]

TH: The following contest is a tag team match! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 170 kilos...”The Unexplainable” Serena Maxwell! “The Silent Assassin” Raine! War Enforcement!

[The fans continue to jeer passionately as the dangerous duo pass by. They enter the ring like predators stalking for prey. The music eventually fades out before “Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against cuts through the noise. The arena immediately explodes in frenzied cheers as Max Thunder and Sean Hazard burst upon the stage. Their collective infectious energy captivates the audience who scream for their attention, reaching out for high-fives. The SoA boys take a side of the ramp each first before switching as they gladly slap hands with the fans.]

TH: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 144 kilos… The team of Max Thunder and Sean Hazard… State of Anarchy!

BM: Wow, listen to the Sydney fans tonight, Tats! So much love for the SoA boys!

TR: And so much tears by the end of the night too, Bry! That's War Enforcement’s promise, I tell you that!

BM: It's gonna be a great fight nonetheless! Let's go, boys!

[Max and Sean leap into the ring, keeping a careful gaze on Serena and Raine who try to intimidate them by stepping too close for comfort. The referee keeps them on separate sides of the ring as the SoA boys continue to interact with the excited crowd. Once done, the referee signals for the opening bell as Serena and Max head to their respective outside corners.]

Tag Team Match
State of Anarchy vs War Enforcement


[Raine and Sean start off with a test of strength, which is won by Raine. Raine pushes him against the turnbuckle, keeping Sean in the corner of the ring. He then delivers a knife-edge chop across the chest, which echoes throughout the building. Sean yells upon connection, but before he has the chance to recover, Raine delivers a second knife-edge chop, which sends Sean stumbling out of the corner and dropping to his knees. This is followed up by a shining wizard, which then leaves him vulnerable to Raine's repeated, vicious stomps to the torso. The referee orders Raine to back off, while Max tries to offer his downed partner some encouragement.]

TR: Raine is really dominating Sean so far!

BM: Thank goodness the referee stepped in. Raine seemed content with continuing to stomp away at Sean Hazard!

[With the weakened Sean barely aware of his surroundings, dragging himself along the canvas, Raine grips onto the back of his wrist and pulls him up, only to immediately take him down with a cross armbreaker. Sean fights through the pain, trying to find a way to reverse the pressure. Raine tightens his grip, causing Sean to yell out in pain once again. Sean looks to his partner, who is willing him on. He grabs hold of Raine's ankle and twists at it, until Raine eventually releases his grip. Raine clutches at his ankle and rolls away from Sean, who begins to slowly make his way towards his corner.]

BM: This could be the opening that Sean needs to make it towards his partner.

TR: He needs to get a move on, then. Because Raine is back up, and he doesn't look best pleased.

[Right on cue, Raine grabs hold of Sean's ankle to pull him away from Max. Sean kicks at Raine's shin, and makes another attempt to make his way towards Max. Again, Raine grabs at his ankle. This time, however, Sean leaps forwards and manages to send both feet into Raine's chest, managing to push him away with a double mule kick. Max breathes a sigh of relief, before barking orders at Sean, almost demanding he make the tag. Sean is more than willing to oblige, taking the opportunity that he had created to tag in his partner. At the same time, Raine had successfully crawled towards Serena, and tagged her in.]

BM: Here we go!

TR: Here are the fresher competitors. An awful lot of damage has been done to Sean, so let's see how well Max fairs on his own!

BM: Well, he's doing pretty well so far...

[Both competitors charge at each other, but Max manages to side-step Serena, which buys him enough time to connect with a bicycle high knee. This drops Serena to the mat, but she isn't down long, as she charges at Max again. This time, Max connects with a corkscrew neckbreaker. Max looks at his partner, who is now on both feet, slowly regaining his bearings. This slight lapse in concentration almost proves costly, as Serena rolls Max into a pin. Max kicks out at two. Max immediately rolls away from the pin and to his feet, before taking Serena down again with a rolling facebuster. Serena gets up once again and gets taken down by a clothesline, but she gets up again almost immediately. Max instinctively clotheslines her again, before climbing to the top rope. He goes for a moonsault double foot stomp, but Serena is able to roll away from the contact, causing Max to land awkwardly and fall backwards.]

BM: Serena managed to get out of the way at the last second.

TR: Hahaha. Max fell over!

BM: Seriously, Tats?

[Max gets up to his feet, as does Serena, and the two charge at each other once more. This time, Serena gains the advantage as she takes Max down with a Lou Thesz Press. Serena delivers multiple forearm smashes to Max's face, before Max manages to kick her away. Max turns towards his partner and gets to his feet, but Serena is the quickest to react, taking him down with a backstabber. Serena bends down to lift Max back up to his feet, but this time it is her being rolled into a pin.]

BM: Max Thunder with the rollup!

TR: Surely not...?




[This time it is Serena kicking out at two, who turns and looks towards Raine. She then looks at Max, grins, and then back to Raine. She goes to tag in Raine, intending to double-team Max, but fails to realise Max tagging in Sean. Sean immediately leaps into the action, having somewhat recovered from the beating he received earlier, and dropkicks Raine off the apron just as Serena was about to make the tag. Serena turns in shock, as Sean takes the fight to her.]

TR: Serena does NOT seem happy about that!

BM: Not at all, but Sean doesn't care. He's right back in this match, and he's ready to go at it!

[Sean backflips, before delivering a kick to Serena's torso. He then connects with a standing shooting star press, before heading up to the top rope. Looking to hit his 630 Senton finisher, The Ultimatum, he takes a final look at Serena, but before he can leap off, Raine jumps up onto the ropes and pushes him forwards. Raine then jumps to the top rope instead, and connects with the Rainedrop, which Serena, who had already got to her feet, quickly follows with the Rising Tide from another corner. She makes the pin on Sean, as the referee drops down to make the count.]





TH: And here are your winners… Raine and Serena Maxwell, WAR ENFORCEMENT!

[Max slides into the ring to break the count, but he arrives just a moment too late as the bell rings. Serena and Raine slide out of the ring, sadistic smiles on the faces as they celebrate their victory.]

BM: As brutal as War Enforcement were tonight, Max and Sean really gave them a run for their money tonight.

TR: Indeed, they put up a fight. But in the end, it is War Enforcement leaving with the victory.

[The camera shows a defeated Max checking on the dazed Sean before it cuts to a commercial break.]

user posted image

[The show returns to the raging fans repeatedly chanting, “In Your House!” The live Sydney crowd is buzzing as they await for the next match to begin, the night has quickly proven to be an incredible one already and IYHWF are far from done. Before they can even regather their bearings, "Blockbuster Night Part I" by Run The Jewels vibrates throughout the Qudos Bank Arena as members of the crowd rise to their feet, some slap along the guardrail to the beat of the song. The sound of the thumping beat resonating throughout the arena creates for a beautiful moment as "Indestructible" Owen Gonsalves pops out from behind the curtain to a pop.]

BM: Well, we heard that Diamond Jack Sabbath had planned on being here tonight but he isn't the only wrestler in the IYHWF Championship match next week that has some things to get off his chest. We don't hear much from young Owen Gonsalves but when we do, it usually has plenty of impact.

TR: A surprise for the fans here tonight,'s a damn shame that the kid is a charisma blackhole!

BM: You know just as well as I do that Owen Gonsalves is as entertaining as they come here in IYH, but he knows now more than ever that Dawn of The Immortals...The IYHWF Championship, is much more than just being entertaining.

[Dressed in his "Southern Cross" T-Shirt (now available on!), with a leather jacket over the top, Gonsalves has a microphone in hand and strides down to the ring, slapping a few fans hands on the way. He ascends up the ring steps, stopping to look out at the Sydney faithful before striding up onto the apron and into the ring. A chant to the tune of Seven Nation Army goes around as the Melbourne native smiles in appreciation, soaking it all in.]


BM: Over the past year, we've really seen Owen come into his own as a wrestler, travelling across the globe to elevate his name. You can hear the results here tonight as the crowd are serenading The High Flyah Messiah!

TR: He's annoying as hell, but credit where credit is due, he's travelled to Germany, all across America, most recently to Japan...The kid is working to make a name for himself.

[Once the chants die down, there's some cheers as Owen acknowledges and thanks the crowd for their welcome before raising the microphone to his lips.]

OG: Sydney is alive and kicking tonnniiight!

[The hushed crowd once again comes unglued as they back up Owen's words by making plenty of noise before once again coming to a hush.]

OG: Let's keep this energy, Sydney...Let's give those men and women in the back all you've got, let them hear you whether you hate their guts or you love every damn thing about them, let them hear it but make no mistake about it, bring this energy next week and I'll make sure you're rewarded for it.

[There's an applause from the crowd as Owen grins and does the universal 'gold around my waist' gesture.]

OG: Now that's not to say that I'm undermining my opponents, I'd be an idiot if I was...Angelica Layne is one of the best wrestlers to step foot in an Australian ring and she's the best wrestler in this company at this point in time.

[The live Sydney crowd give a mixed response for the IYHWF Champion's name, but the diehard Angelica Layne fans break through and start a loud chant once again throughout the arena.]


[Owen acknowledges the chant by pointing the microphone out to the crowd, nodding in agreement before the chants die back down, allowing Owen to speak again.]

OG: And then there's Jackie Boy...

[At the immediate mention of his name, the crowd erupt into jeers as Owen laughs, allowing the crowd to get their opinion out there before continuing on.]

OG: Let's make one thing very clear here, Jack Sabbath is a fantastic bloody wrestler. His kicks caved my chest in, I can't recall how many times I got dumped on my fucking head...DJS is the real deal.

[There's a low monotone jeer from the crowd, displeased with Owen's acknowledgement of the the third man in next week's main event.]

OG: ...But don't get me wrong, he's still a right prick.

[Instantly there's a turn in the crowd, as they pop at Owen's insult before very quickly a "HE'S A RIGHT PRICK" chant vibrates throughout the arena]

OG: Now I have a win over the right prick, it wasn't they way I wanted to win but I know for a damn fact that if it were the other way around Jack would go on and on about it, he would be hold it over my head. So that's why next weekend, I fix that. I fix that by caving HIS chest in and dumping him on HIS head and at the end of the night, my win over him is going to be definitive...but I won't hold the win over his head, no...I'll just hold the In Your House Wrestling Federation Championship high over my head.

[Owen slowly raises a fist up in the air as he looks dead into the hard camera.]

OG: I have been working for 9 years to get to a moment like this and I will be damned if I let Diamond Jack Sabbath OR Angelica Layne walk out of this arena as champion. I have worked too damn hard to let this moment slip and I promise you, Sydney...I promise you that the most prestigious belt in this country will not be in the hands of an American and it won't be in the hands of an English wanker, no matter how good they are...They'll both learn just the same that Owen Gonsalves is the man on fire, the High Flyah Messiah, the breaker of wrists, the Submission Alchemist, the Technical Spectacle...Australia's favourite son...

[The crowd is well behind the challenger and the mention of being Australia's favourite son causes for a roar from the crowd before allowing Owen to continue, he's all fired up and with a grin on his face he finishes off his spiel.]

OG: ...and your next IYHWF Champion. Angie, Jackie Boy...You'll learn all that next weekend, but among all you'll learn that Owen Gonsalves WILL NOT BE...

[Gonsalves pauses and walks all the way up to a ringside camera, sitting down in front of it as the crowd chant out the final word in the catchphrase.]

OG: ...destroyed.

[And with that "Blockbuster Night Part I" pumps throughout the arena as Owen slowly rolls out of the ring and begins to back his way up the ramp, slapping hands with some fans. The challenger is as focused and ready as ever. The feed cuts to a commercial break.]

user posted image

[The feed returns to the ring as loud “In Your House!” chants repeat and echo through the arena.]

TH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and it is a fatal four way ladder match! And it’s for the Proving Grounds championship!

[“Glass Table Tops” by The Weeknd takes over the sound system. Joey Miles makes his entrance, to a lukewarm reception with some boos from the crowd.]

TH: Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, USA, weighing in at 88.5 kilos… Joey “180” Miles!

[After entering the ring, Joey raises his arms proudly in the air. The music cuts as “Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion starts playing around the arena. Shawn Fox appears from behind the curtains, to the welcoming cheers from the fans. He flashes them a winning smile before making his way down the ramp.]

TH: The next competitor, from San Diego, California, USA, weighing in at 90 kilos…Shawn Fox!

[Shawn raises a confident fist to the crowd, prompting cheers to break out. The music then fades out as “Bitchcraft” by The Electric Hellfire Club. Jeers ring out through the arena even before Iris Black emerges onstage with a black hood over her head. Throwing back the hood, Iris grins maliciously at the crowd to reveal ember eyes that seem to glow in the arena’s lights.]

TH: Introducing next, from Kildare, Ireland, weighing in at 54 kilos… She is Miss Bitchcraft, Iris Black!

[As Iris enters the ring, Shawn gives her a respectful distance while Joey remains in his solitary corner with nothing but an irritated glare. Iris smirks at her opponents in predator-like manner before the music dies down. “First World Anarchist” by The Dollyrots punches through the air, exciting the crowd. The fans cheer as Kelsey Spencer bursts through the curtains with the Proving Grounds championship gleams from her waist.]

TH: And the final competitor, from The Gold Coast, weighing in at 56 kilos… She is the Blue Thunder, and the Proving Grounds champion, Kelsey Spencer!

BM: Woo, the most anticipated match of the evening!

TR: All I care about is ladders and mayhem, Bry! This shit’s gonna be awesome! Good call by bossman to make it a fatal four way.

BM: Four competitors but only one will walk out the Proving Grounds champ!

[Kelsey slides into the ring and raises the title belt high above her head towards the screaming crowd. She flashes them a beaming smile before turning to show off her title to her opponents. Only Iris and Joey seem to take offense as they snarl back at her while Shawn looks coolly at her. The referee receives the Proving Grounds title and holds it up for all in attendance to see before handing it over for safekeeping. Then the referee exits the ring to signal for the opening bell.]

In Your House Proving Grounds Championship
Fatal Four Way Ladder Match
Kelsey Spencer© vs Iris Black vs Shawn Fox vs Joey Miles


[Right off the bat, all four competitors clash in the middle of the ring in a flurry of punches and kicks. Iris and Joey aim for a beatdown on Kelsey but Shawn is quick to make things even. Annoyed, Joey refocuses his efforts on Shawn as they engage in a furious exchange of forearm shots. Easily the biggest of the four, Shawn escapes Joey’s side headlock attempt and tosses him to the other side. On the rebound, Joey cleverly hooks his arms around the ring ropes as Shawn goes for a missed dropkick. Without missing a beat, Joey chases after Shawn who rolls back up to his feet and doubles him over with a stiff knife edge chop across the chest. Shawn staggers back, wincing. The crowd gasps in commiseration as Joey follows it up with another chest chop.]

BM: This match is off to a fantastic start — Iris and Joey were gunning for the current Proving Grounds champion from the get go. Shawn could have easily let that happen and hang back while they wear each other out but he didn’t. Instead, he went right into the action.

TR: Well normally I’d critiqued that in a fatal four way battle like this, it would be the wiser option to let your opponents tire themselves out before swooping in for the kill and win. But Shawn’s making a statement here by immediately getting involved because he’s been the least vocal about the match. Meanwhile, all the others have made it damn clear their goals and intentions going into the fight.

[Joey proceeds to take down Shawn with a snap DDT before pushing him out of the ring through the bottom rope. Shawn falls on the outside with a loud thud, prompting fans in the front row to stand and check to see if he’s okay. While Shawn recovers, Joey slips to the outside as well to get a ladder and carries it back into the ring.]

BM: And Joey just tossed Shawn right out of the ring after that snap DDT.

TR: Joey’s a man on a mission. He wants that title so badly!

[Meanwhile, Iris and Kelsey have worn each other down with a fierce exchange of punches in the corner. By this time, Kelsey has regained control with a vicious flying forearm smash that has Iris’ head whiplashing upon impact. Iris nearly collapses as she staggers out of the corner, dazed. Kelsey catches Iris with a pendulum backbreaker, prompting cheers from the Sydney crowd. That’s when Joey charges at Kelsey with the ladder in his hands, but the defending champion is quick to dodge it before running past him. After bouncing off the ropes, Kelsey gains the momentum for an effective dropkick that lands Joey on his knees as he drops the ladder. Both snap back to vertical base, with Joey charging at Kelsey who catches him with a Japanese arm drag. While Joey recovers, Kelsey grabs the ladder and sets it up in the centre. The crowd pushes Kelsey on with supportive chants as she climbs the ladder.]

BM: There goes Kelsey to the top! Will she retain her championship?

TR: The night’s still young, mate!

[As Kelsey reaches for the Proving Grounds title hanging over the ring, Joey springs to his feet to chase after her. At the top, Joey starts throwing punches. With the crowd totally behind her now, Kelsey fights back with vigour. While they continue to trade shots, Shawn is back in the ring with another taller ladder, simply sets it up next to them and begins climbing to bypass them. This amuses most fans as the crowd chants rise for Shawn but they get cut short when Iris returns to the picture, with a smile that’s made more evil with those red contacts. Shawn looks down and yells ‘no’ from the top as Iris proceeds to shove his ladder with all her might. Doing so also topples the other ladder, causing Kelsey and Joey to join Shawn in a great fall to the mat. The crowd jumps to their feet, stunned at the carnage at Iris’ feet.]

BM: And just like that, Iris brings the match to a show-stopping halt! She took out all three of her opponents in one fell swoop!

TR: Man, the bitchcraft is real!!!

[Seeing a clear path to victory, Iris sets up a ladder in the centre and climbs. The fans are in disbelief at this point, shaking their heads in disapproval. Iris reaches the top and is about to grab the Proving Grounds title when Shawn starts climbing after her. Iris turns her attention to Shawn and throws down the first punch on him before lashing out more shots in excited succession. With a new surge of life, Shawn retaliates with an uppercut and smashes her face into the steel top of the ladder. Iris slumps over in a momentary daze before voluntarily stepping down to a lower rung and off the ladder, falling onto the mat. As Iris slowly pushes herself up, Shawn goes after her with foot stomps. Shawn picks up Iris when she starts fighting back with punches to his midsection. Shawn backs off but Iris continues to pursue him with more stiff shots. Iris looks to irish whip Shawn to the ropes when he counters with a short-arm body kick. Shawn goes for another roundhouse kick to the body but Iris catches his leg, prompting him to counter again with a well-timed enzuigiri. Iris rolls out of the ring upon impact. Sensing an opportunity, Shawn flies off the top rope with a somersault senton onto Iris. The crowd goes wild at the sight.]

BM: Shawn taking a high risk with that somersault senton out of the ring!

TR: What the hell was he thinking?! Not only will that keep Iris down for a while, but himself too!

BM: It’s the main event, Tats! AND for the Proving Grounds title! Everyone’s giving their all!

[Meanwhile, Joey sets up a ladder in the corner. Kelsey turns him around for a stiff forearm shot. They begin trading shots and not before long, Joey snatches control with a staggering european uppercut before tossing her face first into the ladder he has set up earlier. Kelsey writhes on the mat in pure agony, clutching her face.]

BM: Oof! Kelsey just got her face rammed in with that ladder!

TR: Steel, meet Kelsey!!! Joey’s turning up the heat, the champ better keep up if she wanna retain her title!

[Iris and Shawn are back on their feet, just barely. With Iris leaning against the announcers table, Shawn charges at her for a clothesline that topples her backwards and onto the table top. Shawn climbs onto the table, prompting excited cheers from the fans. Iris tries to fight back as Shawn sets her up in his Go Fox Yourself finisher, but he quickly silences her with a hard knee into her gut. Iris howls in pain and collapses on her knees, clutching her midsection. Shawn raises her up to set her up again, but Iris persists in keeping her other arm free and finally reverses with a quick steparound behind him. As Shawn turns around, Iris nails his face with a spinning kick. Shawn falls sideways and rolls off the table, much to the crowd’s surprise. Looking anguished, Shawn rolls further towards the ring to get some distance before struggling to pull himself up. Once Shawn barely gets to his feet, Iris leaps off the table to take him down again with a stunning display of her diving corkscrew stunner finisher, Bitchcraft. Both crash upon impact. Iris arches her back on the landing, frozen in temporary agony. They lie in a heap on the hard floor, barely moving. The fans start repeatedly chanting “holy shit!”]

TR: Holy shit is right! Iris just snapped Shawn’s neck with the Bitchcraft from our table!

BM: But that landing also took a toll on Iris! That’s gotta affect her for the rest of the match too.

[Back inside the ring, Joey has already started climbing up a ladder towards the Proving Grounds championship belt. With all her strength, Kelsey makes a desperate run for Joey, striking his lower back with a forearm shot. Joey arches his back in pain as he clutches his body. Yet Joey continues to climb further, his fingers just inches from grabbing the coveted prize.]

BM: Even with Kelsey battering away on his lower back, Joey’s just determined to grab that title belt!

TR: Joey’s so close though! We could have a new champ right now!

[But this time Kelsey strikes Joey’s back again with the other ladder, forcing him down a rung and stop to recover. Kelsey then carefully sets up her ladder next to him and climbs up, determined to meet him at the top. Joey desperately pulls himself up further while throwing a couple of elbow shots to throw off Kelsey. Kelsey retaliates with her own elbows, leaving Joey to sprawl over the two ladder tops. With fire in her eyes, Kelsey proceeds to climb over Joey and sets up his legs for her Texas cloverleaf finisher, Kelsey Cloverleaf. Joey immediately screams in agony with nowhere to escape while the fans go wild in excitement.]

BM: Kelsey Cloverleaf on the ladder!!! Joey’s in his worst nightmare right now!!!

TR: What the fffff!!!!

BM: If Kelsey grabs that title after this, what a defense this would be! Joey’s got nowhere to go!!

[It’s at this point that Iris has made her way back into the ring. Iris carefully climbs up the ladders and looks to bypass them, cleverly keeping herself behind Kelsey’s back. All the while, Joey struggles in the submission hold.]

BM: Oh wait! This is Iris’ chance to snatch that title! Right from under Kelsey’s nose!

TR: Or over her head, ya know??!!

[As Iris reaches for the Proving Grounds title, Joey starts yelling at them to fuck off. Sensing something’s amiss, Kelsey lets go of Joey and turns to find Iris struggling to grab the title. Kelsey and Iris now trade shots at the top of the ladder which wobbles dangerously under the combined weight of all three competitors. Iris manages to throw a solid jab that forces Kelsey to escape down to the mat. Iris turns to Joey next who somehow manages to hang onto the ladder where Kelsey used to be and find his footing on it. Feeling super confident, Iris proceeds to swing a huge punch but Joey ducks. Iris nearly loses her balance as the ladder wobbles again. With a final burst of strength, Joey strikes Iris’ throat with his superkick finisher, Sudden Death Superkick. Iris crushes onto the mat, along with the ladder and an exhausted Joey.]

BM: Sudden Death Superkick off the ladder!!! Iris is out!!!

TR: Timberrrrrr!!!!

BM: So much is happening right now! You just can’t take your eyes off matches like this! One second someone’s at the top trying to retrieve the belt, the next second they get knocked off the ladder!

TR: It’s a beautiful chaos, Bry! And this is a perfect match type for the Proving Grounds championship — so many competitors reaching for it but only one gets to walk away with it tonight!!!

[With one good ladder still standing, Kelsey struggles to adjust its position before slowly climbing up. The crowd is once again on their feet, just bursting with nervous excitement.]

BM: Kelsey once again climbing to the top — this could be it!!!

TR: Iris and Joey are still down! Clear skies for Kelsey!

[Shawn rolls into the ring and quickly gets to Kelsey to pull her off the ladder. Kelsey kicks him away but Shawn keeps coming back with punches before she finally relents. Shawn irish whips Kelsey into the corner and charges after her, but she dives out of the way, leaving him to crash into the turnbuckles. Kelsey then rushes Shawn who ducks and hits the ropes. On the rebound, they both collide into each other with a double clothesline. They take their time to recover.]

BM: What a tough battle this has been so far and now we’re back at zero with all four competitors down on the mat.

TR: It’s gonna take a toll on you physically whether you like it or not, and no matter how much you want to win. This is when the story changes. You’ve gotta dig deep if you wanna stay in the fight!

[Meanwhile, Joey drags himself to the ladder but struggles with the climb, his legs clearly still feeling the effects of Kelsey’s submission finisher. Kelsey is first to get to Joey who gives him a solid boot to the face. Clutching his face, Kelsey staggers backwards and Shawn takes her down with a jumping roundhouse kick. Joey drags himself up another rung of the ladder. Shawn now goes after Joey next who again delivers another hard kick. As Shawn falls out of the way, Joey is free to reach up for the Proving Grounds title. The fans jeer at the sight of the end just inches away.]

BM: Now it’s Joey’s turn to reach for the title. He’s hurting but he’s still moving.

TR: Too bad time isn’t on anyone’s side. He's gotta work faster than that before someone gets up!

[But before Joey can properly grasp the championship belt, Shawn crawls back into the picture and pulls up the ladder’s feet. With the aid of Joey’s weight, the ladder easily topples over and throws him right out of the ring. The crowd goes berserk.]

BM: And now it’s Shawn who’s tossing out the competition!

TR: That’s a HUGE fall Joey took! Holy shit!

BM: The officials are checking on him. Is he even moving anymore??

TR: Yeah he is, just barely though. But damn, he can’t have much left after that, right?

[Shawn fixes the ladder back to the centre and slowly begins to climb while Kelsey pulls herself up. As Shawn struggles to reach for the Proving Grounds title, Kelsey sets up the other ladder not too close to him, climbs it and goes for a flying dropkick to hit Shawn’s ladder. The ladder falls over, sending Shawn flying into the ropes and crashing inside the ring. Kelsey lands hard next to him on the canvas.]

BM: The amount of recklessness at the moment is scaring me. Kelsey with a risky dropkick to knock Shawn off the ladder!

TR: Good on the defending champ! That’s gotta pay off in some way!

[Back in action, Iris climbs up the good ladder towards the Proving Grounds title. But the ladder is out of position, forcing Iris to reach far out for the belt. Kelsey climbs up on the other side of the ladder to stop Iris. The two competitors start trading shots until Iris grabs Kelsey’s throat in a chokehold, her eyes widening in fury. Kelsey tries desperately to break Iris’ death grip.]

BM: Uh oh, meet the former champ!

TR: And she’s oh so furious right now!

[With newfound energy, Kelsey fights back but it’s short-lived as Iris retaliates by smashing her face into the steel top of the ladder and shoves her off the ladder. As Kelsey crashes down below, Iris shoves her down onto the mat before climbing up further for the Proving Grounds title that’s almost within reach.]

BM: Iris just pushed Kelsey off the ladder!

TR: Will we see the former champ reclaim her title?!!

[By this time, Joey has returned to the ring with a steel chair in hand. Joey limps over to Iris and swings the chair hard into Iris’ lower back. The sickening sound reverberates through the arena, causing everyone in attendance to cringe. But Joey doesn’t stop there as he attacks Iris once more. Iris sways dangerously on the ladder but manages to hold her balance and grip. Joey drops the chair and yanks Iris off the ladder. With malicious intent, Joey proceeds to set up the chair in the corner before pulling Iris to her feet. Joey irish whips Iris to the corner, sending her crashing head first through the chair. The impact leaves Iris slumped in the corner.]

BM: This match just got more violent with Iris crashing head first through the chair in the corner! Ugh, look at that sick smile on Joey’s face! He’s enjoying this!

TR: Of course he is! He’s in it to win and become the new champ!!

[Turning around, Joey sees Shawn gunning for him and prepares to fire up his superkick finisher but to the crowd’s relief, Shawn manages to dodge it and counter with a lariat takedown. While Joey recovers, Shawn plucks the chair from the corner and places it down on the mat. Shawn drags Joey onto the folded chair and takes several steps back for a running senton on Joey. The impact leaves Joey crushed as he rolls over and out of the ring, clutching his back in agony. Shawn takes his time to catch his breath.]

BM: Shawn with an effective running senton on Joey!

TR: Smart of him to use the chair and add more damage.

[With both men now down, there’s no stopping Kelsey’s climb to victory at this point as she takes her time to set up the ladder. Nearly there, Kelsey gets stopped by Shawn from behind. The two competitors give their all in their forearm shots exchange, determined to keep the other down. Kelsey manages to stay on the ladder as she turns around to rain down punches on Shawn. Before, the crowd was solely supporting Kelsey but by now, they’re split down the middle as chants for both competitors break out through the arena. The atmosphere has truly grown electric as Shawn seems to grow weaker and weaker with each shot by Kelsey.]

BM: Kelsey’s just on fire right now! Her spirit is unbreakable!

TR: Wow, does anything faze her??

[But as soon as Kelsey turns back around to continue her climb, Shawn returns to life with a stiff shot to her lower back and pulls her down for a fireman’s carry on his shoulders. Kelsey tries to hold onto the ladder but Shawn is stronger and manages to peel her off the ladder. Kelsey also tries to fight back but again, Shawn manages to keep his composure long enough to take her down with his fireman’s carry double knee gutbuster finisher, Fox What You Heard. The fans burst in excitement and shock.]

BM: Fox What You Heard!!! Shawn just took down Kelsey!!!

TR: Kelsey may have been on fire earlier, but Shawn’s on a whole
‘nother level!

BM: New champ??!!!!

[With every last bit of strength, Shawn pulls himself up and begins climbing his way to the Proving Grounds championship belt. None of the other competitors are making any more attempt to stop him, giving him a clear path to victory. Shawn reaches for the coveted gold and finally retrieves it in his grasp. The arena explodes in cheers.]


TH: And here’s your winner… AND NEW Proving Grounds champion, Shawn Fox!

[“Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion blasts from the sound system as the fans break out in more excitement for the new champion. With a huge smile on his face, Shawn raises the Proving Grounds title proudly over his head before collapsing on his knees out of exhaustion.]

BM: Congrats, Shawn! What a match!!

TR: I know right?!! Shawn was the sleeper competitor of this crazy fucking battle. Did anyone even expect him to come out on top?

BM: Don’t forget, Tats! It’s been a wild journey for Shawn ever since he left the tag team scene. But it’s definitely clear now that he’s as good a single competitor, if not better!

TR: Guess it isn’t too bad of a way to leave this season, huh?

BM: Not at all! But first, we’ve still got one more night of Dawn of the Immortals action next week so remember to catch us then! You don’t wanna miss if Murphy’s Law and Angelica Layne would retain their respective championships or not, if Gordon Fury retires Blyss Lockhart and what happens when Cheesecake and Nick Redfield face off one on one! As always, I am “The Voice of the House” Brian Morris, here with Tats Richardson. We will see you all next week for Night 2 of Dawn Of The Immortals! Goodnight!

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