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 Ground 'n Pound
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 09:12 PM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from inside of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, signifying the opening of Ground ‘n Pound! The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Perth Arena where all three championships will be on the line! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson. We’ve got Iris Black defending the Proving Grounds championship against her friend Connie Craven, Jetpack with the In Your House Tag Team championship against the ever wicked Murphy’s Law, and perhaps the most anticipated fight of the night, Angelica Layne with the In Your House championship against Matt Stone in an “I Quit” match! Whew! They’re all going to be quite the battle, aren’t they?

Tats Richardson: Speaking of battle, the SBYA sisters have been hot on Kelsey Spencer’s heels since attacking her partner and best friend Annabel Lee backstage. Annabel can’t be here tonight so Kelsey will be taking on Shojo Beat Your Ass in a handicap match! She’s either crazy or so dead!

BM: Unless she finds a replacement tag partner! Bossman Cryptic has allowed Kelsey a chance to do it if she wants to.

TR: She’d better! SBYA don’t seem the type to simply play around. They attacked Annabel for a very specific reason, it seems.

BM: We’ll see soon enough. More tonight, Kelly Fury will be facing off Cheesecake as well after weeks of nothing but animosity towards each other. The final straw was when Cheesecake interfering with Kelly’s match against Sam Amos last week and deliberately costing her a possible win.

TR: I don’t know about you, Bry, but Kelly’s gonna show what ‘fury’ really means tonight ‘cause Gordon Fury will be in friendly competition with Owen Gonsalves. Nevertheless, the fans will be in for a treat with those two in the ring together. Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!!

[The crowd cheers, breaking out in similar chants.]

TR: Fuck yeah!

BM: We’ve definitely come a long way, Tats! And what’s a better way to open the show tonight than with the IYH Rampage Battle Royal? 12 wrestlers are pitted against one another for a true moment of glory. Diamond Jack Sabbath, Joey Miles, Nate Gloria, Ken Nagasaki, Vivian Lee, Craig Anderson and more! Who will win? Stay tuned to find out!

TR: But first, we’ve got word backstage so let’s get this show on the road!

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[We switch to the backstage area where we see that Krissy has arrived at the arena with her manager Veronica Chandler who is pulling their luggage behind her. Krissy on the other hand is pulling what appears to be a trolly cart that has some boxes stacked up on it. She is walking slowly while looking around. She spots a stagehand and walks over to him.]

KS: Excuse me sir but do you know where i can find the locker room of Kelly Flurries?

[He looks at her like she is nuts.]

Stagehand 1: Sorry never heard of her. You sure she works her?


[The stagehand quickly makes his leave as Krissy stares daggers through him.]

VC: Just forget it Krissy. Leave that crap here and lets get ready for your debut.


[They continue walking backstage till them come across another Stagehand.]

KS: Excuse me ma'am but do you know where i can find the locker room of Kelly Flurries?

[Again Krissy is meant with a look of confusion.]

Stagehand 2: Sorry never heard of her. You sure you have the right place?

[Krissy stares daggers through her and starts to growl until Veronica steps in.]

VC: Don’t mind her. She needs a snickers as she is not herself when hungry.

[Krissy continues on getting more upset as time goes on until she comes across Stevie Trelain.]

KS: Excuse me but do you know where i can find Kelly Flurries?

ST: Kelly Furries? Never heard of her. Hmm do you mean Kelly Fury? Because i do know of her?

[Krissy thinks for a moment.]

KS: Well my friend Ashley describes her as Blonde, Nice Ass who loves pudding.

[Stevie laughs.]

ST: Yup that is Kelly Fury. Her locker room is just down the hall on the right.

[Krissy eyes light up and she quickly makes her way there and knocks on the door before going inside but Kelly is nowhere to be found so Krissy finds Kelly’s locker and then opens the boxes she was pulling behind her and starts to take out containers of TAPIOCA pudding and starts setting them up in a nice display inside Kelly’s locker. Once she is done she takes a note out of one of the boxes that says.]

Dear Kelly,

Thought might like a little taste of
Home so here is your supply of
Your favorite pudding.

Your Bestie, Ashley Chase

[Krissy puts the note on top of the pudding display and smiles at a job well done.]

VC: Good you did your good deed for AMC. Now can we go to OUR locker room and prepare for this battle royal? We have 11 other people in that match and i would like you to be prepared for it. So what you say we prepare for the match?

[Krissy who is all smiles now.]

KS: Of course. My job here is done and Ashley will be happy. But between you and me I think Tapioca pudding is nasty. How Kelly can eat that is beyond me. Oh hey did you know that they have a wrestler named Cheesecake here? I love cheese cake. Bet she is delicious and that is why she is called that huh?

[Veronica rests her head in her hands.]

VC: Sure thing Krissy. I am sure that is why she calls herself that. Can we go!

[Veronica grabs Krissy by the arm and pulls her out Kelly’s locker room as the scene fades out.]


[Music pours from the opening door of a locker room, then out steps the curvy and stacked form of In Your House Wrestler Vivian Lee, she suddenly squeaks, goes up on tiptoes in her thigh-high suede boots then she laughs as she turns just slightly, the reason for her actions clear as Sam Amos comes out of the room behind her and plants a hand on her backside. He looks more than ready to wrestle in his gear as well and she moves just enough so she’s not away from that hand but she can reach up and brush her fingers over his bangs.]

VL: There’s just too much handsome for me to handle in this hallway, Mr. Infamous.

[A fairly sassy smile comes to her lips as she winks at him.]

VL: That’s a fib, though because I handled it just fine, I’d have to say.

SA: Handled, hmm? Maybe next time I’ll up my game to about 50%. Then we’ll see who can handle what around here.

[Vivi scoffs a bit before she reaches to take him by the hand and move out of the doorway. A devious expression crosses her face as she lowers her voice.]

VL: Come on, I’ve got an idea and then we can see about that whole upping your game business.

[Sam follows along as Vivi takes him by the hand and moves out into the corridor. Once down the hall, Vivi stops Sam at a concessions stand. IYHWF merchandise is on full-display, both behind and sprawled out along the table in an orderly fashion. Fans surrounding the table recognize Vivian Lee right away but don’t yet know of the man with her.]

SA: So, what’s your idea exactly, beautiful?

[She smiles brilliantly at the fans who respond a lot more to her looks than her behavior in ring might suggest they would, going so far as to pose for a few ‘selfies’ but making sure that Sam’s right with her in each one. She cuts them off after a bit and shows Sam the table, which much to the consternation of the man staffing it she is currently in process of rearranging.]

VL: We, my darling, are going to get a few things on the right path and we’re going to start with this.

[She grins and slips the table attendant a folded bill which makes him far happier about what’s going on, and she moves Sam’s new shirts to the front of the table in the prime center spot.]

VL: I mean look how awesome this is!

[She held up one of his shirts, draped over her generous chest.]

VL: Everyone needs to have one of these shirts, really… check this out!

[She hands the one in her possession to Sam for a moment then strikes a bit of a pose as she pulls her own t-shirt off, exposing her lacy red bra to the astonishment of the lucky fans, then takes the shirt and puts in on, making a whole show out of it. As expected, the fans start clamouring for the very item she’s modeling and she winks at Sam.]

VL: See?

[Sam, meanwhile, can’t stop staring at Vivi’s chest. After a few moments of gawking over her, Sam finally comes to, noticing that she is wearing one of his Infamous T-shirts.]

SA: I’d say that I look good damn good on you, girl.

[The fans surrounding them all seem to agree that Vivian is damn fine no matter what she puts on.]

SA: I mean, everyone should be wearing my face on their chest -- but if I had to choose, I’m already a winner as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got the best chest… I mean, damn, finest ass hottie wearin’ my shit right now.

[Vivian grins at this and moves to kiss his cheek at first then shakes her head and gives him a much better one, knowing that would get a fast repost on some of the internet fan sites. She steps back and grins out at the fans.]

VL: This is the guy, you’re going to want to watch In Your House for, mark my words. He’s the only guy I’d model merch for so you know he’s something hot!

[She squeezes his fingers as she takes his hand and nudges him with her shoulder.]

VL: Now, about that whole upping your game thing…

[Sam looks across at Vivi, grinning.]

SA: I’m not sure what else I can do. Dealin’ with ring rust is one thing, but all I gotta do this time is throw a bunch of losers out over the top rope, and those babies will start sellin’ like hotcakes. Then we’ll be rich… and then we can buy this place and recreate it in our image. That’s just gonna take time, though, baby.

[She slips her arm around his waist after releasing his hand and returns the ‘favor’ from earlier with a grin on her face.]

VL: Well it’s like the song says baby - time is on our side.

user posted image

[The feed returns to the fans around the arena repeatedly chanting “In Your House!” The 12 wrestlers competing in the battle royal opener are already inside the ring, just raring to go. The lone referee stands outside the ring, alongside Tommy Henderson as he makes his announcement.]

TH: The opening contest is the In Your House Rampage Battle Royal! It is an over-the-top-rope elimination match, and both feet must touch the floor to be eliminated. The final remaining competitor will be declared the winner!

[The crowd bursts into cheers while the wrestlers start to get more restless, eyeing one another suspiciously. The referee signals for the opening bell.]

In Your House Rampage
12-Person Battle Royal Match
Ace Sky vs Sam Amos vs Nate Gloria vs Diamond Jack Sabbath vs Ken Nagasaki vs Craig Anderson vs Joey Miles vs Jessica Anderson vs Krissy vs Momo vs Wendy House vs Vivian Lee


[As soon as the bell rings, chaos ensues. The competitors break off in various spots around the ring, either trading punches or grappling for control. Joey has Jack in the corner, trying to lift him up over the ropes. Jack kicks him in the face and lands safely back inside the ring. Jack goes for multiple body kicks, forcing Joey to stagger back. Nate joins the fray, turning Joey around for punches before taking him down with an exploder suplex. Jack runs the ropes and runs down Nate with a huge bicycle kick. The smack is heard loud around the arena, prompting a collective gasp from all in attendance.]

BM: An explosive start to the battle royal tonight!

TR: It’s a huge opportunity to showcase what you’ve got, Bry, and everyone wants some of that limelight!

[Meanwhile, Sam and Ace are trading kicks before trying to lift each other over the ropes. Ace manages to counter Sam with a snapmare and bounces off the ropes for a running flying meteora, knocking Sam down on the mat. Vivian comes to Sam’s aid with a sleeper hold on Ace, forcing him to drop to his knees. Slowly pulling himself up, Sam then contributes to the 2-on-1 assault with multiple shoot kicks to Ace’s chest. Ace defends himself in vain before fading in Vivian’s grasp.]

BM: A sleeper hold AND shoot kicks to the chest? What a nightmare for Ace!

TR: Sam and Vivian are just trying to keep him grounded -- which is pretty smart!

[Just as Sam gears up for another kick, Momo grabs him and starts throwing punches. Sam retaliates and a heated exchange ensues between them. Sam hits Momo with a short-arm kick to the midsection, doubling her over in pain. As Momo straightens herself up, Sam aims a roundhouse body kick but she catches his leg. Sam tries to counter with a high roundhouse kick this time but Momo manages to duck in time. Sam lands face first on the mat and Momo picks up his leg again before damaging it with a reverse dragon screw. The crowd goes “ooh!” Clutching his knee, Sam rolls around in pain.]

BM: Momo with a brutal reverse dragon screw! That’s got to affect Sam from here on out!

TR: Momo showing a little fire!

[By this time, Vivian has released an unconscious Ace to go after Momo with punches. Pulling Momo’s hair now, Vivian tosses her into the nearest corner and starts throwing more punches. Momo fights back with a back elbow and a middle kick. Vivian staggers back, clutching her stomach, but then returns with a vengeance as she pokes Momo in the eyes. Vivian then takes advantage with a running hair pull facebuster. The crowd voices their utmost displeasure with passionate jeers.]

BM: Really? Eye-poking?

TR: Whatever it takes to get an opening!

[While Vivian starts lifting Momo over the top rope in an attempt to eliminate her, Craig takes down Ken with an over-the-shoulder cutter just as Joey drops Jack with a DDT, connecting with a guillotine choke on the landing. Jack frantically struggles to escape. Joey cranks up the pressure on the hold, looking pretty determined to choke him out.]

BM: Joey with the guillotine choke on Jack right now!

TR: Let’s be honest, Jack’s lucky he’s not trying to Boobplex him.

[On the other side of the ring, Wendy knocks down Jessica with a running shoulder block. As Jessica pulls herself up, Wendy grabs her to toss her over the ropes. Wendy thinks Jessica’s eliminated, but she manages to land safely on the ring apron. As Wendy takes a moment to celebrate, Krissy irish whips her to the corner then charges at her for an enzuigiri. Clutching her head, Wendy staggers out of the corner. Krissy connects with a german suplex before turning her sights on Momo. Krissy takes down Momo with a german suplex, prompting cheers from the crowd. Excitement in the air grows as Krissy scouts Jessica who has returned inside the ring. Doubling over Jessica with a kick, Krissy then wraps her arms around her waist from behind, looking for a third consecutive german suplex. But Jessica grabs Krissy’s head and counters in midair with a standing shiranui. With pumped-up fists, the fans cheer at the surprise turn of events.]

BM: What a maneuver by Jessica! Now that’s impressive!

TR: Ohhh and that looked painful, Vivian back in the mix!

[Vivian attacks Jessica with a forearm smash to the back of her head. As they trade shots, Wendy pulls up Krissy and starts throwing right hands. Wendy irish whips Krissy to the corner. As Krissy sinks to the mat, Wendy charges at her for a bronco buster. The crowd looks on with amusement. Wendy backs off and pulls up Krissy to toss her out of the ring. Krissy lands awkwardly on the floor as Wendy starts celebrating again. Momo returns to the scene with a flying elbow smash, knocking Wendy down to the mat. Dazed, Wendy slowly pulls herself up when Momo throws her out of the ring. Wendy lands next to Krissy in shock, holding the side of her head.]

BM: Oh wow the look on Wendy and Krissy’s faces right now! That’s sheer shock!

TR: But not quite as shocking as what’s happening in the ring right now, ouch!

[At the same time, Ace is perched atop a turnbuckle and Vivian yanks his leg to trip him. Ace drops on the top rope, hurting his groin. Sam then throws him out of the ring with a clothesline, eliminating him. Vivian and Sam exchange high-five’s.]

BM: Well I guess the couple that slays together stays together?

TR: That’s bad, even for you. Be ashamed.

[While Joey now focuses on pushing Momo over the ropes, Jessica charges up the corner for a springboard moonsault to land on Vivian and Sam. But Vivian gets the brunt of the impact, allowing Sam to pick himself up. Sam yanks Jessica to her feet by the hair, yelling in her face. Jessica tries to fight back with punches when Sam releases her to deliver a brutal body kick. Jessica drops to the mat, clutching her side. Sam checks on Vivian before setting up Jessica in a tree of woe position. As Vivian chokes out Jessica with her boot, Sam starts charging at Jessica. But before Sam can reach her, he gets tackled from the side by Craig. Craig pummels Sam with multiple forearm shots to the head. Craig then backs off to toss Sam into the opposite corner before charging after him. Sam counters with a back elbow, forcing Craig to stagger back clutching his nose. Sam slips through the ropes to the ring apron and grabs Craig from behind for a rear naked choke. Craig struggles when Nate and Jack collide into both of them, thanks to Ken with a split-legged missile dropkick. The impact breaks Sam’s hold, leaving him to hang precariously by the rope. Craig struggles to crawl under the bottom rope before standing on the ring apron. Craig then carefully takes down Sam with his swinging lifting inverted DDT finisher, Zig-a-zig-ah. Sam lands on the outside floor, barely moving.]

BM: Well he made a nice impact in the match, but that one, not so much.

TR: Oh no, poor Vivian! She looks upset, we might need to comfort her.

[Vivian looks on in horror from inside the ring. Leaving Jessica still in the tree of woe, Vivian starts to scout Craig when she’s spun around by Momo. Vivian and Momo start trading furious punches until Momo retaliates with harder shots, forcing Vivian to stagger back, before connecting with an arm wringer. Joey joins the fray with brutal knife edge chops across Momo’s chest. Momo staggers back in agony, gripping her chest. Joey takes down Momo with a Michinoku Driver II.]

BM: Joey reminding people just how dangerous he actually is!

TR: They should never, never doubt him!

[By this time, Jessica and Vivian are fighting in the corner. Nate marches over to Joey, striking his back with a vicious double axe handle. Joey drops to his knees, arching his back in agony. While Nate continues to batter Joey’s back with forearm shots, Ken and Craig take turns wowing the crowd with their acrobatic feats; leaping over and barrel-rolling past each other in evasion. Craig ducks Ken’s dropkick attempt to bounce off the ropes in a handspring before springing back to Ken to take him down with a headscissors takedown, Arse Over Tit. Feeding off the energy of the excited fans, Craig salutes to them then runs up the corner for a successful springboard moonsault.]

BM: Wow take a look at Ken and Craig! Man, I would love to see those two go at it without all this hoopla.

TR: It’s Ken, dude. We’ve… you know what, no. That was actually pretty intense.

[As Craig and Joey now trade punches, Jessica has Vivian leaning against the ropes in a daze. Jessica gears up another punch but Vivian ducks and blows some substance into her eyes. As Jessica furiously wipes her eyes, Vivian tosses her over the ropes. Jessica lands hard on the outside floor, clutching her face.]

BM: The ring dust! Man that shit is so dangerous!

TR: Are you kidding me right now? That’s not ring dust, that’s all Vivian Lee!

[Joey takes Craig down with a suplex while Jack nails a well-timed jumping rolling sole kick to Nate. Ken comes charging at Jack who counters with a huge spinning side slam. As Ken rolls away in pain, Momo joins the fray with a forearm smash to Jack’s back. Slowly turning around, Jack doesn’t look at all fazed as he fights back with solid body kicks that has Momo staggering backwards. At this point, Vivian has Craig reeling with her Front Hand Back Hand signature. Surprised by the double slap, Craig stumbles to the ropes to recover. Vivian chases after Craig, a cold look in her eyes.]

BM: Welp she’s mad as hell and I can’t blame her, Craig is...

TR: Craig is too heavy for her to be trying that but oh what a view!

[Jack irish whips Momo to the ropes where Vivian is desperately trying to lift Craig over as she leans dangerously over the top rope while standing on the bottom one. Momo grabs the rope for balance and turns to help Craig lift Vivian up and over. Seizing the opportunity, Jack and Joey shoves all three of them over the ropes. Vivian and Momo topple to the outside floor but Craig manages to save himself, quickly grabbing the rope.]

BM: Jack and Joey working smarter, not harder!

TR: Craig held onto the rope! That was lucky!

[Obviously livid, Vivian pushes herself up as Craig flips himself over with the skin the cat move. Vivian catches one of Craig’s leg to yank him down. Craig hangs onto the rope for dear life. The referee shoots Vivian a warning until Craig’s boot touches the floor. Vivian lets go and starts exclaiming excitedly but the referee shakes his head, explaining both feet must touch the floor in order to be eliminated. While Vivian argues with the referee, the crowd cheers in a mix of relief and delight.]

BM: That was dirty, dirty pool. She should know better than that, go Craig!

TR: Boy you’re just mercurial tonight, really…

[Just as Craig successfully pulls himself up, Ken executes his butterfly kick finisher, The Nuke. The crowd gasps when it connects to the back of Craig’s head. Before Craig crumples to the mat, Ken throws him over the ropes to eliminate him. Vivian merely smirks in satisfaction as she finally turns to leave.]

BM: THE NUKE! Wow and Craig ate every bite.

TR: Vivian looks happy at least, and now we’re down to four, every man in that ring is dangerous in their own way.

[As the match now comes down to the final four, Jack, Nate, Ken and Joey, the crowd cheers in excitement. There’s an intense staredown before it explodes in a frenzied battle for glory in the middle of the ring, Joey and Nate trading furious punches while Ken and Jack trading brutal leg and body kicks. Nate begins to overpower Joey with forearm shots before irish whipping him to the corner. Joey counters with a short-arm roundhouse kick. As Nate rolls away in pain, Jack knocks Ken down with a running dropkick. Joey then sets his sights on Jack and starts pummeling with punches, clearly still wanting to settle his previous grievances with him. Jack reverses with a vengeful underhook suplex, catching Joey by surprise.]

BM: Joey caught off guard but he was lobbing some hot potatoes in there.

TR: I’m disowning you if you don’t stop that right now. Ken’s moving at least.

[Ken slowly rolls back up to his feet before climbing up the turnbuckle, keeping a lookout for Nate who’s still lying on the mat. Ken leaps into the air for his spiral tap finisher, The Fallout, but Nate puts up his knees in the nick of time. The crowd goes “ooh!” as Ken arches his back in agony upon landing.]

BM: Nothing but knees!

TR: ...I’ll allow it.

[Nate pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes and sets up Ken for his release leg-hook belly to back suplex finisher, Propaganda Bomb. The impact sends Ken face-first into the mat. Nate picks up Ken and tosses him out of the ring before collapsing on one knee out of exhaustion. Ken remains on the ground, barely moving.]

BM: I think that took everything Nate had, but he eliminated Ken at the least!

TR: That was a nasty fall, too. I don’t think anyone’s come out of this ring in less than hard fashion though.

[While Nate recovers, Jack is dropping brutal knees on Joey who’s struggling to roll away to safety. Jack pulls up Joey to irish whip him to the corner. Joey moves out of the way when Jack comes charging at him, causing him to crash into the turnbuckles. Nate takes this time to join the fray with a clothesline on Joey. The hard landing sends Joey slowly rolling away in agony. By this time, Jack is back to throw vicious punches at Nate. As Nate staggers backwards, Jack hoists him up on his shoulders. That’s when Joey delivers an upsetting superkick to the throat, his Sudden Death Superkick finisher. Releasing Nate, Jack collapses on the mat.]

BM: That kick is just so damn deadly! Jack was kicking that ass in there and then boom!

TR: Taking nothing away from Jack, Joey just had the perfect spot and wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger!

[Nate sways on unsteady feet, dazed. Joey gears up another superkick but Nate suddenly comes alive and ducks. Joey stumbles then pushes himself back up against the ropes. Nate stomps down hard on Joey. Joey slips through the ropes in an effort to escape. Nate throws a hard forearm shot across Joey’s back, sending him down on the ring apron. Despite the dangerous position, Joey manages to hang on. Nate pulls up Joey and starts throwing more forearm shots to the head. Joey reels after each hit but somehow still maintains a death grip on the rope to save himself. Nate drags Joey to smash his face into the turnbuckle, but Joey stops him and reverses with a back elbow and smashes Nate’s face there instead. Clutching his face, Nate staggers back as Joey re-enters the ring. Grabbing Nate, Joey runs to the other side of the ring and prepares to toss him over the ropes. But this time, it’s Nate who is quick to save himself as he tightly holds onto the top rope. Out of frustration, Joey charges at Nate who immediately pulls down the rope, causing Joey to topple right over to the outside floor. The crowd cheers out of shock and awe at the witty move as Joey starts hurling verbal hostilities at Nate and everyone else around.]

BM: I did not see that coming.

TR: Man Joey is super pissed and I don’t blame him! He fought one hell of a match in there!

[Suddenly the atmosphere dramatically changes to one of nervous anticipation as Nate struggles to pull himself up. When Nate turns to inside the ring, he finds Jack standing tall over him with an evil grin. Before Nate can do anything, Jack crushes his skull with his roundhouse kick finisher, The Crown Kick. Nate tumbles down to the outside floor, holding his head in anguish.]

BM: Well Nate’s dead.

TR: He’s not dead… but Jack is definitely our winner here tonight! What an exciting match, and the perfect way to start tonight’s action!


TH: And here’s your winner… Diamond Jack Sabbath!

[“No More Heroes” by The Stranglers fills the arena, prompting passionate jeers from the fans. The referee enters the ring to raise Jack’s arm in victory. Jack looks out to the raucous crowd with a proud, evil grin while Nate lies on the outside floor, looking not at all pleased.]

BM: You’re right, Nate’s not dead but I bet he’s plotting a big get even.

TR: This is wrestling, not a Fleetwood Mac song. Jack’s earned his moment, even if I don’t agree with some of his philosophies, he did it!

[The feed shows Jack celebrating despite the negative reception from the crowd before it cuts away.]

user posted image

[The cameras open up back in catering as Akihiko and Etsuko Iwasaki look over the array of snack foods laid out on the tables. They each take a bottle of water and intently read the labels before looking over the various snacks.]

AI: Twinkies gone.

EI: Stolen?

[They look over the table again, just in case, and Etsuko pouts.]

AI: No sad.

[Etsuko sighs.]

EI: Bet... Kelsey got?

[Aikihiko's eyes narrow.]

AI: Maybe. She looks...

EI: Like she could.

AI: Eat whole box?

EI: Yes.

[The pair lace fingers and skip out of catering giggling.]

AI & EI: Silly Kelsey. Bite.

AI: Bite.

user posted image

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

[Dressed to Kill by New Found Glory begins to play over the PA as the fans stir and start to boo the young wrestler who appears on the stage!]

I know it's hard for you
To understand what I'm going through
But now I sit here to remind myself
You're always dressed to kill
And you feel like you owe it to the world
But you owe it to yourself
And you're, you're not here
And I can't stop pretending
That you're forever mine

TH: Introducing first, from Scottsdale Arizona and weighing in tonight at 44KG... she is CHEESECAKE!

[The green haired girl makes her way down, waving off the jeering of the fans all while secretly enjoying the attention, she slides in under the bottom rope and rolls up to her feet, waving them off again as she takes her corner.]

BM: Man, these fans do not like them some Cheesecake.

TH: And her opponent...

I am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes,
I am the ghost, that hides in the night

Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!
Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM!

[The fans give a huge pop of cheers as out on the stage appears Kelly Fury, bouncing with high energy as she starts down the ramp, then goes to slap hands with fans along the way.]

TH: From Malibu, California and weighing in tonight at 54 KG... she is KELLY FURY!

Wait, wait a minute take a step back
you gotta think twice before you react
so stay, stay a little while
Because a Promise not kept is the road to exile
HEY! whats the circumstance
you'll never be great without taking a chance so
wait, you waited too long
had your hands in your pocket
when you shoulda been gone!

[She makes one run around the ring, slapping hands with the lucky fans before she jumps up on the apron and slides through the ropes, waiting for the match to begin!]

TR: The fans do love them some Puddin' Goddess!

BM: This is gonna be one hell of a fight!

Singles Match
Cheesecake vs Kelly Fury


[Kelly immediately charges at Cheesecake, looking for a forearm smash. Cheesecake ducks and turns back just as Kelly spins around with a heel kick. But Cheesecake already has her scouted as she leans back in time to dodge it before running her down to the mat with a clothesline. Kelly pushes herself up, grimacing. With a taunting smile, Cheesecake snaps to vertical base then beckons Kelly to her. Despite clearly growing frustrated now, Kelly shakes her head and instead beckons her to her. Cheesecake charges at Kelly as they engage in a clinch, trying to overpower the other. Kelly manages to throw the teenager to the mat in an enraged slam before marching over to her. As Kelly picks her up, Cheesecake starts pulling fistfuls of her hair. Kelly screams in agony, quickly shoving Cheesecake’s face.]

BM: Oh no, she’s got Kelly by her beautiful hair!

TR: Do not tell me you have a crush on Kelly Fury right now, you know she’s seeing someone!

[As per the referee’s warnings, Cheesecake eventually lets go and so does Kelly. In a split second, Cheesecake delivers a straight kick to the gut. Kelly staggers backwards when Cheesecake tackles her to the mat with a spear before throwing hard closed-fist punches to the head relentlessly. The fans jeer while some start chanting Kelly’s name in support.]

BM: It’s not a crush, Tats. Why do you have to be so negative with your connotations? Can’t a man just appreciate a fine upstanding lady who happens to be getting punched in the head?

TR: By Cheesecake. You forgot, by Cheesecake. I have a feeling she’s going to pay for it though, especially after how she interfered in Kelly’s business just last show!

[Fighting through the storm of fists, Kelly finally manages to roll over so that she’s now on top of Cheesecake and starts pummelling her with multiple punches in revenge. Cheesecake desperately protects her head with her hands, but otherwise she’s unable to counter. The referee steps in again to separate them. Kelly grudgingly stops and rises to her feet as Cheesecake struggles to regain her bearings.]

BM: And see how gracious a competitor Kelly is? She stepped right back when the referee warned her!

TR: Well so did Cheesecake, well...sort of. She’s still a pest though, so maybe I’ll get my wish.

[Grimacing, Cheesecake slowly pulls herself up in the corner. With the match allowed to resume, Cheesecake and Kelly meet in the centre with another tie-up before Kelly connects with arm wrench. Kelly strikes with a body kick. Cheesecake doubles over, clutching her midsection with her free hand. Kelly goes for an irish whip when Cheesecake counters with a short-arm elbow smash. Cheesecake grabs Kelly and runs to the corner to smash her face into the turnbuckle. Kelly holds her face, taking a quick moment to recover. But Cheesecake grabs her again and dashes to another corner, smashing her face into the turnbuckle again. Kelly sinks to the mat, trying to collect herself again. Laughing, Cheesecake repeatedly slaps Kelly’s head to irritate her. The crowd boos as Kelly struggles to crawl away.]

BM: That is just downright RUDE.

TR: It’s a wrestling match, these things happen you know!

BM: That doesn’t mean it’s not rude, Tats.

[Cheesecake stomps on Kelly’s back to stop her. Kelly drops on the mat before arching her back in pain. Cheesecake continues to laugh at her misery as she grabs Kelly by the neck. Kelly fights back with a double leg takedown, dropping Cheesecake on her back. Shocked, Cheesecake instinctively rolls over to pull herself up. Kelly sets up Cheesecake in a front face lock, looking for a swinging neckbreaker. Cheesecake manages to spin out of the maneuver before aiming a forearm shot to Kelly’s head. Kelly blocks it with her arm and doubles over Cheesecake with a kick, immediately following up with a swinging neckbreaker. The impact sends Cheesecake hard on the landing as she clutches the back of her head, kicking her feet in the air.]

BM: Wow what a neckbreaker by Kelly Fury!

TR: Kelly isn’t messing around either, no showboating she’s trying to win this!

[Kelly hooks Cheesecake’s leg for the pin. But the ref only gets to two when Cheesecake kicks out. Kelly rises to her feet when Cheesecake pulls her back down in a rollup pin, pinning her with her body weight as much as she can. Kelly struggles underneath. The crowd leaps to their feet in nervous anticipation.]



BM: I think she’s got her! What a coup this would be!

TR: Come on Puddin’ booty!


[Kelly kicks out just in the nick of time. Both slowly pull themselves up before charging at each other. Cheesecake runs down Kelly with a clothesline. Kelly groggily pushes herself up when Cheesecake irish whips her to the corner. Kelly manages to push herself up in a corner handstand before catching a charging Cheesecake with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. Cheesecake pops back up in a daze as she staggers around in a circle while Kelly eyes the turnbuckle.]

BM: I’m suddenly nervous here.

TR: Will you freaking stop it, Kelly is an accomplished wrestler, she knows what the heck she’s doing!

[Kelly runs up the corner and onto the top rope. With the crowd behind her, Kelly runs along the rope before jumping off of it to connect with a 720 DDT, drilling Cheesecake’s head right into the mat. The crowd bursts into cheers as Kelly goes for the cover.]





TH: And here’s your winner… Kelly Fury!

[“Diamond Eyes” by Shinedown starts playing, prompting loud cheers from the crowd. The referee raises Kelly’s hand in victory, with her still looking a bit fired up. But she relaxes as she looks out at the fans, flashing them a smile.]

BM: Kelly with the victory tonight! Hope that taught Cheesecake a lesson!

TR: Ya think Cheesecake will stop bugging her now? Highly doubt it! It’s her favourite hobby!

BM: Time to move on, Tats!

[The feed shows Cheesecake struggling to get up while Kelly walks to backstage with a skip in her step.]

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[The camera captures a shot of Kelsey Spencer entering Perth Arena. It’s an unfamiliar sight for the IYHWF fans to see Kelsey entering an arena alone, but since her trusty tag team partner Annabel Lee returned home to be with her ill father, Spencer has been left with no alternative but to face Sweet Anarchy’s adversaries on her own. Despite being given the option to find a replacement for Annabel in tonight’s tag team match against SBYA, Kelsey was unsuccessful in finding a suitable partner over social media. As she carries her gear in a gym bag slung over her shoulder, she’s met by a microphone-wielding Stevie Trelain. With a solemn expression, Kelsey looks to her as she begins to speak.]

ST: Kelsey, you’re walking into your first IYH event without Annabel Lee by your side… What’s going through your head right now..?

KS: Stevie, I… can’t really put this feeling into words. On one hand, I feel revealed that she’s getting to spend time with her dad. But at the same time, I feel like a huge part of me is missing; Anna and I broke into this company together, we made a name for ourselves in the tag team division. Sweet Anarchy will go down as one of IYH’s best tag teams, I don’t doubt that. Without her, this feels like I’m starting again. I’m… not sure how I feel about that yet…

ST: Chris Cryptic gave you the chance to find a partner for tonight, otherwise you’ll be facing Akihiko and Etsuko on your own. Have you been able to find anyone to team with you?

[Kelsey’s gaze finds the floor as she shakes her head.]

KS: Unfortunately, no. Everyone I know is either on the other side of the world and can’t make it on time, or busy with another important match tonight. So I guess this is the way it has to be; me against both members of Shojo Beat Your--

[She stops mid-sentence as she spots someone just out of shot.]

VOICE: Maybe I can be of some assistance?

[Into the picture steps IYH newcomer Nick Redfield. With a jovial grin on his face, he stands beside Stevie looking directly at Kelsey.]

NR: I know the two of us have yet to really cross paths since I’ve been here and you don’t really know me, but you need a partner, I need a match, and I think we can go in there tonight and steal a tag-team win away from Shojo Beat Your Ass!

[Beaming with confidence, he extends a hand to his prospective partner. Kelsey glances at Nick’s hand for a moment and then back to him before her face lights up like a kid’s on Christmas. She accepts his handshake with a radiant smile.]

KS: Thanks! Let’s go out there and give them a match they’ll never forget… partner!

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[The music starts, I Am the Best by 2 NE 1 pumping over the speakers as from behind the curtains comes Akihiko and Etsuko Iwasaki.]

Bam Ratatata Tatatatata~Beat!
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata~Beat!
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata~Beat!
Bam Ratatata Tatatatata...

Oh my god

[The pair beam bright and yet somehow evil smiles at the fans, they giggle and wave as they mesh fingers together and nearly skip down the ramp towards the ring, stopping at the bottom of the ramp they grin at the poor ring announcer before they jump up and slide into the ring and pop up in the center!]

Nuga bwado naega jom jugyeojujanha
Duljjaegaramyeon I momi seoreobjanha

TH: Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan and at a combined weight of 104 KG... the team of Akihiko and Etsuko Iwasaki... SHOJO BEAT YOUR ASS!

Neon dwireul ttaraojiman
Nan apman bogo jiljuhae
Nega anjeun teibeul wireul ttwieodanyeo
I don't care!

[As the music fades the pair fade back to 'their' corner to await Kelsey, giggling into their hands. They don't have to wait long, as Starting Over Again by The Dollyrots begins to play, and the crowds begin to cheer for Kelsey as she appears from behind the curtains looking focused for her upcoming match. She makes her way down the ramp.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from The Gold Coast, weighing in at 56Kg…Kelsey Spencer!

[Kelsey stops halfway on the ramp with her arm raised in the air before lowering them with a smile on her face while looking over her should back to the entrance. Her music dies down and is replaced with “Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco. The crowds continue to cheer loudly as Nick Redfield appears from behind the curtain with a big smile on his face, walking down the ramp to join up with Kelsey.]

TH: And her partner, from New York City, USA, weighing in at 95Kg…Nick Redfield!

[The duo make their way down the rest of the ramp, bumping fists as they get to the bottom. Kelsey climbs the steps while Nick uses the ropes to pull himself up onto the apron before slipping into the ring, followed closely behind by Kelsey. The Shojo sisters instantly charge towards their opponents. Etsuko charges towards Kelsey and instantly starts to throw punches at her whilst Akihiko Spears Nick to the mat and throws punches to the side of his head. The referee tries to gain order in the match, before it has even fully began.]

Tag Team Match
Kelsey Spencer & Nick Redfield vs Shojo Beat Your Ass


[Akihiko gets back to her feet and starts to stomp down on Nick’s ribs while Etsuko whips Kelsey hard into the corner. Etsuko charges at her with a hard Spear that drills Kelseys back into the steel post, Akihiko then charges at her, jumping onto the bottom rope while throwing punches down on Kelseys head. The referee orders Etsuko to leave the ring and stand at her corner, while Nick has removed himself from the ring making Kelsey and Akihiko as the legal fighters.]

BM: Finally some order in this match!

TR: Yes because wrestlers becoming disorderly is so ‘out-there’.

BM: Shut up!

[With the weakened Kelsey barely standing, slumped against the ropes in the corner, Akihiko grips onto the back of Kelseys head before kicking her feet onto Kelseys stomach, Monkey Flipping her out of the corner and halfway across the ring. Kelsey rolls onto her stomach and tries to sniper crawl her way to her corner, but Akihiko is back to her feet and runs to Kelsey, scooping down to grab hold of her feet, tugging Kelsey away from her corner and towards SBYA’s corner instead. Akihiko pulls Kelsey up by her hair and slams her head first into the turnbuckle. Kelsey falls back down to the mat as Akihiko gives a big smile to her sister before tagging her in.]

BM: These two are relentless tonight

TR: Well their name is Shojo Beat Your Ass, not Shojo Takes It Easy On You And Gives You Lots Of Hugs.

[Etsuko enters the ring as Akihiko leaves. Etsuko pulls Kelsey back to her feet, giggling in her face before attempting to whip Kelsey across the ring, but Kelsey reverses. Before she could rebound back, Etsuko manages to grip hold of the ropes. She almost gives a sigh of relief, but Kelsey seems to have gained a sudden surge of adrenaline and quickly fires shots at Etsuko’s chest before pulling her away from the ropes and connecting with a Straightjacket German Suplex.]

BM: Spitfire Suplex!

TR: She couldn’t get her usual force behind that move and it looks like she’s put out her own fire, not just Etsuko’s.

BM: Both of their partners are desperately trying to get their attention to make a tag, Nicks trying to get the crowd behind Kelsey too and it seems to be working!

[Kelsey is the first to make any kind of movement as she once again tries to sniper crawl to her corner, but Akihiko quickly gets into the ring, grabbing Etsuko’s arm and dragging her closer to her corner and quickly leaving the ring again. The referee scolds her with a warning, but Akihiko just covers her mouth while giggling before bringing her focus back to the match. Akihiko stands on the bottom rope and leans her body into the ring just enough to make a tag with Etsuko. She charges in, grabbing hold of Kelsey’s leg, but this time Kelsey hops on one foot and attempts to smack her hand against Nick’s before being dragged away.]

BM: Did they make the tag?

TR: I’m really not…yes, the referee is signalling that the tag was made.

BM: I don’t think SBYA realize that, Akihiko is still taking her attack to Kelsey.

[Akihiko pulls the dazed Kelsey back to her feet, keeping a tight grip on her hair and since her back is turned to him, she still doesn’t realize that Nick has just entered the ring. The crowd give a huge pop which causes Akihiko to look around confused, she lets go of Kelsey who crumbles back down to the mat and as Akihiko turns around she receives an Enzuigiri by Nick. Etsuko is back to her feet and charges towards Nick yelling, she attempts to take him down with a clothesline, but Nick catches her arm and spins her around, scoops her up and connects with a Omega Driver.]

BM: Sexiest Piledriver You’ve Ever Seen!

TR: I dunno about that, I’ve seen a lot of….matches.

BM: Riiight, “matches”.

[As Nick is getting back to his feet, Akihiko attempts to attack him from behind, wildly smacking her forearms against his back. Despite this, he stumbles forward but still gets back up to his feet. Akihiko comes at him with a punch, but Nick catches her arm and quickly sets her up and connects with his flipping double underhook piledriver finisher, Your Swan Song, holding her in the move on the landing for a pin.]





TH: And here are your winners… Nick Redfield and Kelsey Spencer!

BM: Nick just played ‘Your Swan Song’ for Akihiko and finished this match off.

TR: Good thing too, they seemed pretty content with picking Kelsey apart.

BM: They however got a little too focused on Kelsey and almost forgot about Nick to the point they didn’t even see the tag he made with Kelsey.

TR: To their defence, they barely made the tag, it was just the tip…just the fingertips that is.

BM: The important thing is that the referee saw it and thanks to Nick’s help, Kelsey got to see Shojo Beat Your Ass get their ass beat after what they did to Annabel.

TR: But let’s be honest for a second, if Nick hadn’t have stepped up tonight and became her partner, I think it’s safe to say SBYA would have beat Kelsey down and probably even put her on the injured list.

BM: That is a pretty big possibility, one that Kelsey Spencer fans will be grateful didn’t play out tonight.

TR: Enough about that though, it’s time for our first of three championship matches tonight!

BM: That’s right, Connie Craven “Beat The Clock” and earned her right to take on Iris Black here tonight. It’s going to be an interesting match to say the least, especially since they are actually friends.

TR: Maybe not after tonight depending on how this match plays out.

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[We cut backstage where we see Number 1 contender Matt Stone walking into the building, fashionably late, as always, carrying his bag behind him. A prominent “Shut Me Up” T-shirt can be seen, the mantra of the man looking to be the IYH Champion in just a matter of hours. He only gets a few steps into the building before he’s cut off by a security guard, speaking into his walkie-talkie.]

SG: He’s here, we’ll get him in place now.

MS: In place? Excuse me, Meathead, do you know who I am?

SG: You’re Matt Stone, now come with me.

[The man takes his hand and grabs Matt’s arm, trying to drag him off in another direction.]

MS: Unhand me, you swine!

[Matt struggles, but goes nowhere.]

SG: We’ve been instructed to escort you to your locker room and wait there until it’s time for the main event. We don’t want to risk anything happening between yourself and Miss Layne beforehand.

[Matt starts laughing when he hears that, walking along with the guard.]

MS: Oh yeah? Little Miss Bitchy afraid of getting her ego popped before the match? Cryptic wants to protect his little darling, does he?

[More laughing followed by the guard looking at him.]

SG: No sir, this was put in place to protect you.

MS: ME? Are you mad, do you think I’m afraid of her? I’ll fight her right now, damn it! I’m Matt Stone, the best wrestler in this damn company. I can out wrestle circles around anyone in this place, let me at’er!

SG: No.

MS: You can’t just say no, I can go where I want-

SG: No.

MS: That’s it!

[Matt tries to fight off the guard, but he tosses him backwards into the room with his bag, closing the door behind him. Stone bangs on the door a bit, but the guard just stands there, taking out his walkie talkie.]

SG: He’s home, job’s done.

MS: You can’t silence me! No one can shut me up!

SG: It’s nothing, we got it.

[More banging on the door before Matt just gives up and goes to get ready, the camera sending us back to ringside.]

user posted image

[Mind of a Beast by The Glitch Mob begins to play, the strange instrumental song heralding the approach of Connie Craven as she comes out from behind the curtains.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Proving Grounds Championship! Introducing first your challenger, from Christchurch New Zealand and weighing in tonight at 46 KG… she is The Craven Kiwi… CONNIE CRAVEN!

[Connie makes her way down to the ring, almost seeming to stomp her feet for every step, her intensity showing as the fans give her a mixed reaction, something she doesn’t seem too pleased by.]

BM: That is one angry little person, Tats.

TR: Don’t let her hear you say that.

TH: And her opponent…

[Bitchcraft by The Electric Hellfire Club begins to play, the fans growing more intense with their reactions as Iris Black appears on the stage.]

If you're across the room I might give you a wink
I smile real big and then you buy me a drink
You ask me to dance and get turned down flat
You just had a taste of.. Bitchcraft!
I always get what I want.. I know just what to do
I always get what I need.. and mister, I can tell you
It ain't you!

TH: And her opponent, from Kildare Ireland United Kingdom and weighing in tonight at 54 KG… she is your In Your House Proving Grounds Champion… Miss Bitchcraft… IRIS BLACK!

[Iris makes her way straight to the ring, and pauses on the steps to unhook her title belt and shove it towards the watching Connie Craven. Despite their friendship, she looks extremely intense as she enters the ring. Iris's eyes narrow at Connie, she is very focused and very ready to start this match she hands the title belt over to the referee who holds the Proving Grounds strap up for the fans, but Iris's dominant tactic does not have much effect on Connie who makes a 'come on' gesture behind the referee’s back at her while he explains the rules to both women and then calls for the bell!]

In Your House Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
Iris Black© vs Connie Craven


BM: These two friends now facing off over the Proving Grounds Championship - this should be a nice competitive bout!

TR: Are we sure that’s not former friends?

BM: Well aren’t they still the tag team of Craven Bitchcraft, Tats?

TR: Dude I thought it was your job to keep track of things like that.

[Iris barely waits for the bell before she gets in fast and close with a high knee to Connie's midsection which gives her the in she needs to fire off with a snap DDT, however Connie gets her arms out at the last moment to strike the mat first and takes much of the edge off the impact. With Iris down with her on the mat Connie reaches over and gets her arm around Iris's throat, and as the referee tells her to break that hold Iris surges forward with a vicious headbutt before Connie releases Iris to fall back to the mat. Rising up to her feet Iris stretches as Connie's hands go to her nose and she spits out a string of curses at Black, Craven whips her legs around and sweeps Black's legs out from under her and then rolls to her feet as the fans cheer the action. Iris sits up fast as is Connie who responds with a spinning heel kick as Iris sits up, but Black shows her speed and flexibility by dodging the booted foot of Connie as it sails over with force behind it.]

BM: Friends or not these two aren’t holding anything back with the Proving Grounds title on the line!

TR: Iris is a great champion, and she’s determined to hold on to her belt that’s for sure!

[Iris quickly rolls to her belly and gathers her legs in for a solid mule kick that staggers Craven back into the near ropes for a slight bounce off as Black surges to her feet to catch her with a swinging neckbreaker. Both women are down after this, Connie shakes off the effects of collision and moves, rising to her vertical base and stalking the slower to rise Iris Black. Iris gets a vicious uppercut to connect with Connie's chin, Craven staggers back as Black quickly thinks on how to capitalize on the groggy-seeming Craven Kiwi. Coming in for a Russian legsweep attempt proves to be a bad miscalculation for Iris though, Connie is hardly worn down enough for that to work; when Iris tries to hook the ankle Connie grins over at her, grabs her by the front of her ring gear and yanks her loose.]

BM: Wow these two aren’t holding anything back!

TR: You literally just said… you know what, no. I’m not falling into your trap. WOAH what a knee!

[The slightly taller woman writhes and kicks out at her, a solid knee landing just below the arch of the ribcage but she can't stop Connie's intentions, a modified sort of back body drop that sends the lithe Iris Black into a heap on the mat. The hard landing stuns Iris, but with a bit of effort Iris kips up and is ready to face Connie when she turns to press her attack. The two trade hard shots in the middle of the ring, closed fist punches that have them both snarling and Iris growls at the sting, the referee warns the champion and challenger about the closed fists and Iris shows her open hands to the referee and then backhands Connie while the crowd exploded in a chorus of jeers, Connie smirks, and then returns the favor with an open handed slap that has them laughing and urging her on. Iris's head turns from the force of the blow as Connie sprints past her towards the far ropes, and she turns to try and meet her with a lariat, but Connie ducks her arm and wraps one arm around Black's waist, her forward motion taking them both to the near ropes and a sort of spear that has both women falling over the top strand to the floor below.]

BM: Now that was a hard landing for both women.

TR: They need to get the action back in the ring, this isn’t falls count anywhere!

[Iris lands better and is to her feet first, she drags Connie up by her hair and smooshes her against the ring apron before switching her grip and banging her face first into it. She reels her back for another, but when she goes for a third Connie fights her with elbows to the ribs and grabs her by the head and returns the favor! Iris reels back and puts a knee up between them to create distance before she shoves Connie bodily under the bottom rope then rolls in after her to break the count. Iris drags Connie towards the center of the ring and delivers a jumping downward spiral, her Black Clover! The referee slides in for the count. Craven kicks out strongly just before three as the fans cheer, and as Black rolls up out of the pin she pulls Connie up to her feet and flings her to the near ropes in a hard Irish whip then catches her on the rebound with a Jill Crow headscissors takedown! She goes for another pin but Connie catches her with a fast short range facebreaker and goes for her own pin, Iris though rolls her shoulder up at two. Iris tries to sit up and Connie hits her with a close forearm smash and as she falls back she swarms over her to pepper her with hits, Black tries to cover up and ends up ‘accidentally’ thumbing her in the eye to get her to back off. Connie rears back and Iris catches her by the shirt and rolls her up into an inside cradle of her own!]

BM: What a great display these two are putting on here tonight, I have to say I’m impressed.

TR: They may be friends but that isn’t stopping them from kicking the crap out of each other!

[Connie gets up and scouts Iris as she sits up, and with an air of determination she launches herself off the ropes and comes back with a beautiful springboard roundhouse kick that almost takes Iris’s head off! She goes for a pin and the In Your House fans let out a massive roar as at the last second Iris rolls her shoulder up! Iris still looks out of it as Connie takes a deep breath and rolls to her feet, her vicious attitude keeping her from being distracted with this turn of events. She goes for the near turnbuckles and climbs up to the top, looking for her top rope mule kick The Kiwi Crusher when Black gets to her feet, but Iris sees her and wisely rolls out of her reach, going for the far corner! Connie jumps down and follows her, going to subdue her but at the last second Iris gets up and hits a reverse STO that sends Connie crashing into the turnbuckles!]

BM: What an impact! Poor Connie!

TR: She knew what she was getting into!

[The fans boo as Connie staggers backwards out of the corner and Iris catches her with another Black Clover! She floats over and hooks the far leg deep as the referee drops to count.]





TH: And here is your winner… AND STILL the In Your House Proving Grounds CHAMPION… IRIS BLACK!!!!

[Electric Hellfire Club by Bitchcraft plays as Iris Black gets to her feet, letting the referee raise her hand after he hands her the Proving Grounds Championship. Connie comes to and hits the mat with her fists, showing her frustration.]

BM: I get the feeling this isn’t over just yet between these two.

TR: You could be right, you could be right.

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[We turn a corner backstage, and follow down a particularly dark corridor. It's the corridor no one wants to go down tonight, and we're about to find out why. As we approach the darkness, we pass a figure- a bald, snarling figure who watches our every movement. Yes Raine watches us like a hawk as we get closer to his partner, sitting and humming to herself. Serena Maxwell is sat there, holding what appears to be a doll with bright orange hair, muttering to herself. But before we can dwell on that, bouncing into shot with a towel around his neck, cooling down after his match earlier tonight is Diamond Jack Sabbath.]

DJS: Well hello there! Glad you could make it. Diamond Jack Sabbath for War Enforcement here, and I just wanted to stick my big, impressively-sized ore right into this little segment right here. You see, this is a public address-slash-announcement. A declaration of intent, if you fancy it. I don't like the word 'threat', it makes it sound, what word am I looking for?

[Serena looks up.]

SM: Weak.

DJS: Yeah, that's it. 'Cos threats are what weak people do whereas people like me and my associates here are strong. We make promises, not threats. We manage expectations. We announce what we're going to do and challenge you to stop us. But right now, the eyes of the world are going to be on Matt Stone and Angelica Layne, because tonight one of them is going to squeal the words "I Quit" like a little pig and the other will walk out as IYH Champion. And that's lovely. I can't wait to see them absolutely rip each other to shreds. We are going to be watching that match very closely. We promise we'll stay back here, we won't get in the way, but what we will be doing is taking notes. Because he's my statement of intent- I am going to make it my goal, my personal mission in life to be the person who takes the IYH Championship from whoever wins this match. And Serena and Raine...they're gonna be watching Murphy's Law vs. Jetpack, because they're going to take the Tag Team titles too. If that is what it's going to take to make you and Chris Cryptic or anyone else realise that War Enforcement runs this ship now...then that's what we'll do. War Enforcement is going to tear this place apart and rebuild it in our image.

[He looks off for a second, something springing to mind.]

DJS: Oh, and I bet Angelica Layne is sat cackling at the mere notion of that somewhere. Let her. And the rest of you can too. But when XWA comes to Melbourne next month, I encourage you to go ask them about me, and they'll tell you how hard I find it to get something out of my head once I've got it in there and to what lengths I'll go to get there. I've ruled companies from the ground-up before. I'll do it again.

[He shakes his head.]

DJS: And what's next- Dawn of the Immortals? Nah. Dawn of War Enforcement. We gave you an easy first month. Now...we mobilise. Have a fun rest-of-the-show.

[Sabbath walks off, a surly expression on his face. Serena stands, pulling the head off her doll and throwing the whole thing to the ground (after stomping on the head) and Raine follows, in his usual frighteningly calm demeanour. Ground N' Pound presses on.]

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[The feed returns to ringside as "Blockbuster Night Part II" by Run The Jewels plays. Owen Gonsalves bursts through the curtains with confidence in his step, prompting cheers from around the arena. Owen flashes a huge smile, waving at the fans, as he jogs down the ramp.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 93 kilos… “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves!

[After entering the ring, Owen takes off his jacket then sets it aside. He does some stretching as he waits for his opponent. The music fades out, quickly replaced with “Honest Eyes” by Black Tide. Breaking out into cheers, the atmosphere in the arena immediately lights up as Gordon Fury bursts through the curtains.]

TH: And his opponent from Mackay, Queensland, weighing in at 93 kilos… Gordon Fury!

BM: Here we go! Owen Gonsalves making his way to a match he’s been asking for since before Gordon Fury made his IYH return even!

TR: ‘Be careful what you wish for’ vibes, right?

BM: Both men have made tremendous accomplishments in their careers on the international stage, but they’ve never faced each other before! So this is the perfect time to do it!

TR: Proudest match of the night!

[The referee checks on both opponents before signaling for the opening bell.]

Singles Match
Gordon Fury vs Owen Gonsalves


[The match begins with both men circling the ring, the crowd completely torn down the middle. They slap hands before both pulling into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Both are evenly matched, as neither seems to be able to take the upper hand. That is, until Gordon Fury manages to pull Owen into a side headlock. Gonsalves slips free and takes Fury down with a legsweep and goes straight for the cover, but Gordon kicks out before the one count. They both reach their feet, at a stalemate.]

BM: If it wasn't clear that these two men were evenly matched before, the way this match has started should confirm it.

TR: It's about national pride with these two. Both are going to give it their all here.

[Owen charges at Gordon, but Gordon slides out of his way. He retaliates by running at Owen, but Owen's reactions aren't quite quick enough as he receives a face full of boot, courtesy of a running calf kick. He then drops an elbow onto Owen's sternum, taking the wind out of him. Gordon goes for the cover this time, managing a count of one. He immediately pulls Owen up to his feet, only to whip him into the ropes. Owen rebounds back, using his momentum to level Gordon with a clothesline. Gordon immediately gets to his feet, but is flung head-over-heels thanks to a German suplex. No sooner than him getting up, he is falling victim to a second German suplex.]

TR: Suplex city b...

BM: Owen is putting a lot of force into those German suplexes, but Gordon keeps on getting up!

[Indeed, Gordon is back to his feet. Owen tries for a third German suplex, but this time Gordon manages to slip behind him and hoist him into the air for a German suplex of his own, right into the turnbuckles. Gordon follows up with a hesitation dropkick. Owen crumples to the mat, and Fury pulls him to the middle of the ring, hooking both legs. He manages a count of two, before Owen throws his shoulder up.]

TR: Gordon has a German suplex of his own, and he clearly isn’t afraid to use it!

[Owen rolls towards the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet. Meanwhile, Gordon takes a short breather. Owen rests in the corner, so Gordon runs towards him to connect with a flying elbow smash. Owen drops down to his knees and crawls forwards slightly, as Gordon positions himself on the apron. Owen begins to reach his feet, but Fury leaps springboards off the top rope into an implant DDT, dropping Owen right on his head.]

BM: Implant DDT!

TR: Owen is out!

[Gordon scrambles across for the cover, hooking everything he can. The referee drops to make the count.]





[Gordon can’t believe it, as he looks back to the referee to confirm that Owen had indeed kicked out. This gives Owen the chance to make it to his feet, however, and drop Gordon with a European uppercut. Gordon rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Owen takes a risk by diving over the top rope for a Tope Con Hilo. He then turns to the crowd and yells out, getting them hyped up.]

TR: These two men really are pulling out all the stops here tonight.

[Gonsalves pulls Fury to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Owen returns to the ring himself and pulls Gordon back up, only to take him down with the “Darkest Lariat” wristlock short-arm lariat, to the applause of the crowd.]


[Owen goes for the cover and calls for the count, which the ref proceeds to make.]








[Owen puts his head in his hands, amazed that he didn’t get the victory right there. Gordon, not entirely sure where he is, crawls about the centre of the ring, trying to get his bearings about him. Owen approaches him, but a stray arm swing from Gordon sends him stumbling backwards. He approaches again, but another stray arm sends him backwards once more. This time he approaches from a different angle and tries to pull Gordon to his feet, but Gordon retaliates with a Muay Thai head kick, which drops owen to the mat. Suddenly, with almost a second wind, Gordon senses his opportunity as he runs to the corner and, as soon as Owen begins to reach his feet, sprints towards him with intent.]


TR: Wait, no. Owen reverses it!

[Gordon tries for his “Destination Fucked” finisher, but Owen ducks his knee and wraps his body around Gordon, locking in his “Krukenberg” finisher in the centre of the ring.]

TR: Owen has the Krukenberg locked in! Gordon has nowhere to go!

[Gordon screams out in pain as Owen bends his fingers back. He tries to move closer to the ropes, but cannot shift his body weight. He fights bravely for as long as he can, but Owen uses his free leg to kick at Gordon’s head. This proves to be the final straw, as Gordon eventually taps out.]


TH: Here is your winner... OWEN GONSALVES!

BM: Gordon taps. This is over!

TR: But what a hell of a match we’ve just witnessed.

BM: Both men can walk away with their heads held high!

[As the ref raises Owens hand in victory, Gordon reaches his feet. He and Gordon just stare at each other for several moments, before Gordon grabs Owen’s hand and raises it in victory. Gordon gives Owen one final nod, before leaving the ring. The crowd cheer.]

BM: Great sportsmanship on display from Gordon Fury there!

TR: Indeed. He has nothing to be ashamed of tonight!

[Owen leaves the ring himself, as the scene fades.]

user posted image

[The camera slowly fades in. We see the inside of a locker room. Misha LeCavalier sits on a metal bench with her Nike gym bag open in front of her on the floor. She’s dressed in her ring attire, with the exception of her jacket, which rests beside her on the bench. Misha’s head is tilted towards the floor as she digs into that bag. .PAAK stands a few feet to her left, also dressed in her ring attire. She has a curious look on her face—some irritation mixed with a bit of fervor. The Korean woman looks directly into the camera’s lens for a moment or two before she begins to speak.]

.PAAK: Believe it or not, this match has been a long time in the making. We did not capture the tag team championships our first go around; that’s a fact. However, we didn’t not sit back idly. After that match, we began to train. We began to train in preparation for this very match at Ground ‘n Pound.

[She gives a slight nod.]

.PAAK: Jetpack—

ML: What makes you better than us?

[Misha says in a guttural tone, cutting her tag team partner off. .PAAK looks over at her; Misha’s face is pointed down towards the floor.]

.PAAK: Hmm…

[She knows that there’s something that Misha wants to get off of her chest. .PAAK nods her head.]

.PAAK: Go on then, Misha.

[A couple of seconds go by before Misha speaks.]

ML: Again, what makes you better than us?

[There’s another pause.]

ML: Jetpack—what the fuck makes you better than us!?

[Her voice was loudly and seemingly full of anger. It takes a moment or two, but Misha finally lifts her head. Her eyes are burning as she looks into the camera.]
ML: I heard your little message on Ruckus Twenty-Eight. And ever since then, I’ve wanted to say something. There were a few times where I nearly picked up my iPhone, recorded a video, and sent it through the proper channels. However, each time I stopped myself. I wanted to wait until this very moment to share my feelings. And now that this moment is here, I’m going to let loose.

[She pauses.]

ML: “We’ve had a lot of people ask what we think of Mr. Cryptic making the match at Ground n’ Pound to defend our titles against Murphy’s Law instead of the former champions, State of Anarchy. We think that’s hardly fair…” Do you recall these words, Penelope?

[Misha shakes her head.]

ML: Fair...fair…FAIR!?

[Misha can feel herself getting worked up. Her voice is a bit more stern.]

ML: At Mind Your Own Fuck Hole, you and Jet were the first team eliminated. And after that, you two lived on Skid Row. Ruckus Twelve, loss. Ruckus Fourteen, loss. Ruckus Seventeen, Twenty, and Twenty-Six? Loss, loss, loss!

You two pinned the champions—there’s no debate about that. But you two won those belts during an open challenge. That doesn’t make things fair, nor does it make you heroes to be rallied behind. No—it makes you opportunists.

[Misha strokes her chin.]

ML: Let me ask you this question, Penelope...was that whole ordeal fair to Sweet Anarchy? Was it fair to Murphy's Law? Was it fair to any other tag team in this division? No, no it was not. You waltzed up and cut through the line. And in truth, I’m not even mad about that—life isn’t fair, that’s what make it dynamic. But after what you did, don’t you dare hop on some high horse just because you secured some recent wins. And don’t you dare try to tell me and .PAAK what we have or haven’t earned!

[Misha stops speaking for a moment, while the weight of her words linger in the air. She reaches back into her bag and pulls out a compression sleeve.]

ML: “Murphy’s Law, we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of their attitudes…” That’s what you said, Jet. Would you like to know where my attitude stems from?

[There’s a rhetorical pause.]

ML: I’m sick and tired…

[Another pauses.]

ML: Sick and tired...sick and tired...SICK AND TIRED.

[Misha shakes her head.]

ML: I’m sick and tired of being disrespected. I’m sick and tired of being ignored. And I’m sick and tired of flying across the world to perform in front of fans who could care less if I’m breathing or dead. So yeah, I’ve got a right to have a fucking attitude.

[Misha looks over at .PAAK for a second. She then looks back at the camera.]

ML: At Rise to the Throne, .PAAK and I lost. And after I caught that long flight back and went home, I had to look into the sorrowful eyes of my family members. I had to dry my best friend’s eyes because she was in literal tears after witnessing how the crowd mocking me and .PAAK.

[Misha nods her head.]

ML: There have been times where I’ve wanted to quit In Your House. And trust me, I’ve been awfully close. But I keep pressing on because of one person…

[She reaches over and grabs .PAAK’s hand.]

ML: I told her I wouldn’t make any heasty moves until I’d had one more chance to correct that wrong from Rise to the Throne. One more chance to truly cement our names into this company.

[She let’s go of .PAAK’s hand. Misha then slips that compression sleeve unto her right arm.]

ML: Penelope, Jet, you two don’t truly understand the urgency of this match. You don’t understand how much those belts mean to me and .PAAK as a team. You think you know us, you think you’ve got us figured out—but you’ve got no idea.

[Misha stands to her feet. She reaches over, takes ahold of her ring jacket, and slips it on.]

ML: But you’ll find out tonight—that you will.

[The camera slowly fades out.]

user posted image

[With the Perth Arena absolutely buzzing with excitement, a humongous cheer rises when “Stand Up (For the Champions)” by Right Said Fred plays out. Jet Blanchard appears on stage and Penelope Anne joins him as she bounces up and down, waving to the fans in attendance.]

I was built to be the best
Number one and nothing less
Leave me to my destiny
I have waited patiently
I have vision' oh I believe
I know I can count on me

TH: The following contest is set for one fall and is for the In Your House Tag Team Championships! First, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 163 kilos… They are the In Your House Tag Team Champions, Penelope Anne! Jet Blanchard! JETPACK!

[The pair make their way down the ring, and Jet leaps up onto the apron, sits on the middle rope and holds up the top as Penelope climbs the steps and then ducks between to enter the ring.]

Oh I have vision' oh can't you see
I'm on the move make way for me

BM: Here come Jetpack, who have been nothing short of incredible since the beginning of their reign as Tag Team champions here at In Your House.

TR: They've gone through State of Anarchy, they've gone through The Vision but can Jetpack get through Murphy's Law tonight? Not to take anything from those previous teams, but .PAAK and Misha are an entirely different kind of threat.

[He then joins her in the ring as they go to their corner and wait for the match to begin. the sound switches from Right Said Fred to "Rodeo of Nightmare" by Babymetal. The cheers turn to boos as Murphy's Law stomp through that curtain.]

TH: And their opponents...the challengers, at a combined weight of 121 kilos… Misha LeCavalier! .PAAK! MURPHY'S LAW!

TR: You heard it on Ruckus, ladies and gents, Murphy's Law are hungry and they are ready for this one tonight.

BM: Possibly the biggest obstacle Jetpack have had to face since they've become the Tag Team champions. Can Jet and Penny pull off a win for the ages tonight? I believe they've got it in them, but we'll have to see...

[Murphy's Law reach the ring and that's it. Everything's dead set as the production team are told Babymetal needs to be quiet. The titles are surrendered to the ref, who holds them up for all to see.]

TR: That's what it's all about right there. The pinnacle of the tag division here at IYH. Who's gonna walk out with that around their waists?

BM: Let’s get this match underway to find out!

[Both teams get to their corners to decide who goes first. Penny and Misha stay in the ring while their partners slip through the ropes. The referee then signals for the opening bell.]

In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Jetpack© vs Murphy’s Law


[The match begins with a dash for a clinch before Misha shoves Penny into the ropes behind her. Penny tries to push back but Misha drags her to the nearest corner instead. With no further development, the referee steps in to separate them. As Misha backs off with a confident smirk, Penny regains composure. Jet starts clapping to give his partner some encouragement, which the crowd follows suit with a new burst of cheers. After the ref allows the match to resume, Misha and Penny lock up again in the middle of the ring. Misha turns Penny for a waist lock from behind, but Penny is ready to counter with a wrist lock. As Misha doubles over, Penny immediately delivers a kick to her chest. Misha staggers back, gripping her chest. Penny irish whips Misha to the corner before charging at her for a monkey flip. Misha flies across the ring and lands hard near where Jet is. Penny rushes over and tags in Jet. Together, Jetpack executes their Shine On double front kick to Misha and takes her down with their Doublemint double DDT combo. As Penny exits to the outside corner, Jet goes for the cover on Misha. .PAAK quickly dives in for the save.]

BM: Jetpack with a strong start tonight! Beautiful tag team combos, Shine On and Doublemint!

TR: It’s kinda uncharacteristic of Misha to take things a little slow. But the night’s still young!

BM: Or Jetpack has grown tremendously as a team since their last face-off. It’s why they’re champions, right?

[After .PAAK returns to her corner, Jet pulls up Misha and irish whips her to the ropes. On the rebound, Misha kicks him in the chest. Jet stumbles backwards into the ropes and rebounds for a clothesline. Misha ducks and runs towards the ropes. As Misha comes rushing back, Jet knocks her down with a hard shoulder block. Misha hits the mat before pulling herself back up, wincing. Jet grabs Misha’s arm when she starts fighting back with punches. Jet retaliates with his own before running to the ropes behind him. Misha goes after him, bouncing off the same set of ropes as well. But Misha misses a clothesline attempt as Jet hits the ropes again at top speed. Misha drops to the mat, allowing Jet to leap cleanly over her. On the next rebound, Misha takes down Jet with a drop toe hold and flips him over before connecting with a stretch muffler. Jet frantically reaches out for the ropes. But Misha struggles to maintain the submission hold as Jet manages to keep her leg strapped across his throat.]

BM: Unfortunately size does matter here and Misha is unable to lock in that stretch muffler.

TR: Like that’s gonna stop her from trying to deal some damage here!

[Jet is able to push her leg away and flip himself over on his stomach. Upon release, Misha stomps down hard on Jet before pulling himself to his feet. They start trading punches until Misha prepares to irish whip Jet to the corner, but he reverses the throw to send her there instead. Jet charges at Misha for a shining wizard but she dives out of the way in time, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. Jet lands hard on his back before rolling over to pushing himself up. Misha pulls up Jet for a half hatch suplex, but Jet reverses with a regular vertical one. Misha rolls away after impact, holding her back in agony. Jet also takes his time to recover.]

BM: Nice reversal with the suplex by Jet! Misha tried to get some momentum going but Jet’s able to counter everything she throws at him so far.

TR: Come on, Misha!

[Both competitors slowly make their way to tag in their partners, receiving a new burst of cheers from the fans. .PAAK collides with Penny in the centre with a forearm smash. Penny retaliates with a front kick, to which .PAAK responds with a few vicious shoot kicks to the chest. Penny doubles over, staggering backwards into the corner. .PAAK continues her merciless onslaught before connecting with palm strikes. With all her might, Penny fires back open hand chops across .PAAK’s chest. This forces .PAAK to back off. Penny then takes down .PAAK with a snap suplex. .PAAK arches her back in pain upon landing when Penny hooks her leg for the cover. Misha quickly breaks the pin. Jet doesn't look happy with it.]

BM: Great display of power from Penny with that snap suplex!

TR: Don’t forget the brutal palm strike and open hand chops exchange earlier! .PAAK’s got some of that power too!

[Penny is first on her feet, ready to tag in Jet. But .PAAK grabs Penny’s leg to stop her. Penny hop-turns around and aims for a head kick. Sensing that coming, .PAAK leans back to evade and lets go before striking Penny’s midsection with a spin kick. Penny gasps as she doubles over in agony, allowing .PAAK to connect with a snap roundhouse kick to the head. Penny immediately falls sideways onto the mat. .PAAK goes for the cover as the crowd leaps to their feet in nervous anticipation.]





[Penny kicks out just before three.]

BM: Oof! Penny barely kicked out of that one!

TR: Damn, .PAAK’s roundhouse kick to the head was absolutely vicious! I’m so glad it wasn't me on the receiving end of that one!

[.PAAK drags Penny closer to her team’s corner and tags in Misha who sets up Penny in a wheelbarrow hold. .PAAK then comes rushing over to take down Penny with a cutter. Misha then lifts Penny back up and over with a german suplex, bridging it into a pin to complete their Dream State combo.]

BM: And there goes Murphy’s Law with their Dream State double team move!

TR: Penny was in for the worst ride of her life! Is she still alive??

[Jet dives in for the save, just before three. The crowd starts to cheer for Jetpack, giving them more encouragement. Scowling, Misha flips Penny over and sets up her arm in a hammerlock before stomping on it. Penny cries out in shocked agony, clutching her arm. The fans jeer as Misha goes for another arm stomp. Penny cries out again before rolling out under the bottom rope to get some distance.]

TR: Now that’s the Misha I remember!

BM: How can you watch that without cringing?? Poor Penny!

[The referee shoots a warning at .PAAK who backs off while Jet gets as close as he can. Penny pulls herself up with the aid of the ropes, grimacing. Misha marches over when Penny stops her short with a knee strike to the midsection. Misha backs off before approaching again. As Misha lunges forward, Penny ducks and lashes back a couple forearm shots. This time, Misha staggers back further in a daze. Penny checks on her hurt arm before waiting for Misha to rise to her feet. Knowing what might come next, the crowd cheers in nervous excitement as Penny then springboards off the ropes for a diving crossbody. It connects and Penny stays on the cover.]

BM: Huge comeback with the diving crossbody by Penny! Jetpack retains!!!




[Misha shoots up her arm, effectively breaking the pin.]

BM: Nooo! The battle continues!

TR: Too close, too close!!

[Penny picks up Misha and looks for a back suplex. Misha flips herself out of it and grabs Penny in a waist lock from behind. Penny fights back with a back elbow before turning around to irish whip Misha to the other side. Penny gears up for a dropkick, but misses as Misha hooks herself on the ropes. Misha drags Penny over to tag in .PAAK. Together, Misha drops Penny in a snapmare before delivering a forearm shot to the back of her head. .PAAK then completes their double team move with a single-leg dropkick. .PAAK goes for the cover, only getting a two-count, thanks to Jet.]

BM: Another devastating double team maneuver by Murphy’s Law!

TR: Penny’s head smacked that mat hard!

[.PAAK grows frustrated as she aggressively grabs Penny in a side headlock, keeping a stern gaze on Jet in the corner. Penny struggles in her desperation to escape, pushing herself up. But .PAAK releases the hold to maintain control, using her body weight to keep Penny down on the mat. .PAAK pulls Penny’s arm but Penny quickly blocks. .PAAK then connects with a fujiwara armbar. Penny continues to struggle, moving around on the mat until her foot touches the bottom rope. .PAAK lets go and stands, only to batter Penny with shoot kicks that leaves her reeling against the rope. The referee steps in again to separate them.]

BM: Penny just completely lost all control in this match right now. Escaped the armbar, only to get crushed with brutal shoot kicks!

TR: .PAAK is shining brilliantly in this match, Bry! I love it!

[.PAAK pulls up Penny who suddenly comes alive with punches. They trade more punches and kicks. Penny doubles over in anguish, clutching her chest. .PAAK darts to the ropes when Penny chases after her for a forearm smash. .PAAK’s back hits the mat and Penny runs the ropes. On the rebound, Penny slides under .PAAK’s legs and dives for the hot tag with Jet. The crowd bursts into excited cheers as Jet rushes in with a leaping clothesline, knocking down .PAAK to the ground. While .PAAK takes her time to recover, Jet seizes the opportunity to climb up the turnbuckle. The crowd grows more excited at this point.]

BM: Yes! Jet just regained some control for his team, and now he’s looking to fly!

TR: Yeah, baaaaad idea!

BM: What, why??

TR: Just a gut feeling!

[But before Jet rises to his feet, .PAAK runs up the corner to him. They trade vicious forearm shots, neither wanting to let up, until Jet goes for the sunset flip. But again, .PAAK manages to stop him as she tightly grips onto the ropes to keep balance. With a strong pull, Jet grabs .PAAK in a powerbomb position and leaves the corner. Realising the danger, .PAAK immediately fights back with more shots to the head. As Jet lifts her up for the powerbomb, .PAAK gracefully counters in midair with a tornado DDT. The crowd looks on in shock and awe while both lie on the mat in agony.]

TR: Holy shit! Tornado DDT from midair! I told you, Bry! I told you, didn’t I!?

BM: Jet’s down! .PAAK’s down! Nobody’s moving!

[.PAAK is the first to show signs of life as she rolls to crawl over to Jet for the cover. At the same time, Penny rushes in to break the pin. Caught in the heat of the moment, .PAAK and Penny get into a scuffle. Penny doubles over .PAAK with a front kick before hitting the ropes for a springboard move. That’s when Misha crushes her momentum with a dropkick to her legs, sending Penny face planting onto the mat. Misha shoves Penny out of the ring before quickly returning to her corner.]

BM: Penny just got shut right down!

TR: Ohhhh!!! You know what’s next!!!

[.PAAK tags in Misha while Jet groggily pushes himself up on his knees. Without wasting any more time, Murphy’s Law charge at their dazed opponent to strike from different sides; .PAAK with a superkick and Misha with a running knee. The impact crushes Jet who crumples immediately to the mat. Misha goes for the pin while .PAAK keeps a lookout for Penny.]

BM: Ruinous Requiem!

TR: Are we getting new champions???




TH: And here are your winners… AND NEW In Your House Tag Team Champions, Murphy’s Law!!

[The excitement turns to shock as “Rondo of Nightmare” by Babymetal blares through the arena. The referee rewards Misha and .PAAK with the tag team title belts before raising their hands in victory. The crowd reacts in commiseration for Jetpack, most of them rendered speechless.]

BM: I can’t believe it! Murphy’s Law are the new champions! They did it!

TR: At last! After months of rebuilding themselves since their last attempt against Snarktastic, Murphy’s Law has finally captured the tag team gold!

BM: They’ve certainly changed since then too. Becoming the new and improved Murphy’s Law has paid off big time!

TR: Congrats, ladies! May you have a long reign!

BM: They have yet to convince me, Tats. They may not be resorting to more devious methods but their style in the ring is still as vicious. And that makes them very, very dangerous. Now that they’re champions, I wonder what this means for the tag team division..

TR: It means whoever wants to step up now must know exactly what they’re in for before it’s too late.

[The feed shows Penny checking on Jet before cutting to Misha and .PAAK hoisting their belts high above their heads.]

user posted image

[The show cuts to backstage where Angelica Layne is seen pacing in her locker room. She has been locked within the room since the moment she got to the arena and is beginning to look like she is going stir crazy. Until she hears the door unlocking from the outside, a smirk forms on her face as she scoops the IYH Championship off of a bench and makes her way to the door. But once the door opens, she stops.]

AL: Oh, it’s just you.

ST: Yes, but your match is moments away, I was just hoping to get a few words with you beforehand…

[Angelica flips the belt onto her shoulder before crossing her arms, glaring at Stevie, who for some reason decides to take that as a yes.]

ST: Angelica, tonight we finally see the match that has been in the making for months, you versus Matt Stone for the IYH Championship. For months, Matt said he was the number two contender before earning his right to be the number one contender…

AL: And then he still bitched and moaned…

ST: Yes…at Unearthed you earned your right to decide the stipulation for this match and decided to go with an “I Quit Match”…

AL: Lemme stop you before you continue to ramble, Stevie. I chose an I Quit Match cause there is literally fuck all left to say but those two little words, “I quit”. Now if you’ll excuse me by kindly getting the fuck out of my way, I can go and make a little bitch say those words, right now!

[Stevie looks at Angie a little bit like a dear in the headlights for a moment, before stepping away from the door so Angie can get by. As Angie leaves the room she looks back at the camera with another glare before disappearing down the hallway. Stevie awkwardly looks back at the camera before it fades out.]

user posted image

TH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is for the In Your House Championship! Special stipulation for tonight’s title contest, in order to win this match you must make your opponent say I Quit!

Whoa is me
I'm so whoa
See me decked out from my head to my toe
Whoa is me
I'm so whoa
Everywhere I go I'm a one man show

[Matt Stone bursts from behind the curtains wearing his custom Shut Me Up t-shirt, briskly beginning his walk to the ring with his shoulders straight and his head held high as the fans heap him with abuse.]

TH: Introducing first, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and weighing in tonight at 99 KG, he is your challenger for the In Your House Championship… The Abominable Showman… MATT STONE!

[Jawing the entire time Matt climbs the ringsteps and enters the ring, going to all four corners and still trash talking the fans.]

TH: And his opponent…

Don't want to maintain, insane, get it up
You always play the blame game, no shame, had enough
I don't wanna maintain, insane, get it up
You always play the blame game, no shame, had enough

[Down by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play over the speakers as Angelica Layne appears to a round of thunderous applause from the rowdy IYH fans in attendance tonight. She unhooks her title belt and holds it up for the fans who mostly cheer again as she makes her way down the ramp.]

TH: From New York City, New York and weighing in tonight at 56 KG… she is your reigning and defending In Your House Champion… she is ANGELICA LAYNE!

BM: Look at her go, she’s wasting zero time getting in that ring, she wants to get her hands on Matt Stone something fierce!

TR: After all the trouble he’s caused her on Twitter and over these last few months, who can blame her?

[Keeping a fierce gaze on Matt, Angelica removes the IYH title belt from her waist and hands it over to the referee. The referee raises the championship over his head to the crowd who gives another burst of cheers. The referee then exchanges the belt with a microphone before signalling for the opening bell. Meanwhile, the two rivals glare at each other from across the ring.]

In Your House Championship
"I Quit" Match
Angelica Layne© vs Matt Stone


[Both competitors charge at each other, engaging in a fierce elbow-collar tie-up. Matt continues to shove Angelica into the corner behind her and throws a huge jab to the chin before striking her midsection with a hard shoulder thrust. Angelica then nearly gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex when she counters with forearm shots to the head. Matt releases as he staggers back. Angelica delivers a boxing combination that leaves him reeling with each hit. The crowd is on its feet cheering, more so due to the excitement of the fight. Angelica irish whips Matt to the corner before charging at him with a body press. It leaves Matt clutching his chest as he staggers out of there. Angelica then grabs Matt to take him down with a STO that lands him face first into the middle turnbuckle. As Matt hangs over the ropes, Angelica lashes out in full fury multiple boots to his back before backing away to regain composure. Matt collapses onto the mat in agony.]

BM: Angelica wasting zero time in taking her righteous rage out on Matt Stone!

TR: I do believe that she aims to get him to actually shut up! Wait… dammit she can’t! If she wants to win, he has to say I Quit!

[Matt starts to crawl away to safety when Angelica comes rushing in with a curb stomp. Matt manages to move out of the way. Angelica stops herself against the ropes and turns to find Matt pulling himself up. They go for a grapple, neither wanting to give in. Angelica goes for a forearm shot. Matt answers with his own and a body kick, doubling her over. Matt then slams her with a side headlock takedown, gripping the hold tightly upon landing. The referee approaches with the mic in hand as per Matt’s rude request while Angelica struggles to break free, frantically shaking her head. The crowd grows in nervous excitement at the huge turn of events.]

MS: Give it up, Angie! Say it! Say you quit!

AL: Fffffffuck yyyyyyou!!!

BM: That’s our Angelica! She’ll never say I Quit! I think.

TR: I find your lack of faith disturbing, and please don’t sue us, Disney.

[Soon enough, Angelica manages to push herself up and slip out of the hold. Pinning his arm to his back, Angelica then grabs Matt in a rear headlock with her free arm first. Matt quickly spins away before she can lock it down. They lock horns again before Matt connects with a jawbreaker. Angelica staggers back, clutching her jaw. Matt doubles her over with a kick and follows up with a DDT. Angelica lies on the ground, trying to catch her breath after impact. Matt marches over to toy with the champ, poking her head a few times with his boot. Angelica swats him away as she struggles to pick herself up. Matt grabs to irish whip Angelica to the other side. On the rebound, Angelica leaps to connect with a slingblade, which Matt expertly dodges as he dives to the ground. Angelica spins in the air before crashing into the ropes. As Angelica painstakingly pushes herself up on the ring apron, Matt charges at her to push her off to the outside floor. The impact sends Angelica flying, landing her back against the announcers table. The crowd grimaces as they go “ooh!” Matt pulls himself up while tapping his temple with a smirk.]

TR: Hey! He almost spilled my Diet Pepsi! That smug sonofa...

BM: Maybe we need to move though, you know how this stuff just happens right? And I don’t wanna die.

[Angelica rolls over to lie on her back between the ring and the announcers table. While she recovers, Matt slips through the ropes. Matt raises a fist in the air, prompting a round of jeers from the fans. With a kiss to the fist, Matt then jumps to land a fist drop on Angelica. Clutching her forehead, Angelica then writhes in agony before rolling over on her side.]

BM: Oh hot damn, I’m amazed she didn’t get busted wide open!

TR: Okay shit, move here they come.

[Matt sets up Angelica against the announcers table and starts throwing huge rights to her head before leaving her sinking to the ground. The referee rushes over to Angelica but Matt swats him away, clearly not satisfied with the match yet. Angelica groggily crawls away when Matt pulls her up by the hair and neck. Matt smashes her face hard into the table top, causing her to once again slip the floor. The ref gets close, only to get swatted away by Matt again as he picks up Angelica once more.]

BM: This may prove to be a miscalculation on Matt Stone’s part, if he knocks her unconscious, how can she say I quit?

TR: Please stop making sense, I don’t like it, it bothers me!

[Holding Angelica, Matt turns to the boisterous crowd and loudly mocks the champion. Hearing their boos seem to irritate him as he looks to the announcers table and prepares to smash Angelica’s face again. But Angelica manages to stop herself and fights back with back elbows to Matt’s chest. The third elbow shot strikes his nose, giving him no choice but to release her immediately. As Matt staggers back clutching his nose, Angelica continues to pummel him with hard rights. Matt turns, only to stumble in his daze. Matt quickly pushes himself up and hobbles along the side of the ring, trying to get some distance. Angelica takes her time to follow after him, looking like she’s also trying to regain her bearings. Matt steadies himself upon the crowd barricade when Angelica comes swinging a punch. Matt’s head whiplashes on impact but he remains standing, thanks to the barricade. Angelica returns with a follow-up punch but Matt blocks it and fires up with a european uppercut that has her reeling. Angelica staggers back, looking stunned from impact. As Angelica spins in her daze, Matt regains confidence and prepares for another punch, but only to get taken down with her discus clothesline signature. The force causes the barricade to give way to the crushed challenger, Angelica also falling next to him. The crowd goes wild at the sight while the referee quickly checks on both of them.]

BM: Was this a murder suicide attempt? That barricade is toast!

TR: Mmm toast. No, I think they’re both way tougher than that, you can’t take anything away from either of them, with as hard as they’re fighting tonight!

[Angelica is first to show signs of life as she struggles to pick up herself. While Angelica recovers against the still standing portion of the barricade, the referee holds the mic close to Matt’s face. But Matt barely shakes his head before painstakingly rolling over to push himself up.]

BM: Man, maybe he should have just...

TR: After all the shit he talked? I don’t think either of them is going to want to give in here, they might end up fighting until one of them dies of starvation!

[While Matt struggles to rise to his feet, Angelica has crawled to the ring and is now fishing for something underneath. Angelica retrieves a steel chain and wraps it around her hand just as Matt fully returns to vertical base. Angelica then strikes his face with a loaded punch. Matt’s head whiplashes from impact and retaliates with a jab. The two continue to trade shots and eventually he starts bleeding from his forehead and cheek. Matt soon rocks back on unsteady feet before falling on his knees. Angelica unwraps the chain and lashes out with it across his back. Matt howls in pain, arching his back. Angelica does it again, a wild look in her eyes. Angelica then motions for the mic from the ref.]

AL: Are you ready to quit now, Matt?!

BM: Hey Angelica’s got a steel chain! That’s the one she used to bash Ken’s face with back in Ruckus 8 in the parking lot brawl match!

TR: Well hello there, Ms Steel! We’ve missed you!

[Angelica whips his back again with the steel chain, drawing more blood from new cuts. Matt continues to scream in agony but still shakes his head as he inches forward and away from her, arching his back. Completely frustrated, Angelica throws the chain at his back for one final lashing.]

BM: Remind me to add ‘getting lashed by Angelica with a chain’ on the list of things I never want to experience, Tats.

TR: Right there with you, chief. Stop that, I already warned you to quit making so much sense.

[Angelica kicks at Matt’s midsection, causing him to roll over. Matt crawls away when Angelica yanks him to his feet before irish whipping him to the steel ring post. Matt reverses the throw, sending her face first into steel with a loud smack. The camera captures Angelica bleeding from the nose as she staggers back in a daze, stumbling on the ground. Matt backs away, checking on his own cuts and bruises, while Angelica drops to her knees, clutching her nose. As soon as Angelica rises to her feet again, she charges at him. But Matt is prepared to counter with his cutter signature, MLG 360 No Scope. Angelica crushes right onto the concrete floor, stunning everyone in attendance. Matt rolls over on his back, desperately trying to stay awake and catch his breath. The referee readies the mic next to Angelica who’s facedown on the bloodstained canvas.]

BM: I think her nose may be broken, Tats! She’s bleeding everywhere!

TR: I think she may have a bit more to worry about than a broken nose after that huge cutter!

[With all his might, Matt crawls over to Angelica and pulls her up in his Katahajime finisher, The Danger Zone. Angelica immediately comes in alive, as if caught in a desperate final fight for her life. The crowd is now on its feet, the atmosphere grown absolutely tensed at this point.]

BM: She may have no choice here, Tats. Her airways are already compromised...

TR: God, you hate to see it end like this… or I do, that is!

MS: Quit, Angie! Quit now!!!

[Without wasting time, Matt cranks up the pressure on the hold as he rolls to the ground, wrapping his legs around her waist now. Angelica’s free arm shoots up in the air, frantically reaching for anything.]

BM: It’s like she’s looking for the hand of God himself, Tats!

TR: Well there’s a disturbing image.

[Soon, Angelica begins to fade and Matt applies more pressure in an attempt to wake her up. In silent panic, Angelica starts to writhe in his death grip again.]


BM: I can’t believe she’s held out this long! How insanely tough is Angelica Layne!

TR: More like how determined is Matt Stone! He’s held onto one of the most dangerous wrestlers in this company far longer than I’d have ever given him credit!

[Angelica desperately fights to escape before fading again and this time, Matt releases the hold. But Angelica is no longer moving as she lies facedown on the mat. Matt demands the referee to ask her to quit but the ref gets no response and advises the challenger that the match has to continue despite that. Matt looks to Angelica with a scowl.]

BM: I don’t like that look on his face… can’t they do something? She must be out cold!

TR: They really can’t, the match is supposed to keep going until one of them says I Quit… but you hate to see things like this!

[Matt limps his way towards the ring to retrieve the steel chain Angelica used earlier. With a dark look in his eyes, Matt returns to whip the chain across Angelica’s back, leaving a nasty welt. Angelica instinctively rolls away, holding her back in pain. She struggles to regain her bearings as she drags herself further up the ramp.

BM: Well… she’s moving again, and I’m cringing!

TR: And Matt Stone is gloating, what a pig!

[Matt snatches the mic from the referee before dropping right next to Angelica near the middle of the ramp with a devilish smirk on his face.]

MS: It’s time, Angelica Layne. Say it and say it slowly if you have to. Take all the time you need.

[Angelica pushes herself up on all fours, struggling to lift her head. She shoots Matt a burning glare but the challenger is unfazed, growing more frustrated at her lack of answer. So Matt wraps the chain around Angelica’s neck and drags her to the top of the stage, choking her out. Matt then drops Angelica like a sack of potatoes and pushes the mic to her lips.]


[Getting no response, Matt slams Angelica to the ground. Angelica struggles to push herself up as Matt gets right in her face.]


[Without a word, Angelica spits in Matt’s face. Matt immediately jerks back as he recoils in disgust, furiously wiping the bloody spit from his face. Seizing the opportunity, Angelica lashes out a punch. The heated exchange of shots leaves both staggering in a daze. Matt stumbles off the edge of the stage and falls onto the lower ground that separates the stage from the crowd, pulling Angelica with him. They both crash, the ref rushing to their side and some of the crew members there flee from the scene.]

BM: Okay you remember what I said about murder suicide earlier, I take it back, that applies now.

TR: This looks very, very bad. But I think… they’re both still moving. A little bit.

[Both take their time to recover before rising to their feet. Being nearest to the stage, Matt pulls himself up first. Angelica slowly makes her way over on unsteady feet. Matt is halfway back on the stage when Angelica strikes his back with a hard forearm shot. Matt arches his back, frozen in spot. Angelica sets him up so that his face leans out over the edge and fires up a high roundhouse kick. Matt clutches the side of his head, his eyes squeezed shut in pure agony.]

BM: I think she’s trying to return the favor, break his nose, ruin his precious face!

TR: We all know how he is about his ‘handsome’ face!

[As the crowd watches Angelica grab Matt in a front chancery, a new burst of cheers rings out through the arena in anticipation of what comes next. Angelica then takes down Matt from the edge of the stage with a dragon screw neck whip before connecting with the anaconda vise on the landing, completing her Layne Personified finisher.]

BM: Matt Stone has to be in absolute agony!

TR: She’s got the Layne Personified locked in! He’s got nowhere to go, and he’s flagging!

[This time, it’s Matt who’s frantically trying to escape the submission hold but his efforts are weak, obviously showing the effects of the match on him. Meanwhile Angelica works to keep her grip intact. Matt struggles to break free, his free hand grasping nothing but air.]

BM: Now Matt’s the one praying for a miracle!

TR: I don’t know if he’s a religious man, but yeah...praying might help?

[Angelica screams for Matt to give up before he frantically starts tapping. But the referee shakes his head as he gestures to the mic. Angelica releases Matt from the submission hold and the ref quickly brings the mic closer to Matt.]

AL: You know what to do!

[Matt glares at Angelica, wiping the blood from his face.]

MS: …No!

[Angelica slowly rises to her feet and grabs the steel chain that Matt had dropped earlier on the stage. Matt starts to crawl away when Angelica lashes the chain across his back. Matt howls in pain, arching his back. Angelica doesn’t waste time to lash out again with the chain, causing Matt to collapse on the ground. By this time, the referee has scooped up the mic and stood by them, keeping a lookout for the dreaded words to be uttered. Running on pure adrenaline and rage now, Angelica continues to mercilessly whip the chain on Matt, and that’s when he raises his hands in surrender.]



TH: Here’s your winner… AND STILL the IYH champion, Angelica Layne!

[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch blasts through the arena as the crowd cheers. Angelica collapses on the ground, tossing the steel chain aside. She wipes the blood from her lips and struggles to pull herself up, with the aid of the referee. The ref gingerly raises Angelica’s hand in victory before rushing off to retrieve the IYH championship belt for her. Grimacing, Angelica staggers back from Matt who’s trying to crawl as far away as possible.]


TR: She certainly did… but what a disturbing and violent match this was! I don’t think I’ll be able to get the sound of that chain hitting Matt out of my head for a long, long time.

[The referee comes back to return the title belt to Angelica who raises it high above her head, prompting mostly cheers from the crowd. The camera shows the scarred back of Matt as he collapses on the ground again in complete agony. The referee checks on him before the feed tilts to show Angelica glaring down at him.]

BM: Brutal, brutal match… It was an all-out war, which pretty much sums up tonight’s event! We’ve got new tag team champions in Murphy’s Law, Diamond Jack Sabbath beat 11 other people in the IYH Rampage Battle Royal, Iris and Angelica successfully retaining their respective championships! Thank you to all the fans for being a part of this. Join us again when we return in two weeks back home at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I am “The Voice of the House” Brian Morris, here with Tats Richardson. Goodnight!

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