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 Rise To The Throne
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Oct 17 2016, 11:45 PM

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[A wide sweeping shot of the crowd is seen from the inside of the Sydney Superdome, signifying the opening of The Fall! The fans seem amped and ready for one hell of a supershow, cheering and waving at the cameras as one of them moves to the announce desk.]

Brian Morris: Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to you tonight from the Sydney Superdome as tonight we are going to see who is gonna be able to grab that brass ring: welcome to Rise To The Throne! I am “The Voice of The House” Brian Morris here with my broadcast partner, Tats Richardson.

Tats Richardson: Tonight’s gonna be fucking awesome to say the least, Bry. We’ve got the domestic abuse match for the IYH Title, a fucking Tag Team LADDER match for the IYH Tag Titles, cause Murphy’s Law don’t give a fuuuuck.

BM: And of course, we crown our first ever Proving Grounds Champion! Suzanne Carlisle waits in the main event for whoever wins the opening contest tonight. Speaking of, lets get this show underway, over to you, Tommy!

[The camera cut to Tommy in the ring.]

TH: The following contest is to determine who will go to compete into tonight’s main event for the Proving Ground Championship! This match is scheduled for one fall!

[The lights in the arena darken. The beginning rifts of "Shepherd of Fire" begin to play. A silhouette appears at the base of the entrance ramp. As the rifts shift and the lyrics a spotlight appears. Julian Savell steps into it, dressed in a black fur coat and holding his umbrella.]

TH: Making his way to the ring, from Las Vegas, NV, weighing in at 98.9kilograms...he is Julian Savell!

[Julian slowly treks down the entrance ramp. The look and scowl on his face are as serious as a heart attack.]

BM: Savell looks like he’s going to be all business tonight.

TR: He wants that title, and he knows he’s got to crush Nagasaki to do so.

[Julian slides into the ring. He takes off his coat and places it in the corner. Then, he stretches out a bit.]

TM: And his opponent…

[The lights adjust to a medium setting. Ken Nagasaki walks out to the base of the entrance ramp with a microphone is his hand. There’s a wicked smirk on his face. Soon after, the instrumental of his theme song begins to blare over the the speakers.]

TH: From Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 65 kilograms...Ken Nagasaki!

[Ken points at Julian in the ring as he walks down the entrance, aggressively rapping the lyrics to his own song].

BM: Ken with a little bit of aggression of his own. Looks like he is fired up and ready to go as well.

TR: Well, he’s got a heavy task tonight. Julian is no joke, trust me. Ken is going to have to channel that aggression and put on a perfect match.

[He sets the mic on the apron as he rolls underneath the bottom rope. The referee ushers him to the opposite corner as he calls for the bell.]

Winner Faces Suzanne in Main Event
Singles Match
Ken Nagasaki vs Julian Savell

Ding Ding Ding!

[As the bell ring sounds, the two wrestlers charge full speed at each other. As the meet, the two begin to exchange stiff blows. Julian fires in a European uppercut; Ken responds forearm. Uppercut, forearm, uppercut, forearm. The exchange continues until Ken gets the advantage after hitting a rapid flurry of forearms. Julian stumbles backwards holding his head as Ken hits the ropes. Ken rebounds and looks to hit a clothesline; however, Julian blocks it with a hard front kick to the arm. Julian quickly grabs Ken’s arm, pops his hips, and takes his opponent down with a deep arm drag. Julian transitions the move into an arm lock.]

BM: The early moments of this match resembled two trucks colliding. However, it seems the pace as slowed down just a bit.

TR: Julian is a smart cookie. Ken is a martial artist and a striker. It was would be stupid to trade blows with him all night. So, Julian has brought things to the mat. Sounds like a sound strategy to me.

[Julian twists on that arm, adding more pressure. The referee comes over and asks Ken if he wants to submit. Ken shouts no and waves him off. He shakes his finger and grits his teeth as he tries to get to a knee. Ken hammers some elbows into into Julian’s chest, forcing him to break his grip. However, before Ken can retaliate, he gets his eyes raked. In order to recover, Ken backs up into nearest corner. After sizing up his opponent up, Julian rushes in with a high knee. At the last moment, Ken moves out of the way, causing Julian’s knee to crash violently off the top turnbuckle pad. Julian clutches at his knee—he then get clocked in the back of the head. Ken follows up with release German suplex. He makes his way over and goes for the pin:]



BM: Julian with a timely kickout right there.

TR: Relax! Julian was never in any real danger. He’s just taking his time out there and conserving energy.

[Wanting to keep his momentum, Ken gets up to his feet and brings Julian up with him. He does a standing-switch and attempts to drop Julian with another German Suplex. At the pinnacle of the toss, Julian able to flip out and land perfectly on his feet. Ken gets caught with stiff superkick on the turn-around. Using his ring-awareness, Ken rolls to the outside holding his jaw as he catches his breath and regroups.]

BM: I felt that kick myself!

TR: Julian knows how important this match is. He didn’t come to play.

[Not letting up, Julian hits the ropes. He rebounds, dives through the middle rope, and catches Mr. Nagasaki with a suicide dive. The crowd gets a bit rowdy after seeing the high risk move.]

BM: Julian Savell is kicking it into high gear it seems.

TR: Ken is looking foolish out here. He can’t keep up.

[As Ken begins to get to a knee, Julian slides back into the ring. Once again, he hits the ropes, dives through, and hits his opponent with suicide dive. Julian springs to his feet and stands over his prone opponent for just a moment. He raises up his arms to taunt Ken before he kicks him in the face.]

BM: Going to the well again.

TR: The waters are deep this evening. Julian can keep this up all night.

[Once again, Julian rolls into the ring and hits the ropes. This time however, Ken glides onto the ring apron and cuts him off at the pass. He sends his knee colliding into Julian’s skull. Savell slumps to the mat as Ken rolls underneath the bottom rope.]

BM: Looks like that deep water just evaporated. Ken showed off his own speed and aggression with that move.

TR: It was nice, sure. But Ken has been catching a beating all match. It may not look like it, but Julian is still in control.

[After taking a moment to catch his breath, Ken finally makes it to his feet; he then grabs ahold of Julian and brings him to a vertical base as well. Ken lays in a couple of well-placed forearms before he whips Julian into the ropes. Julian ducks a massive lariat on the rebound. However, instead of hitting the ropes, Julian stalls his momentum, spins, and kicks Ken in the back of the quad. As Ken drops to mat holding his knee, he gets blasted in the head with another superkick. Julian quickly follows up with a grounded snap-DDT and floats over into the cover:]



BM: Ken almost got caught, but he gets his shoulder up at the last second.

TR: He should have just stayed down; now he is just going to get beat down even more. Julian isn’t going to let up.

[Julian stomps on Ken’s head and then drags him to the corner. Swiftly, Julian ascends to the top rope.]

BM: What’s he thinking here?

TR: Based on his position, looks like he’s going for the Savell Splash.

BM: If he hits that, it’s a done deal!

TR: Like I said, Ken should have stayed down.

[He comes of the ropes with a Phoenix splash. However, Ken see it coming and moves out of the way. While in the air, Julian adjusts; as he comes down, he is able to roll through and land on his feet. He spins and rushes at Ken, but gets dropped by a knee to the sternum. As Julian scrambles to his feet, his gets popped with the F-Bomb superman punch. Ken places his back on Julian’s sternum and hooks his leg for the pin:]



[Before the three-count, Julian grabs Ken’s arm and shifts his own body-weight. He plants Ken’s shoulder to the mat with a modified crucifix pin:]



BM: What a beautiful sequence. Hate them or love them, both are great competitors.

TR: Yeah, yeah. But, one of them has to walk away the winner here tonight.

[Both men make it to their feet. After a brief strike exchange, Savell gains the advantage. He yokes up his opponent and drops him to the mat a snap suplex. Julian maintains the hold as he rises to his feet; he then drops Ken on his head with a brainbuster. After getting to his feet, Julian drags Ken closer to the corner.]

BM: Unsaved Splash again?

TR: No no, looks like he’s trying something different here.

[Julian sits perched on the top rope as Ken begins to stir. After a moment, Ken is able to make it to knee. This causes Julian to smirk and shout out “it’s over bitch!” Julian jumps up, hops of the top rope, and raises his right boot up for the Unsaved Stomp.]

BM: Unsaved Stomp!

TR: RIP Ken!

[Anticipating the move, Ken gets to his feet. He jumps up and throws his leg back, catching Julian with a pele kick on the way down. Julian crashes down to the mat and rolls away.]

BM: What an amazing counter! Ken just turned this thing around.

TR: No no no!

[Ken rolls to the corner and rests a bit as Julian struggles to get to his feet. Once he does, Ken charges out of the corner. He jumps into the air, spins, and drives his foot into Julian’s head.]

BM: The Nuke connects! This could be over!

TR: No way, not like this!

[Ken hooks the leg and goes for the cover:]




Ding Ding Ding!

TH: And here’s your winner…Ken Nagasaki!

His music hits as he makes it to his feet. The ref walks over and raises Ken’s hand.

BM: What an amazing match to open Rise To The Throne, but its only the first step for Ken. He got past Julian, but he still has to get past Suzanne if he wants to win The Proving Grounds Championship.

TR: In other words, congratulations Suzanne on your title win, but we all know Ken is gonna choke and fuck it up in a spectacular fashion..

BM: Ken is well aware of his past shortcomings Tats, but I wouldn’t underestimate him

TR:Yeh, we’ll see.

user posted image

[We cut backstage where we find the Abominable Showman standing alone in the interview area where we normally would find Stevie looking to get the newest scoops. She’s nowhere to be seen, however, and so we all have to get ready to hear Matt Stone speak, likely for a long time. The Showman clears his throat and we’re off, lucky us.]

MS: Hello everyone and welcome to Rise to the Throne, the show where we will all say goodbye once and for all to Zoe Alverez. We’ve all had some laughs, shared some good times, but sadly, it’s time for her to go. Not only is it best for everyone involved here in In Your House, but quite frankly it will fill up some quite valuable real estate here in the locker room for someone who can actually benefit from it. Now don’t get me wrong now, I don’t want to be taken out of context, I’m certainly not saying Zoe is worthless, I would never say such a thing, but her worth could easily be surpassed by a great many people looking to become a successful wrestler, but I’m not here to talk about Zoe, that’s boring. You all know the kind of person she is and the lack of a threat she poses to someone like me. No, instead I’m here to give you all a bonus question from my show, Questions for Stone, live right here! Isn’t that great?

[A massive silence can be heard as Stone rummages in his pocket for his phone so he can read the question.]

MS: This would be another thing Zoe could do, by the way, stand off camera and hold up cue cards. That would be helpful. Okay, here we are. This question comes from one of our own here in In Your House, Vivian Lee. You may recognize her from all of her revealing pictures she likes to post on social media, bless her heart. Okay, here it is: “You're Matt Stone and suddenly you are the last man on Earth, left with all the females on Earth... do you try to repopulate the human race or just subjugate them to your will like the super villain you secretly are?” This question was so amusing to me, I just had to answer it. I’m flattered that you would compare me to a super villain, I’ve often thought of myself as super. Now I’m not going to say that I’m a villain, but it’s been said that everyone is a hero in their own head, so I might be a tad biased, but I think you should all consider me your hero.

Now to the question, I’m not sure if in this wonderful scenario if I was the cause for all of the men in the world to be removed, but I’ll take credit for it anyway. What would I do with all of the women? Well, clearly I would find a use for all of them. Starting with Zoe, she would make a great cue card holder while I read off what each of the other women should be doing. Angelica would be in charge or pleasantries of course, the honey tongued challenger. Obviously with Vivian’s talents, she would provide the entertainment. Nessa would make a perfect model for the Princess Leia bikini, as well as a pretty decent gardener, I think. Now as for…

[Matt stops, his eyes widening as he looks off camera.]

MS: Oh my God Becky...look at that, we have a rare treat indeed folks. Cameraman, post haste!

[Stone walks off screen for a moment as the camera struggles to follow him, following him down the hall where he’s waving down one half of the reigning IHY Tag Team champions.]

MS: Nessa! Oh Nessa!

[Stone stops beside the blonde who looks about as far away from impressed as one can get.]

MS: This is too perfect, you can help me answer this question from your second best tag team partner in your career, isn’t that a happy coincidence?

NW: I’m sorry, what? I… can help… you… answer a question?

[She looks from him to the camera and back again.]

NW: I’d really rather not.

MS: Nonsense. You always like giving interviews, now you get to have one, sort of. It’s a dream come true or something like that, and the best part is it’s a question about me! I’m curious how you think I would answer this. The question is, if I was the last man on earth, what sort of Super Villainy things would I have all the women do?

[She stares at him for a good ten seconds, the silence rather ominous before she sighs in resignation.]

NW: I’m sure it would be nothing short of Lex Luthor’s plans for world domination coupled with Donald Trump’s rampant misogyny. Chains? Women toiling in salt mines to get the best crystals for your poolside margaritas? I couldn’t even begin to fathom, Matthew. You’re just so deep, after all. So many layers.

[The sarcasm in her voice is so thick it’s almost visible in the air as she rolls her eyes.]

NW: The reality though? You wouldn’t dominate a fly. It would be more like Hell Comes To Frogtown - you’d be the one in chains. The breeder shuffled from one community to the next, useful for only one thing.

[Matt pauses for a moment, that was clearly not the answer he was looking for, but rather than have this degenerate into name calling, he chose to focus on the parts that he liked.]

MS: You know, those margaritas sound good right about now, they’ll be the perfect beverage to enjoy once I remove Zoe from this company. I’m also flattered that you’d say I’m great for breeding here on national television, global television even, a rave review from a former lover. Can’t buy better publicity than that, folks!

NW: That’s not even…

[She makes a sound of disgust, shaking her head.]

NW: Are we done here? I have a match that’s actually important to prepare for.

MS: Oh right, I don’t know where my head was at. You will be defending your tag team titles against the team of Murphy’s Law comprising of Whosits and Whatsits. Do you think you’ll be able to overcome what I can only assume is the philosophical team of the year? Or do you think that with so many teams before, you’ll find a way for this to go wrong as well?

[Nessa very visibly bristles at the question.]

NW: We worked too hard for our glory to lose it now. Murphy’s Law isn’t good enough. Neither are the other two teams vying for the next opportunity.

[She pauses, that devilish smirk of hers curving her lips.]

NW: Best of luck against Chloe, sweetie. I’m sure you’ll do great.

[Before he can say anything else, she turns and starts to walk out of the shot. Matt watches her leave, turning back to the camera.]

MS: Nessa Wall ladies and gentlemen, isn’t she a treat? We wish her well tonight, her and her tag team partner, insert name in here. Hope that answered your question Viv, and I hope you weren’t too offended by Nessa’s disparaging remarks about you and your partner, she’s been under a lot of stress lately. As for me? I’m on cloud nine and we’re totally going to be having a margarita party back at my place tonight, everyone’s invited! Hell, Chloe can even...wait, Chloe? Zoe is her name, right? Yeah, Zoe, she can come too, I can have someone carrying the drinks around. Plenty of uses for that woman! I’ll see you out there folks, this has been a bonus installment of Questions for Stone, remember if I’m not talking, no one’s listening! Back to you Brian...Tats, you can talk too I guess.

[Matt then walks out of shot, heading to the gorilla position for his match.]

user posted image

[“Random” – G-Eazy plays throughout the arena and it isn't long before Zoe appears from behind the curtains to the cheering fans. She has a look of confidence about her tonight as she slowly makes her way down the ramp.]

TH: Making her way to the ring from Los Angeles, California; weighing in at 56Kg....Zoe Alverez!

[Zoe slaps a few of the fans hands before running and sliding into the ring beneath the bottom rope. She jumps back to her feet and runs to the corner, raising her arm in the air and getting a slightly louder pop from the crowd. As she hops down from the corner, her music dies down and is soon replaced by “Whoa is Me” - Down With Webster. The crowds switch their cheers to boos almost instantly as Matt appears from behind the curtains. He seems confident, but that could easily be confused with his general cocky nature.]

TH: And her opponent, from Ottawa, Ontario; weighing in at 99Kg...Matt Stone!

[Matt scoffs at the reaching hands of the fans before brushing by and slowly climbing the steps of the ring. He gives Zoe a smirk before slipping into the ring with his arms stretched out, sucking up the boos like he hears love and adoration from the fans instead. Matt approaches Zoe with a chuckle.]

Singles Match
Zoe Alverez vs Matt Stone

[Matt arrogantly gives Zoe the opportunity to turn back now and save herself the embarrassment, an offer she refuses with a hard slap across his face before throwing elbows to the side of his head. Zoe bounces against the ropes and comes back at Matt, who attempts to take her down with a clothesline, Zoe ducks and spins back to Matt but before she can follow up, Matt knocks her down to the mat with a Superkick. Zoe takes a moment to get back to her feet and while Matt was distracted by some mild show boating, Zoe creeps up and takes him down with a swinging DDT.]

TR: That's my girl!

BM: For the last time, before she files a restraining order against you, that is NOT your girl.

[Zoe runs to the ropes, hoping to connect with a Lionsault but Matt rolls out of the way and Zoe eats the canvas instead. Matt gets back to his feet and forcibly pulls Zoe back to hers before nailing her with not one, not two, but three Belly-To-belly Suplexes. Matt attempts a pin, hoping to end this match and also Zoe's career quick and painless, but to everyones surprise, especially Matts, Zoe manages to kick out right after hearing the two count.]

TR: She's fighting for more than just her career here, its about respect and staying within close contact to me.

BM: Just when I thought you were going to have something meaningful and truthful to say; you had to go and ruin it.

[Matt gets back to his feet and starts arguing with the referee, yelling about a slow count. Zoe starts to stir and although Matt seems distracted, he keeps his eyes on her and gives her a leg drop before she can even attempt to stand up, before going back and arguing with the referee again.]

TR: If he wasn't fighting my beloved Zoe, I'd probably like this guy.

BM: And if he defeats your precious Zoe?


[Matt backs off from the referee, knowing that his arguing will get him no further in the match. He pulls Zoe up by her hair and shouts something else to the ref, before throwing a hard fist into Zoes stomach. Zoe almost buckles over but Matt keeps her steady on her feet before tossing her against the ropes, Matt leans over, hoping to catch Zoe and flip her over him but Zoe stops just before she reaches Matt and kicks him hard in the face, sending Matt back into the ropes as Zoe runs to the other side and runs back at him with a clothesline, but Matt has it scouted, ducking underneath and turning around as she comes back, driving a knee into her midsection, causing her to fall to her knees. Matt goes behind her and attempts to lock in his devastating “Danger Zone” submission move, but Zoe manages to drop her body down before Matt can lock it in properly, her legs flicking up to grab his head, before sending Matt flipping over her with a head scissors. Matt quickly makes it back to his feet as Zoe gets back up, and as he turns around Zoe tries to hook him up for her hammerlock legsweep DDT, the “Echa Pa'lante,” but Matt reverses the grip, spinning her out, before jumping up in the air for the “C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker,” but just as he is about to land, Zoe shifts her weight and flips over Matt into a jackknife cover!

BM: Matt went for the finish right there and Zoe caught him with a reversal!





TH: Here is your winner, Zoe Alverez!

[Matt kicks out with authority half a second too late before Zoe quickly exits the ring, walking up the ramp backwards with a smile on her face, her music playing through the arena. The fans cheer out of respect for her keeping her career alive.. Matt just glares back at Zoe, visibly almost shaking.]


BM: Matt is fuming as to how things went down, its obvious that this wasn’t an outcome in his head. The question now is how Matt Stone is going to react, especially to a loss like this, one that he was seconds away from winning?

TR: Yeh, the only thing we know for sure is that ZOE IS STAYING!

BM: Yes, she certainly came out on top here tonight, we can only hope for Tats' sanity that she continues to thrive.

user posted image

[We immediately cut backstage to see reporter Stevie Trelain holding a microphone waiting just beyond the curtain.]

ST: A great victory for Zoe here tonight guys and the best part of it is that she’ll be sticking around with us, which as you can tell from the sound of the audience is certainly a good thing. I’m hoping to get a word with Matt Stone after the he comes now.

[We see Stone come through the curtain, holding his head and he immediately gets a microphone shoved in his face.]

ST: Excuse me, Matt? I was wondering if I could get your reaction to losing to Zoe tonight?

[Stone just glares at Stevie for a moment, his face visibly shaking with rage.]

MS: My reaction? What do you think my reaction is? I’ve been here for a month and I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing! I am Matt Stone, damn it, and I am better than this! I am better than all of this and you mark my words Stevie, you’re all going to find out exactly what I mean by that! You can all celebrate Zoe’s victory tonight, she gets to keep her job, big deal, because now my job is making the rest of hers, and anyone else who gets in my way lives miserable. I won’t be ignored, oh no and I certainly won’t be overlooked anymore. The punish is coming Stevie, and it’s going to be swift. No one on this roster has what it takes to SHUT ME UP!

ST: So does this mean no margarita party?

[Stone just glares at her and brushes past, walking off.]

ST: Well there you have it, a frustrated Matt Stone vowing revenge. As he plots away, congratulations once more go out to Zoe. Back to Tommy to announce the next match!

user posted image

[“Mind of a Beast” - The Glitch Mob plays throughout the arena and its not long before Connie Craven makes her way to the stage. The crowds give her a mixed reaction but its mostly boos, which she just shrugs off, flips her hair back and begins to make her way down to the ring.]

TH: Introducing first, from Christchurch, New Zealand; weighing in at 46Kg...Connie Craven!

[Connie practically skips over to some fans, pretending like she was going to smack their hands but rolls her eyes, laughing at how pathetic they are instead. She climbs the steps and begins to slip inside of the ring as her music is cut off by Electric Hellfire Club-Bitchcraft. More boos rain out as Iris Black appears on the top of the ramp with a crazy 'I just performed voodoo' look in her eyes. She begins to maniacally laugh as she makes her way down the ramp.]

TH: And her partner, from Kildare, Ireland; weighing in at 54Kg...Iris Black!

[Iris slides into the ring and instantly makes her way towards Connie, offering her something from her pocket; which Connie refuses to take with her nose curled up in disgust. Connie shrieks with laughter before taking it herself.]

BM: What do you think that was all about?

TR: Probably wanted Connie to eat a whole chicken head or something.

BM: Either way, the referee has allowed this substance to be taken so it must not be anything harmful.

TR: Or he's hoping she chokes, either or.

[Iris' music is suddenly cut off and replaced with "Red Flag" by Billy Talent. The crowds jump to their feet as Owen Gonsalves appears from behind the ropes full of energy and pumped for tonight. He wastes no time in making his way to the ring.]

TH: And one half of their opponents, from Melbourne, Australia; weighing in at 93Kg...Owen Gonsalves!

[Owen waits outside of the ring not wanting to take any chances with the ladies until his partner has arrived. He smacks a few fans hands as his music dies down. "Yeah Yeah" - Willie Moon plays and Jacob Jupp instantly appears from behind the curtains, the crowds continue to cheer showing their support for the pairing of Jacob and Owen as Jacob makes his way down the ramp.]

TH: And his partner, from Washington, D.C., weighing in at 92Kg...Jacob Jupp!

[Jacob approaches Owen at the bottom of the ramp before they both slide into the ring together.]

Tag Team Match
Connie Craven and Iris Black vs Owen Gonsalves and Jacob Jupp

[Connie looks like she wants to start things off for her team, but Iris reaches out to her and even though Connie cannot see Iris behind her, Connie starts to walk backwards into her corner shaking her head lightly. Iris starts to cackle as she points towards Jacob, wanting to start things off with him.]


BM: I honestly think that was just a coincidence. I believe Connie still wanted to start things off, she was just backing up to confirm with Connie.

TR: Ohh no, that's far too logical. Fuck off with your logic-craft.

BM: You're right, however could I be so blind. Maybe she can give you a love potion for you and Zoe.


BM: Cause you're an idiot!

[The bell is finally rung as Connie and Owen both slip out of the ring allowing their partners to start things off. Iris charges at Jacob with a war scream, but he quickly silences her by side stepping before she can connect with a clothesline and takes her down with a swift kick to her calf. As Iris buckles to her knees, Jacob gets her in a rear chokehold, hoping to end things quick.]

BM: Jacob has that chokehold locked in pretty tight, Iris needs to try and reach for those ropes.

TR: Or she can use her witchcraft to make the ropes come to her.

BM: No.

[Iris stretches her arms out, hoping to reach the ropes but its to no avail. Thankfully for her, out of no where Connie has ran into the ring and hits Jacob with a dropkick to his back. Connie gets back to her feet and gets a few stomps in on Jacob while he is down before the referee starts to demand that she leaves the ring. She gives a coy shrug but takes her time to leave the ring, leaving the referee distracted while Iris continues on the attack on Jacob. She connects with a leg drop to his back before straddling his back and placing his throat on the bottom rope. With both hands she pulls back and up on the bottom rope, using it to try and choke out Jacob. Thankfully the referee turns his attention back to the match and orders Iris to break the hold, who continues to hold the rope until the four count.]

TR: I wouldn't want to be the guy that has to tell that woman no. Next thing you know, you're waking up without your didgeridoo...and I'm not talking about your musical instrument, I mean the one you use to...

BM: I GOT IT. I've worked with your perverted ass long enough to get where you are going with this.

[The referee orders Iris away to give Jacob enough time to get back to his feet. Once he stands steady on both feet, Iris comes at him again. It takes everything in Jacob to get his leg up to connect with a roundhouse kick that knocks her flat on her ass. Jacob struggles and stumbles, but manages to get to his corner to tag in Owen. The crowds go crazy as Owen instantly hops up onto the turnbuckle and takes down the charging Iris with a Flying Clothesline, even managing to still land on his feet. He pulls Iris back to her feet and whips her into the ropes, but unfortunately towards the ropes were Connie was standing. She smacks Iris on her shoulder to make a blind tag which the referee sees but Owen manages to miss.]

BM: I think Connie may have made a tag.

TR: Did she make the tag of her own free mind or did Iris MAKE her make the tag.

BM: I...I'm not dignifying that with a response.

[As Iris comes back at Owen, he scoops her up and takes her down with a bodyslam, but Connie slips into the ring and charges him from behind, leaping onto his back and wrapping her arms around his neck in a choke hold. Owen manages to shake her loose and takes her down with a bodyslam also. Iris has rolled out of the ring to recollect her bearings while Connie rolls on the mat. Owen pulls her up to her feet and takes her down with a German Suplex. He attempts a pin, but Connie kicks out right after two. Owen keeps an eye on Iris, who is now circling outside of the ring acting more like a manager than a wrestler at this point. Owen shakes his head, seeing her edge closer to Jacob. Owen runs towards Jacob, smacking his hand for the tag before connecting with a Suicide Dive to Iris outside of the ring.]

TR: Well, I guess that takes care of any impending doom.

BM: For now, at least.

[Jacob gets back into the ring as Connie is shaking the stars from her eyes, he wastes little time in bouncing off the ropes hoping to connect with a Springboard Roundhouse, but Connie gets a big boot into Jacobs midsection before he can execute the move completely. Jacob pushes himself onto his knees whilst Connie runs to the corner, hopping up onto the top rope. Jacob blindly charges at her as she leaps from the top rope, nailing him right in the jaw with a vicious mule kick!

BM: Kiwi Crusher! Kiwi Crusher connects!

TR: One of the very few things Kiwi’s can do right!

[Connie hooks the leg for the cover.]





TH: Here are your winners via pinfall...Connie Craven and Iris Black!!

[Connie gets up, somewhat in disbelief before jumping up and down squealing in celebration and also laughing down at the fallen Jacob. Iris has rejoined her in the ring and proudly raises her arm in the air before the ladies make their exit for backstage.]

BM: I honestly thought this one was going to go another way tonight.

TR: Never underestimate the power of Witchcraft...or Bitchcraft, unsure which was used to win this match.

BM: I'm sure we will see Jacob and Owen bounce back from this.

TR: Speaking of bouncing, S&V are in action next...

BM: Bouncing?

TR: Bouncy boobs. Oh don't act like you haven't noticed. They might be small, on one of them anyway, but they put it all out there for show. They want this kind of attention, don't worry about it.

BM: Oooh, just like the way Zoe ties her shirt under...


BM: Whaaatever. Let's get on with the action, shall we?


["Glass Ceiling" by Metric plays throughout the arena and the crowd instantly start to boo as the tag team of S&V walk out from behind the curtains with manager Luke Fancher in between the two ladies. He takes their hands at the centre of the ramp, allowing them to give the fans a little twirl before they relink arms and make their way to the ring.]

TH: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 120.20Kg, accompanied by Luke Fancher...S&V!

[Luke stands by the steps and keeps hold of Shirleas hand to assist her up the steps and along the apron until she enters the ring, before doing the same with Vivian. Luke stays on the outside of the ring, moving away from the ramp as they await the arrival of SOA. As their music dies down it is quickly replaced with “Nothing to Prove” by H2O. The crowds jump to their feet as the energetic tag team SOA appear from behind the curtains. Max takes the left side of the stage, while Sean takes the right, raising their arms to get their fans even more pumped before making their way down the ramp.]

TH: And their opponents...State Of Anarchy!

[Sean and Max stop halfway on the ramp and smile at each other before running the rest of the way, sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. They are quick back to their feet and each take a corner, fist pumping the air to keep the fans morale at a high.]

#1 Contenders Match for In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
S&V vs State of Anarchy

[Shirlea and Sean decide to start things off, Shirlea charges at Sean who catches her in a headlock and swiftly connects with a running Bulldog, much to the dismay of Vivian who stands in her corner smacking her hands together to get a little bit of momentum behind her partner. Sean pulls Shirlea back to her feet and attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Shirlea reverses and whips him into the ropes instead. On the rebound, Shirlea takes him down with a crossbody and hooks his leg for a pin attempt, but Sean powers out of it instantly. They both get back to their feet at the same time and Shirlea attempts to make a run for her corner, but Sean Dropkicks her from behind knocking her to her knees and into the ropes.]

BM: Shirlea was hoping for a tag but Sean is not going to let her get away so easily.

TR: Attacking a woman from behind like that, tsk tsk.

BM: I'm going to take a page from your book and say, THIS IS WRESTLING!

[Sean pulls Shirlea back to her feet and pulls her towards his own corner. Shirlea tries to weasel her way out of it by passionately kissing Sean, who pushes her away disgusted with what she was doing. Shirlea then gives him a hard slap across his face like he initiated the unwanted kiss, before dropping him with a DDT.]

BM: I take it back, this is now no longer wrestling, this is....I don't know.

TR: How kinky wrestling pornos start.

BM: I...what?

TR: Nothing, nothing.

[Shirlea gets back to her feet and runs to tag in Vivian who charges into the ring hungry for action. She makes a beeline towards Sean hoping to stop his attempt for a tag by grabbing onto one of his ankles, trying to pull him back to the center of the ring. But Sean gets up, hopping on one foot before jumping up and hitting a Spinning Heel kick, knocking Vivian down to the mat. Sean makes a dive towards his corner and tags in Max, much to the fans delight.]

TR: Listen to all those panties drop from the female crowd.

BM: This is a number one contenders match, dammit. Can we drop the sexual remarks inside and outside of the ring and just fucking wrestle?

TR: Tell that to S&V, I'm pretty sure their name stands for Sex and Violence. I'll gladly help them out with the sex, they can keep the violence.

[Vivian is back to her feet and charges towards the waiting Max, she stops in front of him and wildly chops at his chest until he is backed against the ropes. She follows this up with a monkeyflip which sends Max to the centre of the ring, but he's quick to get back to his feet and charges at Vivian. The two competitors lock up in the middle of the ring and Max manages to contort Vivian into a headlock, which she breaks out of moments later by driving stiff elbows into his stomach. Vivian locks her hands behind Max's head and drives his head down onto her raised knee. He stumbles back slightly and Vivian hits a dropkick to knock him into the corner. Max slouches against the ropes as Vivian approaches him, standing on the lower rope before driving a few hard punches to the top of Max's head.]

TR: She definitely seems like she enjoys being on top.

BM: Nope, not degrading this match further with that shit.

[Vivian hops her legs onto Max's shoulders, hoping to flip him out of the corner with a Hurricanrana, but before she can execute the move effectively, Max grabs hold of her tights, raising her slightly in the air before slamming her down with a powerbomb. Max then pulls her up to her feet and connects with a Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker.]


[As Max hooks Vivian’s leg for the pin, Shirlea charges in to try and break it up, but Sean hits her with a Springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick allowing Max to pin safely.]




TH: Here are you winners and number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships...STATE OF ANARCHY!

[The crowds go wild as Sean and Max both get to their feet and enjoy a celebration hug in the middle of the ring. The referee raises both of their arms in victory as the crowds cheers and stomp their feet to mimic Thunder in the arena.]

BM: State of Anarchy pulled it off, not that there was much doubt in anybodies minds. These two have been on a roll lately.

TR: Hate them, like I kind of do, or love them like the crowds blindly do...these two are definitely a serious threat for the Tag Team Champions, whoever that may be after tonight.

BM: Well we wont have to wait for long because that match is coming up next.

TR: Lets hope its brutal, it's a Ladder Match after all and it's not exactly like its a random match. We've seen people bleed just for a chance at winning a championship, lets see what Snarktastic are willing to do to keep those championships safe with them.

BM: Well we know they are going to need to stay on their toes, Murphys Law aren't exactly a team to be taken lightly.
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[The feed returns to Tommy standing in the ring, with the crowd continuously chanting “In Your House!” Hanging high above the ring are the In Your House Tag Team title belts. Around it, there are two ladders already set up.]

TH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team ladder match! And it’s for the In Your House Tag Team Championship!

[“Akatski” by Babymetal starts to play, inviting a round of jeers from the crowd. Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK walk confidently through the curtain together before making their way down to the ring. They look at the ladders with smirks on their faces.]

TH: Introducing first, the challengers… At a combined weight of 121 kilos… The team of Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK, Murphy’s Law!

BM: Here we go, Tats! The clash of the two most dominant tag teams of In Your House today!

TR: Tough call, Bry. What I love about Murphy’s Law is that those two ladies can talk the talk AND walk the walk. What they want, they get. And they push hard for it.

BM: Indeed, they’ve been throwing out bold statements for the past month and tonight, they finally get their shot at the tag titles with the current reigning champions, Snarktastic.

TR: No love lost there, that’s for sure.

[.PAAK and Misha enter the ring together before waiting in their corner. The music fades out, quickly replaced with “Don’t Drag Me Down” by Social Distortion. Shawn Fox and Nessa Wall enter the arena to the chorus of more jeers from the crowd. Nessa casually turns to Shawn with raised eyebrows and a smirk. Ignoring the fans as always, Shawn takes her hand as they make their way to the ring.]

TH: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 142 kilos… The team of Shawn Fox and Nessa Wall, they are the In Your House Tag Team Champions… Snarktastic!

TR: All hail the King and the Queen!

BM: When facing a team like Murphy’s Law, it’s no wonder why they’d strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. But Snarktastic doesn’t seem at all fazed by the viciousness Murphy’s Law is known for.

TR: Wait till Murphy’s Law step up a notch with their hard-hitting style. In a match like this, with the tag titles on the line, I’m sure that will happen.

[Shawn and Nessa take their sweet time to check out one of the ladders before entering the ring. Misha and .PAAK merely stare back with fire in their eyes, no doubt ready to pounce any time. The referee steps in to remind them to stay separated before signaling for the opening bell.]

In Your House Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Ladder Match
Snarktastic© vs Murphy’s Law


[As Shawn and Nessa rush towards their opponents, .PAAK and Misha immediately drop and roll out of the ring. They get a ladder and push it into the ring. Then aim to throw it to Shawn and Nessa. But the champions duck and charge at them both for dropkicks. As the challengers rise back to their feet, Snarktastic pummels them with forearm shots. Shawn forces .PAAK into the corner before leaving her slumped to the mat there. He then joins Nessa to irish whip Misha to the other side of the ring. On the rebound, Misha goes for a forearm smash on Nessa. Shawn then grabs Misha from behind with a waistlock before slamming her face down onto the mat. Shawn floats over for a front chancery on Misha, but she’s quick to move and roll up onto her knees. She looks for a front chancery as well and pulls up Shawn as she rises to her feet.]

BM: Shawn and Misha in a heated tug of war for control. Great technical skills by both with counter after counter.

TR: It’s like watching masters at work!

[Nessa goes for the chop block on Misha, effectively breaking her hold on Shawn. That’s when .PAAK returns to the fray with a steel chair and smashes the back of Nessa’s head with it. She then drops it and sets up Nessa to take her down with a half hatch suplex. Meanwhile, Misha and Shawn trade punches before Misha blocks one with the hook of her arm with his and connects with an elbow shot with her other arm. Misha then calls .PAAK over as she throws Shawn down with a snapmare. .PAAK follows it up with a huge dropkick to Shawn’s upperback. As Shawn recovers, Nessa is back on her feet. Misha marches over to Nessa and kicks her in the midsection. .PAAK sets up the chair. Misha picks up Nessa in a gutwrench hold before .PAAK takes her down with a devastating cutter onto the chair for their Dream State double team maneuver. Nessa lands awkwardly as she rolls off the now bent chair, clutching her stomach. The crowd cheer, more so out of excitement for the intensity of the match.]

BM: Oh my god that’s just absolutely brutal! Murphy’s Law on a dangerous roll tonight!

TR: The challengers are setting the bar up high right now!

[Misha and .PAAK now bring up the ladder as Shawn pulls himself up. Seeing him making his way up a turnbuckle, they charge at him with the ladder. Shawn leaps off the turnbuckle to take them both down with an impressive split-legged missile dropkick. The impact knocks the challengers backwards onto the mat, causing the ladder to also drop on them. Shawn rolls off the ladder, clutching his back in agony.]

BM: Shawn with the high risk!

TR: That sure paid off but with a price!

[Misha rolls out of the ring to recover before Nessa rises to her feet. Still holding her midsection, Nessa lays the boots on .PAAK before pulling her up. Nessa wrenches .PAAK’s arm before connecting with a wristlock. Nessa then throws a sharp elbow to .PAAK’s arm. .PAAK pulls back her arm immediately, cradling it in agony. Nessa laughs, satisfied with the payback. The fans jeer in response before Nessa returns to .PAAK to irish whip her to the ropes. On the rebound, .PAAK ducks a clothesline attempt then stops to wait for Nessa to turn. When she does, .PAAK hits her with a rolling sole butt.]

BM: Nice back and forth there until that rolling sole butt. Just knocked the smirk off Nessa’s face!

TR: How rude!

[.PAAK sets up the ladder in the middle of ring when she spots Shawn marching over to her. They start trading punches before Shawn irish whips .PAAK to the other side. .PAAK reverses the throw, but Shawn reverses it back to take her down with a stiff clothesline. As .PAAK pulls herself up again, Shawn strikes her down with a stunning axe kick. While .PAAK recovers, Shawn climbs the ladder.]

BM: Impressive axe kick by Shawn, and now the first climbing attempt of the night!

TR: He’d better climb fast! You can never take your sweet time with this!

[True enough, he doesn’t get far as Misha rises to her feet outside the ring. But that's when Nessa runs across the ring and leaps over the ropes for a jaw-dropping suicide dive onto Misha. Both women crash onto the floor, the crowd growing boisterous at this point.]

TR: Nessa just flew like a speedy bullet right out of the ring! If you'd been skeptical of the champions, there's your proof!

BM: Murphy’s Law has been pushing hard from the start. But Snarktastic’s definitely stepping it up as well!

[Shawn continues to climb the ladder when .PAAK makes her way over to him with a chair. She swings it at Shawn’s leg a couple of times. Shawn hobbles on one foot, trying to back away. .PAAK drops the chair and irish whips him to the corner. As Shawn leans in the corner, .PAAK sets up the chair in opposite corner before marching over back to him. .PAAK looks to throw Shawn right into the chair, but Shawn reverses, sending her face first into it instead. She clutches her face as she crushes to the mat. He leans against the ropes for support while checking on his leg.]

BM: .PAAK was absolutely vicious with those chair shots to the leg!

TR: Hopefully not too much damage.

[Shawn limps over to the ladder. As he takes his time to set it up, .PAAK is back on her feet. This time, she picks up a ladder and strikes his back with it. While Shawn recovers from the hit, she sets up the ladder to wedge it in the corner. Then she pulls up Shawn to whip him back-first into the ladder. Shawn crushes to the mat, holding his back in agony. .PAAK sets up the ladder lying down in the middle of the ring before climbing it. The crowd becomes wilder as she reaches for the title belts.]

BM: .PAAK almost has them! We’re gonna have new champions!!!

TR: Come on, .PAAK!!! Get it! Get it!!!

[The excitement in the air grows more intense as Shawn rises to his feet again. Spotting .PAAK up there, Shawn hastily sets up another ladder next to her. He climbs up and they trade punches at the top, nearly throwing each other off the ladder. In the end, Shawn gets rocked with an uppercut that has him stepping off the ladder. As he shakes off the effects of the jabs taken,. .PAAK turns and leaps off the ladder to take him down with her Slingblade finisher, Eien no Shitsuren. One of the ladders topples to the side, leaning on the ropes, from the force.]

BM: And now it’s .PAAK taking the high risk with the Eien no Shitsuren!

TR: Amazing! But was it worth it!? She could’ve just let him go, grab those titles and be done!

[.PAAK struggles back to her feet while Shawn remains unmoving on the mat. .PAAK seems disoriented as she takes her time to adjust the position of the still standing ladder. Then she starts climbing it. The crowd is on their feet in nervous anticipation once again. That’s when they see Nessa slowly rolling back into the ring. Seeing .PAAK up there, Nessa dashes over to batter .PAAK’s lower back with forearm shots. .PAAK finally relents and lets Nessa pull her down to the ground. Turning her around, Nessa pokes .PAAK in the eye. She laughs but then .PAAK retaliates with a vicious palm strike combo before irish whipping her to the other side. Nessa leaps onto the middle rope to counter with a springboard crossbody. It connects, but Nessa remains on the mat to catch her breath for a second.]

BM: Gruelling match so far. Both teams are giving their all tonight!

TR: That’s the only way, Bry!

[Both Nessa and .PAAK then rise to their feet almost at the same time. They race to get the ladder. .PAAK grabs it first and tries to jam it into Nessa’s midsection. But Nessa is quick to block it and tries to pull the ladder from .PAAK’s grasp. After a little tug of war, Nessa switches it up with a shove just as .PAAK pulls. The force has .PAAK nearly stumbling backwards as Nessa continues to push her back into the corner. That’s when Misha joins the fray, attacking Nessa from behind with a forearm shot to the back of her head. Nessa and Misha start trading punches while .PAAK frees herself from the corner. Before she can help Misha, Shawn grabs .PAAK’s foot from below. The confusion distracts .PAAK as she struggles to break his grip. .PAAK prepares to stomp on Shawn’s arm but he lets go. When she looks up, Nessa whips Misha hard into her. As the challengers stagger in a daze from each other, Nessa takes down Misha with a jumping side kick while Shawn trips .PAAK. As .PAAK crawls to the nearest corner to pull herself up, Shawn keeps her incapacitated with a kick to the midsection. Then sets up the ladder at an angle to trap her in place. As he steps away, Nessa runs across the ladder to knock out .PAAK with her enzuigiri signature, Truth Hurts.]

BM: Beautiful innovation of the Truth Hurts by Nessa!

TR: Just a momentary lapse in focus and Snarktastic gets the opening they need!

[Shawn pulls up Misha who's starting to rise to her feet and sets her up in a tree of woe in the opposite corner. Nessa rolls out of the ring and returns with a roll of tape, raising it up to the crowd with a gleeful smile. She then tapes up Misha’s feet good to trap her in the vulnerable position. Misha struggles but is unable to break free.]

TR: Haha oh man! Payback’s a true bitch, ain't it, Bry?

BM: I guess all’s fair in the battle arena!

[Meanwhile, Shawn sets aside the ladder that's been holding up .PAAK in her corner. Then sets her up on top of the turnbuckle. Without wasting any time, he goes for his Pele kick signature, Fox Me, Fox You. As .PAAK sways unsteadily, Shawn rolls away for Nessa to climb up the turnbuckle. Nessa then flips over backwards, taking .PAAK along with her, for her cyclorama finisher, Snarktopus. Misha cries out in frustration as she looks on helplessly, still trapped.Some of the fans can't help but be amused by her situation.]

BM: NSFW! There's no way .PAAK can come back from that!

TR: And Misha can’t do anything to help her!

[Shawn climbs up the ladder that he's set up while Nessa waits below. It doesn't take him long to retrieve the tag team belts without any interference.]


TH: And here are your winners… AND STILL the In Your House Tag Team Champions, Snarktastic!

[“Don't Drag Me Down” by Social Distortion blares from the sound system as Shawn climbs back down. He hands one of the belts to Nessa and they both raise their titles to the jeering crowd high above their heads. Shawn takes a bow before looking over at Misha with a smirk. Nessa sashays over to her and mocks her with the title.]

BM: Murphy’s Law did a great job trying to wear down the champions, throwing everything at them nonstop. But one small mistake cost them the win they've been hoping for.

TR: Murphy’s Law really did look like they could overwhelm the champs. It's too bad they couldn't get the job done.

BM: Snarktastic once again outsmarted for the win. At this rate, they could be champions for a good while. Congratulations to a successful first title defense, Shawn and Nessa!

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Michael Diablo walking through one of the corridors, in his ring gear, the IYH Championship over his shoulder. The clacking of heels on concrete is heard out of shot, a voice following.]

ST: Mr. Diablo, Mr. Diablo!

[Michael stops, letting out a mildly frustrated sigh, before turning towards the voice, Stevie Trelain coming into the shot.]

ST: Mr Diablo, I just wanted to ask you a question about your title defence tonight.

MD: Of course you do. Go for it Stevie, make it quick.

[Stevie straightens herself and takes a deep breath.]

ST: Now both you and Angelica Layne, the #1 Contender have made your opinions on this match very clear, but after all of her trash talk, joking or not, do you feel she is taking you lightly?

MD: Short answer, no. I believe that parasite she keeps with her does, but what he thinks is of no concern. Angie is used to dominating, if not in terms of wins, at least in terms of the fight itself. Angie is a fighter, she prides herself on that, and she should. She’s damn good. In her mind, despite our personal relationship, she is leaving with my championship, because she allows herself no other option. But neither do I.

Tell me, Stevie, you’ve been with IYHWF for a couple of years now, right?

ST: Yeh, just over two.

MD: Right, but you are a well educated and well experienced interviewer, surely you could get a job somewhere better paying or cushier, right?

ST: I mean, yeh…

MD: But you are still here. Why?

ST: Um… well… cause In Your House is my home.

MD: As it is mine, Stevie. This championship isn’t just a symbol of being the best, it isn’t just a boost in credit, to me holding this belt signifies my dedication and loyalty to this federation. I helped Cryptic build IYHWF’s first ring in his fucking backyard, and since then I haven’t tried to make it “big,” I haven’t chased money, or any shit like that. IYHWF is my home, and this championship is how I show the world that my loyalty and dedication means something. So Stevie, if ANYONE, even Angie, thinks they are going to take this championship from me, they are going to have to do it from my cold, dead hands. And I don’t intend on dying tonight.

[With that, Michael leaves the shot as the camera cuts back to the ring.]

user posted image

[The feed returns to the ring as Tommy begins the next set of introductions, with the fans cheering endlessly around the arena.]

TH: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the In Your House Championship!

[“Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch fills the arena, greeted with mostly cheers. Angelica Layne stomps out through the curtains the way she normally does, without much attention to the fans in the front row who are screaming excitedly for her attention. A smirk rests on her lips as she makes her way down the ramp.]

TH: Introducing first, the challenger. From New York City, New York, USA, weighing in at 56 kilos… Angelica Layne!

BM: Yet another one of the most anticipated matches of the night, Angelica vs Michael! Angelica beat Ken in a grueling Best of 5 series last month, winning herself the #1 contender’s spot for the IYH championship.

TR: Yeah Angelica’s the baddest bitch in the building and I’m sure she can continue her dominance in IYH and beat Michael next. ‘Cause as we all know, Michael doesn’t deserve holding that belt!

BM: Still bitter, Tats?

TR: You know it!

[Angelica enters the ring and waits in the corner while doing some last minute stretches. The music fades out before “Badlands” by In Hearts Wake starts playing. Michael Diablo bursts through the curtains with his IYH Championship belt hung proudly over his shoulder. The atmosphere in the arena immediately brightens up even more as they cheer for the champion.]

TR: And her opponent, from Melbourne, Victoria, weighing in 75 kilos… He is the In Your House Champion… Michael Diablo!

BM: Here comes the champ!

TR: Can’t wait to see Angelica beat the frown off his face!

BM: Despite their personal relationship, we know these two will not hold back when squaring off in the ring. We’ve seen them go at each other on Ruckus a while ago—

TR: Until Rick totally destroyed Michael!

BM: —So we can definitely expect a great, uninterrupted battle for the In Your House championship!

[After entering the ring, Michael hands over his title to the referee for safekeeping. Angelica starts gesturing to the title, no doubt taunting the champ with some trash talk. Michael merely smirks in response. The referee checks on both competitors before signaling for the opening bell.]

In Your House Championship
Singles Match
Angelica Layne vs Michael Diablo©


[The two competitors remain in their corners as they engage in some sort of staredown. The fans break out in a louder round of cheers when they start circling the ring with careful looks at each other before stepping closer. Angelica throws the first punch. Michael checks it and fires back a forearm shot. Angelica switches hand for another punch. This time, Michael ducks and grapples her. Angelica quickly connects with a side headlock. Michael immediately counters with a hard headlock suplex. Angelica sits up, holding the back of her head. Michael gets some distance as he allows her to stand back up on her own. When she does, Michael approaches her again. This time, when they go for a lockup, Angelica steps around behind him for a rear headlock. Michael expertly repositions to break free with effective elbow shots. Angelica lets go and backs away. Michael strikes her midsection with a raised knee. Angelica reaches for the ropes for balance and Michael irish whips her to the other side. On the rebound, Michael bends over in anticipation but gets rocked with a knee to the face. Michael staggers back when Angelica charges at him. Michael counters with a spinning sideslam. He goes for the cover but Angelica is quick to kick out before two.]

BM: Michael’s finding solid ground with that spinning sideslam. That’s gotta knock the wind out of Angelica!

TR: But it’s gonna take more than that to put away the challenger!

[Michael pulls up Angelica to her feet and starts throwing vicious forearm shots, backing her up into the corner. Michael then irish whips Angelica to the opposite corner. He aims for a leaping clothesline that has Angelica dropping on knees while clutching her chest in anguish. Michael hits the ropes behind him. Angelica rolls out of the way and back up on her feet. Michael marches over to her for a heavy cross, but Angelica blocks it by hooking her arm with his. He pulls back his arm and she ducks to avoid the elbow before grabbing him in a cravat. Angelica brings his head down to strike it with brutal knees. Michael takes a moment to regain his bearings as Angelica runs the ropes. On the rebound, she goes for the Slingblade.]

BM: And now Angelica’s fighting for control of this match with the Slingblade.

TR: Keep at it, Angelica! Knock the Devil off his throne!

[As Michael pushes himself up, Angelica looks to knock him back down with a curb stomp. But Michael senses it coming and moves out of the way, rising to his feet. Angelica swings a punch at him. Michael ducks to run the ropes. Angelica turns around, only to get taken down with a stiff clothesline. Angelica gets back up but gets struck with a second, more vicious, clothesline. Angelica doesn’t give up as she stands again and Michael whips her to the other side. Angelica reverses the throw and waits while clearing away the cobwebs in her head. On the rebound, Michael returns with a huge lariat. The crowd cheers at the now fired up champion as he pulls up Angelica. He sets her up on his shoulder before taking her down in a running powerslam. Michael goes for the cover, from which Angelica gets her shoulder up at two.]

BM: Michael’s no longer playing around now! If he keeps this up, Angelica may not stand a chance!

TR: Don’t count her out just yet, Bry! Things can change in the blink of an eye!

[Angelica rolls out of the way to catch her breath. Michael doesn’t hesitate to follow after her. He pulls her up and starts battering her with forearm shots. Angelica fights back with an uppercut that catches Michael offguard. As he sways on unsteady feet, Angelica locks him in a second rear headlock of the night. This time, when Michael tries to break free, she quickly wraps her legs around his waist for a bodyscissors while applying more pressure on the hold. Michael moves around the ring to the other side, trying hard to loosen her grip. He eventually backs up into the ring apron. As Angelica sits on the apron, she begins throwing vicious punches. Michael turns around to fight back with his own overhands but then Angelica shoves him hard backwards into the crowd barricade. Michael takes a moment as he holds the back of his head. Angelica climbs onto the apron before leaping into the air for a double axe handle but Michael manages to catch her then tosses her across the floor to another section of the barricade. He picks her up in a side headlock when she elbows her way out of it. As he doubles over, Angelica throws down an elbow shot to his back. Michael staggers away, arching his back in agony. Angelica then spins him around before whipping him shoulder first into the steel post. Michael slumps down to the floor, clutching his shoulder.]

TR: Holy shit! Look at the way he's holding his arm. That doesn’t look too good!

BM: The challenger isn’t making this easy for the champ at all!

[Angelica throws Michael back into the ring. He struggles to pull himself up. They start trading punches when Michael strikes a knee to her midsection. As soon as she doubles over in agony, he takes her down with his impaler DDT signature. The crowd roars in newfound excitement as Angelica takes her time to recover while Michael recalibrates.]

BM: Michael with a huge impaler DDT! But now both competitors are down!

TR: Come on, Angelica! Time’s a-wasting!

[Michael is first to stand. He pulls up Angelica who tries to fight back with weak punches. Michael responds with a kick to the midsection before going for a forearm shot. Angelica sways on unsteady feet as she staggers backwards. Michael approaches her again with another forearm shot but she blocks it this time and hits him with her own forearm shot. Now, it’s him who’s staggering backwards. They continue to trade forearms like that, and the crowd grows more excited at the exchange. They are now split down the middle cheering for either of them. Michael steps around her, looking for a german suplex. Angelica quickly grabs the ropes to stop him. Michael lets go before attempting to smash her face first into the nearest turnbuckle. Angelica gets her foot up on the lower turnbuckle before driving an elbow into his chest. As Michael steps back, Angelica retaliates further with a huge roundhouse kick to his face. Michael falls backwards onto the ropes behind him before bouncing off of them. That’s when Angelica takes him down with her discus clothesline signature. As Michael slowly pulls himself up, Angelica begins stalking him. Then she draws him in for her spinning unprettier finisher, Demise. The fans go wild at the display as she looks down on the fallen champion who’s now barely moving.]

BM: Demise! Demise! This could be it!

TR: Pin him, my angel!!! Pin him now!!!

[With much of the boisterous crowd behind her, Angelica has a strange look on her face and for some reason hesitates before dropping for the cover.]

TR: So long, Devil!

[But Michael rolls his shoulder off the mat in the nick of time, shocking everyone in attendance especially Angelica. Her eyes widen in exasperation as she slams her fist on the mat. She looks to the referee who tries his best to convince her that the match has to continue. Her face reddens, no doubt with mixed emotions boiling inside her, as she rises to her feet. Michael is now on his belly, reaching desperately for the ropes. Angelica backs up several steps, an evil glint in her eyes. With Michael still on all fours, Angelica charges at him for a curb stomp. But again, Michael manages to avoid it and rolls back up on his feet. Angelica goes for a reverse roundhouse kick. Michael catches her leg and spins her around before driving her down onto the mat with a vicious clothesline.]

BM: How is he doing this!?

TR: Blood of the Devil, Bry! He’s running on pure adrenaline!

[Michael rises to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs in his head. He struggles to pull up Angelica to set her up for his Omega driver finisher, the Diablo Driver. It connects with a skull-crushing flourish, and the crowd waits in nervous anticipation as Michael hooks her leg for the pin.]

BM: Michael hits the Diablo Driver! Lights out for Angelica!

TR: How the fuck!? Noooooo!!!





TH: And here's your winner… AND STILL the In Your House champion, Michael Diablo!!!

[The arena bursts into excited cheers for the defending champion as he struggles to stand up. The referee hands him back his title belt and raises his hand in victory. Michael winces as he lowers his arm, holding his hurt shoulder.]

BM: Michael retains! The Devil still sits atop the throne!

TR: Angelica had him! She fucking did! Why did she hesitate!? All it takes is 3 fucking seconds! She could've pinned faster and it would be her standing tall right now, not him!!!

BM: You don't know what was going through her mind, Tats. Sometimes you get overwhelmed in that ring so you just freeze up.

TR: I'll tell you why she froze up! She couldn't do it! She just couldn't take the pin and defeat her boyfriend! This is WRESTLING, Bry! If you can't put aside your personal feelings, you won't survive in this business!

BM: Whoa we all know that can't be it! They've always stayed professional! There's gotta be more to why she hesitated right there. It's a big match, Tats. Anything can happen. Angelica has come this far putting everything on the line but perhaps tonight just isn't her night.

TR: A wasted opportunity, Bry. That's all I'm saying.

[The camera shows Michael checking on Angelica before the feed cuts away.]


[The feed returns to the ring, where the fans are cheering excitedly in the background.]

TH: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is for the Proving Grounds Championship!

[The crowd jumps to their feet as “To Be Free” by Tonight Alive begins to play. Suzanne Carlisle appears from behind the curtains with a huge smile on her face. She jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans.]

TH: Introducing first from Sydney, New South Wales, weighing in at 68 kilos… Suzanne Carlisle!

BM: Listen to the fans, Tats! They're cheering for their hometown girl! How exciting is this? We’re making history tonight! The first ever Proving Grounds champion will soon be crowned!

TR: It’s great, but I’d be more excited if Julian were competing in this match. I can’t believe we now gotta see Mousey Suze and Whacky Ken fight for a title that neither can hold its worth!

BM: Well, too bad! ‘Cause after what Ken did earlier tonight, I’m pumped to see what he can do to win! And as for Suzanne, she has earned her spot in this final round of the tournament. She has just as much a fighting chance as Ken here. It will be a great match for sure!

[Suzanne slides into the ring and raises her hand to more cheers from the crowd before waiting in her corner. The music fades before Ken Nagasaki’s custom rap theme song comes on the sound system. Ken steps through the curtains, to the excited roar of the crowd. He waves at them before jogging down the ramp.]

TH: And her opponent from Melbourne, Victoria, weighing in at 65 kilos… Ken Nagasaki!

BM: Despite a tough battle with Julian, Ken looks hyped as ever for this match with Suzanne.

TR: He’d better be ‘cause if he doesn’t stay sharp, he’s gonna make a mistake that might cost him a victory.

BM: That’s true. It would become Suzanne’s advantage.

[Ken enters the ring as Suzanne steps towards him for a friendly handshake. The fans cheer appreciatively before they separate. The referee then signals for the opening bell.]

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match

Suzanne Carlisle vs Ken Nagasaki


[The two circle the ring before closing in to trade kicks. Suzanne switches it up with a forearm shot. Ken checks it then fires a kesagiri chop. Suzanne backs up, holding her neck. Ken irish whips her to other side. On the rebound, Suzanne ducks his clothesline attempt before bouncing off a second set of ropes and then taking him down with a crooked arm lariat. Ken hits the mat then scrambles to his feet. Suzanne goes for a dropkick that sends him flailing backwards through the ropes. Without wasting time, Suzanne heads to the outside apron on the other side of the ring as Ken picks himself up. Suzanne then runs along the apron and uses the steel post to execute a swinging hurricanrana on Ken, tossing him to the crowd barricade. The crowd goes wild at this point.]

BM: Wow, an explosive start to the match! Suzanne just swung herself around the steel post for the hurricanrana!

TR: What the? Did she really just?

BM: This is Suzanne’s city, Tats! And she wants to put on a show they’ll never forget!

[Ken slowly pulls himself up, clearly looking dazed. Suzanne pushes him back into the ring and goes for the pin. But Ken kicks out at two. Suzanne sets him up in a sitting position for a chin lock. The fans come alive again, cheering in support. Ken struggles to break free of the hold. Eventually, he manages to roll over on his side which effectively loosens her grasp. Suzanne stops him short with a knee strike to the face. While Ken takes his time to recover, Suzanne runs for the ropes before feinting a Shining Wizard on him. But as she pulls back for a reverse roundhouse kick, Ken quickly rolls out of the way. As he rises to his knees, Suzanne knocks him back down with a shoot kick to the chest. Ken falls forward onto the mat, clutching his chest. Suzanne flips him over before hooking his leg for the pin. At two, he gets his shoulder up.]

BM: Suzanne’s on fire!

TR: You noticed how she kept attacking without giving him any time to recover? That’s a great strategy to keep someone down when he already had a grueling match earlier.

BM: You’re right. Suzanne’s using that against him. Ken’s trying hard to keep up!

[Ken struggles to stand. Suzanne batters his chest with more shoot kicks. Ken tries to stay on his feet but as soon as he wobbles, Suzanne irish whips him to the other side but Ken reverses the throw then goes for a short-arm knee strike to the midsection. He then grabs her before running across the ring and vaults over the ropes for a skull-crushing ring apron DDT on her, causing the fans to go crazy in awe. Both plop onto the outside floor as they take their time to recover.]

BM: Ken just changed the game with that DDT!

TR: Holy shit! That move never fails to give me chills!

[Ken is first to stand, quickly followed by Suzanne. Ken goes for a toe kick to the gut. Suzanne doubles over, holding onto the apron for balance. Ken tosses her back into the ring and goes for the cover. Suzanne kicks out at two then slowly rolls back up to her feet. Ken pulls her up when she starts throwing forearm shots. Suzanne irish whips him to the other side, but he reverses the throw and viciously tosses her onto the middle rope. As she hangs on the rope, Ken runs up the turnbuckle before leaping off the top to land a double foot stomp on her back. He then hits the outside floor a little awkwardly while she writhes in pain inside the ring, holding her back.]

BM: Ken throwing everything he’s got in this match! That was a brutal double foot stomp!

TR: How many times has Ken come close to winning a championship in In Your House? He keeps climbing up the ranks but always falls short at the end! When will he learn he just doesn’t have it!?

BM: Have what? The heart of a champion? So what was that right there!?

[The crowd is behind Ken as he struggles to climb back into the ring. But instead of simply sliding beneath the bottom rope, he decides to make his way up the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Suzanne is still recovering.]

TR: Didn’t I tell you!? He NEVER learns! Don’t risk it, Ken! Just take the fucking pin!

BM: He needs to go for the guarantee, Tats! He’s gonna finish her once and for all with The Fallout!

[The noise is deafening in the arena as the fans rise to their feet in nervous anticipation. Ken stands at full height on the top rope, sizing up his opponent. But just as he’s about to take off, Suzanne rolls over, reaching to pull herself with the aid of the ropes. As soon as she stands and turns around, Ken changes gear and goes for a flying crossbody instead. Ken hooks her legs for the cover, but she kicks out just before three. As Ken pulls her up, Suzanne comes alive with punches. Ken retaliates with a huge kick to the midsection before tossing her to the corner. Ken then charges at her but misses a body splash when she counters with back elbow to the face. Ken immediately clutches his face as he staggers backwards. Suzanne climbs up to the second tier turnbuckle and reaches for a front facelock before swinging around for a DDT.]

BM: Suzanne with the tornado DDT!

TR: Nice comeback, but I wonder how long that would last.

[Suzanne goes for the cover before Ken kicks out. As he rises to his feet, he holds the back of his neck. Suzanne rolls back up and whips him to the far corner. She charges at him for a big boot to the face then connects with a bridging fallaway slam, landing with a pin.]

BM: Great execution on that bridging fallaway slam by Suzanne!

TR: Ken’s running out of steam!

[Ken gets his shoulder up in time. Suzanne sets him up in the corner before backing up a distance. She then charges at him when Ken counters with a kick to the face then hops onto the second tier turnbuckle as she nearly falls forward onto the mat. With her bent over, Ken leaps off the turnbuckle and takes her down with a sunset flip. But Suzanne manages to roll back up to her feet and flips over for a jackknife pin. Ken immediately holds her waist then pushes her up and back on his feet with all his strength. Ken switches position to set her up for a suplex, but Suzanne fights back by grabbing his arm and twisting it in a modified hammerlock before taking him down with a gannosuke clutch. But Ken somehow powers out of the pin just before three.]

BM: Pin attempt after pin attempt! This is really intense!

TR: Oh my heart! Too close! Come on!!!

[It takes a while for both to catch their breaths. Ken crawls over to pull himself up with the aid of the ropes. Suzanne rises to her feet and starts firing away multiple stiff knife edge chops to his chest, causing the crowd to grow excited. Ken hooks his arm on the rope for support. When Suzanne tries to whip him to the other side of the ring, Ken holds onto the rope. Suzanne keeps pulling but Ken stays put. Suzanne then strikes his chest with a shoot kick that has him doubling over in agony. Suzanne attempts to toss him across the ring again, but Ken reverses the throw. Suzanne looks to counter with a handspring back elbow when Ken knocks her down with a huge roundhouse kick to the back of her head. Suzanne crushes onto the mat on her knees, clutching her head. Ken runs past her towards the ropes. On the rebound, Ken strikes her down with a running knee. With Suzanne lying flat on her back, Ken climbs to the top rope. The fans once again scream in excitement as they realise what’s coming next.]

BM: Suzanne’s out! Ken’s going for The Fallout again! He could make it this time!

TR: Holy shit, can he really!? Ken’s never able to win the big one! This is gonna end badly, I know it!!! Don’t do it, Ken!! Don’t!!

[Suzanne is still not moving as Ken sizes her up. Without wasting any more time, he leaps into the air for his spiral tap finisher, The Fallout. It connects, and the fans count along with the referee when Ken hooks Suzanne’s leg for the pin.]





TH: And here’s your winner… The FIRST EVER Proving Grounds champion, Ken Nagasaki!!!

[Ken Nagasaki’s custom rap theme song blasts throughout the arena but the cheers from the fans quickly drown it out. Exhausted and overwhelmed with emotions, Ken stays on his knees as the referee rewards him with the shiny new Proving Grounds championship belt. Ken hugs it, soaking in the moment, before rising to his feet and raising the title belt high over his head. The crowd’s roar is deafening as they celebrate with the new champion.]

BM: What. A. Match! He did it, Tats! Ken Nagasaki has finally beaten the odds and become In Your House’s first ever Proving Grounds champion! Congratulations, Ken!

TR: Unbelievable! I really didn’t think he could do it. Guess he proved me wrong!

BM: He definitely proved all his naysayers wrong, Tats! The man who once lost too many chances is now a champion! But let’s not forget, the tremendous efforts by Suzanne. The future is certainly bright for the young woman.

TR: Well, yay for Ken and all that, but there’s a lot of expectations that come with the Proving Grounds championship. It can be defended at any show and any time with enough notice. The catch? Only the challenger can choose the match type. That’s tough.

BM: Indeed. But if Ken can defend it 3 times in a single reign, he can vacate it and cash in for a shot at the IYH championship! Talk about rewards! Well there you have it, that was Rise To The Throne! It’s going to be very interesting moving forward. And that is all the time we have for tonight! We’ve got Michael Diablo and Snarktastic successfully defending their titles and we also crowned our first ever Proving Grounds champion, Ken Nagasaki. Join us again when we return in two weeks. I am “The Voice of the House” Brian Morris, here with Tats Richardson. Goodnight!

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