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Jul 18 2018, 03:09 PM

SUN, 22/07/2018 @ 8PM (ACST)

Proving Grounds Championship
Singles Match
The Ikiryo © vs Katie Hanley

Singles Match (non-title match)
The Banshee © vs Angelica Layne

Tag Team Match
Team Fury vs Jetpack

Singles Match
Owen Gonsalves vs Miguel Diaz

Singles Match
Ash Fi vs Minka Carter

Singles Match
Caleb Cross vs Freya

Jul 18 2018, 11:17 AM

Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The arena plunges into darkness for a good several seconds, signalling the start of the show stream. The excited fans in attendance begin to cheer but instead of the feed cutting to the ringside commentators like it normally does, it doesn’t. The crowd hesitantly quiets down till the guitar intro of “Vicious” by Parkway Drive begins to fill the air. With a sole spotlight on the stage, the members of Bad Omens take their time to march through the curtains. Entering first are the IYH Tag Team Champions, “The Hellhound” Dante Locke and “The Kraken” Marcus Blackbeard, followed by the Rapid Fire Champion, “The Blue Dragon” Stella Winters, who’s met with an even louder reaction before the Proving Grounds Champion, “The Ikiryo” Seth Iser, makes his presence, then finally, the IYH Champion, “The Banshee” Blyss Lockhart, steps out to a significant crescendo of jeers. They assemble in a line across the stage and raise their title belts, showing them off to the crowd with smug grins and smirks. Stella, Dante and Seth are quick to trade insults with the more vocal ones in the crowd while Marcus demonstrates a balled fist towards a drunk skinny man in the front row who’s stupidly trying to challenge him to an arm wrestling contest and Blyss just remains standing in the middle of it all with her hands high up towards the ceiling as if in a moment of euphoria.]

BM: I was hoping season three would be a joyous occasion, especially coming off of a huge night at Worlds Collide….but it’s a dark and very cold day here as The Bad Omens hold all the championship belts.

TR: Dark? Cold? Those are interesting ways to say FUCK YES, BAD OMENS!

[Bad Omens continue to take their time until Blyss starts walking towards the ring, still with her hands up to the sky, and the rest follow suit. They continue to berate the hostile crowd before entering the ring. Blyss, Dante, Seth and Stella climb up a corner each while Marcus leans over the ropes to raise their championship belts towards the jeering fans. Then once again, they fall into formation inside the ring with their championship belts either resting on their shoulders or hanging around their waists. With the fans still buzzing with boos, Blyss demands for a microphone before turning her attention to them. When she opens her mouth, ready to speak, the chorus of jeers grow even louder.]

BL: I—





[If looks could kill, it’d be that piercing glare she’s shooting them all. Stella and Dante proceed to yell at the crowd to shut the fuck up, to which they roar back in anger.]

BM: I cannot blame the fans for this reaction tonight. After everything The Bad Omens did during season two, they deserve this reaction.

TR: No they don’t these “fans” need to learn their place and shut the fuck up!

[Bad Omens wait for the fans to quiet down but they refuse, despite the throwaway threats. Seeing no real improvement, Blyss attempts to talk over them.]

BL: I want—


BL: To say that—


















BL: I SAID!!!!

[As the crowd continues their chant, Blyss pulls the microphone away towards Dante who’s standing next to her and he lets out a piercing loud whistle into the mic. It quickly causes everyone in attendance to cringe and the jeers and chants immediately cease. All members of the notorious group now give satisfied smirks. Blyss gives Dante a quick peck on the lips as a thank you before addressing the crowd again.]

BL: Now all of you better start to listen. And wake the fuck up. All of last season, you couldn’t wait for us to be driven out of here as if we were insignificant, powerless and weak. You thought we could be beaten. You thought we would be left out in the cold, dead and defeated.

[The group sniggers along with Blyss as she scans the crowd, her eyes meeting every single pair of theirs as if she’s personally speaking to them. She points to them one by one with an accusatory finger.]

BL: But you were wrong. All. Of. You. Were. Wrong.

[The group shakes their heads while Blyss continues.]

BL: Two months ago, Bad Omens walked out of Dawn of the Immortals with all, I repeat ALL, championship belts. All those people in the locker room that you adore? The ones you look up to, whose faces and names are on the posters and t-shirts you buy? WE beat THEM! Single-handedly, collectively, we DESTROYED them!

[The group raise their fists as they roar in agreement.]

BL: And at Worlds Collide two weeks ago, Bad Omens led IYH to victory after victory and showed XWA and the rest of the world who the fuck WE ARE and why WE are the most dominant force in the entire wrestling industry!

[This is met with rising jeers from around the arena but Blyss is on a roll with her speech, now practically spitting every word to make her point, as she raises her hand towards the ceiling.]

BL: I know seeing me back inside the IYH ring is shocking after what happened last time…

[The crowd actually cheers up here while the rest of Bad Omens raise thumbs-down gestures.]

BL: But you know me, I always persevere no matter how many odds stack up against me. And now I have become we!

[Blyss flashes her signature Cheshire grin, to which the jeers from the crowd return in full force.]

BL: And with we, comes a BRAND NEW season, with a show you can be proud of! No more subpar talent! No more boring competitions! You will now buy tickets to see US! Together, we’re going to RULE IN YOUR HOUSE!!! So I declare this season, THE ERA OF BAD OMENS!!!

[Proudly, she holds out her free arm to the side. Her stablemates break into applause. The second person who seems to have something to say is The Proving Grounds Champion...The Ikiryo...Seth Iser. He glares at the audience who wants to start up their chants again.]

SI: Ne--


SI: Real cu---


SI: ...Are you do---



[That declaration turns the chant into a loud chorus of boos after Iser roars that into the microphone with fury.]

SI: Did you really think that your Demon would be able to pry this out of my hands?

[Iser ends up raising the Proving Grounds title over his head and that simple question generates even more boos.]

SI: He didn’t. And I would also have the XWA Hardcore Title brought home with us if it wasn’t for a bunch of thugs in that promotion…

[Iser sneers spitting that line.]

SI: But you notice something with all of us in this ring? Guess what we all have in common? We are all champions. The very best this company has to offer. And the gold we carry is part of the legacy we are forging with this unit. We. All of us. Yes. All five of us here are currently champions.

[Iser pauses again glancing at his stable mates.]

SI: There are groups of wrestlers who don’t like what we’re about. Don’t like us personally maybe. Some new blood maybe want to try to make a name at our expense knowing it’s the highest paycheck in the company to try to go after one of us. Maybe they have this illusion in their brain that that they can beat The Blue Dragon in 10 minutes. Perhaps they’re deluded to think they can get by a Hellhound and a Kraken in tag action. Maybe they’re stupid enough to think they can beat me...and whoever faces me next week I pity them. Or maybe you really are ballsy and want to have a brush with greatness against the IYH champion here. I guess I wouldn’t blame them for that...who wouldn’t want to brush with greatness after all?

[Iser lets out a shrug as he gets some nods from his stablemates before continuing.]

SI: Maybe some of you have the thought of wanting to win those championships hypothetically. Or maybe try to make more money than us...hypothetically. Hell...maybe even try to be greater than us...hypothetically!?

[Iser then lets out a laugh more out of insanity and anger than anything purely humorous]

SI: THAT! That INSANITY! Because none of these people, new people for Season 3 or old hang-ons from Season 1 with delusions of grandeur will take these...from US! And I know many people want to prove us wrong...go on. Do it. Try us.

[Seth’s tone is cold and serious now.]

SI: But let this be a warning. A simple one. You try certainly won’t like the taste. You take a swing at the Kings and best not miss is the saying I often hear. Hell maybe someone deranged like Angelica Layne wants us physically and mentally broken out of this company. So I say this: You try to send one of us to the hospital...we’re going to send you to the morgue!

[A direct threat to close as Seth steps back allowing the next person to take their turn addressing this rabid crowd. Stella hands out her hand for the microphone and the crowd dies down, right up until she raises the microphone to her lips to speak, then they start singing the theme song for Titanic. Stella's eyes go wide as it’s clear she’s about to rage.]


[The crowds let out a huge laugh as Stella stomps her feet like a toddler throwing a tantrum in the middle of a grocery store, so like Stella throwing a tantrum anywhere.]

BM: This crowd sure are trolling tonight.

TR: The disrespect is real!



[Stella just shakes her head and rolls her eyes. As the chant tries to gain momentum Seth steps in and covers Stella’s ears as they get most of it out of their system while throwing out an intimidating glare to persuade the audience to shut up or they could get slaughtered.]

SW: I fucking hate you people, K.Y.S! ANYWAY….At Worlds Collide I was the only champion who was FORCED to put my championship on the line and as you can see, even the guy that eventually won the rumble couldn’t defeat me in ten minutes. Let’s have a run down of what happened to me at Worlds Collide. Forced to defend my belt and won, pinned AJ Shitstain Morales and became XWA Hardcore Champion, I was threatened backstage but two of my wonderful brothers here, Marcus and Dante, soon stopped that shit. I was attacked by Emery Layton before being sexually harassed by Tyson Nash and having the XWA Hardcore Championship stolen from me. I mean come on, that should have made his win null and void, so really I’m still XWA Hardcore champ and I expect the championship to be sent to me in the mail, thank you very much.

[The crowds boo at Stella's delusions, but she keeps going despite this.]

SW: It took not one but TWO people to even eliminate me from the rumble so I’m calling bullshit on that one too. I mean, I fought my arse off for IYH and you ungrateful scumbags refuse to even acknowledge it. Where is my “Justice for Stella” hashtag? Do I have to defeat more of your heroes in the ring before you all notice I’m a threat? I’M SEASON TWO'S BREAKOUT WRESTLER OF THE FUCKING SEASON! YOU SHOULD BE WORSHIPPING ME!

[Stellas nose curls in disgust but she quickly regains her composure before handing the microphone over to Dante.]

DL: Stella is goddamned right! Hell, you should be worshipping all of us! Because when it was all said and done two months ago? The Bad Omens became immortals at Dawn of the Immortals. That entire show was about us, just like Worlds Collide was about US! While competitors in XWA, like Levinator and Blake Archer, couldn’t work for together for the greater good, The Bad Omens showed how cohesive we are as a group. There are no egos here, we all want to see each other be the best, we all want to dominate together. Bad Omens isn’t about that shit like the rest of you are.

[Dante shakes his head and wags his finger in the air.]

DL: Nah, all of you are just a bunch of selfish, rotten fucks and to be honest? You don’t even deserve us, despite the fact that we bring the highest quality of wrestling to all of you. Despite the fact that The Bad Omens has made In Your House more relevant than it has EVER been before. And you can pretend all you want that all of this isn’t true but deep down inside? In your heart of hearts? You know it. You know that all of you NEED us. In Your House NEEDS us!

[The Hellhound nods confidently before smacking the mic up against Marcus’ chest. Marcus grabs it before he glares into the camera and begins to speak. But the crowds go back to their chanting...]


MB: I agree, fuck that bad Owen guy, sooner he realizes wrestling isn’t his thing the better!

[The crowds let out a heavy boo at Marcus’ comment towards one of their favorites.]

MB:Everything that my friends here have said tonight is true. Without us, you all fail. Without The Bad Omens, In Your House probably gets outclassed by XWA but because of us, In Your House looked dominant, as The Bad Omens CRUSHED whoever came into their path and there was a reason that we stood tall over everyone at the end of the night when Blyss defeated Lx. Whoever comes in our path?

[Marcus holds out his hand and squeezes it.]

MB: We will crush them. So for all of you in the back? I dare you to step towards us for season three. I dare you to try and take down what we, The Bad Omens, have built. Because if you do dare to try? It will be the biggest fucking mistake of your life.

[Marcus tosses the microphone to the ground with authority before he glares back into the camera again. The rest of the group flash their wicked smiles at the hostile crowd who starts up the chant again, this time more ferociously, almost drowning out the sounds of “Vicious” by Parkway Drive.]





[But none of Bad Omens care about what those fans think of them as they proudly raise their championship belts high above their heads. One by one, they make their exit.]





[The scene cuts away to the announcers table where commentators Brian Morrison and Tats Robinson sit. The crowd behind them is rowdy with their jeers for Bad Omens, still chanting.]

BM: Well….that is one way to open the show I guess.

TR: No one needed to hear us babble about what happened at the end of season two, or even at Worlds Collide. They all saw it for themselves.

BM: Everyone likes to be reminded of things though.

TR: Too bad! Lets get on with the show. Besides, tonight pretty much showcases all of IYH’s Newcomers. Return matches for PAAK and Joey Miles and the Banshee versus Shawn Fox rematch. Everyone is up to date, lets goooo!

Singles Match
Miguel Diaz vs LJ Summers


[Straight off the bell the pair nod and then go through a brief feeling out period, neither quite engaging with a bit of fancy footwork and dodges that the fans seem to enjoy. LJ moves off the mark first, shooting the ropes as he comes back with a big Rolling Lariat, the Thunderstruck and Miguel in motion dips back and is merely skimmed while Summers manages to keep control of himself and ends up flipping to his feet with a bit of a grin. The In Your House fans give him a bit of the old whistle and cheer, though Diaz gets a roar of approval when he charges up, sweeps LJ’s legs and locks in an Arm-Triangle Choke! Summers is a bit too fresh to fade however and with a good bit of struggling orients his body around and catches his boot on the bottom rope!

The referee instructs Diaz to break and he does at four, sliding back and kipping up to his feet in a nice display of his athletic skills. Summers rolls up to his feet and then rushes in for a Belly-To-Belly Overhead Suplex, he then tries to slide around as Miguel sits up and keep the hold but Diaz breaks loose and here we are with the start of a Kimura Lock but Summers freaks right out and manages to keep Diaz from locking it in. His eyes are a bit wide as he gets to his feet, perhaps not realizing just how many submissions his opponent for this evening knows, and is a good bit more wary than before as the pair circle again.

Miguel is right up and after him, looking to cut off the amount of access he has to work in the ring and eats a Running Powerslam for his troubles! However as Summers moves for a cover he’s met with a pair of supine Forearm Smashes and Diaz wrests control of the match from him again, this time coming up to his feet and stomping LJ’s leg at the knee before he grabs his ankle and locks in an Ankle Lock! Summers howls at this and pushes up on his hands to relieve the pressure, the referee crouching down to ask him after a few if he’s willing to submit, and he says NO! The fans give him a bit of good support after this, but it doesn’t distract Diaz one bit.]

BM: We’ve had a taste of what LJ Summers can do from his stint in XWA, but it’s nice to see the fans embrace him as a kind of a hometown lad.

TR: Ehhhh I don’t know about these fans sometimes, I mean have you really looked at the type of people they cheer for? This Diaz guy, he’s looking crisp and I like his confidence in the ring.

BM: Tats, that was… actually pretty darn professional of you.

TR: I’m always professional and I’m usually right, and I’m feeling a bit attacked right now you jackass. Did you not see how right I was about all the conspiracies at Worlds Collide?

[One more rope break and Summers lays on his back near the ropes to get a tiny breather, aware of Diaz pacing and waiting for him to rise up which he does, and he evades the incoming Dropkick and whips around to catch Miguel as he rises up with a T-Bone Suplex! This nets him an almost two but Diaz breaks free and starts to slap on an Armbar and Summers freaks out again, getting loose and surging to his feet where he staggers, his knee and ankle showing some of the wear and tear that Diaz just put him through. He stays in it though with a Fisherman’s Suplex that he bridges into a pin but Diaz breaks loose as LJ just can’t seem to hold the bridge.]

TR: Oh boy LJ’s got a bad wheel, and Miguel knows it!

[The pair brawl a bit at the ropes after this, the referee warning them both off and using the ropes Summers manages a nice Teardrop Suplex that nets him another two! Diaz kicks out then and slides free only to charge back in with an Oklahoma Roll, netting him a two and a half, LJ breaks loose and goes for an Inside Cradle and looks to get Diaz, torquing on his neck a bit but NO! He kicks out at two and three quarters! Diaz gets to his feet shaking his head and stomps at the knee one more time before he yanks Summers up off the mat.]

BM: WOW what an exciting exchange! These two are giving our fans quite a preview of what we can expect this season and man it’s refreshing! Give us more of this!

TR: This is a crack about The Bad Omens isn’t it, that you’ve somehow disguised in your general blathering about what’s going on, I just know it.

[Diaz gets Summers up and turns with him, moving towards the corner with a bit of effort and dropping him with a Turnbuckle Powerbomb that he follows up with a Dropkick as Summers slides to the mat, completing The Cuban Sandwich! He goes for a pin only to have it waved off just at three as LJ uses that great ring awareness and gets a foot under the bottom rope! Diaz is up and questions the referee lightly, he keeps his cool and blows out a breath as he accepts what’s happened but as he turns here’s Summers up and coming in hot with a huge Bicycle Kick! The Cadel Evans Special barely misses Diaz as he ducks the boot, chop blocking LJ down to a knee. Diaz then grabs LJ’s arm and drags him down to the mat, locking the big man into the Cuban Lock! (Lebelle Lock)]

BM: It took some effort to get the big man down, but its worth it! He has that submission locked in tight, he calls it the Cuban Lock!

TR: LJ’s got nowhere to go, his size is weighing him down!

[LJ struggles for the ropes but Miguel keeps him grounded, the bigger man having no choice but to tap out.]


TH: Here is your winner, via submission… MIGUEL DIAZ!

BM: Now that’s what I call a competition, we can definitely hope we get a lot more like this!

TR: LJ was the bigger dude, but Miguel knew what he was doing, and caught him in the trap. LJ had no choice but to tap.

[Miguel releases the hold and the referee raises his hand in victory as his music plays. LJ rolls out of the ring and stands somewhat gingerly on the bad leg, the pair giving each other another nod before LJ leaves, letting Miguel have his moment as the cameras cut away.]


[Static and track lines disrupt the low quality image, making it hard initially to notice somebody's rolling out of their bed with their back to the camera. In boxers they walk away from the bed and there's a series of hard cuts showing them getting dressed, jeans, shirt, boots, jacket. It smash cuts to them walking outside of their place, a helmet tucked underneath their arm as they hop onto their bike. The helmet slides on as the camera pans upward to try to get a shot of their face, only getting a good shot of the person driving off.

A hard cut coincides with the song picking up, the camera somehow following the driver in a montage of scenery. He zips through the neon color scheme the night of the big city has over it, his taillights blurring and creating a psychedelic effect as he speeds along. Faster and faster the rider goes, like he's got somewhere to be, like he's got to get out of this place. The montage stopping as he reaches the edge of the city, now just following him up a rural area he's driving through.

A fade in transition shows him stopping when he's at the top of the hill he's been driving up, on little more than dirt road now. The vantage point allows for a beautiful shot of the cityscape, especially with the sun rise in behind it creating natural oranges and purples in the sky. The footage comes to a crawl, slowing down as he reaches up and takes off his helmet, a smirking Joe Stanton staring at the camera with his signature shades on.]

Joe Stanton

[Heading backstage, the camera cuts in on Stevie Trelain standing there and preparing to begin talking.]

ST: With our show getting underway with a new season here and many new talent looking to make an impact, I'm happy to introduce my guest this evening and one of the new members of our roster making his Ruckus debut tonight. This is Tyler Storm!

[Tyler steps himself into view and nods to Stevie with a smile on his face.]

TS: Very nice introduction, two thumbs up from me there Ms. Trelain. And of course, a pleasure to meet you!

ST: Likewise Tyler. Now of course, there are many questions we would like to get into tonight as you make your singles debut with our company in a match against the returning Joey Miles. How are you feeling with this opportunity tonight against someone who wants to make just as big of an impact with this being his return to the IYHWF grounds?

TS: You know Stevie, I am feeling confident in tonight presenting an excellent opportunity for both Joey and I to lay everything out in that ring and give the fans here in Melbourne something to remember. For Joey, it's going to be a reminder of what incredible ability I am sure he shows in that ring especially in front of this company's audience. For me, this is a chance to reintroduce myself to a new place filled with top level talent in a statement that I am ready to climb my way through every rough spot in this company's labyrinth of ability to reach the top of the mountain!

ST: That actually leads very well into my next question Tyler, and may give a bit of an answer, but why is it you were brought to IYH and what kind of action can we expect from an athlete such as yourself.

[He chuckles to himself for a few short moments before continuing on, scratching the back of his head and grinning from ear to ear.]

TS: You know, honestly Stevie, what exactly led me to IYH is a bit of a mystery even to myself because I can't just point to one specific thing. I've made it one of my goals to join wherever I can, take on any big opportunity I know, that I know harbors the top in-ring performers in this industry today. Watching as a fan of this company for well over a year there isn't a single doubt to me that IYHWF is one of the hottest places to be, talent with incredible ability walk these halls, and to add to it we are at a point in this company's history where there has been a seismic shift in the power of the wrestler.

[Tyler turns his head fully towards Stevie and shrugs.]

TS: I don't see how exactly anyone is going to 100% figure out how to work through such an incredible force we are dealing with here like the Bad Omens. I'm far too familiar with guys like Seth Iser, I have been impressed by the talents of the now identified Banshee that is Blyss Lockhart, or ever that of the current tag champs Locke and Blackbeard, and then of course the big story from last season that was The Blue Dragon herself. And sure, their methods are not exactly something I would call 100% a good thing, but I admire the work ethic that has brought that monster group to the top of the mountain. But of course...that was last season and this is now, and the new members joining me are just as hungry to test the will of the Bad Omens. Not just me, people like Artemis Kaiser who is arguably one of the top talents in professional wrestling to date and someone I admire on a professional level, or people like .PAAK who I am familiar with back from my time in VoW and I can tell you first hand is a dangerous asset for anyone to deal with.

[He turns back away from Stevie and the grin subsides a little, but still shows enough to allow his attitude to shine through with his next statements.]

TS: And of course you have me, Tyler Storm. What can you expect from me? Well...honestly that's all perception. What I can tell you, I put my heart and soul into every bit of what I do out in that ring and what I do even back here in the locker room. I am here not just to bring in a new positive force into IYH, but to show this is yet another chapter in the long story I have tried to write through the pains of potentially career-ending injuries and big falls from grace...another chapter to show I am ready to take on brand new challenges and show just as much heart. That I still am ready to stand for the fans who power all of us, whether good or bad, to moments that wow and defy what it means to be professional wrestler. That I am nowhere near done in this industry until I know I have not only faced the best, maybe I can even conquer some of those best and make the rise to the top of this new mountain just as I've attempted everywhere I go. Whether it is IYH, FGA, PARAGON, Tyler Storm is making his notice that he is here to entertain, he is here to smile, he is here to fight...and hopefully...he is win.

[Tyler turns one last time to Stevie and gives her a pat on the shoulder.]

TS: Joey has so much going for him tonight and he is going to be an incredible challenge to begin my IYH career against, but win or lose you can't say I'm not ready. I am wanting to show all I've got here tonight, to prove my work ethic is great each and every night and to send my message to the IYH roster. Tyler Storm is here to stay and whether it is an Artemis, a .PAAK, a Stella...a Seth Iser...a Banshee...or even a friend like Owen...I'm freaking ready to go.

ST: Wow...Tyler, I think that covered plenty of basis there so I appreciate your time. Good luck out there tonight and again, welcome!

TS: Stay cool Stevie, thank you as well. IYH! Witnesses! Let's get it going right!

[Tyler quickly turns and darts away from Stevie as we cut away from this backstage moment.]

Singles Match
Artemis Kaiser vs Keiran Thompson

[The bell rang, and Keiran stepped into the middle of the ring, extending a hand to Artemis to “welcome her to IYH.” The Last Empress glanced from the extended hand, up to the man’s face, and for a second, it looked like she might even accept--until the arm she raised kept raising, and she Stockton Slapped the taste out of Thompson’s mouth! Thompson rubbed his cheek, exhaling sharply and turning to try to clothesline Artemis, who ducked swiftly underneath it. The God of Anger dragged her opponent to the mat, climbing on top of him and raining elbows down with bad intentions. Thompson struggled to defend himself, eventually squirming such that he could reach the ropes, but Artemis didn’t seem particularly keen on letting him go; it was only after the official got in the middle and physically pulled Artemis off Keiran that the assault was stemmed, and...if looks could kill, Artemis would be a murderer.]

[The official ensured that the Last Empress gave her opponent time to get to his feet, but no sooner was Keiran up and responsive than Artemis was back on the attack. She threw chopping leg kicks to the side of Keiran’s right knee that nearly buckled him to the ground, and it’s only by the grace of whatever God Keiran prays to that Artemis went to the well one too many times, wound up the kick and tried to slam it into his knee again--only for Keiran to step back, Artemis to whiff, and Keiran to take her over with a German Suplex! He held the bridge and tried to steal a win from the God of Anger...]



[Artemis rolls out of the cover before the two count, and...does not look happy that Keiran even tried. Keiran has a harder time getting up, and as he struggles, Artemis is happy to take advantage--she grabs Keiran’s head with both hands and dishes out a series of knees to the mush first, then knocks him back with a spinning backfist. He doesn’t fall just yet, but Artemis doesn’t let up, following up with a Falcon Kick (Running Single Leg Dropkick) that knocked Keiran back down. Finally, as he was recovering, she blasted him in the back of the head with the First Crusade (Rolling Elbow) that knocked Keiran flat. Artemis rolled Keiran over with a boot, planting it in the center of his chest.]




TH: Here is your winner….ARTEMIS KAISER!

[“Sonne” by Rammstein plays throughout the arena once more as Artemis gets back to her feet with a pleased grin on her face. She takes a moment to celebrate in the middle of the ring with her arm being raised by the referee before sliding out of the ring and heading up the ramp to go backstage.]

TR: A great official debut for Artemis here in In Your House.

BM: No arguments here and knowing her reputation throughout the wrestling world I’m sure things are only going to get better.

TR: Speaking of getting better, you know whats next? Joey Miles!! I missed that guy. He’s an inspiration to all.

BM: ….You legitimately only say this cause he grabs womens boobs in a wrestling move that is somehow legal.

TR: I know, it’s fantastic!

[Backstage in the Melbourne Showgrounds stands Joey Miles, dressed in his ring attire, plus his signature '180' t-shirt and a beanie for up-and-coming Canadian artist Psiren,]

JM: It's been a while since you've seen Joey Miles on an In Your House show. Gotta say, I still really fuckin' hate Australia. But, y'know, I'm pretty happy to be back here. Despite its spot on one of the worst places in the entire world, this is still my favorite company to perform in. Maybe it's the talent, maybe it's the fact that the management here know what the fuck they're doing and don't let big, overrated apes interrupt your screen time to give you a concussion for literally no fucking reason - fuck you, Jerod Barnez. I'm still pissed that he's one of the few XWA'ers to win at World's Collide. Ya really dropped the ball on that one, Diablo.

[Miles shakes his head.]

JM: But the point is that I like this place. This is a company worth fighting in. So, you may have that question lingering in the back of your heads now; 'well, if you like this place so much, why didn't you return for season two?' And, you know, the answer to that is simple.

[Joey pauses, taking a brief moment to look down as he thinks about just why it was that he didn't come back for season two. He looks back up at the camera.]

JM: Well, maybe it's not so simple. See, at first, I didn't really know why I didn't come back. I just kinda blew it off and took some time away from wrestling before returning to XWA earlier this year. But I had an interesting conversation recently with my sister - complete bitch, by the way. At Dat underscore underscore Alicia on Twitter, go troll her please. Anyway, the bitch said some stuff that kinda made sense about how I always sabotage myself when things are going well. And in season one, things were going well for me. I had a nice record, I was in a great title match in the finale that, despite losing, I came out of looking amazing. Things were really looking up for my career there. But I'm Joey Miles, right? I'm the little shit that no one takes seriously. I'm the asshole that molests women mid-match. By the way, the Boobplex works on men too, so fuck off with the sexism card.

[The Miami-native rolls his eyes at the idea that he only does the Boobplex for a cheap sexual thrill.]

JM: But, like ... She said that I didn't come back to this place for season two because I was worried that my success would start to fade and everyone would be right about me being a joke, so I could take out the possibility of that happening. It makes sense, I guess. I don't know, man, I'm not a fucking psychologist. So, after I failed to capture XWA's Supreme Championship in No Man's Land - though I did eliminate Emery Layton, suck my dick you orange-haired fuckwaffle - I started thinking. Am I sabotaging myself? Am I letting the fear of failure get to me? And, honestly, I don't know the answer to that. But there is one thing that I do know ...

[He pauses momentarily, letting the suspense build. Slowly a grin creeps its way onto Joey's face.]

JM: Australia fuckin' sucks, man. Seriously, fuck this continent. Hot ass bullshit weather, and I'm from Goddamn Miami. I may have to fight the occasional crocodile that breaks into my house but I'd take that over a fuckin' kangaroo. Those things can box. Jesus.

[Miles again shakes his head, this time thinking about kangaroos, because why the fuck wouldn't he shake his head at the thought of kangaroos?]

JM: So the point of this little speech here is that Joey Miles is back and he's takin' everyone to task. Except maybe Bad Omen. Everyone else, though? TO TASK! Boobplexes for all! That starts tonight with Tyler Storm - and yes, he's getting Boobplexed. I said it's not a sexist move, after all. Tyler has been nothing but nice to me on Twitter and that really just makes me absolutely fuckin' sick, dude. Man up, ya fuckin' douche. Don't try to be likeable. I hate people who try to be likeable. Fucking Kenzie Rydell type pieces of garbage. God, I hate her. Just, stop trying to get people to like you, man. I don't like you. I'll never like you. What I WILL do is beat you, though. Joey Miles is about to start season three off the right way. Kickin' ass and takin' names. But then, you know, giving names back because Tyler Storm is a stupid name and I don't know what I'd do with that. ... I'm gonna go now. I got a match to win and all that. Tyler, I'll see you tonight. Everyone else? I'll see all of you soon, with Boobplexes to be handed out left and right. Miles is back, baby! Fuck Australia!

[Joey lets out a slightly-too-excited 'woo' before walking off to finish preparing for his match with Tyler.]

[Standing-by backstage, Joe Stanton sits casually on a steel chair and looks like he just finished gearing up for his match. He handles his right wrist and hand, making sure the athletic tape's on properly.]

JS: I’ve had my eye on IYHWF for a while if I’m being candid. Back when I first noticed it, I was under contract with a global wrestling promotion that meant outside appearances weren’t really a thing. But I always had it in my head that at some point I wanted to work for IYHWF. I wanted to work with some of the incredible talent that’s on this roster. It’s why after becoming a free agent and the planets aligned, I jumped at the opportunity to get in on this new season.

[Throwing a towel over his shoulders, Stanton grips it momentarily with both hands before raising up his right. Holding up his point figuratively speaking.]

JS: Because if you’re not always pushing yourself, if you’re not always looking for that next great fight, what’s the point of being in this profession? If you’re not always trying to improve yourself, you’re stagnating, you’ve peaked. Once you’ve been in the business long enough, the only way to keep improving, the only way to find that challenge of a fresh fight is to throw yourself head first into new places. Familiarity leads to something being comfortable, something being comfortable leads to you slipping.

[He glances down at the camera filming him, gesturing to it as if asking the audience his rhetorical question. Stanton waves it off and he continues on, talking in a casual and laid back way. All of this is elementary to him.]

JS: That's why tonight I step inside the ring with something to prove. I compete for the first time ever for IYHWF, against an opponent I've never had the pleasure of sharing a ring with before. To show its audience what a lot of the industry already knows about me. That it doesn’t matter what position on the card my match is or who my opponent is that night. When you book me, you will get the absolute best performance from me every single night.

[A curt nod and a wink, Joe Stanton stands up and walks off as the camera cuts away.]

Singles Match
Tyler Storm vs Joey Miles

[The bell rings with the two competitors and there is a lock up, somewhat of a rarity in IYH, and Joey immediately switches with a go behind and he wants to boob plex Tyler Storm right away. Tyler just hooks Joey’s foot and goes drop toe hold and when he splats down he’s going side headlock. Joey ends up getting to his feet and goes top wrist lock before again transitioning for a go behind wanting that particular move but Tyler goes standing switch this time before going back to the headlock and now Joey’s temper is starting to boil because he keeps foiling the move he wants to do here. The technical war continues though when Joey ends up using a hair pull behind the ref’s back to transition into a headlock but Tyler ends up prying Joey’s arms free using his slight strength advantage before putting him down to the mat looking like he could go with an armbar before transitioning into a grounded hammerlock. At this point Joey is boiling and yells at the ref about a hairpull but the ref indicates there was none. Joey puts his feet on the ropes and Tyler breaks immediately and Joey barks that he hates that he’s too f***ing nice for breaking that and that he should break some damn rules and Tyler just shrugs at the frustration and the fans are enjoying themselves.]

TR: I’m with Joey on this one. Tyler is too nice and I already don’t like him.

BM: I was about to comment it’s refreshing to have someone obey the ref’s commands and the rules. But I also think Tyler deliberately did that a little to play with Joey’s mind and short temper a little bit.

[Joey rushes in angry and goes to change it into a striking war after he had some narrow minded focus early and the two start exchanging brutal european uppercuts that get more and more brutal sounding per blow before Tyler starts to overwhelm the smaller man with the strikes. Finally he’s sent over the top rope and onto the apron with the blow. Joey gets to his feet barking more verbal abuse at Tyler and Tyler responds with more uppercuts. Joey takes another shortcut but it’s a much more effective one and he goes with a thumb to the eye before he clocks Tyler in the jaw with that spinning backfist to get Tyler on his back foot and then he slingshots in and hits his Excellence in Motion(Slingshot DDT variant) that spikes Tyler on his head but there’s a vicious follow up as he’s got Tyler trapped in a Guillotine!]

BM: Joey growls about a lack of respect but calling the action for eight years on commentary gives him a perspective about what could go on in the ring. He knows that a taller man than him is easier to put submissions on.

TR: And he’s going to choke Tyler out. It’s perfect!

[Tyler uses his free hand to feel where he’s at exactly in this situation as Joey cranks on the submission and he’s looking to try to use his longer frame to get to the ropes. Nothing much going on there as Joey tries to crank up the pressure more and Tyler feels he has to act fast here. He is able to get his feet to the bottom ropes and Joey uses the five count to his advantage before he relinquishes the hold before he shouts down ‘THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!’ before stomping on the back of Tyler’s head to draw some boos from the audience who don’t appreciate his cheating.]

BM: What a pompous ass…

TR: What!?

[At this point Joey ends up looking for his boob plex and gets behind Tyler since he has stated that is his goal is to do this to the entire roster. Tyler starts to fire back with some elbows but Joey again just sticks his fingers toward the eyes of Tyler and rakes them this time before he dumps Tyler on his head with that boobplex! He goes over for a cover but that only gets him a two count and he’s getting a little angry now.]

TR: There are some members of the roster I wouldn’t mind doing that to…

BM: Of course you’d say that...but I think that move is more to frustrate various members of the roster...but I don’t think you’re going to crack Tyler Storm based on his demeanor with that.

[Joey ends up setting up for a second one just to drop him on his head again. Again Tyler fires off the rapid fire elbows. Tyler ends up freeing himself enough to go standing switch and then the inverted headlock...and this follows up with Hybrid Crackdown(Inverted headlock into a rolling elbow) and Joey just drops onto the canvas like a rock. Tyler goes for a cover being the smart man that he is and Joey ends up kicking out at two. Tyler isn’t rattled by this at all as he backs himself up to the corner as Joey starts to pull himself up and he clobbers him with that running Yakuza Kick. Joey is half dazed but is trying to get up on autopilot...and he gets a clothesline...and Joey again is getting up despite again being on autopilot here...and he even takes a swing but Tyler goes Alabama Slam all in combination here. Another cover and another two count for Tyler Storm!]

BM: Tyler Storm’s diverse offense whether he needs to strike, go technical or if facing someone smaller like Joey...he can muscle them up with moves like that Alabama Slam as well. He’s a swiss army knife.

TR: And yet Joey is staying in there finding ways to get his own offense in.

[Tyler Storm pushes his advantage further when Joey gets to his feet by irish whipping him. Joey tries a wild strike coming in, pissed off and angrier than ever, but Tyler ducks cool as a cucumber and when Joey rebounds back the spinebuster connects and he goes for another cover. Joey kicks out at two. At this point Tyler signals for the Eye of the Storm as he drags Joey to his feet, not wanting to waste time. As soon as he lifts him up...Joey again jams his fingers toward Tyler’s eyes before spinning and countering into a DDT varient from up there! Joey ends up going for the cover but Tyler kicks out at two at this point.]

BM: How the hell did he do that?

TR: Innovation baby.

[Tyler ends up rolling over to the ropes as Joey stomps his foot...maybe frustration but he could be calling for his Sudden Death Superkick! Tyler starts to pull himself up to his knees and Joey sees that right opportunity and fires but Tyler dodges and you see Joey kick the ropes. Tyler dodges the first bullet but Joey is agitated and is going for a suplex from behind...a tiger suplex. As soon as he lifts...Tyler hooks Joey’s leg to prevent him from being dumped on his head. A second time he lifts...and again he hooks that leg! And then when he tries a third time...Tyler ends up turning this into a small package!]





TH: The winner of the match...TYLER STORM!

[Tyler Storm has his hand raised and rolls out of the ring as Joey sits up and process what happens and Joey ends up stomping up to his feet and kicks the ropes furious that he lost while Tyler has won himself some new fans in Australia for that effort as he does bask in their new found adulation for a moment.]


BM: What a beautiful counter by what could be the Swiss Army Knife of Professional Wrestling in Tyler Storm! He waited until Joey got mad and then he rolled him up and got the victory knowing you’re more susceptible to being rolled up when you lose it.

TR: It isn’t fair!

BM: Joey went for the damn eyes more than once! But we have some interesting talent returning in Joey Miles for Season 3...and now coming to us in the form of Tyler Storm. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Jul 7 2018, 05:56 PM
Team Name: Bad Omens

Members (must make a separate singles app for each): Blyss Lockhart (The Banshee), Seth Iser (The Ikiyro), Estella Winters (The Blue Dragon), Marcus Blackbeard (The Kraken), Dante Locke (The Hellhound)

Entrance Theme: "Vicious" - Parkway Drive
Jul 7 2018, 04:38 PM
Team Name: Super Nash Bros

Members (must make a separate singles app for each): Chad Nash and Tyson Nash

Combined Weight: 205kg

Team Gimmick: Womanising frat boiz

Team Finisher: The Puss Crusher - Chad holds them up in the air for Tyson to superkick them in the face before Chad completes the brainbuster

Well-Practiced Double Team Moves (Max 5):
-Double flap jack
-Chopblock/clothesline combination
-Double dick kcik
-Backbreaker held for springboard legdrop

Entrance Theme: “Satisfaction” - Benny Benassi
Jul 7 2018, 04:29 PM

Wrestler Real Name: Tyson Nash
Wrestler In Ring Name: Tyson Nash
Nickname (If Applicable):
Height (meters): 1.88 m
Weight (kilograms): 96 kg
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: LA, California
Gimmick: Womanising frat boy
Pic Base: Christian
Ring Attire: Christian’s
Twitter: @TNizzlindahouse

Wrestling Style: Technical, cheap tactics (Uses them so much its pretty much a part of his wrestling style.)

Strengths (3):
Surprisingly agile - While he is not the bravest, he has the speed of a terrified cat.

Opportunist - If the ref’s back is turned for just a second, Tyson sees it. If his opponent has a slight limp, Tyson sees it. He is able to pick out the perfect timing for every offensive move.

Tag Team Specialist - While he can hold his own in singles competition, Chad learned wrestling with and beside his brother Tyson. He has learned tag team wrestling since day 1 so is a natural when it comes to that style.

Weaknesses (3):
Arrogance - Tyson is the definition of arrogance. If he was as good as he believed, every other wrestler on the planet would be out of a job. For that reason, he is often overconfident to a fault.

Tag Team Specialist - While he can hold his own in singles competition, Tyson learned wrestling with and beside his brother Chad. He has learned tag team wrestling since day 1 so is a natural when it comes to that style.

Inexperienced - As advertised. Hasn’t wrestled for a very long time so can be outmaneuvered by more experienced wrestlers.

Finishers (Max 2):
Also The One True Spear (Spear)
Frog Splash - DTF Splash

Signature Moves (Max 2):
Tyson Express (Springboard enzuigiri)
Lifting reverse DDT

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
-Pendulum kick
-Rope choke
-Springboard sunset flip
-Baseball slide
-Tornado DDT
-Super hurricanrana
-Fireman’s carry gutbuster

Entrance Theme: “Satisfaction” - Benny Benassi

Character Background: Tyson and his brother Chad have loved wrestling from a young age. It was their dream to get into wrestling and through hard work as well as selective payoffs from their dad they blitzed through wrestling school and got positions in a local company. Their father had recent dealings with IYHWF owner Chris Cryptic, and so gave him tapes of his sons wrestling. Due to their tag chemistry, their… unique attitudes and their potential, Cryptic signed them and the rest is history.
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