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 The Fall
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Sep 5 2017, 10:44 PM

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[The camera starts rolling across the sold out Perth Arena. The crowds are squealing with delight for tonights show. The camera as always, rests on the announce table at our commentary team.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Fall. It’s been a crazy cycle, but we all made it here alive! Up first, we’ll see Kendall Roberts try to get redemption from Marcus Blackbeard.

TR: I for one hope Marcus kills him tonight. My dear precious Stella, banned from ringside because of him!

BM: I’m sure you’ll both get over it. Next we’ll see the Rapid Fire Championship be defended by Champion Craig Anderson as he goes up against Krissy Spencer.

TR: Krissy seems to be more than prepared for this. Craig is too busy wiping crumbs from his lap to even know what’s going on.

BM: And then the tag team event we’ve all been waiting for, Murphys Laws Gauntlet.

TR: Jetpack, Uncanny Socialites, Team Fury, War Enforcement and Layton & Fenric will all fight to try and become the new tag team champions.

BM: Someone still has to put down the current champs though, a task which has been impossible for 176 days!

TR: Then we’ll see the genius Seth Iser reclaim his Proving Grounds Championship from Shawn Fox.

BM: Agree to disagree. And in our Main Event, In Your House champion Owen Gonsalves will be taking on Diamond Jack Sabbath and Rick Kreiger in a triple threat match.

TR: Oooooh I can’t wait Tats. I personally want to see the belt back on Rick. This era of softness must come to an end, bring back the brutality!

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[Backstage. A stairwell is the scene as we're joined by a lone figure. Stepping forward with a few echoing boots, the figure stops to a halt. Taping his hands up with black tape, Diamond Jack Sabbath looks into our souls as he continues to tape away.]

DJS: Well then. Here we are. The big one. The Fall is here, and once again Diamond Jack Sabbath is in the main event, where he belongs. This is actually the third time I've main evented a Supershow for IYHWF. It's that old adage, isn't it? "Good things come in threes". "Third time's the charm". And tonight, I'm going to prove that. All of War Enforcement is going to prove that.

[Stopping the tape on his left hand, he begins to put on his MMA gloves as he continues talking.]

DJS: Y'know, I heard something funny earlier. I don't really pay that much attention to anything that's not about the IYHWF Championship anymore because the rest of it is, quite honestly, beneath me. But I heard that tonight, in that big team-gauntlet-turmoil-whatever-it-is match, one team has declared that they're going to leave if they don't win. I know this, because they've had a bit of backlash over a few comments they've made. But guys, don't give them the backlash. Come on, don't be daft. You shouldn't be trying to make these guys feel bad. You should be commending them for having the foresight to run. Because they aren't winning. None of those teams are. Raine and Serena are. Simple as that, and if you think anything else is happening tonight, you're stupid. Were I another tag team, I wouldn't wanna stick around in the post-Fall versions of this place either. It's gonna be a bloody dangerous time to be anyone who isn't part of War Enforcement soon, so I'd get out now while you can. So good on you, girls! Oh well done!

[With a warm smile, be begins to clap- one hand wearing a glove and tape, the other completely bare. He nods and puts up a huge thumbs up.]

DJS: Well done to the both of you for being smart about this! Everyone should bloody learn from your example. Go off and enjoy your Tim Tams and...whatever it is the other one does, safe in the knowledge you escaped the War Enforcement empire before it rose up.

[Now he tapes up his other hand as he continues talking.]

DJS: And maybe the person who should follow your example most after tonight is Owen Gonsalves. You're gonna wanna run and hide after tonight out of sheer embarrassment, Owen. Mate, this is gonna come off dead crass but if I were fucked as much as you're gonna be tonight, I'd start hanging out on street corners and charging people at high rates. I promise you, you're not going to win. I'm going to win. I'm going to be the IYHWF Champion. There is absolutely no two ways about it, it's not negotiable, it's not even not speculation and it's not hope or empty promise. It's the truth. When I first came here, I told everyone that my thing was 'I beat people and I win'. Y'see, you beat me one on one and you beat me in another triple threat like tonight, Owen, but you don't seem to understand this. I keep coming back! And the reason I keep coming back, is because until such a point where I've beaten you, you'll never get rid of me! And consider this, if my plan goes wrong tonight- it won't, but suppose it does- I'll just come back again! You will never be rid of me, Owen!

[Whatever he's doing now he stops, sincere and glaring to us, and by extension Owen, too.]

DJS: You will never, ever be rid of me. And neither will this entire promotion. I'm the best here. I've been the best since I stepped into this company. I've beaten your heroes. I tapped out your favourites. Ever since I got here, there's been a conspiracy to keep me from winning the IYHWF Championship. I didn't come here to win it, specifically. I wanted somewhere new, somewhere that hadn't seen me before, somewhere I could take over. But I wasn't taken seriously until I brought War Enforcement here, and that's when it all changed. Suddenly everyone would talk about me. But now they're going to talk about me even more because I'm leaving The Fall as IYHWF Champion and y'know, I'm not even gonna pretend this is some 'boyhood dream' coming true or whatever, I'm winning with this belt completely and utterly to spite every single person in that lockerroom and in the fanbase who thought I would never do it. That's the only reason I want it. It's a response. It's because after all of the bollocks I put up with, seeing all of you either too weak to jump out from behind your silly little phone, Tweeting away about silly little things, making absolutely no mark on society or the business but choosing to target me, the Innovator of Anarchy, the Destroyer of Eras, as someone who you can take a pop at, I deserve to be ruling this place for no other reason than to keep it away from all of you. You don't deserve it. So long as I have it, you will never get anywhere close to it. You will never take it away from me.

[Finishing up taping his other hand, he slips on his other MMA glove, strapping that up, too.]

DJS: Am I confident? Oh yeah. Definitely. I have every right to be. Are Serena and Raine confident? They were born confident. Ladies and gentlemen, bare witness to The Fall. But if it all gets a little bit boring for you while it's people who aren't us on screen, don't worry. Stick around. You won't want to miss this for the world.

[Punching his gloves together, he picks up his spiked leather jacket off the ground. Later tonight, Diamond Jack Sabbath main events once again. What he has planned...remains to be seen.]

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Singles Match
Marcus Blackbeard vs Kendall Roberts


[Marcus barely waits for the bell to ring before he shoves into Kendall, a shoulder buried in his gut as he drives them back to the near corner! He yanks Roberts up for a backbreaker, but before he can set him for a pin attempt Roberts is back on his feet and hits him with two dropkicks back to back, smoothly rolling from one to the other. He rushes for the ropes and rebounds off to hit a neckbreaker but Marcus rolls with the impact and comes up to his feet, grabbing the pursuing Kendall up by the neck for a Chokeslam Backbreaker but before he can cover Kendall puts a foot on the ropes and Marcus rolls to his feet. For a second he glances to ringside where his manager Estella Winter would usually be but shakes his head and turns right into a dropkick from Kendall!]

BM: All it takes is a momentary distraction, Marcus used to having his manager here and habit cost him!

TR: I think you’re counting him out too soon, that’s no ordinary man in that ring, just look at him! That’s a monster!

[Kendall gets a good run going, he catches Marcus on the rebound after an Irish whip with a kick to the gut and drops him with the Prophecy Stunner, but Blackbeard powers out at two. As he starts to rise, Roberts zips up and catches him with a Half Nelson bulldog and gains another two! A hint of temper comes to Blackbeard and he shoves himself free of Kendall and comes up to pepper him with a couple forearm smashes. As Kendall reels he manages to get Marcus’ feet tangled up and he crashes into the near corner, hitting the turnbuckles hard chest first! He whips around as Kendall comes in and hits him in the face with a big boot! Kendall falls back but comes up again with a clothesline, Marcus drops before impact and boosts him up where he lands awkwardly on the top but misses braining himself on the ringpost. He slides down to the mat, and when Marcus bends to pick him up he uses the turnbuckle for leverage, and almost slips himself as the cover moves in his hand. He glares at it and rips Kendall up off the mat and hits a spinning belly-to-back suplex! He rolls him over and hooks the leg but Kendall rolls the shoulder up at two!]

BM: That was almost all she wrote, he got some surprising hang time on that suplex!

TR: The man is a superior athlete!

BM: I literally just complimented the man’s skills, Tats.

[Kendall mounts a comeback, a DDT taking Marcus down but not out. He shoves him off at two and gets to his feet, turns around just in time to sidestep Kendall coming full at him with a Spear! He sidesteps and shoves Kendall in the middle of the back to make him lose his footing, he falls forward and smacks his head into that partially exposed turnbuckle! Marcus sees this but the referee doesn’t, he follows up and smashes him into it again, then snatches him up for a Muscle buster, his Release the Kraken! He drops and rolls Kendall to his back and hooks the leg.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MARCUS BLACKBEARD!

BM: What the… that turnbuckle’s exposed!

TR: Well that’s just shoddy materials and whatever happened to craftsmanship in this day and age!

BM: Jesus it’s like talking to my Grandpa right now. Either way, Marcus has racked up a win here at The Fall!

["Shattering The Skies Above" - Trivium plays as Marcus gets to his feet, he allows the referee to sort of raise his hand before he steps over the prone form of Kendall Roberts. Glancing at the exposed turnbuckle, Marcus smirks before a dark look washes over his face. The referee looks at him, unsure and afraid.]

BM: Whoa, hey now! The match is over! What’s Marcus doing??

TR: Shit, I don’t know, Bry...

[Marcus then wraps Kendall in a vicious bear hug, squeezing the life out of him. Kendall howls in agony as he struggles to break free but to avail. Not before long, Kendall starts to fade and Marcus takes his cue to prop him up on the corner turnbuckle. The fans all the while jeering their hearts out.]

BM: This is familiar, Tats. Marcus is looking to injure Kendall just like he did with Brooke Mathis a few weeks ago!

TR: Poor Brooke is never to be seen again since! RIP, Kendall!

[But suddenly Kendall comes back to life with desperate punches, keeping Marcus at bay. With a kick to the chest, Kendall sends Marcus staggering back and quickly follows up with more shots as much as he can. The crowd breaks out in cheers for Kendall as he cleverly ducks Marcus’ punches to effectively counter hit.]

BM: Yes! Kendall’s fighting back! And using Marcus’ own momentum against him!

TR: Whoops! Abort mission, Marcus! Abort mission! Where’s Stella? STEEELLLLAAAAAAAAA!!!

[And that’s when the arena plunges into darkness as the lights go out.]

BM: Hey what's going on now?

TR: Brian?!! Are you there??

BM: Still next to you, mate.

[The lights turn on again, suddenly revealing three figures standing on the ring apron looking at a very confused Kendall. The fans jeer as they recognize them to be Stella Winters, Dante Locke and The Banshee. Kendall starts to panic as he realises he's completely surrounded.]

BM: That's Stella, Dante and The Banshee!! I don't like those sinister smiles.

TR: Yup, this is bad. This is really really bad! Run, Kendall, RUNNNN!!!!

[Seeing no other choice, Kendall tries to make a run for it to the side of the ring where Marcus is still regaining his bearings. Immediately the three uninvited guests rush through the ropes, Dante and Banshee tackling Kendall while Stella checks on Marcus. It doesn't take long for Kendall to be dragged back inside the ring by his attackers and get set up in the tree of woe position in the corner. With Kendall upside down, Banshee drops by him and grips his throat. As the crowd cringes away, Kendall struggles while Banshee proceeds with her dramatic ritual of sucking up his life force.]

TR: Oh no, not this! I thought we’d be spared since The Banshee wasn’t booked tonight. Guess I was wrong!

BM: This is sick! Get him out of there!

[With one final ounce of strength, Kendall manages to headbutt her in the face to stop the ritual. The fans cheer as Banshee clutches her cheek. Furious at the interruption, Stella unhooks Kendall’s legs and lets him drop like a sack of potatoes on the mat as Dante helps up Banshee before they punish him with vicious stomps. Marcus joins in the beatdown, not letting poor Kendall fight back at all this time. The referee, along with backstage crew reinforcements, intervene to put an end to it all. With a sly smirk, Stella pretends to not know what's happening as she purposely stands in their way into the ring but they easily manage to rush in and separate the attackers from Kendall. Seeing Kendall barely able to stand on his own to retreat backstage, Stella, Marcus, Dante and Banshee seem pleased with themselves as they stand together in the ring.]

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[The scene fades in where Craig and Jessica Anderson are sitting backstage, ready for Craig's Rapid Fire Championship defence. He has the Championship sitting on the table next to him, taping up his wrists.]

JA: Good luck tonight, honey!

[Jess gently taps Craig on the shoulder, to which he responds with a wink.]

CA: Thank you, babe. It's a shame that you don't have a match tonight, but it just means that I have to win for the two of us tonight. I hope I don't let you down!

[Jess jumps up off of her seat and walks round to him, draping her arms around his shoulders.]

JA: Of course you won't let me down. You'll go out there tonight doing what you do better than anyone else; and whether you win or lose, I'll be extremely proud of you. And trust me, so will a LOT of people!

CA: I know you'll think no less of me if I lose, but this is the first Championship either of us have held in a few years. I don't want to lose it in my first defence – and given that there's only ten minutes to get a victory, that's a very real possibility. Krissy Spencer is no slouch. Her victory over you last week proves that.

[Jessica rolls her eyes, still slightly bitter over her loss.]

JA: Yes, and her victory over me last week also proved that she will do whatever it takes to win that Championship. Trust me Craig, you need to be careful out there. Respect is great, sure. But it means nothing when the stakes are so high. You can only beat who is put in front of you, and if Krissy Spencer is able to do whatever it takes to win, then you need to be able to do whatever it takes to win. It's not like you had a problem with that before, is it?

[Craig nods his head, knowing that his wife is right. He may be slightly tired having travelled from Manchester on Friday, but he's used to that.]

CA: I know. I saw what happened in your match last week and, while I'm not happy about it, I have to give Krissy credit. She beat a tough competitor in very quick time – no offence – and if she can do the same tonight, she will be the new Rapid Fire Champion. But Krissy isn't my only opponent tonight. I'm also wrestling against time, and if I cannot beat Krissy within ten minutes, I'll also lose the title. It's a tough situation to be in, but it's one I'm best equipped for – given how I'm the current and inaugural Champion, and all. But rest assured, folks, that while I love being the Rapid Fire Champion and will defend the title with pride every time I step into the ring, it's not enough for me.

[Jess and Craig share a glance at each other, before speaking at the exact same time.]

CA & JA: It's not enough for US!

[Craig grabs the Championship and throws it over his shoulder.]

CA: That's right. Visa issues won't be holding us back. We're issuing warnings to everyone on the roster. We're not sitting around any more. We didn't want to cause a fuss because this was a new country to us, but we've been here a while now. We're part of the season one cast, and while we have no issues with any of the new season two talent, they are going to have to line up behind us. We don't know how long we have left in Australia, so we need to make every single match count!

[The couple leave, hand-in-hand.]

user posted image

[Scene shifts to the back where Krissy Spencer and her manager Veronica Chandler are standing by]

VC: “Tonight all the wrongs will be righted! Tonight a REAL champion will be crowned! Tonight the farce of a champion named Craig Anderson will beaten and destroyed just like his wife was last week,”

[Video plays showing Krissy pinning Jessica Anderson last week on Ruckus]

VC: “Tonight Craig Anderson will be on his back just like his wife always is and then he will bear witness to the crowning of a NEW Rapid Fire Champion and her name will be Krissy Spencer!!”

[Krissy removes her shades]

KS: “My cousin Kelsey tells me over and over that the only way to win is by playing fair. But i say why allow those beneath you to walk over you when you can win by any means. Tonight I show Cousin Kelsey exactly what her and Becky need to do in their match to walk out as champions! Tonight I take my rightful place as a champion of IYHWF!!”

[Krissy puts her shades back on]

VC: “Unlike some other managers around here I will actually lead my client to the Land Of Champions and not be watching from the back like a...bleep!

[With that Veronica and Krissy walk off ready for the battle ahead.]

user posted image

Rapid Fire Championship
Rapid Fire Rules Match (10min limit)
Singles Match
Craig Anderson © vs Krissy Spencer


[This match was fast and frenzied from the start as to be expected from a Rapid Fire Rules match. Krissy right at the bell attacks Craig with a spin kick and then rebounds off the ropes while he’s off balance to hit a classic bulldog! It’s a little soon but she scrambles up to the top rope for her A Wicked Good Time, the moonsault perfect as she draws her knees in to land them into the prone Rapid Fire Champion! She yells with glee as she hooks his far leg and braces with her feet, but he kicks out just before two! Krissy kvetches at the referee, informing him that he needs to in fact count faster though he shakes his head and for good reason as Craig explodes out of her grip and rockets to his feet, capturing her for his Rich Tea-Bone Suplex! She hits thunderously hard and it’s his turn to scramble for a pin, but she rolls the shoulder up. Craig doesn’t argue, he just gets to his feet and pulls her up with him, setting up for another Rich Tea-Bone Suplex, but if anyone knows how to counter one after she’s been hit it’s Krissy and she manages to slide free of his grip and catch him with a DDT!]

BM: There we go, these two can’t stop to take a breather, or the time limit will expire and nobody wants that to happen!

TR: Nobody? I don’t know, I’m kind of curious to see what happens if it does.

BM: You would be.

[Krissy goes on the attack after the DDT, wanting to keep Craig on the back foot so to speak, hitting a Step up corner Enziguri followed by a spin kick, then she looks to set up her Extreme PMS, but as she starts to hook him up for the crossface he elbows her rapidly and repeatedly in the face! This sets her to reeling and he pulls her up for a One-armed swinging neckbreaker! He covers but she gets a foot on the ropes and as he rises catches him with a schoolboy roll up that he barely kicks out of as the fans go nuts! They come up swinging but he catches her with a Handspring headscissor takedown, Arse Over Tit!]

BM: Krissy really, really looks out of it.

TR: Don’t sell her short she could rally!

[At this point it was academic as Craig pulls her quickly up to her feet and hits his Zig-a-zig-ah, the Swinging lifting inverted DDT smoothly executed as he drops her head to the mat, and then stacks her up for the pin.]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall in six minutes and seventeen seconds and still your IYHWF Rapid Fire CHAMPION… CRAIG ANDERSON!

BM: WOW. That was just...

TR: I swear to God if you try and say ‘that was just lit’, that this will not end well for you. Craig Anderson however overcame a tough opponent in Krissy, and continues on as champion!

["One Step Beyond" by Madness plays as Craig celebrates his victory, gaining the title back from the referee he holds it up for the fans as Krissy glares at him behind his back.]

user posted image

[Emery Layton is quiet. Uncharacteristically quiet. Currently she is sat up against a wall on a very narrow corridor, throwing a tennis ball at a wall with one hand and catching it with the other. As the Worst of the Pavees' ball thumps against the wall, two backstage staff members- trying to talk amongst themselves quietly- look over at her, one of them stopping mid-sentence to address her.]

??: Hey.


??: Hey!

[Em snaps out of her trance.]

EL: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Hello big fella!

??: Yeah, could you stop that?

EL: The...stop the what now?

??: The ball. Could you stop that?

EL: Oh. Alright. Sorry, man. Didn't realise I was interrupting.

[And the ball comes to a standstill in Emery's hand. The two begin talking again. Now slightly bored, Em turns with a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face, cutting in mid-sentence with--]

EL: Hey, I ain't seen you guys here before! I like meeting new people.I'm Em. What's your job, man? I got a match tonight. Big old match for the tag--

[They've left. As soon as she started talking, the one who asked her to stop playing with the ball guides his friend off. Em watches. Her face drops as she sighs...and goes back to bouncing the ball off the wall. Three times, it hits. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. She goes for a fourth, but the ball is caught mid-throw by another hand. A pale, clawing hand, pulling it up towards them. She looks to her side, a Victorian-era cloak swaying on the ground dramatically greets her. Now she stands up, faced with a man who she's really not spoken to since Ruckus...the "Plague Doctor", Adam Fenric. He studies the ball.]

AF: I was only getting used to your apparent immaturity but to find you playing with toys like this pushes this to the next level, Emery.

[Now, the two of them wait. They wait for the other to start. Adam raises his eyebrows.]

EL: don't gotta tell me. I see it in your eyes, so lets just get it out in the open.

AF: Get what out in the open, Emery?

EL: Rebecca Saint beat me. The Uncanny Socialites beat us. I screwed up your plan and I get it. We're supposed to be a team and we ain't acting like a team. I got a problem with plans. Always have done. I got a bit drunk the other night and I thought about it and I said 'hey, I'll do what I want' but then I thought about it today and I think my problem is I wanna win the titles, I want US to win the titles and I don't want Raine or Serena to win but I don't wanna be known for--

AF: Don't concern yourself.

EL: --being the ones who got rid of the, what?

AF: Do not concern yourself with matters of the past. I cannot change the fact that you allowed yourself to fall victim to Saint. It has happened. We do not dwell on it for anything other than educational reasons.

EL: Oh. Alright then. Did you get a bump on the head?

AF: I do not understand.

EL: Well, like...I thought you'd be mad. You tweeted like you were mad.

AF: At the time, yes. But as incomprehensible as it may seem to you and everyone else, I am a human being and even I am susceptible to making mistakes. On occasion.

[Em is stunned silent. She blinks.]

AF: But you are also human, just as I, and you make mistakes too. We are not infallible creatures. You spoiled my plan, but it was my mistake to make an assumption about our opponents.

EL: ...I thought you'd be pissed off.

AF: Emery, I often disagree with you about a great many things but do you really believe I think so little of this team that one loss would make any difference?

EL: You always talk about how you don't wanna team with me, though.

AF: And vice versa. Yet here we are.

[Adam throws the ball back to Em. She catches it, nearly drops it, but then brings it back up.]

AF: Now then, enough with your droning. As I understand it, Emery Layton not drone for anyone and I assure you, nor does Adam Fenric. Tonight heralds the biggest challenge we have ever faced, with the most amount of teams gathered in one place we've ever seen. This is our greatest test and as such, we need to be in perfect sync with one another.

EL: Okie doke. But what if we lose?

AF: We come back again and we try harder.

EL: Ayy, there we go! Layton & Fenric, taking over the world one promotion at a time! Lets go out there and do our thing, yeah? Let's do this. Group hug!

[Emery holds her arms out and moves in but Adam places his hand on her chest and pushes her back, shaking his head.]

AF: Lets not go that far, if you don't mind.

EL: Oh. Okie doke. Er...hey--

[She puts her hand out. Her face sincere, her eyes locked with Adam's. He reaches out for it...but Em pulls back and brushes her hair. As Adam rolls his eyes, she points at him.]

EL: Ah! Gotcha. Meet ya out there, Doc. Let's go bring that savage craic!

[Emery gives Adam a playful thump on the arm as she darts off. We finish on the image of Adam Fenric, now alone in that same corridor that Emery started in. The Gauntlet beckons.]
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Sep 5 2017, 10:47 PM

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[The loneliness of an empty locker room can’t be overstated in the weight one would feel on this. It’s almost more surreal as the chairs are scattered around almost in a courtroom styled setting. The shadowy figure of Seth Iser kind of adds to the mood and dressed in his wrestling attire with the purple tint to his usual black long tights and the usual gleam from that knee brace being purple for this big match. All throughout his tights though are the flags of all the countries he’s wrestled in.]

SI: For a man who has been taken to court many times as a youth you find that you’re often ostracized for the most obscure bullshit imaginable. You get convicted of something stupid in the court of public opinion and then they parade you around as a criminal trying to indoctrinate others into that view point. Even if you did do something stupid and pay for your mistake...vowing to never do the same thing ever’s flaunted in front of you for the rest of your entire life.

[Iser has his fist balled up in a bit of anger. After that brief impulse he just looks around with the echo of his boots going off on the floor with every step he makes before he stops in the center. His face is expressionless.]

SI: Often times however if someone is viewed as a paragon of virtue or their beacon of light...any flaws they ever have seem to be swept under the rug. The court of public opinion doesn’t care about facts after all...just about who they like more. And that sick mindframe sometimes takes place in the damn court where that holds true. That or they’re bribed for it. Corruption and injustice does take many forms after all…and there’s nothing I haven’t seen at this point.

[Iser’s tone of voice is low. Almost eery in how calm he’s being as his body language seems to be a little TOO relaxed delivering this.]

SI: Nothing escapes my eye. And how many people gravitate to wrestling as an escape from this fail to realize that the people who buy the tickets hold that same problem. You’re subject to that court of public opinion and even if you present truth to them...they’ll duck their head in the sand and believe the lie. They sicken me in that regard. The ones who seek their approval and the ones who subject truth tellers to abuse.

[Iser has his arms crossed but there’s still very little emotion being let out. His delivery is calm.]

SI: Shawn and I have our own trial. Two out of three falls. But when we had our hearing last week in front of this camera just between us and that poor lass who drew the assignment to interview us I learned something about you. When you were saying what you did trying to come across as calm as possible and deflecting from certain questions...that’s when I came to a realization. As someone who never’re certainly not a fool. I’m accusing you of something far worse than being a fool.

[Iser’s eyes narrow and a hint of emotion comes from his face. A bubbling anger.]

SI: You’re a liar.

[That piercing glare that he’s almost infamous for comes into the picture. It has spelled doom for many people in the wrestling ring. And while his voice is more pointed he’s still calm.]

SI: Considering your own history I can’t judge you for wanting to turn over a new leaf. You make a mistake. But with what you said to me...I can’t help but think you’re masking who you really are. Your own true feelings. Your desire to try to be placed where your talent should take you and the desire to do right by the people. They conflict. And when you speak on behalf of’re lying to the other.

[Iser shakes his head in disgust as he has his arms crossed. The voice is calm and chilling though the makeup underneath imply that he’ll scorch the earth around Shawn for this offense in his mind.]

SI: Nothing gets past wrestling’s greatest mind and nothing gets by what I see. I never make a conclusion until I see everything. The two matches we had I saw both of those desires in different forms. The desire to do right in the first match. And the desire to win in the second. There might be times when they can line up but ultimately...they’re contradictory goals. And you can’t waver with that conscious when you have to figure out how to beat the best wrestling mind in the industry not once but TWICE.

[Iser takes one more step toward the camera as menacing as ever but there’s a little more emotion and anger seeping in now.]

SI: When it comes to being a liar and a hypocrite in the court of truth’re a guilty man. And no...the punishment for this isn’t jail time. I’m not an arbitrary figure after all. It’s something much more fitting and it’ll probably hurt you a little bit more. That championship you hold with pride? And those world title aspirations. They’re going away tonight. That’s what will Fall. And you get to wonder what might have been…

[Iser finally lets out a semblance of a smirk that sneaks in.]

SI: While you get to watch someone like me who deep down you at least dislike and you weren’t even man enough or truthful enough to admit get to watch me achieve my own aspirations. Tick tock. Time’s up. Court is over.

[Iser then walks off with steely determination and the adrenaline of the stakes of the match at hand.]

user posted image

Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Gauntlet Match (Last team standing wins)
Murphys Law © vs Uncanny Socialites vs Jetpack vs Layton & Fenric vs Team Fury vs War Enforcement

BM: It’s time for the match that everyone has been waiting for.

TR: The Death Parade!?

BM: Otherwise known as the Tag Team Gauntlet Match! Murphy’s Law was given the goahead by Cryptic a little over month ago to hold this incredible bout. You are about to witness the company’s top teams going at it for the ultimate prize, the IYH Tag Team Championships!

TR: Misha and .PAAK have been impressive since the day they stepped into IYH. They’ve always pushed the limits, and this match is no exception. It’s going to be brutal, that’s for damn sure.

[The lights darkened. There was a stillness in the arena for a moment or two. Babymetal’s “Rondo of Nightmare” began to blare over the speakers. Misha LeCavalier and .PAAK made their way out from the back.]

TH: Making their way to the ring, they are the current In Your House Tag Team Champions, Murphy's Law!

[Misha and .PAAK slowly began to walk down to the ring. A look of focus and intensity was plastered on both of their faces. They duo removed their jackets after having entered the ring. They then unstrapped their tag team belts and lifted them high into air before handing them to the referee.

TH: And their first opponents, The Uncanny Socialites!

[“Fake My Own Death” by Sum 41 began to play. As the song kicked up, Rebecca and Kelsey swiftly darted down the entrance ramp and slide into the ring.]

Uncanny Socialites vs Murphy's Law ©

[The referee realized that he is in for wild night as the bell ring and both teams went at it. Rebecca and .PAAK began trading forearms on one side ring while Kelsey and Misha duked it out on the opposite side. Kelsey laid in a flurry of knife edges chops that disorientated Misha. The Canadian born woman kept her wits about her and responded with a stiff forearm strike to the side of head. Kelsey returned fire with a forearm of her own that knocked Misha off her feet. Meanwhile, Rebecca had been holding her own against .PAAK, that is until she was met with a starch sole-butt followed by a wicked palm strike. Time almost stood still as Kelsey and .PAAK locked eyes and begin to advance towards each other in the center of the ring. The referee finally took order as he made an executive decision and ushered their respective members out of the ring. A strike battle ensured. .PAAK had been maintaining the advantage until Kelsey ducked underneath an elbow attempt and dropped the Korean woman on her head with a German suplex. Kelsey went for the pin right away and received a two-count. Kelsey took the fight .PAAK and maintained control with stiff shots before she tagged in to her partner. Kelsey hits the ropes as groggy .PAAK is lifted to her feet; she rebounds and blasts the Korean woman with a spear as Rebecca clobbered her with a discus elbow. Rebecca quickly went of the pin, but it was broken up by Misha. The two legal women scuffled a bit; Rebecca was able to show off her technical ability during the course of the exchange. Rebecca then hit .PAAK with a nice enziguri before shooting herself into the ropes. Rebecca was looking for her step-up high knee, but .PAAK dodged it. The Leviathan landed a high roundhouse kick followed by a half-hatch suplex. Instead of going for the pin, she tagged Misha in. Misha darted to the opposite side of the ring and knocked Kelsey off the ring apron; she then booped Rebecca with a single-leg dropkick. Misha and Rebecca went at as they both showed their prowess on the mat. Nevertheless, Misha gained an advantage and began picking apart and weakening Rebecca’s left arm. Misha locked on a clean cross armbreaker that might have spelled the end of the match had Kelsey not intervened. Misha rose to her feet and tagged .PAAK back in. Misha yoked Rebecca up and powered her into suplex position before .PAAK delivered a shoot kick to her head; Misha then brainbustered Rebecca onto her outstretched knee. .PAAK went for the cover, but Rebecca was able to kick out. .PAAK maintained control for a bit until Rebecca landed a wicked headbutt. .PAAK dropped to the mat, which allowed her to tag Kelsey. Kelsey smacked Misha off the apron with a flying forearm, repaying her from earlier; she then sprang to the top rope. Kelsey soared through the air with a beautiful frog splash, which would have garnered the Uncanny Socialites the win had .PAAK not lifted her shoulder up at the last possible second. The momentum stayed on the Uncanny Socialites’ side. Rebecca was tagged back in after Kelsey put .PAAK down with roundhouse combination. The closing moments of the match entailed Rebecca attempting to lock in her “Saint’s Row” figure-four sharpshooter. Before it was fully snapped in, Misha hopped over the ropes and knocked Rebecca in the back of the head with her knee. Kelsey entered the ring to try and help her partner, but Misha caught her with a rolling knee bar, incapacitating her as .PAAK used the ropes to make it to her feet. .PAAK brought Rebecca to her feet, only to receive a stiff slap for her trouble. The Korean woman responded by driving her opponent’s head to the mat with a snapmare driver. Kelsey, who was still tied up in a kneebar, was unable to help. .PAAK hooked Rebecca’s leg.]





TH: Uncanny Socialites has been eliminated!

TR: BOOM bitch!

BM: What a match that was! The Uncanny Socialites really took it to the champions in that one. Rebecca and Kelsey are impressive each and every time they step into the ring. And we saw them switch up their tactics a bit tonight; it worked to great effect, but it just wasn’t quite enough. And unfortunately, by their own hand, this mean that they are going to be leaving In Your House.

TR: That it does, Bry. While losing them is not ideal, I don’t know what they expected. Misha and .PAAK are the champions for a reason. They know how to weather a storm and then kick it into high gear.

BM: Very true. They were able to adapt on counter those tactics. However, you’ll have to wonder if they will truly be able to survive this gauntlet. .PAAK is still down in the corner trying to catch her breath. And I can only imagine each match is going to be just as ruthless, if not more. Even so, Uncanny Socialites will be missed.

[As Kelsey and Rebecca leave the ring the fans stand and applaud them out of respect. When they leave through the curtain, Bring Me The Horizon’s "Can You Feel My Heart" started to play as both Serena and Raine walked out from the back and made their way to the ring. The look on the respective faces indicated that they meant business.]

TH: Next up, making their way to the ring, War Enforcement!

[The duo entered the ring as the referee quickly checked in with them.]

War Enforcement vs Murphy's Law ©

[Misha stepped out and let it be known that she’d be starting of the match; Raine took point for his respective team. Surprisingly, this match was a bit slower paced than the previous bout, at least in the beginning stages. Misha decided to keep things on the mat in order to mitigate some of Raine’s speed. There, Misha’s skills were on full display. However, Raine held his own and was proven to be no slouch. A bit more chain-wrestling ensued before Raine had endured enough and attempted to stand back to his feet. Raine lit up Misha’s chest with rapid fire chops that really had her reeling. However, the Murderess stalled his momentum when she sent him crashing to the mat with a hammerlock back heel trip; all of Raine’s body weight fell upon his left on. Misha smelled blood in the water as she dove of Raine and went for a traditional Fujiwara armbar; but before it was properly locked on, Raine made his way to the ropes. After the hold was released Raine rolled to his corner and tagged Serena. Misha looked over at .PAAK, who was still recovering in their corner; she elected to carry on. Serena used a bit of speedy smash-mouth offense to disrupt the Canadian woman’s stride. After ramming Misha into the corner, Serena connected with six or seven quick forearm strikes. Misha was finally let out of the corner, only to be taken back to the mat with a Thou Thesz Press and repeated punches. Misha was then drug into the enemy corner as Serena made the tag to Raine. The team hit quick snap double suplex and Raine got a two-count when he went for the pin. Raine maintained control for good while by hitting Misha with stiff strikes. The audience then saw Raine whip her into the corner and give her a shining knee. Misha slumped in the corner as Raine tagged him partner in. Serena blazed across the ring connected with a cannonball senton. She almost got a three-count, but Misha got her shoulder up. The momentum later shifted as Misha nailed a belly-to-belly suplex that sent Serena’s body into the turnbuckles. Misha finally made the tag to .PAAK, who pulled Serena out of the corner and hit a running senton. .PAAK went for the pin and received a two-count. .PAAK quickly drug Serena to her home corner, positioned her, and the tagged Misha back in. Misha hit the ropes, rebounded, and nailed a corner knee to her seated opponent’s dome. .PAAK was quickly tagged back in as she proceeded to scrape her boot across the side of Serena’s face. She then connected with a running boot. .PAAK picked Serena up and blasted her with a series of palm strikes as she fought through her pain and exhaustion. The tide turned when Serena clocked her with a spin kick followed by a backstabber. She went for the pin, but .PAAK kicked out. Serena then tagged in Raine. War Enforcement simultaneously ran to adjacent sides of the ring, springboarded off the middle ropes, and landed on .PAAK with moonsaults. Raine went for the cover, but it was broken up by a boot from Misha. Serena re-entered the ring and then all hell broke loose. Misha and Serena commenced to beat on each other. After a fierce back and forth, Misha dropped her with her “Intro into Madness” Cobra-clutch lariat. Raine hits a spinning back kick to the midsection of .PAAK, but before he can capitalise Misha moves in and rocks him with a spinning backfist. She then grabbed ahold his his left arm, hammerlocking it as .PAAK took out his leg with a basement dropkick, which allowed Misha to drive Raine’s head and shoulders to the mat. Raine gets to his knees as .PAAK positions herself in front of him, Misha going back into the corner. The fans cheer as they set up for Ruinous Requiem, but as MIsha charges Raine, Serena explodes out of the corner with a discus lariot, almost taking Misha’s head off her shoulders. .PAAK sees her partner get taking out and rushes to her, clotheslining Serena over the top rope and to the floor before she can do anymore damage. No sooner has she done so when Raine comes up and schoolboys an off balance .PAAK.


[Raine turns his body to put more weight on .PAAK, grabbing a handful of tights in the process.]


BM: Raine’s got the tights but the ref is completely unaware!



TH: Murphy’s Law have been eliminated!

BM: I can’t believe this! Murphy’s Law are out! War Enforcement just defeated the champions!

TR: Do you even LISTEN when Jack Sabbath speaks, Bry? Murphy’s Law are an incredible tag team, but I am not surprised that they were dethroned by Murphy’s Law.

BM: Whether or not they have what it takes to take it all the way to the end remains to be seen, but there is one thing we know for sure: We are going to have new tag team champions by the end of this match!

[Raine and Serena rested and recovered a bit. The lights dimmed down extremely low all of a sudden. The initial rifts of “Aftermath” by Sonic Syndicate began to play over the speakers. War Enforcement stared intentionally at the entrance ramp, awaiting their opponents.]

BM: What the hell!? Can you see that?

TR: It looks Team Fury have just made their way through the crowd and hopped the barricade. The crowd is going crazy

BM: This is going to be nasty.

TR: These two teams have been battling for ages. But now Team Fury has employed the element of surprise.

Team Fury vs War Enforcement

[The lights returned as Gordon and Kelly Fury immediately stormed the ring and took the fight to War Enforcement before they knew what hit them. There seemed to be no love lost between the teams, as they’d had numerous run-ins over the past few months. The referee quickly stepped in and reclaimed order as he forced Gordon and Raine out of the ring, making Kelly and Serena the legal members. The two were pretty evenly matched until Serena slipped behind her opponent and landed a wicked bridging Dragon suplex. Kelly was able to shift her body weight and get her shoulder off the mat. War Enforcement’s strategy evolved into trying to isolate Kelly and work her over with quick tags. It was a fine tactic that seemed to work for a period of time. Raine caught Kelly with a nasty springboard dropkick during one of the tag ins; but as he went for the cover he was only able to receive a two-count. Gordon yelled out to his partner, trying to give her a bit of encouragement. It was then that the momentum began to shift. Kelly began blasting Raine with punches and kicks. She caught him with a stiff roundhouse to that hurt left arm, which left him reeling for a bit. She then ran to the corner and clocked Serena with an elbow. As Raine got back into the fray, he was smacked with a spinning heel kick. Kelly swiftly rolled through and tagged her partner in. Gordon came in like a house of fire as he leveled Raine with a big lariat. He too gave Serena an elbow before he delivered a step up enziguri to the back of Raine’s head. He would have gone for the pin, if it had not been for a vicious stomp delivered by Serena. She’d grown tired of being clocked. She began stomping the shit of Gordon. The referee attempted to interject, but an evil look and a blood curling scream sent him away. Serena eventually switched from stomps to forearms to the face, each one more stiff than the last. This gave Raine time to recover. War Enforcement then brought Gordon to his left and whipped him into the ropes. They caught him with stereo basement dropkicks to the knees, followed by a leg drop from Raine. Raine went for the cover that resulted in a two-count as Serena finally exited on her own accord. Raine then brought Gordon to his feet. What came next was a great battle of wills as the two tested each other’s might. Raine laid in chops as Gordon laid in shoot kicks. Both wrestlers were worse for wear at the end of the exchange, however, Gordon gained the with a spinning backfist followed by a Muay Thai clinch and knee to the head. Both dropped to the mat; however, Gordon was able to make it to his corner and tag in Kelly. Kelly sprung off the ropes and connected with a clean 450 splash, but it only garnered her a two-count. She looked to follow up, picking up Raine, but as she does he catches her with a hedbutt to sternum, followed by a straight kick to Kelly’s knee. Raine hit the ropes Kelly dropped down; he rebounded and nearly murdered her with a shining wizard. Instead of going for the pin, Raine crawled to his corner and tagged in Serena. She covered Kelly and got a two-count. She then brought Kelly back up to her feet. Kelly looked to counter with a forearm, but Serena blocked it before wrapping Kelly’s own arms around her neck and bringing her down with a backstabber. She then went for a cover, but Kelly once again showed heart by getting her shoulder up. Sensing the end being near, Serena ushered Raine to enter and set up for their tag finisher. They both head to the top rope, but as they get there Gordon charges at Serena, climbing the inside of the turnbuckles and throwing hard elbow strikes to her face. Serena gives a vicious smile as Serena trades shots back and forward with him. Raine doesn’t waste any time however as he leaps from the top rope with a moonsault, but Kelly rolls out of the way at the last minute. Raine holds his chest in pain as Kelly grabs him and dumps him over the top rope. As she does, Serena manages to get a boot up in between her and Gordon, pushing him off the top rope and sending him crashing to the canvas. Kelly sees this and vaults out onto the apron, waiting as Serena gets to her feet on the top rope. As she does, Kelly springboards in, grabbing Serena from the top rope and spiking her headfirst into the canvas with Simply Flawless! Kelly hooks the leg for the cover.]





TH: War Enforcement have been eliminated!

BM: What a DDT! Kelly may have broken Serena’s neck with that Simply Flawless! Regardless, Team Fury have inched themselves one step closer to become the IYH Tag Team Champions, and eliminating War Enforcement to do so must feel so sweet!

BM: They got lucky. War Enforcement beat the longest reigning tag champs in IYH history before this, that’s the only reason Team Fury are advancing.

TR: While I don’t particularly agree with your point, that does seem to be the narrative of this gauntlet match. Surviving the next onslaught is proving to be challenging for every team.

[Right Said Fred’s "Stand Up (For The Champions) began to play. Jet appeared on stage and Penelope joined him as she bounced up and down and waving to the fans in attendance.]

I was built to be the best
Number one and nothing less
Leave me to my destiny
I have waited patiently
I have vision' oh I believe
I know I can count on me

[The pair made their way down the ring. Jet leaped up onto the apron, sat on the middle rope and held up the top as Penelope climbed the steps and then ducked between to enter the ring.]

TH: Making their way to the ring, they are the former IYH Tag Team Champions, Jetpack!

Oh I have vision' oh can't you see
I'm on the move make way for me

[Jet then joined Penny in the ring as they went to their corner. The ref checked in with them before he called for the bell.]

Jetpack vs Team Fury

[Gordon and Jet started off the match for their respective teams. The dynamic between Jet and Gordon was really who could land the biggest move fist. Jet hit his opponent with a quick striking sequence followed by a snap DDT in the early stages of the match; the combination garnered him a two-count. Gordon later got his vengeance as he drilled Jet with a nasty forearm in the corner. Jet fought with punches until Gordon slipped behind him and sent him crashing into the ropes with a release German suplex. Gordon then followed up with a massive corner dropkick. His efforts earned him a two-count. From then on Gordon went on the offensive and maintained the control with his Muay Thai and striking ability. He looked to take Jet’s head off at one point with a standing roundhouse, but Jet was able to dodge out of the way. As Gordo spun and pivoted, Jet caught him with a jawbreaker. Jet backrolled and then tagged in Penny. She came in and took Gordon off his feet with a big shotgun dropkick, followed by a dropsault. She went of the pin and received a two-count. Penny looked to maintain the control and momentum of the match as she brought Gordon to his feet and put on a wristlock. However, Gordon was able to spin through and then blast her in the face with a back elbow. As Penny recovered, Gordon made it to his corner and tagged in Kelly. The pace of the match picked up even more as Kelly and Penny battled it out. During the midst of their exchange Kelly hit Penny with a jumping knee to the chin. Penny backed away a bit, but ate a “Sweet Dreams” superkick for her troubles. Kelly followed up up with a swinging neckbreaker. She hooked the leg and went for the cover, but Penny kicked out at two. The momentum shifted when Penny reversed and Irish whip and was able to send Kelly into the ropes. Penny blazed in and sent Kelly flying overhead with a monkey-flip. Kelly was able to land on her feet, but as she turned around Penny drilled her with a overhand chop to the chest before she ran up the ropes. Penny came of the second rope and caught Kelly with a flush knee strike to the head. She hooked Kelly’s leg and went for the pin—it was broken up as Gordon entered the ring and hit Penny with a dropkick. Penny rolled away and was able to tag Jet back in. He caught the rising Fury with a chop block, bringing her back down to the mat and preventing her from tagging her partner in. As she rolled over and sat back up, Jet hit the ropes and looked to hit her with a shining wizard. Kelly ducked down and caused him to miss; she then grabbed his leg and rolled his shoulders to the mat. She got a two-count before Jet was able to kick out. Jet looked to hit her with a clothesline as they both stood to their feet, but was dodged once more with an impressive “Matrix” move. She the caught him with a calf kick before she rolled and tagged Gordon back in. He and Jet battled back and forth once more, Gordon getting the upper hand in the striking game, although obviously slowing down due to exhaustion. He strikes Jet flush with a spinning backfist, lifting him up onto his shoulders. He goes to bring him down with the falcon arrow, but Jet flips over and lands on his feet. He throws a super kick out behind him but Gordon catches his foot. Jet leaps up and spins, going for an enzuigiri, but Gordon ducks it, Jet now facing away from Gordon. He throws Jets leg up and over, causing him to front flip and land on his feet, but as soon as he does Gordon moves in behind and hooks his arms, throwing him back with a release dragon suplex, causing Jet, to flip over onto his knees. Gordon measures Jet and charges in, a loud crack heard as he nails him right in the face with Destination Fucked! Gordon hooks the leg!]




[The refs hand is coming down for three as Penelope, dives on Gordon, breaking up the cover. Kelly charges out of the corner at Penelope, but she sidesteps and sends Kelly chest first into the turnbuckle. She then runs in and nails her with a corner splash, before pulling her out of the corner and sending her crashing into the turnbuckles with a release capture suplex. Gordon charges at Jet going for a second Destination Fucked, but he ducks at the last second, Gordon whiffing the strike. Penelope capitlases and nails Gordon in the jaw with a superkick, turning him towards Jet as moves over to the ropes and jumps out onto the apron. Jet springboards in and takes Gordon’s heads off with the Lariat, before Penelope finishes him off with the spinning elbow, connecting with Lift Kit! Jet dives on the cover and hooks both legs!





TH: Team Fury have been eliminated!

BM: They put up one hell of a fight, but Jetpack get a little revenge of their own with the win over Team Fury. What a gauntlet this has been up to this point, all Jetpack have to do is survive one more team and they are the Tag Team Champions!

TR: As if that is going to happen. No team so far has been able to win more than once Bry, and there is no way Jetpack are going to do it.

BM: You can’t count Jetpack out Tats. They are the former IYH Tag Team Champions for a reason. They’ve climbed the mountain once before, they can do it again.

TR: Exactly, they are FORMER champs for a reason.

BM: I guess we’ll see as the final team is about to come out!

[As if on cue, "Come As You Are" by Nirvana started to play. Adam Fenric and Emery Layton emerged from backstage.]

TH: And the final team, the current reigning and defending XWA Tag Team Champions, Layton and Fenric!

[The duo wasted little time making their way to the ring. Emery slide under the bottom rope while Adam climbed the steel steps and entered through the middle ropes. After checking with the referee, the bell was rung.]

Jetpack vs Layton & Fenric

[Emery and Adam fought with a certain fervor in the beginning stages of the match, considering that they were the freshest of the two teams. They knew they’d been afforded a mighty opportunity. Emery became the legal member of her team as she really brought the fight to Penny. The two traded forearm shots until Emery hit one so fierce that Penny fell through the ropes and landed on the outside. The spill to the outside caused Jet to hop off of the ring apron and check on her; as he did so, Adam made his way into the ring. Adam and Emery exchange a devious look before the both hit the ropes. Upon rebounding Adam flipped over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo while his partner soared through the middle ropes with a suicide dive. Jetpack was left hurt on the floor as Adam and Emery quickly sprung back up. Emery quickly tossed Penny back into the ring as Adam delivered two shift boots to the side of Jet’s head before he make his way back to his corner. Emery went for the pin and got a two-count. The two tussled a bit once they got to their feet. Emery then took her opponent down with a sling blade. Penny quickly got back up, only to be driven back down with a handspring cutter. Once again Emery went for the pin only to get a two-count. She got to her feet and dragged Penny over to her corner before she tagged Adam in. Adam used his mat and submission skills to keep Penny at bay for a good amount of time. At one point, he slapped on a triangle choke. Penny exhibited a serious feat of strength as she stood up and slowly trekked over to the ropes to break the hold. Adam quickly got up to advance, but he got blasted with a front kick. Penny then tagged in Jet. Jet went to work as he dropped Adam with a jumping lariat and then a running senton. He then deadlifted Adam up, only to plant him with a brainbuster. He went for the pin, but it was swiftly broken up by Emery. Jet maintained control until Adam reversed an Irish whip and landed massive enziguri in the corner that knocked Jet to the mat. Emery was tagged in and the grabbed up by Adam. He threw her over his head with a release German Suplex; Emery rotated in midair and landed on Jet with a moonsault. She went for the cover and got a two-count. Jet and Emery went move for move until she hammered him with a high speed "Eat the Music" Busaiku knee strike. She then darted to the corner and hopped onto the top rope. As Jet slowly stood back up, Emery flew through the air looking to hit her patented diving cutter. Jet was able to grab ahold of her and stall her momentum. He spun around and then dropped her with a backdrop suplex. After taking of time to recover, the two competitors finally made it to their feet. Emery bum rushed him and pounded his with strikes. Unfortunately, she pushed him a bit too close to his own corner. Penny reached out and tagged herself in, unbeknownst to Emery. Jet was able to push Emery off before dropping her with a spinning wheel kick. Jet then got to his feet and ran to Adam in the corner, hitting him in the chest with a dropkick, sending him off the apron onto the floor. Emery looks at Jet confused, before Penny, the actual legal member comes from behind and nails her with a double axe handle to the back, knocking her onto all fours. She ties Emery up and then rolled her over with a La Magistral pin, folding her body over as far as she can as the ref makes the count.]



[Adam rises from the floor and looks through the bottom rope. He sees the danger and slides into the ring…]


...but is half a second too late.]


TH: Here are your winners, and the NEW IYH Tag Team Champions... Jetpack!

["Stand Up (For The Champions)" began to play over the speakers. Jet goes over to Penny and they embrace, the look of complete disbelief on their faces. The referee comes over and hands them the IYH Tag Team Championship belts before raising their hands as the fans cheered.]

TR: No way. No fucking way.

BM: They did it! Jetpack are the new In Your House Tag Team Champions! Layton and Fenric knew it was their match to win, but that goes to show that all it takes is one slip up to end a match!

TR: Bry, did Jetpack actually win or has this match been so intense that I’ve gone into a coma and am imagining that Jetpack are the new champions?

BM: ...Yes, Jetpack won. And I don’t think you were the only person in the arena that is feeling the affects of the intensity of the match, Tats. It was an amazing showcase, and a real testament to every team within the division. It was a historic match. Every competitor should be able to hold their head up with pride.

[The camera cuts away.]
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[Shawn Fox is seen walking down the back hallway towards the Gorilla position, ready for his match in full gear, his Proving Grounds Championship around his waist. He seems as relaxed as a man about to try to win a two of three falls match can be, smiling at a few of the backstage workers and pausing to speak to a couple as Stevie Trelain finds him. She smiles and holds up her microphone with a little quick 'sorry sorry' shrug and grin and Shawn laughs and waves her over.]

SF: Hey Stevie, you look like you've been on your feet for hours, come here and rest.

[He walks her over to a chair next to the make up counter and lets her settle with a sigh before she asks a question.]

ST: That's actually quite nice... so Shawn, I know we had a fairly tense sit down with Seth Iser last show, has anything changed for you since then?

[Shawn grins, looking at the camera and he holds up a hand and using ASL spells out his girl's name before turning back to Stevie.]

SF: Well if I retain this title I got promised a really fantastic celebration, but that's not really what you're asking. The facts remain that I'm champion, I am capable of defeating Seth Iser, and the difference is now he doesn't just guess that I am, he knows that I am. See, I have a theory about guys like him who love to spout off about being willing to do anything to win a match. Even ones that actually follow through and do something drastic.

[He pauses, and that slow charming grin comes up.]

SF: I'm not like him, and I never want to be. Seth, he came in to IYHWF and he's no green as grass kid fresh out of training. He's got that experience that should have put him a step up, right? Of course there are some people who like to act like the only thing that counts is your last match. I'm not that guy. I know that everything has to be taken into account, and I know that even if I do everything perfect? I may not walk out of this pay-per-view as your IYHWF Proving Grounds Champion.

[He held up his hand.]

SF: We both know I'm going to fight as hard as possible here tonight to make it happen, but nobody here is psychic as far as I know. If I lose tonight, I'm one step further away from my goal. One step that I'll have to work harder than ever to get back. So forgive me if I say that what Seth wants and needs isn't my prime concern, especially after he felt the need to mock the fact that I give a shit about the fans.

[Shawn shrugs, and pats Stevie on the shoulder.]

SF: It's easy to talk shit and rip people apart and pretend you don't care if they try to boo you out of the damn country every time you stick your head out from behind that curtain. I've been that guy. Now, I am to be the guy that people come to see beat the shit out of the other guy that treats them like trash. That's as simple as anything. See you later, Stevie... get a good spot, you're going to enjoy this match no matter what happens.

[Whistling a little he walks towards his original destination as Stevie looks at the camera.]

ST: Shawn Fox, ladies and gents.

user posted image

Proving Grounds Championship
Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Shawn Fox © vs Seth Iser


[The moment the bell rings both men lunge towards one another as the crowds let out an excited cheer, happy to finally see these two get their hands on each other and end their bitter rivalry tonight. Shawn attempted to get Seth into a headlock once he saw the opening, but Seth quickly wriggled free and pushed Shawn against the ropes. Shawn attempted a swinging back fist but Seth ducked below it and kicked Shawn in the stomach before connecting with a DDT. Seth pulled Shawn back to his feet and attempted to whip him against the ropes, but Shawn reverses it and sends Seth to the ropes instead. On the rebound Shawn hit Seth with a clothesline, but Seth was quick to get back to his feet and Speared the Proving Grounds champion down onto the mat. Seth starts throwing lefts and rights at Shawns head until the referee orders him to back away. Seth calmly got up but made sure to Punt kick Shawns head as he did. The crowds let out a huge boo, which irritates Seth who starts incoherently yelling at them. This gave Shawn plenty of time to get back to his feet and creep up behind Seth before getting him with a Reverse Snapmare Driver. The crowds let a slight gasp and even a small ‘holy shit’ chant at the way Seth landed on his neck, but that wasn’t even to keep him down once Shawn attempted a pin and only got a two count.]

BM: Shawn is out here fighting like a champion tonight!

TR: And so is Seth. Dude could have broken his neck but he’s still not going to give in AND we still have a way to go in this match.

BM: That’s right, at least two pinfalls must be made for this match to end.

[Shawn got back to his feet pulling up Seth, but once Shawn tried to latch onto him, Seth started wildly throwing more punches at Shawn until he was backed into the ropes dazed. Seth puts his hand on the back of Shawns head and directs him head-first into the turnbuckle. Shawn stumbles back, but fights to stay standing, which Seth clearly finds amusing by the smirk on his face. A smirk which turns into a scowl as he lunges towards Shawn and hits him with a big boot to his face. Seth picks up Shawn from the ground, but he counters into a sitout jawbreaker. He runs back to rebound off the ropes, running back at Seth, but he hooks his arm around Shawn’s head and uses his momentum to lift him off his feet, bringing him down into the Icebreaker! He doesn’t let go of the hold as he keeps Shawn on his knee, standing up with Shawn still locked up, hitting a second Icebreaker! He stands up again, lifting him in the air for a third, but Shawn grabs Seth’s arm and transitions in mid air, bringing Seth down and locking in Fox Me, Fox You!]

BM: Fox Me, Fox you! What a transition from the Champ! He’s got that fujiwara armbar locked in tight!

TR: He’s got him in the middle of ring, he’s nowhere near the ropes!

[Seth reaches for the ropes in vain, before tapping out.]


TH: The winner of the first fall, by submission, Shawn Fox!

BM: A relatively quick tapout from Seth there, but perhaps that was the right call.

TR: Damn right it was. Seth knows he can beat Shawn twice, no point getting his arm torn off on the first fall.

[Seth sits up pissed off clutching at his arm, but he knows he made the right decision and gets back to his feet with fire in his eyes. Shawn charges towards him only to be greeted with a quick drop toe hold from Seth. Both men get back to their feet but Seth is quick to catch Shawn with a double eye poke which gets a huge boo from the crowds. This time, Seth ignores the boos and spins Shawn around before getting him with a Release Belly-to-Belly suplex and just to rub it in the fans faces; he holds his arms in the air in a victory pose, which just makes the crowd even more pissed off at him. Seth swiftly brings his attention back to Shawn who had used the ropes to get back to his feet. Shawn attempts to lunge towards him with a right hook, but Seth barely avoids before throwing one of his own which knocks Shawn back into the ropes. Seth grabs hold of him and hits a Release German Suplex before getting Shawn in a roll up, tugging at Shawns tights for leverage, but Shawn squirms enough until he kicks out just before the three count. Seth gets to his feet arguing with the ref that it should have been a three count.]

BM: Is the guy that just tried to cheat to win this fall REALLY arguing a slow count here?

TR: I agree, that was totally uncalled for by the referee. He’s probably a Shawn Fox fan.

BM: You really are unbelievable sometimes.

[Shawn is stalking Seth as he gets back to his feet, before lifting Seth onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, looking for Fox What You Heard. However before he can do anything, Seth realises the danger he is in and throws several hard elbows down onto Shawn’s head, forcing Shawn to drop Seth down, landing in front of Shawn with Shawn’s head locked under Seth’s arm. Before he can execute the Deprivation DDT Shawn grabs his wrist, twisting it to break the grip before turning out to wring the arm. Shawn goes for an Irish whip but Seth reverses it, sending Shawn into the ropes. On the way back, Shawn throws out a vicious yakuza kick but Seth ducks at the last minute, blasting the ref in the face.]

BM: Shawn missed the mark with that one, and the referee paid the price!

TR: Well he missed /Iser/, Bry, but he hit his mark dead on!

[Shawn looks at the downed ref and runs his hand through his hair in frustration. Seth charges from behind with the attempted cheap shot, but Shawn side steps and throws Seth shoulder first into the ringpost. Shawn pulls Seth away from the ringpost, not wasting any time as he lifts Seth up on his shoulders, nailing him with Fox What You Heard! Shawn goes for the cover, but the referee is still down and out.]

BM: Fox What You Heard connects! Seth is down for way more than three, Shawn should still be the champion!

TR: Well he should have thought of that before booting the ref in the fucking face. Serves him right!

[Shawn gets off the cover, going over to shake the ref, trying to wake him up. The ref starts to stir as Shawn goes back over to Seth. He starts to pick him up, but as he does Seth rears back and spits a green mist into his face, the fans booing loudly. Shawn recoils, trying to clear his vision, and Seth capitalises by taking him down and shoving his hand in Shawn’s mouth, locking in The Injection of Poison! Shawn’s claws around his body, trying to find anything to grab onto, but has no luck. The ref finally makes his way over as Shawn is forced to tapout, unable to breathe!]


TH: Your winner of the second fall, by submission, Seth Iser!

TR: Its now one all! Seth had the Injection of Poison in deep, Shawn had no choice but to tap out.

BM: Which he was able to do because he sprayed Shawn in the eyes with a green mist! He should be disqualified!

TR: You know how it goes Bry, ref doesn’t see it its fair game. Now Seth has the advantage and the last fall determines who leaves as Proving Grounds Champion!

[As Shawn desperately tries to wipe traces of the mist from his eyes while spitting some from his mouth, the crowds break out in a “Seth is Isis” chant, suggesting that that green mist could have been a toxic gas. Seth however does not appreciate the joke and starts yelling at them, kicking at the bottom rope. Vincent yells at him to watch out so as he turns around, he narrowly avoids an Enzuiguri kick from Shawn. Seth quickly kicks Shawn in the stomach and hits him with the Deprivation DDT before hooking Shawns leg for the pin.]



BM: Oh no, Seth is going to become the new Proving grounds champion








[The crowds go wild as Shawn kicks out at the very last second. Seth angrily gets back to his feet pulling Shawn up with him. He makes sure to give an almost dazed Shawn a hard disrespectful slap to his face. He whips Shawn into the ropes and on the rebound as Seth charged towards him with a clothesline, Shawn ducks beneath to avoid it. Both men spin back to each other but this time Shawn kicks Seth with a boot to the stomach before hooking both arms and spiking him head first into the canvas with Go Fox Yourself! Shawn throws himself over Seth as the crowds start to chant with the referee again.]









[Seth’s shoulder fires off the canvas as the crowd lets out a huge gasp mixed with some boos. It’s obvious neither man wants to give in tonight, but the crowd doesn’t know how much close calls they can take. Both men struggle to get back to their feet, Shawn uses an assist from the ropes as Seth staggers around trying to find his footing. Both men meet in the middle as Seth throws a hard right hand into Shawn’s face, the crowd booing. Shawn responds with an elbow to the jaw, the fans letting out a cheer. They both trade shoots with one another, neither refusing to back down. Seth gets the upperhand of the exchange, irish whipping Shawn across the ring, catching him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, going for the pin again but only getting a two count. At this point Seth is fuming, his wild eyes glaring a hole through the ref as he holds up three fingers, but the ref insists it was only a two count. Seth goes over to the corner, and in a completely out of character act, ascends to the tope rope, willing to do whatever it takes to put Shawn away. Shawn gets to his feet as Seth perches on the tope rope, but with a burst of speed charges him, throwing rapid right hands at Seth’s head. Seth manages to put his boot between them and pushes him back, back Shawn rolls backwards back onto his feet. He charges in again, this time hitting a jumping knee strike to the head. Seth sits on the top rope, his head hanging low, as Shawn sprints to the far ropes and comes in with another vicious knee strike to the head. He wastes no time as he positions himself under Seth, lifting him up onto his shoulders upside down, unable to hold his weight for long as he drops him down into a tombstone piledriver! Seth looks completely out, but Shawn collapses next to him, unable to make the cover. Shawn crawls over to Seth, but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he puts all of his effort into flipping him onto his stomach, moving to hook both of his arms. Shawn uses every ounce of his strength he has left to slowly but surely lift him and Seth back to their feet, Seth in the double underhook position. Shawn takes a second to take a breath, before driving Seth down with another Go Fox Yourself! The fans explode as Shawn manages to flip Seth over, draping an arm over him.





TH: The winner of the third fall and the match, and STILL Proving Grounds Champion… Shawn Fox!

[“Machine Gun Blues” once again plays through the arena as the fans continue to cheer, the ref moving to Shawn with the Proving Grounds belt.]

BM: He did it! After one hell of a match Shawn Fox has retained his championship!

TR: I will admit that I had Seth winning this one, and to be fair he almost did. These men left everything in the middle of that ring, and yet even with a match like this I don’t think matter will ever be truly settled between these two.

BM: I’ve gotta agree with you there, Tats. Now the question remains as to how Shawn’s “golden ticket” is going to manifest. I suppose Mr. Cryptic will answer the question in due time.

[The camera shows Shawn finally risen to his feet, his arm weakly being raised by the referee as he holds the Proving Grounds Championship before it cuts away.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Stevie Trelain at the catering desk, having a drink of water. She sees something off camera that makes her jaw drop, putting down the water and picking up the microphone as she hurries over.]

ST: Excuse me!

[The camera follows Stevie as she reaches her “target,” Michael Diablo in his casual attire turning to face her, a small smile tugging at his lips as the fans cheer.]

MD: Hi Stevie.

ST: Michael Diablo, first and foremost, what are you doing here? We haven’t seen you in an IYH building since your injury last before Unearthed?

MD: Call it curiosity. This place has changed while I have been away, and a lot of it hasn’t changed for the better. I mean I see it took me getting taken out for Kreiger to rear his ugly mug, so that’s something.

ST: Speaking of, you were taken out due to a reinjury of your hand that was previously broken by Rick Kreiger himself. Has your hand healed? If so when do you intend to return?

[Michael flexes his hand as if to prove a point.]

MD: My hand is just fine. I have been medically cleared for a little while now, I’ve just been looking after an angry and injured “angel.” Not only that, but the timing wasn’t right.

[Michael takes a second to think.]

MD: As for when I’m coming back, I can give you an easy answer for that.

[He looks right into the camera.]

MD: Soon.

[With that, Michael looks out of camera shot.]

ST: Pleasure as always Michael!

[The camera cuts back to the ring.]

user posted image

In Your House Championship
Triple Threat Match
Owen Gonsalves © vs Rick Kreiger vs Diamond Jack Sabbath


[The three rivals warily approach the centre when Jack suddenly shoulder-checks Owen who stumbles into the ropes. While Jack pummels Owen with stiff forearm shots to the head, Kreiger attacks Jack with his own vicious punches that has him staggering back. Kreiger irish whips Jack to the corner and flattens him with a running body splash. Owen rushes from behind, hitting a forearm smash to the back of Kreiger’s head. But the Alpha Beast won’t be denied as he turns around to serve him up vengeful shots. Owen fights back and tosses Kreiger to another corner but the Beast reverses the throw, sending him there instead. As Owen comes out of the corner, Kreiger runs him down with a brutal elbow smash. Kreiger pulls up the champ and prepares for a suplex, but Owen fights back with elbows to the midsection and punches to the head. While Kreiger regains his bearings, Owen hits the ropes and hits a low-angle dropkick. Kreiger drops on his knees, only to get stunned with Owen’s Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike, bicycle knee. With Kreiger still left standing though unsteadily, Owen goes for the Kimura lock with bodyscissors, determined to wear him down. The crowd is on their feet with excitement as Kreiger frantically looks for an escape. That’s when Jack breaks it up with a forearm smash to the back of Owen’s head, forcing him to release. While Kreiger recovers, the match resumes with Owen and Jack in a tight clinch in the centre of the ring. Owen tries to connect with a hammerlock but Jack manages to reverse it and hits his midsection with a sharp knee, forcing him to let go. Jack delivers a stiff uppercut that has Owen staggering backwards into the corner. Jack follows Owen with punishing body kicks before lashing out with forearm shots to the head. The crowd jeers before screaming in horror as Kreiger comes barrelling into them like a juggernaut with a running body press. Kreiger yanks Jack back onto the mat for a pin while Owen collapses next to them from impact. The referee gets to two before Jack kicks out. Kreiger covers Owen but also gets a two-count.

Kreiger turns back to Jack who has crawled to the corner. Pulling him up, Kreiger starts stomping on him before irish whipping him to the opposite corner. Kreiger charges at Jack, only to get kicked in the face. But as Jack staggers out of the corner, Kreiger catches him with a scoop slam. Kreiger goes for the pin before Owen breaks it up at two. Owen pulls up Kreiger for punches when the furious Beast counters with a vicious shot. Owen staggers back, only to get tossed over the ropes. Kreiger returns to Jack and prepares for his spear finisher, BlitzKreig. At this point, Owen leaps back into the ring and Kreiger dodges before charging at him for a clothesline. Owen ducks and leaps onto the ropes as he twists in the air for the Sky Uppercut, springboard corkscrew european uppercut, crushing Kreiger to the mat. The fans count along with the referee as Owen hooks Kreiger’s leg for the pin. But Kreiger gets his shoulder up at two. Owen pulls up Kreiger who fights back before tossing him to the corner. Kreiger starts punishing Owen with brutal forearm smashes, trapping him in the corner. Jack sneaks up from behind and sweeps up Kreiger with a schoolboy pin. Furious, Kreiger rises to his feet and knocks Jack down with a lariat. Jack rolls out of the ring, clutching his face. Kreiger follows after him and runs him into the apron to crush the small of his back. Jack howls in pain as he struggles to escape Kreiger’s grip. But Kreiger isn’t done yet, throwing Jack shoulder-first into the barricade. Kreiger then hoists Jack onto his shoulders, looking to deal more damage. Jack fights back with elbow shots to Kreiger’s face, forcing him to drop him. Jack relentlessly pummels Kreiger with punches with Kreiger dishing his own shots. That’s when Owen comes flying out of the ring with the tope con hilo, landing right onto both his opponents. The fans cheer their hearts out when they quieten down again as they realise Kreiger took the brunt of the hit and see Jack unsteadily rising to his feet. Owen struggles to pull himself up, only to get kicked in the midsection. With a devilish smirk, Jack limps over to Owen and tosses him straight into the steel steps. The impact sends Owen stumbling over them as he clutches his knee in agony on the floor. Jack returns to Kreiger and sets him up leaning against the barricade before hitting a running dropkick to his chest. While Kreiger lies there incapacitated, Jack spots Owen crawling back into the ring. Jack chases after Owen and delivers a sharp stomp on his knee. Owen immediately grips his hurt knee. Jack takes this as an invite to continue stomping on Owen’s leg. The fans cringe away as Owen writhes on the mat in agony. Jack take this time to mock Owen, shouting that he will always be better than him as he continues stomping the knee. He grabs Owen’s lower leg, bringing it up before driving it into the mat, Owen crying out in pain. Jack smiles as he brings it up to do it again, but Owen jumps into a back kick, nailing Jack and sending him into the ropes. However before Owen can recover, Jack uses the momentum to bounce back, taking out the injured knee with a chop block. Smelling blood in the water, Jack grabs the leg again, this time locking in the Ankle Lock! Owen desperately reaches for the ropes as Jack holds him steady, really cranking on that ankle.

BM: Sabbath has the Ankle Lock locked in tight! We could have a new champion!

TR: And in such a fitting way! Owen is done!

[The smile on Jack’s face gets wider as Owen stops reaching for the ropes, his hand going up in the air… but instead of tapping he plants his hand and flips his body up underneath, rolling up Jack into the cover, but only getting a two count. Jack gets back to his feet first and goes to take Owen’s head off with the Crown Kick, but Owen ducks, school boying Jack from behind, but instead of waiting for the pin he flips Jack over onto his knees, moving to hook both his arms before spiking Jack on his head with The Final Gambit! Owen grabs his leg in pain after the move connects, moving over to Jack to drag him into the middle of the ring, not wanting a rope break. He stands up and goes to grab Jack, but as he does Rick Kreiger explodes into the ring, charging at Owen who can do nothing but get ripped in half by a vicious Blitzkreig!

BM: Blitzkreig! Blitzkreig connects! Rick picked his spot, and took it in a big way!

TR: Sabbath is down, Owen is dead, The Alpha Beast is about to be back on top!

[He looks down at Owen, but doesn’t pin him. He then looks at Jack, then back at Owen. He goes over to Jack and grabs his arm, dragging him over to Owen, and laying him on top of him. The ref looks confused but counts regardless.]

TR: Wait, what the fuck is this?!





TH: Here is your winner and the NEW In Your House Champion… Diamond Jack Sabbath!

[The fans boo so loud its deafening. Rick pays them no mind as he leaves the ring and walks up the ramp without a second look at the carnage he has caused. The ref moves over and lifts Jack’s near lifeless hand, before handing him the IYH Championship.]

TR: Seriously, what the FUCK just happened?!

BM: Your guess is as good as mine Tats. Rick had the match won, all he needed to do was cover Owen and he would once again be In Your House Champion… but instead he dragged Jack to the cover and now Diamond Jack Sabbath in our new In Your House Champion. Whatever Rick’s reason’s were, that is the fact. God help us all.

TR: I hope we can get some answers after the week’s break, but in any case, the result is still, in my opinion, a great one. A hard working wrestler finally gets what he deserves! The Era of Anarchy has begun!

BM: And with that, that is all the time we have for tonight. We will see you all again after the break for a no doubt explosive episode of Ruckus! Goodnight!

[The camera fades to the IYHWF logo before fading to black.]
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