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 Ruckus 61
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 01:36 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The scene opens up within the Melbourne Showgrounds arena where the crowds are still buzzing and hyped up after the explosive matches from Unearthed. The camera pans by various signs supporting their favorite wrestlers before resting on the announce table.]

BM: Welcome back everyone, we’re here at Ruckus 61!

TR: Some things have changed since our last Ruckus show, mainly Katie Hanley is our new Rapid Fire Champion.

BM: I have heard she’s here tonight, perhaps we’ll hear her thoughts as champion. But before all of that, lets have a rundown of our show tonight. In his debut match Brien Storm will be taking on Kieran Thompson.

TR: And given how he decided to call out a few of the champions at Unearthed, he now has a pretty big ego to live up to. Speaking of egos, or rather egos deflated...Southern Hostility are back in action tonight against Tag Team Greatness. I’m sure they are going to be beyond hostile given their loss to Hyphy Machinery at Unearthed.

BM: I’d feel bad for Tag Team Greatness, but those guys are dicks. Minka Carter is also back in action and hoping to come back from a loss at Unearthed as she takes on Caleb Cross.

TR: Following that, Jetpack are in action against my current favorite tag team who are due a win, Super Nash Bros.

BM: And then in our main event, the two men who were eliminated first in Uneartheds 5 on 5 match will go head to head. Sean Hazard takes on “The Kraken” Marcus Blackbeard.

TR: And you know what that means Bry? STELLAAAAAA Will be at ringside, WOOO I CAN’T WAIT. And these fans better behave themselves when she’s out here OR ELSE!

BM: Or else what?

TR: Or else shut your face and don’t question me, Bry. Lets get on with the show!

user posted image

BS: Australia.

[His cool accent echoed.]

BS: A beautiful country, and a place where I’ve only wrestled a hand full of times.

[At this point the actual video feed began to play. ‘Twas Brien Storm walking down a beach, barefoot and wearing some sky blue trunks along with a match sky blue button up Hawaiian shirt which isn’t buttoned up and sunglasses to top off the look.]

BS: I made this clear on Twitter. Soon after that IYH gave me a call, a deal was made, and so here I am in Australia. It’s eve of my debut, and generally when I go out for a match I have two things in my mind… Have a great match and win. This is going to be different though, you see I know the caliber of competition here. That’s why I’m going out tonight to make a statement. I’m not here to have one offs or to be part time, no. I’m here to win titles, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Tag Team Championship, the Proving Ground Championship, or the Rapid Fire Championship, or the grand ol’ IYH Championship. I don’t which ones first eventually they’ll all be mine.

[He continues to walk until he comes across his beach chair with a cooler right next to it. Brien opens the cooler and from it grabs a cold one and a bottle opener. He opens the beer and takes a sizeable drink of it as he comes to rest on the chair, and he takes another drink before continuing on with his plan as it pertains to IYH.]

BS: I’m going to be IYH’s first Grand Slam Champion. It’s as simple as I said it. I’m going to work my way from this mardy motherfucker that I’m gonna make tap this week to the top of the mountain in no fucking time. El año esta en pañales, so I would even go so far as to say that I’ll be Grand Slam Champion by the year’s end.

[A little chuckle leaves him as he grows a cheeky grin]

BS: By the year’s end, I’ll the greatest wrestler. Not just here, but everywhere. All over the fucking world. And I could already tell you that my work here is going to attribute to that claim. Along with going ahead and becoming the first Grand Slam Champion here, I’m going to going ahead and put on a myriad of five star matches, and six star with Owen. I’m going to put this place on the map more than it already is. I’m going to make this the premier promotion in this continent.

[Brien takes another drink then puts his arms out and leaves off with one final phase.]

BS: I’m the King of the World.

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Singles Match
Kieran Thompson vs Brien Storm


[Brien seems a touch surprised as the bell rings when the rowdy fan noises seem to get louder instead of level off as per usual, and there’s a brief chant that rolls around the crowd:

Clap clap clap clap!
Clap clap clap clap!

Which of course fires up the locally popular wrestler, and he goes in on Storm immediately, seeking to lock him up with a well-executed Armbar. He cranks on it a bit and even tries to take Storm to the mat, but a quick European Uppercut from his free arm followed up by a rebounded from the ropes One-Handed Bulldog takes the plucky underdog to the mat and into a pinning predicament! Brien floats over and hooks the leg, but only gets a two count as Thompson throws the shoulder up! They both get to their feet and Brien circles around Kieran, who works to show off a bit of his technical skills and the pair actually engage in a minor trade-off of moves that get the fans excited once more. Towards the mid-match point, Kieran actually gets the upper hand and he sets Brien up for his Rolling Dragon-plex, but is denied as Storm breaks loose!]

BM: Oh man we almost got to see Kieran finish off Brien Storm!

TR: Are you in fact mental? Storm’s a higher class than Kieran and everyone but his dopey fans know it.

[Brien is really feeling it now and he sets up Kieran with a Pendulum Backbreaker, weakening his back and then follows it up with a pair of Knee Drops to the gut, weakening his core. Thompson tries to fight back towards the end of the next quarter but Storm is definitely in the driver’s seat now, he fades back to the far ropes and then sprints in, catching Kieran as he turns with a leaping Headscissors, bowling both men over onto the mat, and then he grins and locks on a Koji Clutch!]

BM: Oh man, Kieran’s in the weeds now, he’s a technical wonder but Brien’s got this Koji Clutch in tight!

TR: I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

[Kieran does his best to stay afloat but in the end stuck in the center of the ring with nowhere to go he has no choice and he taps out!]


TH: And here is your winner via submission… BRIEN STORM!

BM: What a fine effort by Kieran Thompson, but what an impressive debut for Brien Storm!

TR: I really look forward to seeing what this young man brings to the table in the upcoming days, and I certainly don’t say that a lot.

[Brianstorm by Arctic Monkeys plays as Brien rises to his feet and celebrates his win, the fans are mixed in opinion but there is a goodly amount of cheers in with the boos despite his defeat of the highly popular Kieran Thompson!]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Stevie Trelain who is standing in front of the Southern Hostility locker room door.]

ST: Hi, IYH fans. We haven't heard much from Southern Hostility since their loss as Unearthed so let's see if we can't get a word from the team, right now.

[She cautiously knocks on SH's door and waits for some one to answer. After a few seconds, the door swings open and SH's manager, Clayton Travis emerges. With a mouth full of tobacco, he stares a hole through Trelain. He spits tobacco at her feet before speaking.]

Clay: What the hell do you want?

[Stevie adjust her stance to be a few inches away from the puddle of spit and responds.]

ST: I wanted to get Southern Hostility's thoughts on what took place at the ppv and the effect it will have on them going forward.

[The look on Clayton's face is one equal to the look you would give to some one who had just insulted your mother. Without saying a word, Clayton grabs the camera man, yanks him inside the SH locker room and slams the door in Stevie's face.]

[The shot switches to inside the locker room. We now see Colton and Amanda Hayes sitting on a bench, making final preparations to their gear for tonight's match.]

Clay: That nosey bitch really has some nerve. We don't answer to anybody, especially her. People wanna know what we think, well here it is. That was one match. Shit happens and those Oakland bitches got away with the luckiest win of their miserable lives. I hope they celebrate it. I hope they think it means something in the grand scheme of things. I hope they think that was that and they can move on. It don't mean shit. Tell em' Amanda.

[Amanda looks up at the camera and you can instantly see that she is even more irritated then normal, which is saying something. She shakes her head before finding the words she wants to use.]

AH: The Oakland bitches may have won a battle but we are at war and the war is far, far from fucking over. A battle is just a foot note in the history of a war. War is not a nice thing and if people thought we were scumbags before, they ain't seen shit yet.

[Colton chimes in.]

CT: Right!

[Hayes pauses due to the interruption and then picks back up.]

AH: You boys think you got one up on us but all you really did was take something that was business and make it personal. Now, when we crush you it won't just be about getting a win. It'll be about making you suffer. It's true that we never liked you but after Unearthed, we want to end you. You can pretend like it's over and turn your focus to other things if you want. But don't act surprised when it comes time to answer for your crimes. Whether you see it coming or you are blindsided, the result will remain the same. Ain't that right, Colton?

[Colton shakes his head in agreement before taking his turn to speak.]

CT: Yeah, you God damned right. But the hell with the Oakland bitches. They'll get what's coming to them in short order. Tonight, we are gonna take out a little bit of frustration on Tag Team Greatness. For them, it is just a case of wrong place, wrong time. They are gonna pay for sins they did not commit. Some might not think that is fair but fuck those people.

[Colton pauses as he thinks back to what other people have said recently.]

CT: Speaking of fuck what other people think. For the tag champs to claim we don't matter, they sure the hell took time to worry bout us. Well, Kelly didn't so much but that bitch she carries every week sure felt the need to run his mouth. He claimed we ain't important and don't matter yet we were the first thing on his mind following the PPV.

[Clayton cuts in.]

Clay: Right, he is like a crazy Ex who is so worried about shit that ain't none of their fucking business.

[Colton smirks before continuing.]

CT: He had the nerve to talk about us choking on a supershow and said we should train more. It is ignorant shit like that which makes you just Kelly's tag partner. This is a guy that got pinned in his first match at Unearthed 17'. He got submitted at the next supershow, Ground 'N Pound. He got beat in his first tag team match at Mind Your Own Fuckhole, which is what he should be doing now. He got pinned by Jet at The Fall in another choke job. He lost again at the second annual Rise To The Throne. It took this chump until the last event of Season 2 to even when a tag match when it matters. What does all that mean?

[Amanda jumps in to answer.]

AH: It means that the guy who tags with Barbie needs to shut his fucking mouth. It means he is the last motherfucker who needs to be giving anybody advice about choking at Supershows. It means he is not half as good as he thinks he is. It means the day will come where he'll pay for that ignorant ass comment.

[Colton nods his head in agreement and finishes the thought.]

CT: Exactly! He ain't much and wouldn't be shit without Kelly Fury. People who think the loss at Unearthed was gonna change us or stop us from doing everything we said we were gonna do, don't know the first thing about us. That was nothing more than a detour on the trip to tag team gold. It happens in life. We will simply adjust, remove the problem, and then continue on are journey. No one is gonna stop us. Tag Team Greatness ain't gonna do it and the Oakland Bitches damn sure ain't gonna do it. People thought we were hostile before, they ain't seen a damn thing yet.

Clay: Now, get the hell out of here!

[Clayton grabs the camera man by the collar and quickly escorts him to the door and out of the locker room as the shot fades.]

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Tag Team Match
Southern Hostility vs Tag Team Greatness


[Colton and Derrik prepare to go first for their teams when in true Tag Team Greatness style, Jacob joins Derrik to ambush Colton. While Clayton yells in protest from ringside, Amanda tries to help Colton who’s now down on the mat as Jacob stomps down hard on his back. Derrik pulls Amanda away by the hair before doubling over with a well-placed kick in the midsection. Amanda continues to batter Derrik with body shots, forcing him to back up into the corner. Meanwhile, the referee struggles to get the match back in order by instructing Jacob to leave for the outside corner. By this time, Derrik now has Amanda at his mercy. With Colton still down, Derrik tags in Jacob before irish whipping Amanda to the ropes. On the rebound, Derrik takes down Amanda with a back elbow and as she doubles over, Jacob goes for a dropkick before Derrik finishes the sequence with a neckbreaker. As Amanda rolls away from impact, Colton slowly rises to his feet and Jacob charges at him to send them both flying over the ropes. Clayton is absolutely livid but the crowd is fired up, mainly because of the action. Clayton marches over to protect his son from Derrik who ducks away from the father’s wrath to his corner as fast as he can. Meanwhile, Derrik turns his attention back to Amanda who is kneeling by the ropes. When Derrik pulls her up, Amanda starts fighting back with punches to the midsection. Derrik clutches his stomach with one hand, feeling the effects of the shots, but nonetheless yanks Amanda to her feet and shoves her into the corner behind. Derrik proceeds to punish Amanda for her troubles with a corner clothesline that leaves her crumbling on the canvas. Derrik then uses his boot to rub Amanda’s forehead for a facewash then steps back, raising his arms proudly. The crowd jeers at the disrespectful display but Derrik is enjoying every second of it as he pulls up Amanda by the hair and neck. Having had enough, Amanda fights back with an eye rake that has Derrik stepping back and clutching his eye in agony. Amanda proceeds to gain some momentum with punches before finishing off with a snap DDT. It connects but Derrik rolls out under the bottom rope to recover. Amanda screams at Derrik to get back inside but Derrik tells the referee he needs a timeout for his eye. As Derrik circles the outside ring backwards, he bumps into Colton who immediately snaps him up in a rear headlock. Derrik panics and starts flailing his arms about until Jacob comes charging towards Colton. But Colton has merely used Derrik as bait as he shoves him to the side and counters Jacob with a spinebuster that lands him back first into the barricade. The crowd gasps as Derrik looks on in horror at Jacob sinking to the floor, arching his back in agony. Derrik quickly gets back inside the ring, only to get hit with a dropkick to the face. Derrik falls and slowly rolls back to his feet. Amanda seizes the opportunity to take him back down with a running bulldog and goes for the cover but only gets a two-count.]

BM: Tag Team Greatness just got a taste of their own medicine! Southern Hostility is not a team to be made fools of just like that! Though I wish they’d all just stop all those games!

TR: Wait, noooo! What’s the fun in that then?? You know TTG are my boys but that was smart of Southern Hostility!

[Holding his head, Derrik struggles on all fours, trying to crawl away. Amanda wastes no time to stomp the shit out of Derrik repeatedly before pulling his head back and viciously slamming it down on the mat. Derrik desperately reaches for the ropes. With Colton back in their corner, Amanda tags him in and the two take out Derrik with their backbreaker hold and diving leg drop combo. Amanda exits to the corner while Colton goes for the pin but midway through the count, Jacob pulls Colton out of the ring. The two throw hands, allowing Derrik to regain his bearings. Amanda is quick to get to Colton’s aid as he ducks out of the way for her to drop Jacob with a well-timed superkick. Colton climbs up on the ring apron and Derrik grabs him from behind, similar to how Colton did to him earlier. Derrik pulls Colton over the ropes with a reptilian smile but once in the middle of the ring, Colton expertly escapes the rear headlock and stuns Derrik with a double leg takedown. Colton goes for the top mount and starts hammering down fists on Derrik. With Derrik dazed, Colton backs off to get some distance. As Derrik slowly pulls himself up, Colton snatches him up on his shoulders before throwing him down with his modified Oklahoma slam finisher, Battle of Bull Running Powerslam. Colton then hooks Derrik’s leg for the pin.]





TH: And here are your winners… Southern Hostility!

[“Oh I’m a good ol rebel” by Hoyt Axton starts to play and Clayton joins Southern Hostility inside the ring to proudly raise their hands in victory.]

BM: Great showing by Southern Hostility tonight, earning themselves a win! Without cheating this time!

TR: Ahhh pffft! Of course they can do it without cheating. They’re good obviously. They don’t NEED to cheat. It’s all a play, Bry! You know, strategy!

BM: Uh huh, sure…

user posted image

[The cameras cut to the backstage area where the members of Jetpack, Penelope Kaplan and Jet Blanchard have set up a little “area”, there’s a live video feed on a monitor where none other than In Your House Champion Shawn Fox is seen, he waves at the camera and the fans ringside react as apparently this is actually everywhere in the building, and there’s a smirk on Jet’s lips since he’s likely the one that caused this bit of ruckus for Ruckus. He stands on one side of the monitor and Penny on the other, already in their ring gear with the Jetpack branded hoodies on over it. On screen Shawn clears his throat and he winks before he holds up a stack of large index style cards. Jet grins and begins to talk.]

JB: Hey y’all, Jet here alongside my partner Penny and well, we’ve got us a match with them Super Nash Bros.

[He pauses.]

JB: Now is that bros as in brothers or bros as in… you know what, don’t matter. Anyway we’ve got a match tonight and I can’t tell you really what’s in either them boy’s heads, but at least they aren’t out here tryin’ to make gay jokes at us so hey, that’s a mark in their favor.

PK: Nobody likes a kink shamer.

SF: Everyone has kinks. It’s a fact.

[All three of them suddenly grin.]

All Together: We’ve got us some facts folks!

[Shawn holds up one of the index cards and reads it aloud for the fans.]

SF: Fact: Craig Anderson pinned Stella Winters.

[There’s a loud OOOOOOOOOH from the fans and he wings that card to the side and holds up another.]

PK: Fact: Stella screamed in three different octaves as she was being dragged out of the ringside area by IYHWF security.

[A pause, and deadpan.]

PK: Man those guys need a raise.

JB: Fact: There are two teams that have been two time champions in In Your House - Tag Team Greatness, and Jetpack. Only one team has done it three times - State of Anarchy.

PK: Fact: We intend to be the second team to be three time IYHWF tag team champions… and then someday? Four times. There’s some people that would laugh about that saying it means I think we’d just lose them again, but I promise you that’s because we have such a deep and talented tag team division. Now that jackass Amanda Hayes would say that’s me cheerleading, but frankly she’s stupid. I’m just proud to be a part of something awesome.

SF: That’s also a fact.

[The trio laugh a bit and the camera focuses on Shawn again.]

SF: I’ll be seeing all you lovely people at the next show, and I’ll be making a pretty much expected announcement. Until then, all you fans enjoy the best thing going.

[The cameras cut elsewhere as the trio chat it up a bit.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Minka Carter vs Caleb Cross


[Minka is still as the bell rings, and Caleb circles her a bit before he sort of jabs at her, testing her in a way. She glares at him and grabs him by the wrists, spins with him and lets him go in a sort of 360 hard Irish Whip at the near corner! This opens him up for her quick Corner Back Elbow, and when he staggers out she drops him hard with Headscissors DDT! She immediately covers but he gets his boot on the ropes, they’re too close and the referee waves it off. Carter gets up and argues with him a bit, and Cross takes advantage with a roll-up! Fortunately for Minka, she kicks out of it almost immediately. Unfortunately for Caleb, it makes Minka very very angry with him as she’s still clearly feeling a bit of the frustration lingering from her match at Unearthed and she unleashes it all on poor Caleb.

It’s not a pretty sight to see Caleb being beaten from pillar to post, but Minka is holding nothing back, yelling at the poor wrestler that she is in fact the Cleopatra of In Your House Wrestling and she should be worshipped as such. Caleb scoffs and in a sneaky motion where the referee can’t see it, he rakes her eyes! Minka shrieks, she’s totally furious at this disrespect and whether she’d do it herself or not ceases to matter as she elbows Cross repeatedly in the face to a degree that is a little uncomfortable to watch and he falls back against the ropes.]

BM: Caleb Cross is in deep trouble Tats he needs to get some distance!

[Distance he gets for a moment with another eye rake, and he goes in to try and drop Minka to the mat to apply his Crossface to tap her out but she evades his grasp! She runs past him after a rebound Elbow Strike to the nose, and then comes back full force off the ropes and hits him with her Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick! Caleb topples like a tree and Minka drops and slithers over him, making the pin.]


TR: That’s so beautiful I think I might cry.

[The referee drops and starts the count, Caleb isn’t even moving as his hand hits the mat for three!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… MINKA CARTER!

BM: Wow she knocked him smooth out!

TR: Mmm yes she did, oh yes she did.

[Sick Like Me by In This Moment plays as Minak shrieks as she comes up off the mat, Caleb is unconscious from the Snake Strike and she walks around him glaring. The referee raises her hand in victory and she stomps Caleb a few times before she takes a deep breath, gets her hand back from the referee and then leaves the ring in a wave of noise from the fans.]

BM: Now that was just uncalled for!

TR: Really? I can’t say that I blame her.

user posted image

[The crowds fall silent until “Down” by Thousand Foot Krutch plays throughout the aren. The crowds pop from the moment they hear the music and get louder as the Proving Grounds Champion, Angelica Layne, appears on the ramp with the championship draped over her shoulder. She wastes no time in walking down the ramp towards the ring.]

TR: What’s she doing out here?

BM: I guess our Proving Grounds champion has some words to say to the crowd tonight. Don’t be so bitter, Tats. At one point you used to cheer for her.

TR: That was before she came back and was nice to everyone. She’s gone soft, Bry.

BM: As always, I dare you to say that to her face.

[Once Angelica has climbed the steps and entered the ring she instantly signals for a microphone and waits for the crowd and her music to die down. As it does she slowly raises the microphone to her lips.]

AL: Two to go!

[The crowd once again pops at this.]

AL: When I returned from injury I wasted no time in finding that ladder to begin that climb to the top once more. I respect that a lot of things have changed, old faces have faded away and essentially become nobodies...though lets be honest, we’re all thankful that happened to some of them. New faces have arrived, new blood, three of which I faced to win and defend this Proving Grounds Championship. The Terrorist, the new Rapid Fire Champion and the Demon Hunter. Each of which, I’ll give em their dues, they put up one HELLUVA fight.

[A smirk forms on her face as she looks around at the crowd.]

AL: But nobody fights quite like me. Although I do digress, as I said two down, one to go and I’m not going to fuck around instead, I’ll send out an open challenge….

[Angelica points towards the ramp as her smirk turns into a grin.]

AL: To whoever in the back that thinks they have the balls to stop me in my tracks, to stop me getting that third defense and cashing in for the golden tic…

SI: You’re thinking way too far ahead.

[The familiar rasp of Seth Iser cuts her off and the boos are already coming before he busts through the curtain with a microphone already in hand. Rather than the ceremonial robe he often wears with The Bad Omens as he’s more alone and representing himself right now he’s donning more the black and white suit with a bad omens pin on the suit. The boos only get louder the closer he marches down the ramp.]

SI: Now...that The Bad Omens...meaning yours truly as well...have disposed of five men who thought they had a chance in beating us once and for all...I WANT MY TITLE SHOT NOW!!!

[A much more depraved look on the usually calmer Iser just morphs onto his face almost as if an uncontrollable fury is just etched on there. He ends up pulling himself up into the ring and he makes sure that Angelica is making eye contact with him by looking directly up at him.]

SI: And you are not silencing me...nor are any of the damn camera men or Stevie for that matter for arbitrary reasons. Nor will any of these sociopathic sycophants can silence me. Besides. I came to talk to YOU. And I want to wrestle you. And I want to kick your ass.

[Iser pauses for a minute to let his point digest before he continues.]

SI: You beat me. Not many people in the world can say that. Not many people on the roster here can say that as well. Well played ‘champ’...but now that you’re so damn close to getting to your dream of once again winning THE I will rip it away from you just the same way you ripped it away from me. I will make you feel the pain you subjected me to.

[A loud ‘you tapped out’ chant from the audience as Iser raises his eyebrow for a second but he bellows on to cut it off.]

SI: And when you accept my rightful challenge...I’ll beat the hell out of you so bad that you’ll have nothing but your destructive, egocentric thoughts and a hospital bill and bed to deal with for quite sometime and hell...maybe even that beating will let you know what the damn word ‘terrorist’ is. Do you understand me, ‘champ’? I ain’t like any other person who just worships the damn ground you walk on because of your past accomplishments. Oh...Angie is going to save us from the Bad Omens...what a load of bullshit. And there won’t be a person on this planet that’ll save you from what YOU get coming from you. And I’m going to be the one to deliver that. And it starts by taking your championship.

[Iser glances at the championship over Angelica’s shoulder for a moment before again maintaining eye contact.]

SI: The only reason I don’t drop you now is I have respect for the belt you have over your shoulder. Normally I’d say I’d want to kick someone’s ass for a payday...but you? Only the championship over your shoulder is preventing me from doing so...because I’d kick your ass for free. And I want my rightfully de---

[Michael Diablo bursts through the curtain, heading to the ring with a look of determination of his face, a face still covered by bruises.]

BM: Business has just picked up, Tats! Here comes The Devil of In Your House!

TR: How dare he interrupt Seth. He has beaten him not once, but twice. Diablo needs to learn his place.

BM: Why don’t you tell him that, Tats?

TR: Nah I’m good.

[Michael gets into the ring and gets right in Seth’s face, a smirk coming to Angie’s. Mike turns to her and motions for the microphone. She obliges as the music fades out. He turns back to Seth.]

MD: Your “rightful” challenge. Interesting terminology. But if anyone has a rightful challenge to Angelice Layne it is me. We have battled twice at the top of the mountain, with she securing the victory the second time around inside of a steel cage, taking the In Your House Championship from me. A backstage attack saw to it that I never recieved my opportunity to fight her again.

SI: Leave to you to use the past to make your point Diablo. The time of you being on top of the mountain is gone. The time of you being “the man” is gone. Your jurisdiction on a rematch with gone. Not only did I beat you until you couldn’t stand at Wrath of The Gods, but who was responsible for what happened to you at turned into a Bad Omen for you didn’t it? In most cases you’d deserve a title shot...but compared to me? You are a mortal man staring up to a Deity. /You/ don’t deserve it. Not over me.

[Michael keeps his cool as he coldly stares Seth down. Iser however looks like he’s verging on losing what’s left of his mental sanity at the challenge to his ego.]

MD: And yet, I am one of few that have defeated her in one on one combat. Something that you couldn’t do. You have beaten me on your own once, the same way you have lost to Angelica once. Therefore, if you deserve your shot at her, then I deserve my shot at /you./

[That fact irritates Iser and you see his eye twitch. The dreaded ‘You tapped out’ chant begins anew directed at the suited man who is growing more unstable by the second in the ring.]

SI: Go on then. Take it. Banshee saw something in you. You seem to have no soul. But when that bell rings...I don’t have a soul either.

[The two men stare each other down as Angie leans against the ropes looking amused at the situation.]

CC: That’s enough.

[Chris Cryptic steps through the curtain, microphone in hand.]

CC: It is true that Ms. Layne needs a challenger for her final defence next week, and clearly there is still animosity between you two men. Therefore, tonight it will be Michael Diablo vs Seth Iser in the main event, the winner will face Angelica Layne next week for the Proving Grounds Championship!

[The fans cheer as Mike smirks, Seth looking thoroughly angry with the whole process. He even delivers a swift boot to the bottom rope, not liking this development overall. Angie claps along with the crowd as the camera cuts away.]
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[The scene opens up backstage with Stevie Trelain standing nervously by with The Blue Dragon, Estella Winters and The Kraken, Marcus Blackbeard. These two Bad Omens stand uncomfortably close to Stevie, glaring at her, but Stevie doesn’t falter as she forces a smile at the camera while clearing her throat.]

ST: I’m joined here with two members of The Bad Omens before one of them will compete in…

[Stella abruptly interrupts.]

SW: In what was SUPPOSED to be the main event, but we can’t even be upset about it. Seth Iser is now in the Main Event against The Devil With A Death Wish so I’ll allow it.

ST: don’t really have a choice in the matter…

[Stellas glare at Stevie somehow intensifies.]

SW: Oh you wish that was true. Let’s cut the crap, Stevie. Marcus has a match tonight, people are hoping that the Kraken will get struck by Lightning but that just aint gonna happen. End of story. Now, lets move onto something more important than Sean Hazards inevitable failure. At Unearthed you went to Shawn Fox, and what was it that you said?

[Stella takes a moment to recollect her thoughts.]

SW: Oh you wanted to say “Thank you” in advance to him beating us?

[Stella chuckles as she brings her face in closer to Stevies.]

SW: But that didn’t work out so well for you, did it Stevie? Not only did you become completely unprofessional in just those few minutes, but you became an embarrassment. How do you feel now that Shawn couldn’t fulfill that promise, hmm?

[Stevie takes a deep breath as she pulls herself away to a safer distance from Stella and Marcus.]

ST: I want to apologise for that. You’re right, it was completely unprofessional when I should be unbiased within this job. I’m sorry.

[Stella scoffs.]

SW: You’re not’re only apologising cause right now your job depends on it...get the fuck out of my sight. You’re a disgrace and when I beat Shawn Fox for his championship, I’m going to rub it in your face every chance that I get.

[Stevie doesn’t argue and turns to leave the scene as Stella smirks at Marcus.]

SW: Some people will never learn. Come on Kraken. It’s almost time for your match.

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Tag Team Match
Super Nash Bros vs Jetpack


[The match kicks off with Jet and Tyson starting things off for their teams. Tyson points towards Penelope shaking his head and demanding to fight her instead, which only gets him a stiff punch to the jaw from Jet. It comes to no ones surprise that Jet quickly has control over the match, taking Tyson down at every turn with his quick thinking and speed inside of the ring. He almost has Tyson after hitting him with a Spinning Wheel Kick, but Tyson manages to just power out before the three count. Jet pulls Tyson back to his feet and gets behind him as he wraps his arms around Tysons waist, who instantly starts to scream rape in hopes the referee will intervene and stop Jet from doing whatever he had planned to do. Jet refuses to let go as Tyson comically runs on the spot trying to get away from Jet so he can make it to his brother for the tag. This seems to amuse even Jet who refuses to let go and would rather have Tyson tire himself out this way. But big brother Chad has seen enough as he storms into the ring. Jet breaks the hold and Tyson ducks just in time as Chad hits Jet with a big boot. The referee orders Chad out of the ring who keeps him distracted just long enough for Tyson to hit Jet with the “Dick Punch from Jesus”.]

TR: Oh man, that never gets old.

BM: No one is surprised the Nash Brothers have brought dirty tactics to the ring tonight.

TR: Hey if Jet didn’t see it coming, that’s on him.

[Tyson attempts to take control of the match, whipping Jet into Jetpacks own corner and charging at him with a shoulder to his midsection before looking back at Penelope, bouncing his eyebrows. He stares at Penelopes chest a little too long before she reaches into the ring and slaps him hard across the face. This just gives Tyson a big and pretty creepy smile on his face, but Penelope also taps Jets shoulder to tag herself into the ring in hopes of ending this match before it gets even creepier. Penelopes entrance to the ring gets a pop from the crowd as she instantly starts throwing shots at Tyson, but Chad once again comes to his brothers rescue...only to also get punched in the face by Penelope before she takes them both down with a double clothesline. Jet joins the battle by taking Chad out of the equation and fighting with him on the outside of the ring while Penelope sets up and delivers the Penelope Code (Running Corkscrew Neckbreaker) to Tyson before covering him for the pin.]




TH: Here are your winners….JETPACK!

[As Stand Up (For the Champions) by Right Said Fred plays over the arena, Jet joins Penelope inside of the ring for a quick victory as the referee raises both of their hands.]

BM: Once again, Super Nash Bros just couldn’t find the win tonight.

TR: All of their fangirls will cry deeply for them tonight.

BM: And probably you too. But moving swiftly along, up next we’ll see how The Kraken fairs against the Lightning as he takes on Sean Hazard!

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[Ringside! Brian and Tats sit by at the announcers desk, as staff prepare for the next match like a load of busy-bodies.]

BM: Well ladies and gentlemen, what a night it has been here on Ruckus. Tats, can you believe the things we've seen so far?

TR: Barely, Bry. I gotta say, this post-Bad Omens-winning world we live in has changed things for everyone!

BM: I mean they're definitely louder now, that's for sure. And more gloaty.

TR: That's not a word, Brian.

BM: Oh, you're correct ME now? Guess things really have changed--

[In that moment, cutting Brian off as he finishes his sentence, the loud drums explode accompanied by a siren-like tune. "Can You Feel My Heart" by Bring Me The Horizon travels through the air, and everyone jumps.]

BM: Oh no. Oh nonononono.

TR: Is she here? She's not even scheduled to be part of this show. I don't like this...

[And just as Tats says his piece, there she is. Coming out from the curtain is "Unexplainable" Serena Maxwell. In her usual wrestling gear, she is STILL in the table cover she wrapped around herself a few weeks ago (now dirty and stained), wearing Diamond Jack Sabbath's mouthguard and she also seems to have gained a small tiara on her head- the sort you'd see on a sixteen year old prom queen. That's not the worst of it, though. She is also carrying a steel chair. Dragging it down the ramp, security is on red alert.]

BM: She IS here! Ladies and gentlemen, Serena Maxwell did not become the Rapid Fire Champion at Unearthed, being beaten by her designated nemesis Katie Hanley, and...well, she wasn't in the best of moods following the match.

TR: She had a complete breakdown! The girl's gone completely off her rocker and it's all Katie Hanley's fault.

BM: Oh come on- this isn't Katie's fault at all. Serena's always been out there. It's just that now she has no one to...restrain her, she's getting worse every time we see her.

TR: Her breaking point was Katie Hanley losing for her, Bry- NOW look at her! She's wearing a goddamn tiara and a table cloth for God's sake!

[As security surround the ring, not wanting a repeat of Unearthed, Serena slides the steel chair into the middle of the ring and follows. She also appears to have gained a mic somewhere in between all of this. As BMTH silences, Serena holds the chair. She looks ready to swing it in any direction, hit whoever comes her way but instead...she unfolds it and plants it right in the middle of the ring. She then removes her mouthguard and places it on the very seat. Standing next to the chair, she raises her mic and looks out to the crowd, who aren't exactly enthusiastic about her appearance.]

SM: Katie Hanley...beat ME. And I guess you all think she's pretty special now, don't you?

[Cheers for the new Rapid Fire Champion- hooray! We like Katie!]

SM: Well she's not! She's NOT! I know the truth. I see the cracks in the fabric of reality, I see through you all- you don't like her because you think she's 'special'. You like her because she's ordinary...just like all of you.

[And the cheering turns to boos. Like a wave, it sweeps over the Showgrounds.]

SM: Don't think it's over between Katie Hanley and myself. If anything, it's just begun. Now she has something to lose...something for me to take. I told you all it was destiny that I defeat Katie Hanley and this...THIS is part of the prophecy! But now I realise it's not just beating her, it's taking everything from her! Her Rapid Fire title victory is the universe, giving me a sign that this is the truth! I WILL be the next Rapid Fire Champion! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeees...

[She drops her mic from her mouth with her eyes closed and her face to the sky, like she's deriving some weird pleasure from her own words.]

SM: BUT...I know someone who thinks I'M special...

[Slowly, her head turns. As the table cloth slowly drops off her shoulders, she through the ropes. Her eyes are fixed...on Tats. His eyes widen.]

BM: She's...looking at you, Tats.

TR: ...Ah.

[After grabbing the mouthguard from the chair, Serena drops onto her back and rolls out of the ring. With a smile on her face, she rushes around to the announcers desk. Security are mere feet from her as she slides onto the desk, sat facing Tats. Security stop right there, but they're ready. Serena isn't there to attack him, and it becomes abundantly clear very she dangles her legs over the desk, resting the bottom of her feet on Tats' thighs with an open mouth smile.]

SM: Hi Tats.

[Tats doesn't dare move. He doesn't speak, he doesn't blink, he barely even breathes. He's still.]

SM: You think I'm special don't you? You saaaaiiiddd sssoooooooo... HOW special am I, Tats? I wanna hear you say it.

[Tats has absolutely nothing to say. He looks to Brian, while Serena begins to play with her hair and giggles like a prepubescent girl...albeit more terrifying. Tats keeps his hands on the desk, which Serena notices. She brushes the back of his palm slowly with the tip of her finger but Tats pulls his hand back so quick we barely see it happen. The Showgrounds are reduced to an awkward, uncomfortable silence as she continues to speak.]

SM: What's the matter? I thought you liked aggressive women? You like Stella. You like Minka...but I'm special. You weren't lying when you said that. I can see it in your eyes. So now's your chance to give me what I want. Tell me I'm special, Tats.

BM: Leave him alone you mons--

[Serena doesn't even look at Brian. She just places a single hand in front of his face. Now, giving Tats the floor, she holds the mic out for Tats to speak into, blinking like a dog waiting for the stick to be thrown...but Brian isn't content, as he pulls the mic towards his own mouth.]

BM: You're insane! Get her outta here!

[Serena looks to her side, rolling her eyes. Smiling, she licks her bottom lip. Everything goes from uncomfortable to downright terrifying as Serena jams her mouthguard into place- her demeanor transforming from overly-welcoming to beastly in three seconds flat, like Pennywise in a sewer.

But before she can do anything to Brian OR Tats, she is dragged backwards by about three or four of the arena security, away from the announcers desk. But being as quick and surprisingly-powerful as she is, she's able to weasel out. Her tiara's fallen on the floor, so Serena makes sure to slide along the floor and pick it back up, placing it on her head as she rolls up back into the ring. Security follow her in as she boots the steel chair over onto it's side, right in his way.]

BM: Are you okay Tats?

TR: I'm...I'm fine. I'll just...I'm fine, okay?

BM: Serena's being chased down by security- just like Unearthed, it's happening again. She's completely out of control!

[Stood on the apron, Serena stands as the security team reach up at her like the Living Dead, trying to claw away at her. Once again closing her eyes, she smiles and puts her arms out. There are people watching her and she can feel it, she's high on the feeling of attention. It's all she wanted. While everyone's watching, she knows someone else has to be too, and mouth's a special message just for her...]

SM: Katie Hanley, it's not over.

[And finally, with her eyes still closed, she spins around and falls backwards, being caught by the security team. With her arms still out, she's essentially crowd-surfing until the security team have her on the ground, surrounding her in a circle and brute-force escorting her to the back.]

TR: ...T-t-that was definitely something.

BM: I don't know what to say. The detachment from reality, the crying, the violent obsession over Katie Hanley, and now weird, inappropriate advances....I'm at the point where I have to stop looking at this in a journalistic sense and from a human point of view- Serena Maxwell needs help...

TR: Yeah.

BM: Also, that's what happens when you make inappropriate comments, Tats!

TR: What?

BM: You don't know what someone's gonna take to heart!

TR: Y'know what? That never happened. On with the show!

BM: You just never learn, do you?

[We fade to...]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Kraken vs Sean Hazard


[The match kicks off with The Kraken charging straight for Sean, who attempts to Springboard from the ropes to catch Marcus with a hard punch, but Marcus catches him midair before hitting him with a sideslam breakbreaker. Stella who joined Marcus at ringside just like old times, proudly applauds for her Bad Omens teammate and best friend. Marcus continues to have control over the match as he literally attempts to break Sean, using his strength to his advantage. After a Blackhammer (Modified lifting reverse STO) Marcus attempts to get the pin but Sean manages to get his foot on the rope. Even though the referee has seen it, Stella is up to her usual tricks of pushing the foot off of the rope and denying its existence. This is met with a heavy boo from the crowd even though the referee is not buying what she is selling. Suddenly the crowd break out into song, reciting the lines from My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, which causes Stella to have a screaming fit on the outside of the ring. This even distracts Marcus for a moment which allows Sean the opportunity to get back to his feet who starts to throw shots at Marcus before whipping him against the ropes and catching him with a springboard corkscrew roundhouse kick.]

TR: Listen to these idiots here tonight

BM: I know right? Stella is going to hurt her throat if she doesn’t settle down.


BM: I for one love what Craig has started. If Stella didn’t always act like a child out here, she wouldn’t get mocked, end of story.

[Stella gets into the faces of those in the front row who dare try and mock her, even going as far as threatening some of them. Meanwhile in the ring Sean had hit Marcus with a Lightning Strike (Running Yakuza Kick) but knew it wasn’t going to be enough to keep the big man down so followed it up with The Ultimatum (630 Senton). Unfortunately, even though he put all of his best efforts into it, Marcus still managed to power out after the two count. Stella used this opportunity to laugh in the faces of the fans who wanted to see Sean win before she brought her attention back to the ring. Marcus had just gotten back to his feet before Stella cried out….]


[In that moment it was like Marcus had seen red as he threw left and right punches at Sean before hitting him with a devastating headbutt. He pulled the woozy Sean back to his feet and set him up in the corner before hitting him with the Release The Kraken (muscle buster) and hooking Seans leg for the pin.]




TH: Here is your winner….MARCUS “THE KRAKEN” BLACKBEARD!

[Heavy boos fill the arena as “Shattering The Skies Above” by Trivium begins to play throughout. Stella slides into the ring to raise Marcus’ hand high in victory before they both scowl in the direction of Sean. Stella gives Sean a smirk before reaching down, smacking the side of his face in a patronising way before leaving the ring with Marcus and heading to the backstage arena.]

BM: Say what you want but Sean almost had him at one point.

TR: If only he had four other guys to help him out this time like at Unearthed, huh? I bet you’d have liked that, right Bry?

BM: Absolutely. Some people deserve to be in a world of hurt and each of The Bad Omens are some of those people.

user posted image

[We move backstage, where the new Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley, stands front and center in the shot, with the title over her shoulder and a BIG smile on her face. She’s standing with Stevie Trelain, and as the footage starts recording, she seems to be explaining...something--notably, with both hands mimicking her head exploding. Stevie can’t contain her own smile at Katie’s enthusiasm, back for the first time in several weeks, but eventually straightens up and turns to face the camera.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the NEW IYH Rapid Fire Champion, after defeating both Serena Maxwell and the reigning champ, Jessica Anderson--obviously, Katie Hanley! And Katie, first off, congratulations!

KH: Thanks, Stevie, it was...just, everything I thought it was going to be. That match was exactly the kind of thing you think of when you think of a Rapid Fire match, it was fast, it was brutal. I hurt for a couple days after that match, and it was all inside ten minutes, was crazy.

ST: Obviously, we have to hope that was the end of your...issue with Serena Maxwell, who didn’t exactly take losing the match with the most grace. What was your take on facing both her and Jessica Anderson?

[Katie screws her nose up a little at the thought of what she’s about to say, but just hefts her title back up onto her shoulder to get on with it.]

KH: Y’know, I don’t like her...I think she’s a despicable person after what she did, but I can’t take anything away from Serena Maxwell’s skill. She brought it. I knew she wasn’t going to be an easy task in that ring, but I wasn’t...entirely prepared for what she brought to the match. Maybe I should’ve expected some of it, I don’t know, but either way...she brought an amazing fight. Respect as a competitor? Sure--I doubt I’ll be inviting her over for dinner anytime soon, though.

[As quickly as it went away, though, Katie’s smile comes back with the next thought.]

KH: And, honestly, what is there to say about Jessica Anderson, that hasn’t already been said? She was a fantastic champion, she was the perfect kind of person I’d want to face in a match like that--I do regret that it had to be under triple threat rules, instead of just one on one, and if she’s given the opportunity for a rematch, I’ll happily give it to her whenever she wants it. She definitely deserves it.

ST: Obviously, no number one contender’s been named yet, is there anyone on the roster you’re hoping to see challenge?

KH: Honestly? I welcome anyone that wants a shot--Brien Storm wants to call out every IYH champion, he’s welcome to come test his luck. Jessica Anderson wants a rematch, I’ll happily give it to her. Minka Carter, Emery Layton, Craig Anderson, any of the Bad Omens, even Serena Maxwell--literally, anyone on the roster, I welcome the chance to face them. This roster is too talented to pick just one person and single them out.

KH: Whoever it is, though, I can make one guarantee--any Rapid Fire match will be the most exciting 10 minutes of wrestling you can find anywhere in the world, and I’m so proud to be the one to get to take this belt forward.

[Katie shrugs the belt off her shoulder and, with a big grin on her face, holds it up for the camera to see. She drapes it back over her shoulder as quickly as she raised it up, but that grin doesn’t disappear.]

KH: I honestly can’t wait to see who comes up to challenge first.

[She flashes a peace sign to the camera before turning and leaving the scene, as Stevie sends us out with one last line.]

ST: Ladies and gentlemen, the Rapid Fire Champion, Katie Hanley!

[And the feed cuts back to ringside.]

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Number One Contenders Match
The Ikiryo vs Michael Diablo


[The match flies right into action with both wrestlers trading fast and vicious shots in the centre of the ring. The crowd grows wilder as the intensity increases until Seth rocks Michael hard with his right hook. Michael staggers back from the hit but comes back with a stiff leg kick that has Seth doubled over, clutching his thigh. Michael wastes no time to follow up with a back kick to the midsection and more leg kicks to keep Seth bent over. Michael hits the ropes behind, looking for another strike, but Seth knocks him straight down with a big boot to the face. Michael clutches his face after landing, already trying to pull himself up. Seth grabs Michael by the hair and neck and hits him with a rolling forearm shot, leaving him to roll to the outside floor. Some of the more emotional fans in the front row even try to help Michael as he struggles to pull himself up by the barricade. Seth comes marching over and hurts Michael again with a vicious right hand that has him reeling. The crowd yells at Seth who yells back. Clearly angered by their support for his opponent, Seth makes sure to slam Michael’s face into the barricade in front of them. This upsets the crowd as they almost seem like they’re about to flip the shit themselves but this time, Seth smirks before he picks up Michael again and slams his face hard into the steel ringpost. Michael slumps to the floor, his forehead bleeding from a gash from the impact. And Seth looks down on him with twisted satisfaction. The arena is now shaken to its core with the fans’ loud disapproval.]

BM: Seth is out for blood! Oh God, somebody better come and stop him before he causes more damage!

TR: Of all the times Michael chose to speak up, he should’ve just minded his own business and kept his mouth shut but NO! He had to butt in when The Ikiryo answered Angelica’s challenge! NOBODY takes his spot, Bry! Nobody!

[Looking for another merciless shot, Seth drags Michael to his feet when the Devil returns to life with a retaliating forearm strike. Seth roars as he winds up for one of his devastating right-handed punches. Although it gets Michael staggering backwards from impact, he somehow regains his balance and fights back with a stiff chest chop. Seth rocks back in his heels for a second before throwing another right hand that leaves Michael nearly stumbling as he catches himself on the steel steps behind him. Michael leans against the steps to catch his breath when Seth lashes out another head punch. Michael’s head grows heavy as he seems to nod off in his daze. Seth looks to the jeering crowd and arrogantly proclaims himself as Angelica’s next rightful challenger. But this momentary lapse in focus allows Michael to regain his bearings and draw Seth in with clinching knee strikes. Most of the fans roar in approval. Upon release, Seth doubles over, clutching his stomach. Michael then prepares to irish whip Seth into the steel steps but The Ikiryo uses his strength to reverse it, sending Michael crashing into steel instead. The crowd gasps as they look on helplessly. Screaming with a sickened passion, Seth grazes Michael’s face repeatedly into the rough surface of the top steel step. More blood spills from Michael’s open wound, trailing down the steps like some sort of dark sacrifice spilled down an altar. Jeers ring out through the arena as Seth stands tall over his adversary, a wicked grin on his face. After releasing Michael from his grasp, Seth makes his way up the steps to the mid-tier turnbuckle, feeling mighty confident with his chances at this point.]

BM: Bad Omens always claims they’re a single unit and then they dominated two weeks ago at Unearthed, just like they said they would. These people are not just dangerous when they’re together, they’re also just as vicious individually. And right now, Seth Iser, The Ikiryo, is proving just that!

TR: This is what Bad Omens have been trying to tell everyone but do they listen? Noooo! And they get wrecked—every single time!

BM: Michael looks really hurt. The bleeding hasn’t stopped!

[The referee checks on Michael before starting the count. By the fifth, Michael starts to show signs of life, desperately pulling himself up on the ring apron with every ounce of strength he’s got left. Seth climbs back down, making the referee restart the count, and rocks Michael back with another stunning right-hand punch. This time, Seth drags Michael back inside the ring. Michael can barely move as he tries to reach for the nearest bottom rope. Seth goes to pull up Michael, looking for his classic DDT finisher, Deprivation DDT. It connects and Seth confidently goes for the back cover.]

TR: Yes! Deprivation DDT! New no. 1 contender!!





BM: Nope! The fight continues!

[Michael’s foot shoots up to rest on the bottom rope, suddenly breaking the count. And Seth goes livid! Turning to the referee, Seth demands for him to continue the count as he yanks Michael’s leg and hooks it for another pin.]





BM: Still nope!

TR: Seth is PISSED!

[Michael somehow manages to roll his shoulder off the mat, breaking the count again. But Seth is not satisfied as he tries the pin again.]





[Michael kicks out with a lot more force this time and Seth pulls Michael to his feet before throwing forearm shots to the head, not letting him to even breathe for a second. Michael sways heavily, nearly falling to the side, before dropping on one knee. Seth hammers down another head shot yet still, Michael tries to pull himself up, his hands grasping Seth’s shoulder and face. Seth scowls as he shoves Michael’s hands away and makes for another head shot. This time, Michael catches Seth’s fist and attempts to shove it back up in resistance. Excited murmurs spring within the crowd as Michael and Seth engage in an intense tug of war of the fist, Michael still on his knees and Seth standing tall over him. It gets so heated that Michael bellows as he pushes back, his eyes wide and wild beneath a crown of blood. But Seth isn’t one to back down either as he roars back just as loud. Just when things are looking good for Michael, Seth uses his left hand to gouge Michael’s open forehead wound. Michael howls in agony as his strength in the battle wanes, allowing Seth to pull back and stomp on him. But Seth makes the mistake of turning away right after as Michael is in the perfect position to strike the back of his bad right knee. With a tortured cry, Seth immediately clutches his knee, his leg nearly buckling under his weight. Seth tries to hobble away but Michael seizes all the opportunity to hack away at the leg until he eventually falls. In the middle of the ring, Michael finally rises to his feet, though a little unsteadily, and continues to batter Seth’s back with stomps. Seth reaches for the ropes and slowly pulls himself up while Michael takes this time to regain his bearings. Seth tries to escape through the ropes but Michael pulls him back hard before grabbing him for a huge German suplex. The impact leaves Seth rolling across the ring, clutching his head in agony. After Seth struggles to stand, the two men share a quick staredown before Seth hobbles over to throw hands with Michael. Michael doesn’t move from where he’s standing, defiantly letting Seth come to him, and answers Seth’s every forearm shot with his own. A fierce exchange ensues until Michael catches Seth in a clinch and starts serving up hard knees to the body. Seth doubles over and Michael quickly connects with his piledriver finisher, Diablo Driver. The crowd goes wild as Michael hooks Seth’s leg for the cover but NO! Seth kicks out just before three!]



[Michael sits there, just fucking exhausted, as he looks up at the referee seemingly for an explanation. Seth rolls over, looking completely worse for wear himself. They both take their time to return to vertical base, Michael first then Seth. Wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, Michael struggles to pull Seth up to his feet and hoists him on his shoulder before charging towards the turnbuckles and drops him face first into the top tier. The impact leaves Seth crumbling to the mat, clutching his face in pain. Michael himself falls to the side, clearly spent from that alone. Dazed, Seth gets on all fours and Michael goes to set him up in the corner. This time, Michael gets some distance before charging at Seth. But Seth moves out of the way, letting himself drop on the adjacent ropes, while Michael crashes hard into the turnbuckles. Seth turns around but his knee suddenly gives way and he crumbles on the mat—and Michael falls back-first right on top of him! The referee drops for the count, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Luckily for Seth, he manages to kick out in the nick of time and shoves Michael off him. Michael groggily gets to his feet at the same time as Seth who doubles him over with a gut punch. Looking to end this once and for all, Seth prepares for a second Deprivation DDT of the night.]

TR: Here we go, Deprivation DDT again! Goodbye, Michael, and so long!!

BM: If he hits this, it’s over!

[But at the last second, Michael powers out of it with a run for the ropes behind, pushing Seth with him. Seth nearly loses his balance and cries out in pain as his knee buckles once more but Michael is too slow and Seth somehow gets in position for a rollup, pinning Michael’s shoulders on the mat.]

BM: Seth’s got Michael in a rollup!



[But here, Michael suddenly rolls Seth back over and this time, it’s Seth’s shoulders pinned on the mat!]







TH: And here’s your winner… Michael Diablo!

[“Badlands” by In Hearts Wake blasts around the arena as the hometown crowd goes insane. Michael can barely stand when the referee raises his hand in victory before letting himself fall onto the ropes for support. Meanwhile Seth sits leaning in the corner in utter disbelief.]

BM: What. A. Battle!!! That was one of the most intense matches we’ve ever witnessed on Ruckus, Tats! A fight to claim the no. 1 contender’s spot for the Proving Grounds championship! And Michael somehow pulled off the victory with a quick pin reversal!

TR: Holy shit! That was fucking nuts! Seth could’ve had it! How the fuck???

BM: I know, Tats! Exactly! But Michael is the Devil of In Your House! He held his ground in that final stretch of the 5-v-5 at Unearthed against Seth and Banshee longer than anyone thought he could! And tonight, he outsmarted Seth in that final second of the match!

TR: I don’t know about you, Bry, but Michael better watch his back now ‘cause Seth isn’t looking happy at all!

[Seth is glaring right at Michael by now but remains where he is, holding his head in pain, clearly too exhausted to do anything. Michael notices this as he carefully exits the ring, leaning heavily on the ropes and apron. Michael moves along the barricade, with the crowd cheering all around him, but he doesn’t acknowledge them as he slowly makes his way backstage. All the while, Seth watches him silently.]

BM: And with that explosive finish, next week it's going to be Angelica Layne versus Michael Diablo with the Proving Grounds Championship on the line. I can't wait!!! We'll see you next time, GOODNIGHT!
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