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Dec 12 2017, 06:25 PM
[The view is focused on the door. The door itself reads "not an exit" as it swings open, revealing Katie Daniels, who's donned in her wrestling gear. She's not exactly in the mood to talk... in fact, her face is kinda red as she starts storming over to her set: green screen, spare tripods, steel settings. The usual spot for Mrs. Daniels. Katie signals the camera to follow her.]

KD: Krissy, would you believe me if I told you that I don't have any issue with you? I've seen the way you interact with others on Twitter, and you seem like an OK girl. The thing is... you have horrible taste in managers. Either Veronica Chandler doesn't know how a triple threat match works, or she doesn't know what business she's a manager in.

[Katie stops in the middle as the camera finally rests upon it's own tripod, finally becoming steady as Daniels continues, clasping her gloved hands together.]

KD: I can't believe I have to tell this to you, Roni, but you're a manager in professional wrestling, not the local pizza place down the street. I personally know how to do both, so I can tell the difference. Wrestling managers don't have to destroy televisions like you did to make their points, they let their words, then their client, make points for them. Pizza managers don't have to destroy televisions to let their workers know how Little Caesar's is run, they run the Little Caesar's with the others and try to be a family rather than just workers. Wrestling managers would understand that business is business when a pinfall occurs in any sort of match. Pizza managers would understand that business is business no matter what.

[Daniels raises an eyebrow and looks dead on at the camera, as if to say "know what I mean?" as she continues, not missing a single beat. It's rather impressive for Katie given things like that aren't supposed to be her forte.]

KD: Wrestling managers sometimes need to talk to their client and work out ways to get better, because much as my issue is with you and not Krissy, I'll tell you that Krissy isn't the be all nor the end all of professional wrestling. Honestly, it's extremely hard to call anyone that and actually back it up. Trust me, she's really good, and I'll enjoy wrestling with her tonight, but what'll potentially ruin this otherwise obviously fantastic match is the fact that you'll be in both of our ears like an infection because you don't know how to do your job without costing IYH money to replace things that your reckless ass breaks.

[Quickly, Katie raises a finger, trying her damnedest to make her point clear.]

KD: And let's not forget that my weekend basically started out really awfully by forgetting I had anything to do during said weekend, then it really started by getting scorned, then looking through Twitter annoyed me to the point where I could hardly focus on my match in Japan. It wasn't pleasant. Basically... I'm angry. I'm angry at you, Veronica, for taking this sort of business personally... I'm angry at Krissy for not stopping you... I'm angry at Twitter for annoying me and making me it's punchline... I'm angry at myself in general... I'm just angry. And an angry Kathryne Daniels is your client's worst nightmare, with all due respect, Ms. Chandler. An angry Kathryne Daniels is a motivated Kathryne Daniels, and a motivated Kathryne Daniels is capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. You and your client both have to weather this category 5 hurricane coming your way as a result, and I honestly don't think either of you combined are capable of doing so.

[Daniels bites her lips and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, not opening her eyes for a little bit.]

KD: I've been looking forward to wrestling you one on one, Krissy. It'll feel good to wrestle a Spencer sans Uncanny bullshit, you know? Because while I've never faced Kelsey, and I just assume she goes about wrestling the same way her...

[Katie hesitates and twitches just a little, trying to keep herself from just exploding at this point.]

KD: ...her tag team partner does... I just hope you're different than that when it's one-vee-one, really. But just realize that your manager has basically set you up for failure tonight. If this were any other night with any other opponent, then I'd be rooting for you. Just you. Not your manager. But, regardless, this isn't the night, nor am I the one.

[Mentally exasperated, Daniels pinches the bridge of her nose as she exhales to wrap up.]

KD: The Wrestlin' Wreck rambles onto bigger and better things after tonight, and I'm sorry it had to happen the way I'm envisioning. Good luck, Krissy.

[Katie walks away and the camera pans over to where she escapes, revealing a curtain leading to more of the backstage area as the view fades back to ringside.]
Oct 27 2017, 06:08 PM
Wrestler Real Name: Kathryne Elena Montes
Wrestler In Ring Name: Katie Montes
Nickname (If Applicable): N/A
Height (meters): 1.65 metres (5'4")
Weight (kilograms): 53.1 kilograms (120 lbs)
Alignment: Tweener leaning face
Hometown/Billed From: Malibu, California, USA
Gimmick: Understanding that her reputation as Katie Moicelle precedes her, Katie Montes is attempting to get back into wrestling after a little time off in a place where she still feels a bit comfortable (considering there are wrestlers here she remembers), but also where she can technically reintroduce herself. She wants to show that there's more to her than just a previous reputation and she'll do whatever she needs to do to prove it.
Pic Base: Felicity Jones
Ring Attire: White shirt with old gold long sleeves, white tights with old gold stripes down the sides, white boots with old gold trim
Twitter: @Katie_E_Montes

Wrestling Style: Highflyer/Hardcore
Strengths (3): Speed, tenacity, persistence
Weaknesses (3): Size, tenacity, persistence

Finishers (Max 2):
"Chaos Drive" (Running curbstomp) (<-- main)
"Star in the Night" (Whisper In The Wind) (<-- other)

Signature Moves (Max 2):
"Hokuto No Ken" (Several lightning fast punches to the head and upper body areas, with the last punch setting up for...)
"You Wa Shock" (Springboard Roundhouse Kick)

Well-practiced Moves (Max 10):
1. Drop toe hold
2. Spinning forearm strike
3. Running elbow strike
4. Knife edge chop x5
5. Missile dropkick
6. 450 splash from the top rope
7. Tackle with punches to the head
8. Hangman’s Neckbreaker
9. European uppercut x3 (named Switzerland)
10. Jumping knee strike

Entrance Theme: Speedom - Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko and Eminem

Character Background: Kathryne Elena Montes (born September 10th, 1996) is an American freelance professional wrestler, best known under the name Katie Moicelle. Katie is best known for her reigns as Visionaries of Wrestling's Zero Gravity Champion, Rose City Wrestling's Queen of Roses (essentially their world championship,) and one half of BUDOKAN GAIJIN DREAM FIGHT's Yin Yang Champions (the other half being XWA's A.J. Morales, who still holds his half of the titles as of time of writing.) In late July 2016, Katie was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome after previously being misdiagnosed before high school. She is the innovator of the "Devil's Den" match, a no-disqualification flaming tables match that takes place entirely inside of a 30x30 prison cell. In late September 2017, Montes relinquished the two titles she had at the time and fled to an unknown place before being released from all of her contracts. She has effectively been fired or blackballed from Rose City Wrestling (fired), HYBRID Wrestling (fired), and the Championship Wrestling Coalition (blackballed for remarks defending autism). All she wants is one more chance to wrestle, and having seen who IYHWF contains, she figured that this would be the best way to pay her ever-rising college bills.
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