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James Edwards


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May 21 2017, 09:26 PM

Wrestler Real Name
James Edwards

Wrestler In Ring Name
James Edwards

The Burning Heart

Height (meters)

Weight (kilograms)


Hometown/Billed From

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

A young American independent wrestler branching out on an international excursion to broaden his experience and exposure to other fighting/training styles. James' belief in sportsmanship, toughness, and his no-nonsense style make the Burning Heart a likable figure. However, his seeming aloofness to the well-being of his opponents, rigid sense of morality, and obvious annoyance when doing interviews or attending company social functions earn him the scorn of fans and colleagues alike.

Pic Base

Zach Gilford

Ring Attire
A long pair of black wrestling tights with royal blue trim. On the way to the ring, he wears a fashionably worn hooded leather jacket with "Burning Heart" etched on the back and a large bald eagle feather in a sewn on in a plastic pouch on the left breast.

Wrestling Style
Already considered one of the most talented and hardest hitting strikers in the world barely two years into his career, James will always consider them his bread and better. The manner in which he uses them will depend on his mindset. When he is focused and calm, James will use heavy, well-timed blows to conserve energy and cause the most damage to his opponent. Not a particularly talented chain wrestled, there is nothing pretty about his ground game; he will latch onto a body part like a Doberman and stretch his foe for all they are worth. Submissions are his way of recovering after being rocked or to slow down large or faster opponents. Due to a dearth of athleticism, James' aerial moves take some time for him to set up and are usually only for last-ditch efforts when nothing else has worked. The newest addition to James arsenal is a variety of takedowns, martial arts throws, and flash pins for defensive or momentum shifting purposes. These are ugly as sin but are designed to hurt more than anything because James always will put a little extra something on them.

1) Hurting Bombs: When James attacks an opponent with his world-class strikes their ancestors will feel it.
2) Tranquilo: Far removed from his days as walking bomb in the ring, James demonstrates a remarkable ability to detach from negative emotion during his fights. He often shows remarkable cool in the clutch.
3) Stays in the Box: James knows his limitations well. As a result, he sticks to what he does best and fights a conservative bout so that he won't have to take any many risks. He rarely makes stupid mistakes.
4) Growing Defensive Game: James is developing a rock-solid defensive game of fundamental holds, counters, and pinning combination. Thanks to this his late match energy level and overall strategy are growing by leaps and bounds.

1) Gassed: The downside to James' preferred frantic pace and hard-hitting style is that his ceiling on most matches is fifteen minutes topped.
2) Wildfire: When his normally placid veneer breaks, James becomes a bull. He will charge into attack an opponent without a second thought. The result is he leaves himself open to take some massive damage.
3) White Guy Who Can't Fly: James is the living stereotype of the white boy who can't jump. Any flying maneuver he attempts have to be well thought out, and that adds to the time it takes for him to execute the move.
4) The Old Girl Won't Let Him Down: Grappling will never come easily to James, and at times he will forsake a smarter gameplan and will try to end the match quickly with strikes. This makes him an easy riddle to solve for gifted tacticians.

YouTube1) The Violent Gospel (Running PK Kick to the head of a seated opponent. James' infamous move that inadvertently ended one career and was almost banned in the Lion's Road promotion. No one gets up from the Gospel)
2) YouTubeThe Graveyard Cough (Twister. The most recent addition to James stable of finishes and one he hasn't quite mastered, the submission hold results in a painful contortion of the spine)

Signature Moves

1) Foxfire (Fisherman Buster)
2) Double Tap (Consecutive Spinning Backfists)
3) Night Comes to the Cumberlands (Sleeper Choke)
4) Pole Shift (Rebound Wheel Kick)
5) Second Gospel (Short-armed Bicycle High Knee)

Well-practiced Moves

1) Strikes: In spite of his progression as a well-rounded wrestler career, James best friend on offense is his striking game. Well versed in a patient and methodical method, Edwards will make each hit count whether the opponent is standing, kneeling or laying prone on the canvas. He does not discriminate in which part of the body to use. Slaps, kicks, chops, knees, jabs, elbows, and headbutts are all in play.
2) Holds, Throws, and Pins: In an attempt to add an element of surprise to his attack, James is beginning to incorporate a variety of traditional Olympic wrestling takedowns, judo throws, jiu-jitsu grappling, Lucha style quick pins, and southern wrasslin' tosses. They are not pretty in the least bit but get the job done.
3) Suplex Variations
- German
- Dragon
- Backdrop
- Snap
- Tiger
- Butterfly
- Sambo
- Waist Lock
- Northern Lights
4) Submission Holds
- Single Leg Crab
- Standing Arm Triangle Choke
- Heel Hook
- Knee Bar
- Kimura
- Crossface
- Omoplata
5) Aerial Moves
- Diving Headbutt
- Diving Double Knee Facebuster
- Diving Lariat
- Diving Leg Lariat
- Springboard Enzguri
- Springboard Forearm
6) Cutter Variations
- Rolling
- Cravat
7) Gourdbuster Variations
- Belly-to-Back
- Fireman's Carry
8) Reverse DDT
9) Ace Crusher
10) Snap Powerslam
11) Folding Powerbomb
12) Leaping Double Foot Stomp
13) Double Underhook Brainbuster
14) Running STO
15) Hurriacanrana

Entrance Theme
"My Name is Human" by Highly Suspect

Entrance Description
The house lights go down, and the arena stays black during the garbled opening guitar rift, then, "Okay." Strobe lights move with the easy beat of the song. James appears at the top of the ramp with the hood on his ring jacket up. He takes a few moments survey everything before him. The hood goes down with the opening lyrics. Moving with the meandering pace of the music, his eyes never leave the ring. He laps the squared circle, slides under the bottom ropes, and bows martial arts style to all four corners before settling into his own.

Character Background
“Ain’t much to talk about,” is usually how James Edwards will reply when someone tries to dig up details about his past. Rumors, unconfirmed of course, suggest it wasn’t particularly pleasant, whatever happened birthed a highly individualistic, head-strong fighter. James burst onto the scene in Fight One in May 2015 with a quick, submission defeat. Over the next year he defied the odds and rose up the ranks, winning highly personal feuds against Corey Grant and Johnny A.M. When Fight Closed last summer, James was its final champion and captured four of the company’s five sanctioned championships. During 2016, James freelanced and fought in several promotions. Successful runs in North Atlantic Wrestling and Boardwalk Wrestling bookended a run in the Universal Wrestling League. Bitter wars with Ryan McCollum and Mark Smart cheapened a World Television Championship win and James quietly exited the League in September 2016. Throughout the autumn and into the new year has been the most successful time in James’ career.He won the rebooted Seattle Pro’s World Championship and hsd record-setting reigns as Lion’ Road Iron Champion and UKWF Broadcast Champion. Going in the spring and summer of 2017, James began to focus on international bookings in Europe and Japan in attempt to better himself as a fighter by seeking out the best competition in the world.

Notable Accomplishments
1x and Final Fight One Champion, 1x Fight One Vendetta Champion, 1x Fight One Outlaw Champion, 2x Fight One Unified, 1x UWL World Television Champion, 1x and longest reigning Lion's Road Iron Champion, 1x Seattle Pro Heavyweight Champion, and 2X and longest reigning UKWF Broadcast Champion. Winner of Fight One Mill City Massacre War Games Match. Winner of Lion's Road "Iron Road" Tournament. Winner of UKWF New Year's Broadcast Battle Royal.
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