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 "Pressing Words From PWP 21!", Immediate Video Release
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 01:58 PM

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3M Arena at Mariucci
Minneapolis, MN

The match hadn’t been what people expected. Owen Gonsalves came to the ring, ready for what came his way. Unfortunately, Artemis Kaiser overwhelmed him. In a match that wasn’t like their first encounter in VoW, Artemis left Owen nigh-helpless. Gonsalves got a few key strikes in, but Artemis proved resilient. Owen Gonsalves, a premier talent, fell to Artemis Kaiser in a way that made the crowd go silent. A Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike countered by a thunderous Falcon Punch summarized this match. Gonsalves was the hearty man that tried his hardest, which was something he always promised—Artemis was the destructive, malevolent force that put him down.

To some, with ease.

As Owen Gonsalves was aided out of the ring, Artemis received a microphone from the stagehands. She sat down on the mat, crossing one leg over the other to stare out towards her fallen foe. A sinister grin dawned on her face, while she passively checked her lip for any traces of blood. She lolled her tongue against her lips, before taking a long breath to stabilize herself. Once she caught herself, she snickered.

Artemis Kaiser: “Hey, Owen, how’s that hitlist?”

She scoffed.

Artemis Kaiser: “How’s going to feel heading home to your wife and your kids, after telling them that you were going to put me down? Huh? That’s twice now. That’s twice you got your ass kicked by me.”

The God of Anger stood up, heading towards the ropes.

Artemis Kaiser: “So, when it’s good and time, I want you to lay down with your wife and your kids. Hold them close; they’re important to you. Then you’ll have to live through the fact that Daddy couldn’t stop Artemis FUCKING Kaiser!”

Artemis leaned over the ropes, taking a few, deep breaths.

Artemis Kaiser: “I’m a free agent right now. But, I’m feeling this lust for gold. I’m still chasing my first World Championship, constantly unable to obtain it not by anything but politics. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of people like Owen getting big heads because they don’t get to face reality. They don’t get to face beatdowns like this because I’m held back from what I truly deserve. I deserve to be on the top of the mountain. This performance proved it. If anyone in this arena, anyone watching at home, or any asshole on Twitter doesn’t believe this, then I got something to tell all of you.”

As she made her way back to the center of the ring, Artemis looked towards the hard cam. The intensity of the headline wrestler radiated clearly, while she managed to keep her entire composure. She cracked her neck, letting the razor-sharp smile take up her face. She had a talent for creating those lasting images with sadistic grins and evil gazes. Tonight, that would be no different.

Especially with what she said after.

Artemis Kaiser: “Owen!”

She looked back up to the ramp to where Owen was almost gone.

Artemis Kaiser:
“You’ll best start packing your bags!”

She took a beat.

Artemis Kaiser: “I’ll be showing up in your neck of the woods soon enough. You better start running, you bitch!”

The Justice Orchestra ramped back up as Artemis dropped the microphone. The credits of PWP began to show up, and the eventual black screen crept onto the feed.

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