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Jul 19 2018, 02:57 AM

Location: Unknown
Date: Mid/Late 2017

“No, no, no. Stop! Please.”

The cries of a deadman are loud and piercing. But in this case, his voice was silenced from those who might be able to spare him. That sound-proof room muted his feeble pleas for aid and assistance. An undisclosed location kept my hidden from the living.

His name? It was already forgotten. Fresh and distinguishing purple welts were plastered over his face and pale skin. Bated breath seemed to ease the pain that radiated from his sternum. Shattered ribs, he assumed; he just wasn’t sure how many. The Japanese man frantically turned his head on a swirl in attempts of discovering some way out the hell he was in, but the room was barren. No windows. Bright white walls. No furniture or fixtures whatsoever...well, minus a small ceiling light and the steel cheer he’d been chained to.

There was no way out.

He knew it in his heart. With heavy eyes, he lifted his head gazed upon the two figures in front of him.

On his left was a man of Chinese descent. A magnificently tailored Hugo Boss charcoal gray suit clung to his body. He’d dressed up for the occasion. A matching fedora rested on his dome; it’s brim hung low and concealed his left eye. The most frightening of all? The smile that he wore. It was a mixture of both genuine and sinister nature.

In truth, both men knew each other fairly well. They’d both worked at the organization for a number of years. They’d filled out reports together. They’ eaten together. They’d went parties together. They’d even taken lives together.

“Please!” the chained man shouted. “Raiden, it’s me! You know I’d never do what you are accusing me of.”

Raiden, as he had been referred to as, did not respond verbally. Instead, he tilted his head to the side and widened his smile.

The figure that stood to the man’s right was a young South Korean woman. She matched her associate’s appearance for the most part. She wore a charcoal colored dress with black stockings. Atop her head? A beret.

Her age? The man couldn’t remember it. Twenty-five maybe? She couldn’t have been over thirty; he knew that for a fact.

He had been acquainted with her as well. She’d had the beauty of a gravure idol and outward confidence as a church mouse when he was first introduced to her. That wasn’t her, not any longer. Despite her soft facial features and stunning appearance, he sensed the aura maturation and peril. That peril was heightened by the wicked smirk she gave off.

“Oh darling, Raiden may not help you in this moment,” she said as she took a step towards the confined one. “In fact, there’s only one man who can help you in this situation. And, well, he doesn’t happen to be your biggest fan right now.”

The man struggled in his seat in order to try and free himself. A futile last ditch effort. The sight of him caused the women to let out a tiny laugh.

“You know that isn’t going to work. And if by some miracle chance it did? Well, you wouldn’t get far, not in your condition.”

“Damn it, Myung!” he screamed. “Let me out of these chains! I’m telling you, this is all just a mistake.”

“Nearly ten million of the Yamaguchi-gumi’s money disappeared without a word. And after months on months of investigation, an offshore account under your name was discovered. Hmm.” She placed her hand on her chin as she looked at her partner. “Raiden, how much money was discovered in that account again?”

“Twas ten million, but of course.” A laugh escaped Raiden after his reply.

“Aye yes. Ten million.” She turned back towards the man. “However, it was all just a mistake. Hmm?”

The man was taken aback. “I was…I didn’t mean...I must—”

“A list of your expenditures was also compiled, sweetie.” She began to circle the man. Her steps were lively; she practically bounced as she walked. “A brand new home in Tokyo. New vehicles for you and your kinsmen. Electronic shopping sprees. Dinner dates. Cheddar Bay Biscuits!” She shook her head. “It’s all so interesting to me. A member of your rank is paid pretty well; you should never want for anything.” Myung lifted up an index finger. “But even if you should want something, all you had to do was set up the meeting with the Kumicho. More likely than not, he would have been able to help you acquire those wants in a timely fashion. He’s a gracious man.”

Myung stopped directly front of the man. She leaned in uncomfortably close, having left maybe three inches of space between their faces. The man sucked in some air and held his breath.

“But instead, you took of his storehouse without permission. You lied to him; and then you tried to cover it up and hide it underneath his nose.”

She took a step back. This allowed the man to exhale and breathe easy, for a moment.

“Well now, the Kumicho’s grace has now run out.”

Myung strolled back over to where Raiden was standing. She held out her hand without saying a word. He moved towards a hip-holster. Raiden pulled out a jet black Ruger SR9 pistol. Myung accepted it. She then flipped the safety off and pulled back on the slide as she made her way back towards the man.

What little color that the man had retained began to dissipate as his skin became translucent. Something released; he felt a stream of liquid trickle and then rush down his pants. He looked up into her eyes one last time.

Please. You don’t have to do this!”

“Neither did you,” Myung replied.

She held the gun to his forehead and pulled the trigger.

Patterns of blood droplets smeared and tarnished the white walls. The metal chair tipped over and fell to the ground. A lake of crimson poured out onto the floor. Myung watched the sight for a moment before she turned on her heels. The Ruger’s safety was re-engaged before she handed to firearm back to Raiden.

“What’s going on with the wife and the son?” Myung asked.

“Aye yes, the familia.” Raiden nodded as he returned the pistol to his holster. “Ji was tasked with handling the wife. He should be done by now. I can’t imagine her giving our strapping lad much trouble.

“The son? The Kumicho asked that he be spared. He’s but a wee babe anyway. Doing away with his parents is enough tragedy, don’t you think?”


The two turned to leave room. But before they did, Myung glanced over her shoulder at the sight once last time.”

“Raiden, be sure that the clean up team is called right away. If not, it will leave a stain on the walls.”

“Certainly my dear,” he said with a mild laugh. “Certainly.”

Jul 6 2018, 01:20 AM

Humans are so, predictable.

People always respond to events in the same manner. Bliss and joy when it’s a pleasant moment; anger and sorrow when it’s an unpleasant one. And if they’re not sure how to feel—mass confusion.

The dwellers of In Your House, they’re going to have a gaggle of questions after Worlds Collide:

“We thought you were gone for good. How are you back here?” “Are you here for single’s glory?” “Do you want to rule the tag team division again?” “Where’s Misha at? Is she alright? Is she with you?” “I don’t see Raiden with you. He around somewhere?” “Are you okay? You look, well, different.” “Now that you are back at IYH, what’s your plan? What do you intend to do?”

Questions, so many questions. Some will be relevant, some won’t be. Some will be riveting; some will be drab. Some will be thoughtful, while others will be just be nosey…

But I’ll answer them. I’ll each and every one of them. In my own time and own way, of course.

...Although, that last question, it should be clear to any logical thinker.

I originally came into IYH to spread my wings and fly as a single’s star. Those plans changed, obviously. And I’m happy that they did. I got to meet a wonderful friend, someone who I consider my true family. Not only that, we dented skulls and made history. What more could I ask for?

Now though, it’s time to soar a little higher.

Over the past six months or so, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my sister Misha do many great things. What she did with the CWC International Championship? A thing of beauty. She captured the Empire Championship, and was able to successfully defend it on two occasions. Lastly, I got to watch her win the Shooting Star Wrestling Alliance World Championship a little a couple of months ago.

I guess some people would have been taken over with jealousy, but I wasn’t. I was proud. It filled my heart with joy each time she put someone in the dirt with her lariat. If anything, her performances inspired me to be greater.

I won my first single’s belt—the DIVINE Pro Dawn Championship. That’s a moment I’ll always remember. I had the pleasure of beating up an corny ass fuck-boy who decided to hype up our match with sexual innuendos. Christopher Kane, by the way. He left the arena embarrassed and dejected. I’m sure it was a lonely ass night when he got back home. I suppose it sucks to be him.

That was an amazing time, an amazing match. But I’ not done. I’m STILL hungry. My hunger has grown in DIVINE, and it’s beginning to seep out.

My goal this go around in IYH? To win the IYH Championship.

I know it’s a lofty ambition. However, you’ve got to take a couple of risks to grasp a high reward. I’m also aware that there’s a long list of people that are in front of me. People who are famished, like myself. People who are starving to reclaim belt…

That’s fine. Actually, that preferable.

That long line just makes things much more, amusing, don’t you think? I’ll get the chance to see them all fall to the ground before I stake my claim.

Jul 5 2018, 11:45 PM
Wrestler Real Name: Myung Pak
Wrestler In Ring Name: .PAAK
Nickname (If Applicable): The Leviathan
Height (meters):]/b] 1.70 m (5’7’’)
[b]Weight (kilograms):
58.967 kg (130 lbs)
Alignment: Heel
Hometown/Billed From: Kobe, Japan
Gimmick: Due to her peculiar circumstances and upbring, .PAAK really didn’t know who she was as child. She wasn’t secure in yourself, and that would translate over to her wrestling persona at times. However, she was able to “find herself” with the help of her tag team partner and a few close friends. Was is she now? That’s still hard to say. Sometimes she’s a little crazy. Sometimes she’s a little silly. Sometimes she deadly serious. But no matter what, she’s always dangerous in the ring—never forget that.
Pic Base: Son Ga in
Ring Attire: [1] Black top with mild gold accents on the left side. [2] Full length black tights run down her right leg; the left side is comprised of black short trunks with gold markings. [3] Black kneepads. [4] Black kickpads with gold outlining. [5] Custom Adidas Impact wrestling boots. [6] Black, gold, and gray hooded ring jacket.
Twitter: @P_A_A_K

Wrestling Style: Puroresu
1. Strike Them Down: .PAAK has been a practitioner of traditional Joshi strongstyle for over a decade despite her fairly young age. That being said, she has a great affinity for stiff strikes and knockout blows. For as much of a beating as she can take, .PAAK dish out the punishment double-fold.
2. Entrenched in the Sport: .PAAK's wrestling instruction began when she was fourteen (14) years old. She was taught and surrounded by some of the the best wrestlers that Japan had to offer. And while there may not be a long list of gold attached to her name, .PAAK's talent and mind for the sport (psychology) is quite advanced. She certainly is no rookie.
3. Kill La Kill: .PAAK has a killer instinct about; she's exhibited the trait since her first few weeks of training. Simply put, she doesn’t pussyfoot about in the ring. .PAAK is relentless in the ring and will rarely, if ever, show very much mercy.

Weaknesses (3):
1. Can’t Trust Em’: Trust is a huge thing to .PAAK. Her upbringing fortified the know that trust is sacred and you can’t trust everyone. Therefore, she she’ll never give it out full and freely to most people.
2. Size: .PAAK is a bit taller than the average woman, standing at about 5'7''. She also has a decent amount of weight on her. Nonetheless, she'd be undersized going up against some of the juggernauts of the wrestling world (men in particular).
3. So Damn Mean!: If you are familiar with joshi wrestling, the you’ve probably picked up on something—most of them have a pretty wicked “mean streak” that they like to unleash on people. Yes, even the sweet and innocent ones. It’s a like a light switch that one is able to turn on and off. .PAAK’s? Well she gets quite nasty when her’s is activated. That might cause some trouble from time to time, since her tag partner isn’t around at the moment to reel her in.

2. Doze Trigger: Uraken [Secondary: normally used for a quick finish or KO blow if her opponent is massively larger.]
3. Gun Smoke: Blackout

Signature Moves:
1. Snapmare Driver (can finish match)
2. Facewash (corner) followed by running boot

Well-practiced Moves:
Palm Strikes
Rolling Sole-butt
Forearm Shots
Facewash (corner) followed by running boot
Shotgun Dropkick
Grounded Running Boot
Running Hip Attack
Trapping Suplex
Leg-hooked German Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Gutwrench Suplex
Fujiwara Armbar
Flying Armbar
Stretch Muffler
Muta Lock
Drop Toe Hold
Pop-Up Double Knee Gutbuster
Running Senton
Running Cannonball

Entrance Theme: “Phantom” by Lynch.

Character Background: To understand Myung, you’ve got to understand her past and upbringing. Her parents? Mr. and Mrs. Pak worked as rice harvesters in South Korea. While it was true that they worked extremely hard, it was also true that they weren’t the most wealthy. And when Mrs. Pak figured out that she had a bun in the oven? Their money matters didn’t get any better.

It wasn’t long before baby Myung was born. Mrs. Pak had to give up her harvesting position in order to raise her. That certainly put a dent in their income. Their funds were cut short even more as two the major rice farms in the city were forced to shut down. Even still, Mr. Pak worked as hard as he could.

After tolling for a good while, Mr. Pak grew tired living with little money. He wanted to make a better way for his family and family to be. How did he plan to accomplish that? Move to Japan. Mr. Pak reached out to some of his contacts and lined up a potential job. All he seemingly had to do was get his family over there. Mr. and Mrs. Pak scrounge up all the money they could in order to make the great journey.

That couple had grand dreams. Unfortunately, the luster of the those dream wore off almost immediately. That job that Mr. Pak had lined up? It fell through. Once again, the Paks found themselves with little money and a hungry baby.

Mr. Pak attempted to find work, but he wasn’t accepted in that foreign. He and his family stayed on the streets for a couple of weeks. That is until Mr. and Mrs. Pak did the unthinkable…

Myung was sold away for a medium sum of money. She was still extremely young at the time. The people and organization that took her in raised her from that young age. Her parents? She never heard from them again. She wondered about them a lot as a child, but those thoughts faded away as time went on.

At the age of fourteen, Myung was introduced to the sport of professional wrestling. She was taught by the best instructors and teachers that money could buy. With the aid of Raiden Himura, she began hitting the road and wrestling throughout Japan. Her travels helped her build a reputation as quite a tough cookie.

Myung and Raiden ventured out to the United States for the first time in 2015. There, she worked for a promotion called Visionaries of Wrestling. Although her stint in the company was short, she was quite successful. Myung then took her talents to DIVINE Pro and In Your House Wrestling Federation. Myung began one half of the IYH Tag Team Champions with her partner Misha LeCavalier. In DIVINE, she became the Dawn Champion after many battles.
Sep 17 2017, 02:22 PM

“Myung!” The Kumicho’s voice rang out clearly from her Macbook’s speakers. “When my secretary told me that you wanted to speak with me, I was quite surprised. Very rarely have you ever contacted me directly.” He let out a small laugh. “However, it is a very pleasant surprise.”

Myung had been across the room as tidying up a few things in the pantry as the Boss spoke. She finished up and snatched a bottle of Fiji Water out of the fridge before she plopped herself down at the kitchen table, which held her laptop.

“Forgive me Kumicho,” she said as she untwisted the water’s cap. “You know that shyness grips my tongue at times. Or, it did so in the past anyway.”

“I’m quite aware,” the Kumicho said followed by a hearty laugh. “But it appears you’ve slayed that beast, haven’t you? I know we have not spoken in a while, but I have been receiving reports of your growth and progress. Your set of skills were always valuable to the syndicate; even still, your stock has risen even higher over the past five or six months.”

Myung took a long sip of water before she replied. “Thank you, Kumicho. Those are most kind words, especially coming from you.” She sat her water back down on the table. “I suppose I am doing a competent job as Shatei, yes?”

Competent? You are doing far better than competent my dear. Raiden constantly sings your praises. I’ve also received glowing reviews from your Isshi Ookami recruits. They tell me that your leadership is invaluable.”


His kind words made Myung smile. Raiden often complimented her on how she’d handled things; however, his words didn’t always satisfy her. It was kind of like when your father told you he was proud of that painting you made in art class. She wasn’t sure he had been genuine or if he was simply being a “good dad.”

But coming from the Kumicho? There was no question that she’d been gooding a sufficient job. The Kumicho was pleasant (at least in her interactions with him), but he always been a straight shooter.

“Well, I was told that you wanted to discuss some business with me?” the Boss asked. “Is that correct?”

“That is correct,” Myung said as she adjusted in her chair. “I arranged this call because I have a question.” She paused for a moment. “Or more accurately, I have a request.”

This seemed to peak his interest.

“Oh?” He laughed a bit. “I thoroughly enjoy this and empowered version of Myung Pak. You’ve finally blossomed into the powerful woman I thought you’d be.” The Kumicho paused as he composed himself. “I am curious now. Please state your request.”

“You tasked me and Raiden with establishing the Yamaguchi-gumi and the Stone Wolves here in Australia. We have accomplished both of those tasks in stunning fashion, if I may say so. The Yamaguchi-gumi are the only visible and viable syndicate here. And the Stone Wolves have grown up strong here. The members are young, but there are already leaders amongst them.” Myung nodded.

“And when one task is completed, a new mission is often given out, yes?”

“You’d be correct, Myung.”

Well, my request is that you transfer me, Raiden, and couple of the Stone Wolves back to New York.”

Her request stunned and shocked the Kumicho a bit. The two had spoken about the “incident” that had occurred the first time she was assigned there. It was established and made clear that she had killed the Isshi Ookami leader after he attempted to assault her. Her kill was justified in the eyes of all, especially the Boss. However, it still surprised him that she wanted to return to the place.

“Give me your reasoning, my dear.”
“Reports have said that the New York division of the Isshi Ookami have been out of control as of late. They have been wild. They have been reckless.” There was a small pause. “I realize that their actions where the result of my actions. I killed member of my own clan; I killed New York’s top Isshi Ookami leader. I know that my actions were reasonable, but facts are facts—I caused this.

“However, things are different now. I am not the same timid and naive woman I was a couple of years ago. I believe that Raiden and I have the power to fix the New York division.” She nodded her head. “The Australian Isshi Ookami are strong. There are a couple people that are fit to lead. And things will go smoothly once some of the other clans begin to migrate there.

“Additionally, Misha is in New York. Since she is a sponsored athlete, it is good for once to have direct contact with her. Plus…” Myung paused for a moment or two. “She is my dearest friend. I do not wish to lose that bond.”

“I see.”

There was a long pause.

“Our request has been noted Myung—and it has been granted.

“New York’s division of the Isshi Ookami are essential. And I believe you two can get shape them up and get them in order. I just ask that you attempt to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. If people are too troublesome, you may send them back to Japan. I’ll rectify things personally.

“Does that sounds fair?”

“Most fair,” Myung replied.

“I enjoy this side of you. Boldness suits you very well. Continue to grow.”

“Yes, Kumicho. I shall.”
Aug 30 2017, 12:20 AM

Paperwork—it was the least riveting aspect of Raiden Himura’s agent role with Misha and Myung. He’d rather escort them to the ring and watch them kick ass eleven out of ten times. However, paperwork was essential, even if it was mundane. So, he set about making sure everything was decent and in order.

In front of him on his coffee table sat a small pile of papers, along with his MacBook Pro. Schoolboy Q’s “Setbacks” album played gently in the background—a small gift from Misha. He wasn’t a huge rap fan, but Raiden happened to enjoy the project sonically.

He grabbed a couple of forms and scanned them quickly. They required Myung’s signature, therefore he set them to the side. He then turned his attention to two file folders that rested upon each other. “Contract” was written in bold on the front of each folder.

Raiden took hold of the first file and gave it a once over. There was a particular line that gave him pause and made him lift an eyebrow. Raiden quickly scooped up the other file and scanned it.

“My oh my,” he said as he leaned back in his seat. “How interesting.”

Footsteps could be heard in the distance. Ji Nai made his way into the room after a moment or two. His suit jacket and white shirt had been resting on the living room’s love seat. He brushed a bit of dirt off of his undershirt before he used it to wipe the sweat off of his forehead.

“That matter is taken care of Raiden,” Ji said as he cracked his knuckles. “Is there anything else I can assist with at the moment?”

“There is actually,” Raiden replied. “Could you head over to Myung’s house and fetch her for me as I secure on skype Misha. It seems that we’ve got a pressing matter to discuss.”

“Will do.” Ji nodded his head. “Is everything okay?”

“Nothing to worry or freak out about,” Raiden sad. “Although, it appears that their contracts are coming up soon.”
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