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 Ruckus 68
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 02:08 PM

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Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The camera pans across the Melbourne Showgrounds arena, showing the excited crowd before eventually resting on the announce table where Brian and Tats are ready for all the action tonight.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Ruckus 68. We’ll be kicking off the action tonight with Minka Carter versus Ash Fi and after what she did to Angelica Layne last week, Minka may want to stay alert during her match.

TR: Speaking of staying alert, you know whose career is dying out quicker than his old tag team partner? Sean Hazards. Seems Sean is on quite the losing streak as of late and I doubt it’s going to change tonight as he takes on the fantastic, Jessica Anderson.

BM: Thanks for at least saying all that without a pervy comment towards Jessica.

TR: The nights still young!

BM: Following that, The Vision take on former Tag Team Champions Jetpack in what’s surely to be an amazing match.

TR: The Vision have held their own singles championships here so it should be interesting to see which of these former champs are able to pull off the win tonight.

BM: Following that, we seen Brien Storm back in action against Stella “The Blue Dragon” Winters. Both will be eager for the win tonight but after her disappointing loss to Shawn Fox and then Owen Gonsalves, I’m sure Stella will be that little bit more desperate for it.

TR: Then in our Main Event we’ll have a non title match as the tag champs, Team Fury, take on Southern Hostility.

BM: The fans wanna see this match given the amount of times Southern Hostility try to call out Team Fury on Twitter.

TR: Well Team Fury have answered that call and if Southern Hostility can pull off the win, it will put them right in line for a shot at Team Furys belts.

BM: Before we get into all the action tonight, lets take a look at what Minka Carter had to say for her actions against Angelica Layne last week.

user posted image

[The show cuts backstage in a studio where Minka Carter is seen with a sadistic smirk on her face, revelling in what she did on the last Ruckus episode during Angelica Layne’s championship match. Her presence draws boos from the crowd as she begins to speak her mind.]

MC: Why did I do it????

[Minka pauses, looking around and having a bit of a chuckle to herself.]

MC: It starts off with… the LITTLE PEOPLE… YOU…. YOU MADE ME DO THIS!!!!

This world is already in a great deal of danger! Without my actions, this world would PERISH! I am one of the few immortal beings of divine intervention that is keeping this world in existence and yet, you SHEEP.... BRAINWASHED… UNINFORMED SHEEP… sucker yourselves into believing in the LIES of the false prophet! You sucker yourselves into WORSHIPING the DEMON in ANGEL’S CLOTHING! And this world would have seen its APOCALYPSE had Angelica Layne become the IYH Champion!

I couldn’t let it happen…

[Minka pauses, taking a few deep breaths almost as if she’s about to go into hyperventilation mode.]

MC: XWA is already forsaken with the worst of the demon overlords of all time as its champion! XWA is crumbling under dictatorial oppression that hasn’t been seen since the days of Napoleon! I couldn’t let the same thing happen here because you SHEEP… you deserve BETTER! You deserve to KNOW BETTER!


...they are bad enough!!!

But the DEMONS that disguise themselves as ANGELS… THEY ARE THE WORST OF THEM ALL! Angelica Layne is the trigger of the APOCALYPSE! If she would ever become IYH Champion, the earth would be DOOMED and only the reptilian green men from MARS could save this planet!!!


But… but but but… you know what the best part about my saving of the world was last week??? was just the beginning!!!!

[Minka pauses and has an evil chuckle to herself.]

MC: Because I will not rest until this DEMON is DESTROYED! My mission is to decapitate her and put her head on a pike while the snakes devour the rest of her existence!!!

Cleopatra is coming, bitches!!!!!

And when it’s all said and done… ANGELICA LAYNE WILL BE CONQUERED!!!!

So to all the sheep too blind to see her as what she is… enjoy her while she lasts…

Because she’s about to BURN IN HELL… FOREVER!!!!!

[Minka shoves the camera straight down to the floor causing it to go to complete malfunctioning static!]

user posted image

Singles Match
Minka Carter vs Ash Fi

[Minka’s on the attack before the bell even rings, hitting Ash with a clothesline from behind and putting the boots to her downed opponent. Even as the ref tries to get in the middle of it and back Minka off so the match can actually, officially get underway, she’s trying to squirm free and get one more stomp in, aimed at the back of Ash’s head. Fortunately, at least that one’s stopped, and Minka’s physically moved to her corner before the official checks that Ash is okay to go. She nods and pulls herself up to her feet, and the bell finally rings.]


BM: Minka trying to get an advantage before the bell even rings.

TR: Smart girl. Can’t get disqualified if the bell hasn’t rung yet.

[When we do get started, the two women start by trading strikes--there’s no lock up or anything, Ash starts the match itself with a high knee strike that dazes Minka, and initially, gets the better of the exchanges, peppering Minka with chops and forearms, backing her into the ropes and sending her across. Minka’s pre-match assault, though, comes back in a big way, as she avoids a low dropkick from Ash and spins on a heel, throwing a kick right to the back of Swansea girl’s head. Minka latches a rear chinlock that borders on being a choke, which the official is quick to check that it doesn’t actually become a choke.]

BM: Minka is more vicious than ever before here tonight.

TR: After what she did to Angelica Layne, she has a lot to prove from here on out.

[Ash struggles against Minka’s grip, eventually getting up to her feet, but the Demon Hunter doesn’t relent that easily--it’s only after several elbows to the midsection that Ash is able to make some space and send Minka across the ring, this time right into a bicycle kick that drops her. Minka’s still aware enough to roll out of the ring, though, and shakes her head to clear the cobwebs. Not wanting to lose her momentum, Ash follows her out of the ring, but Minka seems happy to milk the count as much as possible, circling around the ring...right up until she realizes Ash is following her, when she pivots, jumps off the ring steps, and hits a massive clothesline on her Welsh opponent.]

BM: Quick thinking from Minka!

[Minka rolls Ash back into the ring, a wicked smile on her face as she follows, lying in wait for Ash to sit up. Once she does, Wrestling’s Cleopatra spikes her opponent’s face into the mat with a hurricanrana driver, popping back to her feet and gloating over her advantage. She hooks up a Cobra Clutch, sitting back and wrapping up a body scissors to complete the Cleopatra Clutch! Ash struggles, scratches, and claws to reach the ropes, break the hold, or do anything she can to get out of it, but every time she starts to slip out, Minka wrenches the hold in deeper, until eventually, Ash has no choice but to tap!]

TH: Here is your winner….MINKA CARTER!

TR: Welp, Minka wins with the submission tonight.

BM: Look at the sick grin on her face, it’s almost demonic...which is a little ironic.

TR: Don’t let her hear you say that Bry, you’ll be next.

[Minka leaves the ring as her music plays, ignoring the fans jeers as she heads back up the ramp.]

user posted image

[In catering the cameras find former IYHWF Tag Team Champions Jetpack as they are loitering about shortly before their match against The Vision. Penny is playfully holding a chocolate bar out away from her partner Jet, who rolls his eyes as she acts like she’s going to hand it over but in the end changes her mind.]

JB: Come on Penny, it’s the last one and you know they don’t have these all the time.

PK: I don’t know, Jet. You drank the last Yoo Hoo we had at the house and maybe I wanted that Yoo Hoo.

[She relents though as she unwraps the treat and gives him half. He accepts it with a grin and the pair lean near the vending machines as Stevie Trelain comes through. She seems to be avoiding something or someone but seems relieved that the only people here besides herself and the camera operator are the relatively safe Jet and Penny. She straightens her top before she comes over with microphone in hand as the pair finish their split candy bar and start looking to see what’s left on the table or in the machines.]

ST: Hi Penny, Jet… you’ve just got a little bit of time before you go and face The Vision… Craig Anderson and Owen Gonsalves of course. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen them in tag team action, are you curious to see if they’re going to be a cohesive unit tonight or will that inactivity cause mistakes?

[Penny laughs a moment and shakes her head.]

PK: Look you can’t just say they’ll have ring rust, because both men are actively competing. Sure, they’ve not been together as often and Owen is out there wrestling in every tournament and special attraction that he can. You could logically say he’s tired, but you know, that man is determined.

JB: They’re both good competition, Stevie… and that’s what we look forward to. Now whether or not they’re gonna be as smooth as butter on grits? Eh, we’ll see. But at least we ain’t gotta worry about no mess, just a good match tonight.

ST: So you’re not worried that say, Stella or the other Bad Omens aren’t going to try and get a crack at Craig or Owen?

[The two look at each other and then shake their heads.]

JB: If they try, they try - but we’re not gonna bail on those guys. Ain’t gonna be no numbers game out there tonight, Stevie. Now, if you’ll excuse me the Hot Cheetos are calling and we’ve only got a little bit.

PK: Thanks Stevie!

[Penny grins and then the pair turn back to the machines, Stevie shrugs and then goes to get herself a tea as the cameras go elsewhere.]

user posted image

Singles Match
Sean Hazard vs Jessica Anderson


[Sean sticks out his hand as the bell rings, Jessica gives him a look but then takes his hand and shakes it firmly much to the delight of the fans! They release and then circle each other, Sean actually getting the upper hand quickly, sweeping Jessica’s legs and landing a brilliant Standing Shooting Star Press that has the fans cheering and clapping but only nets him a one and a half count. They roll quickly back up to their feet, both seem to be smiling from the joy of pure competition which is nice to see. Jessica catches Sean with a nice crisp pair of Dropkicks and then ends up the sequence as he starts to get up again with a sharp Shining Wizard that knocks him loopy and leaves him vulnerable for a Backstabber that nets Jessica a long two count but no! Hazard rolls the shoulder up and breaks the attempt before he slides away from Jessica and rolls backwards right to his feet to the delight of the fans who give him a sweet chant.]

LET’S GO LIGHTNING! *clap clap clap clap* LET’S GO LIGHTNING!

[Sean’s feeling it and he manages to dodge a Crossbody from Jessica who recovers before crashing into the mat only to pop up into the path of Hazard’s Backflip Kick right off a flashy somersault! The fans explode as they think Sean has her but no! No! Jessica kicks out strongly just before three. There’s some whistling and cheering as she gets up and gets right back into it with Sean again, they lock up in the center of the ring and then they shoot the ropes on opposite sides. Jessica manages to catch Sean with a Spinning Heel Kick and down he goes.]

BM: What an exciting and fast paced match these two are putting on for the fans here tonight!

TR: Her husband’s still a jackass.

BM: Good thing he’s not in this match then, right?

TR: Yeah but his is coming up ugh.

[Sean kicks out of this pin attempt as well, once more getting the upper hand and sending Jessica off for a hard coast-to-coast Irish whip, she hits the turnbuckles and slumps in the corner, and in comes Hazard with his Running Front Flip Senton, Cannonball! OH! He smooshes Jessica but good, he pulls her out of the corner to set up for his big 630 Senton off the top rope but as he climbs up NO! There’s Jessica who comes up as he climbs and jumps up to hit a huge Backstabber on him again! He rolls around on the mat and Jessica connects with her Corner Springboard Moonsault!]

BM: This could be it for Sean Hazard… NO! Foot on the ropes!

TR: Dammit.

[Sean indeed has his foot on the ropes and the referee waves off the count. Jessica doesn’t argue but as she gets up Sean comes up with her and catches her for a monumentally hard Jawbreaker! OH! She’s down on the mat and laid out, and here goes Hazard again looking for the earlier denied move of his, The Ultimatum! Up he goes to the top and comes off with a picture perfect 630 Senton but at the last possible instant Jessica rolls out of the way! OH! Sean hits the mat hard and rolls around holding his midsection as Jessica takes a moment to catch her breath. She catches Sean with a One-handed Bulldog as he rises but he gets his arms up and saves himself the impact, shrugging her off! He gets up and shoves Jessica back, she sets up for a Dropkick and he slides past as she catches herself and he seems in the clear as he whips around after hitting the ropes but No! He turns right into her path Jessica catches Sean with her Headlock Driver! The Bonne Nuit is perfectly executed and Jessica floats over, hooking Sean’s far leg but he’s out of it even as the referee slides in for the count, the fans chanting along!]





TH: And here is your winner via pinfall… JESSICA ANDERSON!

BM: Another tough break for Sean Hazard, but what a match these two put on here tonight.

TR: To a nicer guy it couldn’t have happened.

BM: You’re despicable.

[I Wish by Cher Lloyd ft. T.I. plays as the referee raises Jessica’s hand in victory, the fans celebrating the popular former Rapid Fire Champion. Sean slumps after he sits up, running his hands through his hair with frustration on his face. Jessica waits until he gets to his feet and then she raises his hand herself, he doesn’t seem to think he deserves this but the fans cheer even louder at the show of respect.]

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to an empty hallway. This quickly changes as the three members of Southern Hostility turn a corner and start down the hallway. The sold out Melbourne crowd immediately greet them with a wave of boos. The group ignores the crowd and continue to walk. Looking ahead, they see the IYH camera crew and don't let the opportunity go to waste. Clayton begins to speak as they walk.]

Clay: Tonight, you are finally seeing Southern Hostility get a little bit of the attention they rightfully deserve. Tonight, Amanda and Colton are gonna go out there in the Main Event. Tonight, they are gonna beat another tag-team. That ain't news!

[Clayton shakes his head to signify that them beating another team isn't news.]

Clay: The Main Event is where Southern Hostility should be every time they compete. Every one knows that. What makes tonight different then other nights is that this time, they are gonna beat the current IYH Tag-team Champions.

[The crowd pops at the mere mention of the the Tag Champs.]

Clay: That's right, Team Fury. We told you on day one that we were coming for you. We told you we would take out other teams first but that the focus was always on you and those belts that you've been holding for us. We told you that we would come to your house, kick the fucking door down, walk inside, and take anything and everything we wanted.

[The crowd quickly transitions from cheers for their favorite team to boos for their least favorite. Clayton smirks but continues.]

Clay: If you idiots who cheer for them are that upset at the things I said now, you are gonna be put on suicide watch, very soon. You see, tonight, we take the first step in ripping those belts out of Kelly and her partners' hands. Southern Hostility will win tonight, and then the IYH powers that be will have no choice but to give us the next shot at the Tag-team Titles.

[More boos can be heard and this eventually gives way to chants of “Fury, Fury, Fury”.]

Clay: Southern Hostility is the best tag-team in IYH. We knew that before we arrived in Australia. The Modern Day Zeros knew that after our first night in the company. Jetpack knew that after we easily beat them up a couple weeks later. Those Oakland bitches knew that after we beat the hell out of them in the parking lot at Ground 'N Pound. Team Fury will know that after we kick their ass, tonight. The truth is they knew it all along. After the match tonight, they can no longer pretend it ain't the case. Tell em' son.

[The fans start chanting asshole as the trio continues down the hallway. Colton switches spots with Clayton and picks up were he left off.]

CT: You God damned right, pop. This stand off has been a long time coming. We called these two out from the very start and while they've been having the occasional match, going to weddings, and talking about how great they are on twitter, we've been busted our asses in the ring and taken on all challenges.

[More boos are heard from the ticked off crowd.]

CT: We've said time and time again that Team Fury is comprised of Kelly Fury and the guys she carries. While that is true, never think we don't know who Gordon is. Never think we don't know what he brings to the ring. Never think that I haven't been waiting to smack that motherfucker right in his damn mouth since before we even joined this company.

[The crowd doesn't like the shot at Gordon and let SH here about it.]

CT: Tonight, it ain't about taking your belts. Nah, tonight we're gonna take your pride. We're gonna break your will and then the only thing left for us to do is take what is rightfully ours. Whether the other teams in IYH like it or not. Whether the Australians who support you like it or not. Whether Team Fury like it or not. The fact of the matter is we are the next IYH tag-team Champions. None of you have to like it but you will have to accept it.

[This really gets the crowd going. Colton confidently smirks as Amanda takes the lead and begins to give her thoughts.]

AH: The more things change the more they stay the same. For anyone paying attention, it is no secret that Kelly Fury and I have had a long history. This is a history that has played out over multiple Continents, multiple Countries, multiple promotions, multiple divisions, and multiple match types. We've been best friends and we've been mortal enemies. We've bonded over ignorant bitches and gone to war over Titles. I've got Censored in a parking lot with her and I've ran her down with a car in a parking lot. I've beat her and she has beat me. Now, all these years later and it is time to do it again.

[The crowd chants loudly for Kelly Fury. Amanda doesn't let it phase her at all.]

AH: She knows me and I know her. So what makes this time different then the last time we faced off? This time I let the world know my intentions. This time, I told her and Gordon day one that Southern Hostility was coming for them and the belts. This time, there was no sneaking around. No hit-and-runs in the parking lot. No fake searches for the real culprit. No masks. No mind games. No bullshit.

[This actually gets a somewhat mixed reaction from the Melbourne crowd.]

AH: This ain't gonna be like the feud we had with the Oakland Bitches. I spent days pulling pieces of glass out of my face but none of them could cut away at the smile on it. You see, while I may have had some new scars to show, we proved that they were never on our level. We knew it all along and now they know it too. That is exactly why those bitches are running around trying to get as far away from us as they can. That's why they are out there joining other promotions were they can feel safe from another beating courtesy of Southern Hostility. They know their place now and they know it is behind us.

[The crowd goes back to booing the team.]

AH: Nah, this is about business. I have no problem with Kelly Fury going into the match. She is a target but it ain't personal. This is about Southern Hostility becoming the new tag team champions and Team Fury standing in the way of that. Like I told her on twitter. I will smoke with you after all is said and done but make no mistake, it will be with me as a tag champ. Tonight, we will go out there and leave no doubt that we are the next IYH Tag-Team Champions. The management, the fans, and the current champs will have no choice but to identify us as the number one contenders. So hooker, let's do this for the third time and see who goes up 2-1.

[The trio come to a stop at their locker room and head inside as the camera cuts back to the ring.]
Chris Cryptic
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 02:12 PM

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Tag Team Match
The Vision vs Jetpack


[There is a handshake between the two fan favorite teams here before Owen ties up with Jet. They start with a tie up and Owen is quick to bring the fast paced wrestler down to the mat and it looks like he’s trying to soften up the arm. Jet recognizes a fujiwara armbar attempt considering they do hang with the champion often enough and skillfully front rolls onto his back but Owen ends up going with him on the roll and then takes a seat and stretches out that arm joint by pulling it. It’s at this point where Jet is starting to show a little bit of his fuse and bangs his free elbow on the mat in a little bit of frustration before realizing where he’s at and putting his feet on the ropes.]

BM: Jet is no slouch on the mat but that’s Owen’s home.

TR: It’s like his drugs are finding new ways to torture someone in a submission hold!

BM: Did you have to make that joke considering we’re not that far from 4/20?

TR: Blaze it fucker.

BM: ...I need an adult.

[Jet has rolled over to his corner and Penelope is talking to him to calm him down a little bit while Owen gets to his feet himself as the audience enjoyed the technical exchange. It’s at this point that the two lock up again and Owen uses leverage rather than power to start moving Jet back...but Penelope does tag herself in. It ends up being somewhat of a role reversal with Penelope going low with the chop block and as soon as Owen hobbles it’s Jet who goes bulldog to complete BAM! This does warrant a cover but Owen kicks out right on two.]

BM: Great teamwork!

TR: You know why won’t these fans cheer like this when the Omens do something cool?

BM: ...Did you really ask that question?

[Owen ends up instinctively rolling toward Craig but Penelope is smart enough to cut the ring off with a basement dropkick. She then tries to tie Owen up with a specific roll up but that only gets a two count and her arm caught in an armbar for her own trouble. At this point Craig ends up tagging in while Owen has the hold locked in enough and Craig ends up leaping onto the top rope before springing back in with a moonsault across a more exposed and prone Penelope!]

BM: I’ve never seen that out of them!

TR: What the hell do they call that!?

BM: Maybe we can get Stevie to ask them about it later...because man that looked impressive.

[Craig ends up going for a cover but it’s a two count and Penelope is favoring that arm a little bit. Jet is barking out support from the corner. Craig ends up seeing her start to stir and the moment she does that it’s Kicks out for Harambe(superkick)!!! Another cover follows and that warrants a long two as Craig seems to want to kick it into another gear as he tags Owen back in and throws Penelope out of the ring. Jet ends up getting angry and loses his temper a little bit and charges and he gets tossed out on the same side of the ring. The two then proceed to hit a certain trademark of theirs…]

TR: FLIPPY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BM: OW! Where the HELL did you get a megaphone!?

[Owen ends up rolling Penelope to the ring and goes for a cover and as soon as she kicks out at two Owen ends up taking the arm she kicked out with and goes cross armbreaker this time. Penelope ends up stacking Owen up to get a pinning predicament out of it and Owen relinquishes the hold to kick out at two. Owen swiftly tags back out and Penelope ends up scrambling over and tags out as well and this time Jet enters the ring and he’s a little hot tempered for the dive earlier and we see the first punches being thrown in the match! Craig is on his back foot a little bit. Craig ends up using an overhand chop to slow down the onslaught and that has Jet reeled back a little before Penelope blind tags Jet and as soon as Jet charges...Craig leaps up and is going for the reverse rana but Jet is hanging on preventing Craig from flipping over as best he can...and then Penelope springs off the top and hits a springboard flying knee to Craig’s jaw and that’s combined with the electric chair drop! Penelope ends up going for a cover but Owen dives in for the save after two.]

BM: We are getting a masterclass demonstration of teamwork between the two teams!

TR: They’re even going outside their normal array of moves at times to throw the other a curveball.

[Owen is wanting a tag badly here and Craig is crawling over hoping to get one. Penelope sees an opening for her singles finish the Penelope Code(running corkscrew neckbreaker) and as soon as she starts dashing Craig hears it coming as he’s rising. He ends up instinctively sidestepping and lets her splat onto the canvas and as soon as she splats he hits a running shooting star onto the grounded Penelope. He does go for a quick cover but it’s a two count and as soon as that happens he tags Owen in. As soon as that happens the Perish Song is in order before in rapid succession they complete the Death by Digestives and it’s Owen going for the cover! It gets to two before Jet hits a low angled shining wizard to break up the pin and do some damage to Owen!]


BM: Fast and furious the action!

[Everyone's a little wobbly from that exchange except for perhaps Jet who is now stomping on the corner wanting in the match badly. Penelope makes the tag and Jet sees Owen stirring slightly and as soon as he does that he springboards and hits his finisher! Good Lord!(Springboard lariat!) Owen seems decapitated by the move but as he’s flopped down Craig is able to tag back in. Penelope, while slouched in the corner, barks for Jet to be aware of it and as soon as he turns to see that Craig had sprung off the top and then catches Jet by the head and swoops him down with a DDT! In quick succession he drags him up and hits his Rich Tea-Bone Suplex(T-bone suplex) and it’s at this point that he’s using one last adrenaline rush to start climbing to the top looking for his main finisher...the Viennese Whirl(Corkscrew Shooting Star Press) and he aims the target and as soon as he leaps Jet moves and there’s no water in the pool and he splats!]

BM: Craig just launched his best shot to no avail!

TR: Wait the tag is made!

[Jet has tagged Penelope in and the two have lined Craig up in their sights! The duo then hit the Lift Kit(Springboard Lariat + Spinning Elbow drop!) and Penelope goes for the cover! A wary but knowledgeable Owen tries to dive in but Jet desperately tackles him as the ref counts!]





TH: The winners of the match...Jetpack!

BM: This was a perfect example why we have the best tag team division in the entire world!

TR: I hate agreeing with you but this was quite the show!

BM: What a victory for Jetpack though…

[The crowd roars as Stand Up (For The Champions) starts to play as both members of the Jetpack duo stand up fatigued by satisfied by the victory and they get their hands raised. Owen is certainly disappointed in this loss while Craig is just starting to stir after that combination. The two teams then lock eyes and are aware of what has happened. The fans are thanking them for the exhibition with a ‘This is wrestling’ chant in respect of what they just saw. At this point Owen extends his hand out in a show of respect for what happened and Craig does follow suit...there is this momentary pause with both Jet and Penelope glancing around before they accept the handshakes from the losing team to the joy of the audience before The Vision retreat from the ring to think about that loss.]

BM: Great show of class by Owen and Craig. Tonight was not their night but next time could very well be.

user posted image

[The camera cuts backstage to Kevin Rose, flanked on either side by the members of Team Fury.]

KR: My people, I am very hyped to introduce my guests at this time, the one and only In Your House Tag Team Champions, Team Fury! Thanks for making the time guys.

[Kelly smiles while Gordon gives a nod of acknowledgement, even while looking extremely focused.]

KF: No problem!

KR: Now you two aren’t strangers to this so i’ll start things off. Tonight in the main event you are facing off against the very outspoken team of Southern Hostility. We’ve all seen the tension between your two camps both in interviews and on social media, so how does it feel finally getting to face them for the first time?

KF: Well, I’ve already faced Amanda before even when it seemed the odds were against me, I beat her. She’s been retired for a few years on and off since then and I’ve no doubt in my mind that she’s back better than ever...but that doesn’t mean we’re gonna let her walk away with the win tonight. She’s still a good friend of mine and always will be, but I can’t let her get away with the things she has said, no way jose.

[Gordon smirks before stepping forward.]

GF: That’s just the thing, Kev. Despite them being completely delusional, and despite thinking that learning the results of every match makes them a special snowflake, the pair of them can get it done. They took a loss, which i’ll admit I enjoyed, but they did everything it took to avenge it, and they did. Gotta give respect for that. However, there are a lot of teams that can get it done that I respect. And that is the answer to your question. You see to them, this is their moment. This is their opportunity to step up and stake their claim to these.

[Gordon holds up his tag team championship.]

GF: Its a main event match against the current tag team champions. As far as this company goes this is the biggest match they’ve had up to this date. For us, its another day in the office. They are trying so hard to make this more than it is to try and build their stock, which I don’t blame them for, but when it comes down to it they don’t matter to us at all. Don’t get me wrong, right now they are an immediate threat, they are coming guns blazing, hopefully not literally but I wouldn’t be surprised, and because of what I said earlier they have the fire they need to upset us tonight. But so has every other team that we have faced since winning these titles. Every team has had the same fire, and the result has always been the same: Our hands raised. See you three are so delusional that you think this is some kind of feud, that you are not only on our level but surpass it. That tonight is going to be your moment. However, Kelly and I, as well as everyone in this arena subscribes to reality weekly, and the front page reads: Country Bumpkins sent to the back of the line where they belong.

KF: I think what my buddy Gordo-Face is trying to say here is, it’s time to face the Fury…

GF: Mate!

[The pair give Kevin a nod before walking off as the scene cuts back to ringside.]

user posted image

Singles Match
The Blue Dragon vs Brien Storm


[At the opening bell, Stella charges at Brien who ducks to run the ropes. Stella rebounds and slides under Brien’s legs and takes them out, making him faceplant on the mat. Brien rolls over to his feet. Stella goes for a dropsault that leaves Brien staggering back into the ropes. Brien retaliates by lunging to grab Stella in a side headlock. Stella tries to escape but Brien blocks her hand before twisting her arm. Brien uses his knee to bend Stella’s arm, throwing her back first on the canvas. Brien then twists Stella’s arm with his leg, forcing her to roll over, before going for a knee drop. Stella writhes on the mat for a bit while clutching her arm.]

BM: Brien with an effective knee drop on Stella’s arm.

TR: Boo him! You don’t hurt Stella!

[Brien continues to berate Stella as he takes his time with a little trash talk before climbing up the corner. Just as Brien stands at full height, Stella quickly gets to her feet and throws herself on the ropes. This causes Brien to lose his footing and crotch-drop on the top turnbuckle. The crowd goes “ooh!” as Brien steps down awkwardly while Stella laughs at his misery. With a shrug, Stella takes position on the outside ring apron and waits for Brien to turn around before hitting him with a springboard DDT. The IYH fans look on with astonishment as Brien barely moves on the mat after impact.]

BM: Ah, such horrible luck for Brien! And that springboard DDT leaves him sprawling on the canvas!

TR: Luck? That was a work of pure genius by Stella!

[With a wicked smile, Stella makes it to the top rope while Brien slowly pulls himself up. Stella yells “KILL YOURSELF” down at Brien before hitting him with her dragonrana finisher, Dragon’s Breath. The crowd jeers as the referee starts the count, much to Stella’s joy.]

BM: Hmm, Stella’s classy as always…

TR: Yeahhh boyyyy! Classy as fuck! Sweet Dragon’s Breath!





TH: And here’s your winner… “The Blue Dragon” Stella Winters!

[“Poison” by Alice Cooper blasts through the arena as the referee raises Stella’s hand in victory. Stella practically shoves the referees hand away though as she walks to the ropes, demanding a microphone. Once she gets it she waits for the cheers to die down before speaking.]

SW: Brien...I’m sorry boo but it had to be done. I cannot, I WILL NOT be seen as the weak link to The Bad Omens any more. I know what to do now, it all makes sense. No one in this company, NO ONE can end a match with speed quite like I can…

BM: Uh oh, I think I see where this is going…

SW: And I know you all seem to think that now that you know who “Joseph” actually is that I get things handed to me in this company. That’s not fucking true. Not one person ever suspected a hint of corruption until you realized the truth, NOT ONE!

TR: She’s not wrong there Bry. Everyone just likes a scapegoat for their own failings.

SW: So you want me to prove to you all what I can do in the ring? THEN FINE, I’LL DO IT A HUNDRED FUCKING TIMES IF I HAVE TO…

[As if on cue, the fans begin to chant the lyrics of “My Heart Will Go On”, but Stella ignores it.]

SW: KATIE HANLEY….Consider these gorgeous eyes of mine on your championship belt. I don’t care who I have to go through leading up to Dawn of the Immortals to prove I deserve a shot, I want the Rapid Fire Championship!

BM: Well, Stella just called out the Rapid Fire Champion.

TR: And it would be in Katie Hanleys best interest to answer that call ASAP, you don’t wanna piss off any of the Bad Omens, let alone Stella.

[Stella shoves the microphone into the chest of the referee as “Poison” begins to play once more. Stella rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp as the scene cuts to backstage.]

user posted image

[We're not in the Showgrounds. Rather, we appear to be quite far away. In the background, we can hear the muffled sounds of cheering and loud, horrific banging. Stood next to a black curtain while people rush backwards and forwards, Adam Fenric cracks his neck. The accents of the rushing people are clearly American- Chicago, to be exact. Wearing a suit, he appears to be minding his own business for a few moments until--]

??: Ahh, thought I'd find you here...

AF: Where else would I be, Emery?

[Sure enough, the Worst of the Pavees herself comes sauntering in, big cheesy grin on her face.]

EL: Well, I mean, there's always Australia, yeah?

AF: IS there, now?

EL: Well, not this week. Or last week. Okay, maybe not always, I guess I jumped the gun on that statement...but you know what I mean!

AF: Emery, do you remember what happened when we defeated Estella Winters and Marcus Blackbeard back in October?

EL: Yeah, she cried. Like, I beat a lotta people in my time, but I think beyond Minka, there ain't been anyone I ever beat that just sat there going 'nnnooooooooo'. Pretty wild stuff, man.

AF: Yes. And then what happened?

EL: Well, we were here...we beat the Survivors and I won the Supre--

AF: No. What happened IN IYH after that?

EL: Uh...we went after the tag titles. And we lost, but I'm cool with that but then Minka showed up and we were like 'oh no' but then she went after Angelica and I was like 'ah, we're free I think!' but also Serena went a bit crackers- more crackers than usual anyway- and then she came up to you asking for help on some stuff and she made me spill all of my Chinese and you absolutely DESTROYED her using only words, like, man, it was brutal but so cool. And then we face Gordon and Kelly and it was all 'respect the egg' and--

AF: No! No, that was later. All of that happened much, much later, when the new year began. I am talking about November and December. What happened immediately after? When was the very NEXT time we appeared in IYH?

EL: Oh. New Years Eve!

AF: Exactly. Two months. Now, at the time, I had put this down to being international talents, however. given recent events and the timelines of said events...I am no longer sure this was the case.


AF: Stella.

[Em scratches the back of her neck, uncomfortably.]

EL: Yeah, we had this conversation a few weeks ago.

AF: Well, as much of a conversation as you can have on social media...

EL: But she can't do anything, right? Like, she's not actually daft enough to try and use her...whatever it is she's got going on with Cryptic.

AF: I am not sure. But after publicly stating a conjecture, once again we find ourselves not booked on Ruckus tapings. I cannot help but feel this is in some way connected.

EL: I don't like that.

AF: Nor I. Perhaps I am seeing things that are not there, but I think you and I have endured enough 'corporate conspiracies' for one career, don't you?

EL: I hear ya, man.

AF: Which is why at World's Collide in June, I have made my choice. I know what side I fall on.

EL: Yeah? Well...

[Emery stops for a second, pulling her Supreme XWA Championship up into our view and resting it on her shoulder.]

EL: Me too.

[And with that, Layton & Fenric leave the scene.]

user posted image

Tag Team Match (Non-Title)
Team Fury vs Southern Hostility


[This match explodes right from the start as Southern Hostility wastes no time to attack Team Fury at the same time. Clearly a fight they’ve been waiting all night for, the crowd is on their feet cheering their hearts out. At first, Team Fury seems to be at a disadvantage as Southern Hostility keeps them grounded; Amanda with multiple stomps on Kelly in the corner while Colton has Gordon falling on his knees with a flurry of body shots. But with the fans rallying behind the tag team champs, Gordon finally manages to block Colton’s shot and counter with his own body jab that has him staggering back. Gordon pulls himself up and continues to lash out kicks to Colton’s midsection. Colton catches Gordon’s leg and throws it away, only for Gordon to come spinning back with a spinning back fist. Colton goes flying down on the mat. Meanwhile, Amanda runs the ropes as Kelly slowly returns to vertical base. On the rebound, Amanda aims for a clothesline but Kelly evades it Matrix-style before catching Amanda with a handstand tilt-a-whirl headscissors. The crowd gets louder as now Gordon and Kelly team up against Colton with an impressive sequence of inverted Atomic drop, dropkick, bridging reverse chinlock and another dropkick. The energy around the arena is at a fever pitch right now, seeing Team Fury standing tall.]

BM: Southern Hostility tried to overwhelm Team Fury at the beginning but the tag champs turned things right around with that double-team combo!

TR: Eh, just give ‘em some time! The night is young, Bry!

[Kelly goes for the cover on Colton but Amanda is there to break it up at two. Both women trade shots in the middle of the ring before Amanda grabs Kelly in a side headlock. Kelly struggles in the hold then throws Amanda into the ropes. Amanda rebounds and jumps over Kelly who’s thrown herself flat on the mat. Amanda bounces off the next set of ropes just as Kelly aims for a dropsault. It connects and Amanda slowly rolls over to push herself up. Kelly picks up Amanda who fights back with punches before doubling her over with a kick. Amanda then takes down Kelly with a vertical suplex. With Kelly down on her back, Amanda hits the ropes for a running leg drop but Kelly rolls out of the way just in time. Amanda cries out in pain as she arches her back upon landing. Kelly reaches out to tag in Gordon before they take down Amanda with their complete shot and springboard dropkick double-team combo. Gordon goes for the pin when Colton rushes in for the save. As Amanda rolls out of the ring, Colton takes on Gordon with a flurry of body shots. Caught in surprise, Gordon staggers back before retaliating with a kick. Gordon aims to deliver another kick but Colton deftly blocks it and hits back. With the crowd cheering, the exchange gets more competitive till Colton gets the upperhand with a left and right headkick combo. Gordon crushes sideways in a daze, allowing Colton to take the pin. But Gordon kicks out at two. As Gordon struggles to pull himself up, Colton keeps him grounded with a rolling armbar. Gordon desperately looks for the bottom rope break.]

BM: What a beautiful rolling armbar by Colton! Gordon’s in trouble!

TR: Damn right he is! Tap, Gordon, tap!

[Gordon somehow manages to grab the bottom rope after some struggle. Colton is forced to break it. As they both return to vertical base, Gordon can barely withstand Colton’s body shots attack. Colton drags Gordon over to tag in Amanda for their spike piledriver double-team maneuver. With Gordon out, Amanda goes for the pin and Kelly rushes in for the save before three. Kelly and Amanda trade shots until Colton joins in the fray, making it a 2 on 1 assault. They take out Kelly with their Hostile Takeover team finisher, much to the fans’ disappointment. The referee throws them a warning but they just shrug it off as Colton takes his time to step away to his corner. Suddenly, the fans go wild as Colton turns around, only to get struck with a Muay Thai head kick by Gordon. While Colton rolls out of the way, Amanda comes charging at Gordon who ducks to counter with a body kick. As Amanda doubles over, Gordon picks her up on his shoulders, looking for his fireman’s carry Michinoku Driver II finisher, GRC. The fans scream with passion.]


BM: Oh, this could be over! Gordon’s going for the GRC!

TR: Hey, wait a minute! Look who’s crashing the party!

[But before Gordon can execute the move, the crowd breaks out in jeers as their attention gets diverted towards the stage. “The Kraken” Marcus Blackbeard can be seen marching down the ramp in an intimidating manner, his glare fixated upon the ring. Strangely, Marcus seems to be walking out alone. Gordon spins around to look out for the rest of Bad Omens just in case. But it’s too late as “The Hellhound” Dante Locke, who has entered through the crowd, strikes Gordon in the face with a thunderous bicycle kick.]


BM: Seriously?!! The Hellhound just hit Gordon with a huge bicycle kick!

TR: Right in the face!!

[Gordon drops Amanda as the two go falling back on the mat. Amanda tries to get away but Dante pulls her back for a superkick. Suddenly, Kelly attacks Dante from behind but by this point, Marcus has entered the ring and is now pulling her back roughly by the hair. The crowd jeers their hearts out, seeing Kelly in trouble, but Marcus instead throws her out of the ring. Kelly lands hard on the outside floor. Gordon, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much luck as Dante viciously strikes him down with his running knee to the head signature, Vestibule of Hell. The fans are livid but it doesn’t faze Dante at all as he gives the camera a wicked smirk and a subtle wink. Not happy at all, Kelly slides back into the ring to check on Gordon.]

BM: Kelly no, just stay away!

TR: That’s a nasty running knee strike by Dante though!

[It’s not over yet; Southern Hostility now tries to exact revenge on Bad Omens. But it’s short-lived as Marcus has both Amanda AND Colton in his grasp. With Amanda hanging off his back and Colton caught in his grip, Marcus takes the two of them out at the same time with a fallaway slam and samoan drop combo while the fans look on in horror.]

BM: Holy shit! Did Marcus just take down Southern Hostility at once?!

TR: Fuck yeah he did! He’s the fucking Kraken!!

BM: Bad Omens completely destroyed the main event tonight!!

[Dante and Marcus jeer down at Southern Hostility as they roll out of the ring. Even in her weakened state Kelly gets up and attempts to shove Marcus, who turns around laughing in her face. With his height he literally towers over her before scooping her up with an assist from Dante, ready to hit “Release The Kraken” on Kelly, but Gordon springs to his feet, trying to fight off Dante while Kelly is propped onto Marcus shoulders but it’s in vain as Marcus hits her with the Muscle Buster while Dante takes out Gordon with Straight to Hell (Underhook Front Facelock Drop.). Dante and Marcus stand tall above Team Fury as Southern Hostility have started to head down the ramp with an assist from Clay.]

BM: I can’t believe The Bad Omens did this tonight….Kelly especially didn’t deserve this….we’ve seen that move take people out of the business before, I hope she’s ok.

TR: While I don’t disagree, I also cannot fully agree. She should have stayed outside the ring, she didn’t have to get back inside…

BM: She was trying to defend her partner, her friends.

TR: Loyalty can get people into more trouble than it’s worth.

BM: We’re out of time folks, but we will try our best to give an update on Kelly Fury as soon as possible via Twitter. Until next week, Goodnight!

[The cameras fade to the IYHWF logo before fading to black.]
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